Open Thread: 3/17 Camp Notes


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The Yankees beat the Astros 6-3 today. Hiroki Kuroda was fantastic, allowing just one run on three hits in his four innings of work. He struck out two and walked zero, and threw a whopping 49 strikes with his 59 pitches (83.1%). That’ll work just fine thank you. Mariano Rivera needed eight pitches to hit a batter and record three outs in his scoreless inning. He hasn’t allowed a Spring Training run since March 15th, 2008 according to the team.

Robinson Cano was the offensive star of the day, clubbing a three-run homer over the right field bleachers and out of the stadium in an 0-2 count. Bill Hall also chipped in a solo shot, and Andruw Jones had a pair of knocks. Both Curtis Granderson (double and walk) and Brett Gardner (two walks) each reached base twice as well. Dellin Betances showed us all he had in his scoreless inning, including nasty offspeed stuff for swings and misses, on-and-off fastball command, and ugly fielding. Here’s the box score and here’s the rest from Tampa…

  • Eduardo Nunez played today for the first time in close to two weeks. He took batting practice and fielding grounders before the game to test his injured right hand, then wore a protective glove during the game. “It feels better,” he said. [Chad Jennings]
  • Nick Swisher went for a precautionary MRI on his sore groin, which came back clean. He expects to play tomorrow, but since they’re playing a night game an hour away in Sarasota and they have Monday off, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t return until Tuesday. [Bryan Hoch]
  • David Robertson will throw a bullpen session on Tuesday, his first time back on a mound since suffering the bone bruise in his right foot. [Sweeny Murti]
  • Austin Romine resumed baseball activities today. He took some hacks off a tee and soft toss, and played catch as well. He’s been out for most of camp due to back inflammation. [Jennings]
  • Ravel Santana was scheduled to take batting practice in minor league camp today. There’s been some confusion about his status for this summer following the brutal ankle injury that ended his 2011 season, but at least he’s taking BP. Running and playing the outfield is another matter entirely. [Josh Norris]
  • Rule 5 Draft pick pick Brad Meyers threw live batting practice today. He has yet to appear in a game after hurting his shoulder working out this offseason, so his chances of making the team are basically zilch. For shame. [Jennings]

Here is your open thread for the night. All five hockey and basketball locals are in action, plus MLB Network will be showing games all evening. Talk about whatever you like here.


  1. I usually don’t do this but I need fantasy trade advice.

    The offer on the table is:

    Team A gets Mark Teixeira and Carlos Santana
    Team B gets Hanley Ramirez and Mike Morse

    Team A already has Tulowitzki and team B has Miguel Montero.

    Fair trade? If not who is getting the better side?

  2. ultimate913 says:

    Another note you might/should add is that Mason Williams will be in tomorrow’s game.

  3. Craig says:

    If I’m a Phillies fan, I’m really concerned. Halladay’s velocity down, Howard out until June, Polanco is injured, Utley is a question mark, and there really hasn’t been much optimism regarding Hamels.

    Michael Martinez and Freddy Galvis are their IF depth.

    • Monterowasdinero says:

      Yes but at least they don’t have Ibanez.

    • First name only male (Retire 21) says:

      Plus the Nationals and Marlins both got better. It’s a much tougher division.

    • AndrewYF says:

      From all accounts Hamels looks fantastic this spring. And if Halladay’s velocity is down, who cares? He’s always been a finesse guy with outstanding control of all his pitches. That’s where the K’s come from, not from any kind of velocity.

      Howard’s absence is a blow, but to be honest Howard isn’t exactly the greatest offensive threat. Dude’s been a 2.5-WAR player the past two years. Also, the Phillies are not an ‘AL-style’ offense team anymore, their calling card is pitching, pitching, pitching. Remember they were the 7th-ranked offense last year.

      I think they’re in a similar position now than they were last spring, which is to say they’re in a very comfortable position. Their window is still wide open for this year and next. I’d say they’re still the best team in the NL by a long shot.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

      92 win team.

    • Tom says:

      I wouldn’t worry about Halladay’s velocity; way too much is made about velocity in spring training. Plus hehas enough movement and command where if he’s down a bit he can compensate with other stuff. Look at Cliff Lee’s velocity and he tends to do OK.

      Utley should be the huge concern…they really need his bat (his glove is also very good); however his days of playing 140games seem to be behind him. Similarly his average, OBP and slugging have all declined every year for the last 4 years. Even with the decline the Phillies in house options come nowhere close to replacing that production.

      Howard is very replaceable…. his absence is only really significant if Utley is also out as they have no real lefty power at that point. (Thome should not be let near a glove at this point in his career)

      Is the concern on Hamels resigning him? I have seen nothing about concerns performance wise… he could very easily have the best year out of the big 3

      I’d be more worried about the 4/5 spots in the rotation if they trade Blanton…. while Worley has looked good, some of his numbers suggest a regression; not quite like JA Happ type regression, but I think he’s being a bit overrated. Don’t know much about Kendrick but given their offense (and injuries), all their starters are going to have to carry them.

  4. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Please don’t retire, Mo.

  5. pistol pete says:

    Ibanez another 0 for. Today 0 for 2 and at 071 this spring. Please do not bring him north and waste at bats for someone, anyone else. Put him out of his misery, this fossil is done.

    • FIn says:

      He looks as bad as you can look so far this spring. The double wasnt even a hard hit ball, it was a bloop down the left field line. That being said, I’m sure hes going North with the Yankees, they dont really have another option at this point. Who knows, with Petite now in the fold, maybe they trade Garcia, which would save them enough money to possibly get Damon, who might be willing to play for a couple million at this point.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Even if Garcia goes around when AP gets back, you probably wouldn’t recoup much more than Andy’s contract, which was another stretch of the budget. Any money saved there just goes to Andy.

    • YankeeJosh says:

      Remember 2010 when everyone was saying the same thing about Marcus Thames at the end of Spring Training? He proceeded to have a very good year. This is justthe middle of Spring training. If he has a bad month or two in April and May then you revisit it. For now, he should go north with the team.

      • FIn says:

        Marcus wasnt 40 years old. The reason for the concern regarding Ibanez is he was showing signs of being done last year. He hasnt showed anything at all to this point to make anyone think that he isnt done. ST isnt done yet, but I certainly think there is cause for concern at this point.

      • mustang says:

        No, no, no, lets take the small sample and run with it he is done. Because we never seen guys that are older or in the Dominican league somewhere actually come in and make a contribution. Nope never…… wait a minute.

      • mustang says:

        BTW nice comparison with Thames.

        • YankeeJosh says:

          I remember the exaxt same arguments about how Thames looked old and slow and he was done. If that didn’t teach not to read too much into Spring training, nothing will. Odd thing is I’m not a huge Ibanez fan and would have preferred Damon.

          • mustang says:

            Agree on Damon it might still happen.

          • Bryan__from NZ says:

            Except Ibanez is 40 yrs old.

            • RetroRob says:

              He is, but Ibanez never hits well in ST, so we probably shouldn’t expect him to start now.

              I’d rather the Yankees went with someone else, but no reason to panic yet. He’ll get April to show he has something left.

              • forensic says:

                I don’t know who started this theme about Ibanez never hitting well in ST, but it’s just flat out wrong.

                Since 2002 (as far back as ESPN’s ST stats go), he’s had just one terrible spring. Every other season he’s been above .250 BA with extra-base power, including several seasons where he hit well over .400 and/or had a bunch of extra base power.

    • mustang says:

      10 GAMES and 28 AT BATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Plank says:

    How is a pun about women’s rights not allowed but a racist caricature of an ignorant black man is allowed to post almost daily.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Perhaps I missed what you are talking about…please explain…

      • Havok9120 says:

        A poster had an old MAD Magazine pun for his handle. Another poster got offended, insisted that it was too offensive to be allowed, and “asked” why Mike hadn’t forced him to change it. Then did so again 20 minutes later, because Mike is omnipotent and hadn’t responded with proper alacrity. Color me annoyed by that. Mike got on, asked the guy to change his name, which he did.

        The “racist caricature of an ignorant black man” refers to ole’ tyrone sharpton, who is either a white dude being an ignorant fool, or a black dude race baiting. His posts are sad attempts at….well, something. No one’s really sure what.

    • Derick says:

      Welcome to obama’s America

    • DM says:

      B/c neither murakami nor anyone else pressured the moderator on him. People who were offended by tyrone sharpton said so; those who weren’t, didn’t.

      • Havok9120 says:

        I don’t understand. Not being sarcastic, I just don’t get what you mean.

        murakami insisted Mike explain why a name change had not been forced. People have asked, if less directly, the same about ole’ tyrone.

        • DM says:

          “Less directly” or not at all. I don’t recall anyone lodging a complaint to the “moderator”. tyrone was ripped for some of his comments, others didn’t care — or didn’t care enough to say anything. IOW, it’s handled on the block — no need to squeeze Mike or the powers at be to “do something”.

          I think more than a few of us could make a great case against the murakami position on this (some of us already have) – but I wouldn’t petition Mike to reverse his decision — even though I disagree with it. I’ll just express my view without insisting anything of anyone.

  7. Derick says:

    Did anyone notice that Kuroda’s picture on yes game was igawa instead

  8. pistol pete says:

    Let’s just keep this to baseball, please. When I heard the Yanks were interested in Ibanez I went on the Philly blogs and the comments for Ibanez were awful. No bat speed, can’t catch up to a fastball anymore, on and on. I really believe he is done. It’s not like he’s hitting ropes they’re catching or that he’s an historically slow starter, it’s just most likely that he’s a dinasaur, a fossil and he’s not able to play at this level anymore. I’ve been saying it for weeks now. Let Dickerson/Nunez or anybody get these at bats. At least they can run. Ibanex is not going to come around, please please do not take him up north it’s a total waste of time, period.

    • Havok9120 says:

      He was always going to come up north, and he should. I get what you’re saying, because he is 40 and coming off a down year, but cutting guys ticketed for the MLB team based on ST is just not a good plan. Most of our offense has stunk it up so far. MLB players get at least the first month before being consigned to the dustbin.

    • Rainbow connection says:

      Shut up.

  9. Hypocritical Fan says:

    Noticed that CC’s velocity hasn’t been in the mid-90′s, but not concerned b/c CC is a true Yankee workhorse. Pineda has the same issues but he ain’t a proven Yankee so he is a bum.

  10. pistol pete says:

    Pineda will be fine and now Cash can shop Freddy and use his money to sign Damon like they should have before they wasted $1m on Ibanez who all the Philly fans knew was done. Damon would be a great clubhouse guy and very versatile for nearly nothing. He’ll poke 20 homers, hit leftys if he is asked to, play the outfield in a pinch and he can still run. Best of all he could be as valuable as anyone in the post season because the bright lights don’t scare him they actually invigorate him.

    • Needed Pitching says:

      he was great in the postseason last year, right?

      Signing Damon is just wasting more money. They need a player who can rake RHP. Damon is not that. Not even close. And he’s 38. Its entirely possible he’s on the verge of doneness as well.

      They should make do with what they have unless/until someone who is actually a good candidate to be a righty masher becomes available. Anything else is just throwing good money after bad.

      • pistol pete says:

        Do you really think you’re going to get a righty masher for a couple million. Damon is far far from perfect but for what the Yanks are willing to spend he’s a reasonable player. That said I have no problem with a rotation of other players or Andruw Jones hitting from both sides of the plate. The one thing they can’t do is waste any time on Ibanez. He’s a really nice guy, high character guy who’s finally hit the wall. If Cashman did his homework he would have saved $1 million. I know that’s chump change for the Yanks but of lately every penny seems to be important to the budget.

        • Needed Pitching says:

          If you get someone at the trade deadline, you only have to pay 2 months of their salary. Spending money on Damon now means even less money to spend later, and Damon likely isn’t any more than a marginal upgrade over the Yankees current options. I still think its too early to give up on Ibanez. If he’s still doing nothing at the end of spring, they can give Jones/Chavez/Nunez more AB’s.

          Signing Damon just means they will be much less likely to find a legitimate upgrade at the deadline.

          • Havok9120 says:

            “….and Damon likely isn’t any more than a marginal upgrade over the Yankees current options.”

            Exactly. Marginal upgrades are NOT worth a hypothetical 2 million dollars.

            • forensic says:

              Not to beat a dead and buried horse again, but just one quick question… Couldn’t that also be said for a 40 year old pitcher coming out of retirement to a rotation that already had 6 options?

              • Needed Pitching says:

                Yes, but it’s possible with injuries or ineffectiveness that Pettitte will be more than a marginal upgrade. Also its a minor league contract, so they have time to find out. Also if Pettitte works out, he gives the Yankees the option of trading from pitching depth to fill other needs. Signing Damon doesn’t really make anybody of value available for trade.

              • Needed Pitching says:

                also I would think a marginal upgrade in starting pitching would have a bigger impact than a marginal impact in platoon DH.

                • forensic says:

                  Fair enough, but I’m not so sure that 15 starts from him would be much of an upgrade on whoever is already there or whoever would be up from AAA. And, if they were doing so badly that he is a larger upgrade, then the trade point is moot because no one would want anything to do with those guys then.

                  • Needed Pitching says:

                    my guess is he probably won’t be much of an upgrade, if an upgrade at all, over what they have if Nova and Hughes pitch well. I’m hoping if everyone is healthy and pitching well, they won’t force one of their young starters out of the rotation. Where Andy comes in is if Hughes pitches like he did last year, or one of the starters get hurt, in which case they get a potential average to above average starter for very cheap. It really wasn’t a necessary move, but on a minor league contract, I see no real harm in seeing what he’s got left. My only fear is that he would be forced into the rotation without deserving it, but I think the situation will most likely work itself out with injuries or ineffectiveness (either Pettitte or whoever he would replace)

              • Havok9120 says:

                Not to beat a dead horse, but you’ll do it anyway?

                If he’s nearly right, he’s better than Garcia. The upside is simply much higher. That’s where the patronage for True Yankee status will come in because he’ll get the nod for a marginal improvement. THAT, of course, assumes that Freddy catches lightning in a bottle himself again and returns again to his age-adjusted 2006 (!!!) form. AP from 2005-2010 was basically the same pitcher, and he was darn good and well above average. Freddy broke his own curve with last season and much as I love the guy, I’m not sure the kitchen sink approach will keep working in the AL East. If he DOESN’T preform outside his own box again, he’s much worse than Andy has been, well, ever.

                Am I expecting AP to come back and throw another 2007, 08, 09, or 10? No. Anyone who is is being silly. But view him as a prospect. His upside is simply higher than Freddy’s and the AAA trio’s upside for this season. If Hughes or Nova come apart and something needs to be done, AP could, COULD I say, be a better option IF he returns to form.

                On topic: Pettitte left on top, JD is declining quite obviously. JD is also not as big a draw for Yankee fans, nor as big a coaching tool the young players. Soooo….no. No it couldn’t. Especially since if AP proves as mediocre as you seem to assume he will be, he won’t get called up and won’t get paid anything. If JD were willing to take a minor league deal he would have been signed MONTHS ago.

                • forensic says:

                  Hey, gotta give me credit for trying, right? :-)

                  Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I think Garcia will be pretty bad and I wouldn’t have resigned him in the first place. I also don’t believe in Hughes and would’ve been rid of him well before now. Since I can’t do anything about it, I can only watch, voice my opinions, and hope (in these cases) that I’m wrong.

                  But, you can’t just view Pettitte as a prospect since he has all of 3-4 months of a future. Prospects by definition (possibly) have a much longer future than that (not to mention the price difference). Personally, I don’t see his upside for this season as higher than the AAA guys, and I don’t see how anyone can definitively assert that based on the complete unknowns of all of them. No, none of them will likely approach the career totals that Pettitte already has, but that means nothing for the present.

                  • Havok9120 says:

                    His upside is his 2010 in my view. If he reaches it, I maintain he’s almost certainly better than the AAA guys would be THIS year. I’d certainly rather have 2010 AP in a playoff rotation over everyone but CC (I think Kuroda will be very good, but take a step or three back).

                    You’re quite right that we can’t be absolutely sure what those three bring to the table. But we can ballpark it, and its not great. Could one of them secretly be Cliff Lee? Sure. But the possibity that one of them may be a winning lottery ticket is no reason to dismiss AP’s history as a pitcher and his very, very favorable contract.

                    I’d also point out that you’ve been making a lot of definitive assertions about the three of them despite their status as “complete unknowns” (which they aren’t).

                    • forensic says:

                      I agree his 2010 would likely be above the AAA guys, at this point, but I don’t buy that after a year of retirement that he’ll be 2010 again, which was also a shortened year in which he missed 2 months with injury.

                      I’m also not saying anything definitive about the AAA guys. I’m saying at least give it a shot. If one comes up for a fraction of the price, even on his ‘minor league deal’ which means nothing because they’ll never have the guts to tell him he can’t come up becuase he didn’t get some random AA team out (only because I’m not sure he’ll be on the AAA traveling circus tour), and sucks for a couple starts then you option him down and try the next one. You never know what you might find until you try it and this leads them further into next year where they can’t trust a spot to an unknown quantity so they’ll go out and sign another upper 30′s unknown instead of the lower 20′s unknown. I think it’s a terrible cycle to be in and they’re stuck right in the middle of it right now.

                  • Needed Pitching says:

                    ” I don’t see his upside for this season as higher than the AAA guys, and I don’t see how anyone can definitively assert that based on the complete unknowns of all of them”

                    There’s nothing definitive about any of this, but from what I’ve read of Warren/Phelps/Mitchell (and I’m not pretending to be a prospect expert at all) is that their upside would be about one of Andy’s worst seasons. If Andy can come anywhere close to his previous form, he might be able to pitch like a mid-rotation starter. It seems the AAA trio ceilings are more 4/5 starter, and they are likely as unlikely to reach that ceiling as rookies as Andy is to reach mid-rotation as a 40 y.o.
                    I don’t think Andy will likely be a big upgrade, but for a minor league deal, I see no reason why not.

                    • forensic says:

                      Again, the minor league deal point is moot because I don’t think his pride will let him quit before he’s up and the organization doesn’t have the guts to tell him he’s not coming up.

                      Maybe their ceilings aren’t that high. I certainly don’t know all the prospects and aren’t even that big into the minors. I just don’t see the point of keeping all these guys, potentially turning down deals, and then constantly blocking them with people with no potential future. Though their ceiling may only be a 4-5, maybe they have a high rookie year or sophomore year (though that would require a rookie year in the first place which isn’t happening). Nobody though Nova would be anything beyond a #5 innings guy but they got almost (because they couldn’t resist sending him out when they got the chance) a full season of great pitching out of him and the potential for more. What have they gotten from the AAA guys now? A 2nd year against the same level? Maybe even a 3rd year for some of them?

      • pistol pete says:

        We don’t win the 09 WS without Damons late inning classic at bat followed up by his heads up double steal a play I’ve never seen before. Bet you would have rather had Tex up with his $23m salary and 150 Yankee lifetime playoff avg. So he had a lousy serier last year and you think that’s all he’s done. Damon isn’t perfect, far from it, but to say he can’t play in the playoffs is absurd. Guess you missed game 7 in Yankee Stadium when he was with the Sox too.

        • Needed Pitching says:

          I didn’t say any of that. The point is you are getting 2012 Damon, not 2009 Damon, or 2004 Damon, and that Damon isn’t automatically going to be good in the playoffs just because he has been in some past series. He’s had some great series and some lousy series. I never said he couldn’t play in the playoffs. Don’t make shit up to argue against.

          He also doesn’t really fill a current need for the Yankees. They need a platoon DH that can rake righties. Damon doesn’t really fill that need.

          • pistol pete says:

            And just who do you think will come available as a righty masher for about $2 million?

            • hogsmog says:

              Jason Giambi.


              • Havok9120 says:


                Seriously, he’s who I’ve wanted the entire time.

              • Needed Pitching says:

                I could see that as a cheap option if he has a good first half. I’d prefer somebody younger though.

                • Havok9120 says:

                  You and all of us. But he and Thome remain the most productive options that I’m aware of unless they drop off a cliff this season.

                  • Needed Pitching says:

                    true. That’s why I think they should just stand pat now. Maybe Ibanez gets it going. If not, Jones/Nunez/Chavez can get more AB’s to hold down the fort long enough to see what shakes loose in July. It also gives time to see what Giambi or any other potential option has left in the tank.

                  • DM says:

                    I think people are ignoring what was stated explicitly by Cashman and Girardi. Ibanez was chosen b/c they feel he is physically capable of playing in the field for an extended period. You may not like that, but that’s the approach. They didn’t feel that way about Vlad, Matsui or Damon (btw, Cleveland apparently doesn’t feel that way about Damon either despite having extra money and a need). They weren’t interested in 1-way players. You may like Giambi but that type of player isn’t part of their 2012 plan. Could it change? Maybe — down the stretch if they’re in need of more offense. But the Ibanez rationale goes beyond what people are focusing on here. Cashman/Girardi want every hitter to be capable of playing the field in a significant way.

              • forensic says:

                Oh to be a former Yankee, it’s like they can do no wrong, at least not after they’re off the team. This isn’t directed at you individually, just the overall fanbase obsession bugs me.

                Anyway, Giambi is 41 now and has 0 defensive value. In addition, to you point directly, though he killed righties last year, he was not good against them in 2010 and flat out sucked against them in 2009. Suddenly he’s back on an upswing at the ripe old age of 41?

                • Needed Pitching says:

                  If acquired, he would be a midseason acquisition, which means they would have 3 months+ to see what, if anything, he has left. I agree there is definitely reason to be skeptical, but his performance last season seems enough to be worth taking a glance in Giambi’s direction if Ibanez doesn’t work out. Personally, I’d rather see them find someone young and cost controlled who could potentially replace Swish in the OF next season, but that may not be realistic. If Giambi has a strong first half and Ibanez sucks, he could potentially be a cheap (in dollars and talent) pickup, if he was even made available.

                  • forensic says:

                    Yes, that would help, but I’m still very hesitant.

                    Of course, this is all part of why I wouldn’t have made the Montero-Pineda trade. Suddenly, finding cheap hitting isn’t so easy and there’s ‘too much’ pitching around.

                    • Havok9120 says:

                      This year. “Too much” this year. And none of them potential aces.

                      Apples and oranges.

                    • Needed Pitching says:

                      except the trade wasn’t for 2012, it was for 2012-2016. Garcia, Pettitte, Kuroda, and Hughes all likely won’t be with the Yankees by 2014, which would have left just CC and Nova as established pitchers. It seems less risky to fill position player holes through free agency than filling the rotation that way. That said, I am worried about there ability to replenish the offense given the austerity budget of 2014. Most likely, the Yankees are going to have to trade some of their pitching prospect inventory to find young bats with upside.

                    • forensic says:

                      I agree it’s also a trade for the future, but I disagree that Pineda is established (though the same goes for Nova) after one year in the majors with all the advantageous situations he had.

                      DH or not, I just felt there was more value in Montero’s 6 years than Pineda’s 5.

                      Unfortunately, I know he had to go because Girardi would never have used a catcher with his reputation back there, along with the current roster formation, and thus would never have played as much as he should have. I just think they may have been able to get something more established, even if they had to include more of the other pitching prospects which they apparently have no inclination to use here anyway.

                    • Needed Pitching says:

                      by established, I meant for the 2014 rotation, after Garcia/Pettitte/Kuroda/ and likely Hughes are gone

                      I agree neither Nova or Pineda should be quite considered established for 2014

                    • Havok9120 says:

                      Eh, I’d concur, but “more established” also means “more costly.” Probably significantly so. And even if you’re just talking about a guy a couple years more experienced, then you’re trading Monetro’s 6 years for someone else’s 2-4. Color me un-enthused by that prospect. And if we wanted to try and pry King Felix or similar away from someone, not only is that a huge package, thats a huuuuge contract. I really believe much of the hope behind Pineda is that if he even lives up to the promise of last year, our need to go sign another 20+ million/year pitcher is greatly reduced. If that change up keeps coming along as nicely as it has so far and it translates into the regular season, then we have NO need to join the bidding. That’d be huge for the future of the team.

                      As for Girardi…eh, he’s hardly unique for that. I don’t think many managers would be willing to go with Montero behind the plate long term. Seattle didn’t even make to games using him in that capacity.

                • Havok9120 says:

                  As with Ibanez, Damon, and every other option for the role, its all about effective value. What the Yanks get in ratio for what they pay. The beauty of Giambi is we get to see what he’s got left, and even then he’s dirt cheap to acquire (and if he’s not, well, we pass kthnxbi).

                  If the dude continues to mash first half, sign me up. He has question marks just like every other option. My preference was always his over Raul’s or JD’s. *shrug*

            • Needed Pitching says:

              where did the 2M come from??? I don’t think they’d spend even 2M on Damon or anyone else right now.

              However, if there is a clear need at the trade deadline, I would expect Hal to expand the budget a bit. My dream target would be Eithier (who would cost the Yanks about 3.5M if they acquired him at the deadline), but that may be unrealistic. A more expensive option would be Hafner, but he’s signed for 2013 as well, so I doubt they would do that.
              Seth Smith might be a very reasonable target – much better than Damon or Ibanez vs. RHP recently, relatively young (29) , only makes about 2.4M for the full season (so he’d only cost the Yanks about 1M if they acquired him in July), and he’s under team control for 2 more years, making him a possible cheaper replacement for Swisher for the next couple years.

        • Havok9120 says:

          Eh? Are you trying to get worked up by putting words in his mouth? Is this some kind of tactic?

          We aren’t saying that what he’s done is lousy. We’re not even saying that he’s obviously done. We’re saying that the upgrade, based on last SEASON not the playoffs, is quite likely marginal. Its been three years since he was last here, people need to take off the Virtual Reality glasses where he’s still 35 and understand that his skills are degrading just like Raul’s.

    • Havok9120 says:

      There will be no using of Freddy’s money. IF Andy can be effective, allowing us to shop Garcia around the deadline or a bit earlier, trading him should let us get close to breaking even on Andy’s salary. Hal expanded the budget because, well, its Andy Pettitte and you expand the freaking budget a tad. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t look to recoup some/all of that money if AP makes the team.

      The next shot of money will come a few months into the season if we have absolutely no effective DH options in house, but that probably won’t happen. Barring that, we’re probably looking at the trade deadline before the budget might expand.

      Not to mention that I’m still skeptical about Damon’s assertion that it isn’t about the money OR the at-bats. If he had no problem taking a 1-2.5 million and being a part time player, he’d probably already be signed. Every executive who’s shopped him and backed off has used numbers in the 4-6 million dollar range, and I trust that more than I do JD’s PR campaign.

    • Steve S. says:

      Garcia’s not going anywhere until Andy’s ready, which is May 15 at the earliest. Much can change between now and then. One injury and nobody’s going anywhere.

      And while Garcia is the easy answer for ‘who goes?’ I wouldn’t be surprised if Hughes is on the block and made available in the right deal, depending on the needs of the team.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Also depends on his performance. If he wows everyone enough to bring a good return, I’d trade him over Garcia.

  11. Needed Pitching says:

    Ok, I’m going to sleep now.

    Thank you Havok9120 and Forensic for some lively baseball talk. It’s been fun.

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