Open Thread: 3/26 Camp Notes

Ravel Santana returns to game action following ankle injury
Minor Moves: Duff, Corona, Mattingly released
(REUTERS/Steve Nesius)

The Yankees didn’t have a game today, but Phil Hughes remained on schedule and threw six innings in a minor league game. He allowed two runs and struck out four in front of Brian Cashman and Billy Eppler [YankeesPR & Erik Boland]. Frankie Cervelli played in the game as well, hitting a dinger. That’s pretty much it, the next time the Yankees have a day off it, it’ll be the day before Opening Day.

Here is your open thread for the night. The Knicks and Nets are both playing, plus MLB Network will air a game later. Talk about whatever you like here, go nuts.

Ravel Santana returns to game action following ankle injury
Minor Moves: Duff, Corona, Mattingly released
  • AndyisDandy

    You just illustrated what I love about being a fan of baseball. One day off means that a lot of games are coming our way.

  • Daniel

    frankie also threw out 3 runners at 2nd base.

    • Monterowasdinero

      All 3 were on relays from centerfield.

      • Tom Zig


      • Tom

        I laughed.

  • Havok9120

    Uh oh. Montero went 0-3 again today in Japan. Does this mean he’s done? Did we win the trade? Is JAPAN the home of the better pitching staffs?

    I say they leave him there. He’s clearly shot his bolt.

    • DM

      I told you he couldn’t hit Japanese pitching. And this doesn’t affect his ST line, so why should he bother? He needs more of challenge to perform.

      • MannyGeee


    • Robinson Tilapia

      Well clearly Montero’s no Tuffy Rhodes, then.

    • CJ

      I drafted Michael Pineda in one fantasy league and Jesus Montero in the other. I will have to follow their seasons on daily basis.

      • Monterowasdinero

        Cy Young and Sayonara.

        We’ll see.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      Maybe we can get him via posting fee.

  • pat

    According to Frankie Sanchez, Austin and FLores hit bombs. Sanchez’s was to RF. He was also playing some excellent d behind the plate. Great day.

    • pat

      Oops, missed a comma.

  • Kramerica Industries

    As someone who has never played fantasy baseball before, and am only playing on a whim, I’d love to get a quick review:

    C – Carlos Santana
    1B – Prince Fielder
    2B – Dustin Ackley
    3B – Mike Moustakas
    SS – JJ Hardy
    2B/SS – Kelly Johnson
    1B/3B – Mitch Moreland
    OF – Jacoby Ellsbury
    OF – Nick Swisher
    OF – Matt Joyce
    OF – Brett Gardner
    DH – Vlad Guerrero (admittedly, I fucked this part up, and will probably make a move before the season begins)
    UTIL – Logan Morrison
    B – Colby Rasmus
    B – Kendry Morales
    B – Allen Craig

    Pitching (and I have no clue how one is supposed to proportionate their SP/RP – I have 7 SP, 2 RP)

    SP – Felix Hernandez
    SP – Cole Hamels
    SP – Jon Lester
    SP – Stephen Stasburg
    SP – Adam Wainwright
    SP – Max Scherzer
    SP – Derrek Holland
    C – Jonathan Papelbon
    C – Jim Johnson

    12 team league.

    Flame away, please. I am confident in my baseball knowledge – I have no confidence I drafted properly. That’ll happen as a fantasy novice.


    • Pat D

      I’m skipping out on fantasy this year, but that seems pretty solid to me.

    • 28 this year

      what are the roster spots and scoring settings?

    • CJ

      1st fantasy draft? Well done. Just Cut vlad, kendry is your DH.

    • boogie down

      Good team, but I’d trade one of those first 5 pitchers for another high-impact (power) bat. This would be especially wise if streaming is allowed in your league, in which case you should trade two of your SP’s for two good bats.

      Streaming will allow you to win any cumulative stats you have without really having to house too many high-end SP’s.

    • Mike E

      If you’re looking for a rookie DH I’d try and get Devin Mesoraco, Anthony Rizzo, or Yonder Alonso. Yasmani Grandal could also make the team so I’d keep an eye out. Nice Draft.

    • Jesse

      Holy crap, that’s a really good team.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      You went a bit too heavy on pitching. Try selling high for a bat because after all the bats play everyday.

      The infield has a ton of upside but I don’t know how well they’ll be in 2012. But all in all a solid team.

    • Alkaline

      Very solid team. Most of mine have been when I’m at work, so I pray for the best when it comes to autodrafts.

      I would say keep your eyes on the players who are FA in your league. Mid season callups, breakout players, etc. could really help you out. I lost by only .5 pts last year in a 20 man/25 player league, but I picked up players like Ackley and Montero that got me that close.

      Pitchers especially. Have a few flagged for when you have guys hitting the DL.

    • Kramerica Industries

      All comments duly noted and appreciated.

  • Brian

    How about that Kim Jones replacement?

    • Monterowasdinero

      Looks like a major upgrade. Still may not offset the Ibanez downgrade.

    • Rainbow Connection

      We’re not supposed to talk about it on RAB.

    • Robert The Bruce

      I want my Michelle Beadle back!

  • Tom Zig

    12 team league
    5×5 scoring.

    C: Miguel Montero
    1B: Billy Butler
    2B: Rickie Weeks
    SS: Starlin Castro
    3B: Adrian Beltre
    OF: Matt Kemp
    OF: Carlos Beltran
    OF: Matt Joyce
    Util: Nick Swisher
    Bench: Brennan Boesch
    Bench: Carlos Lee

    SP: Tim Lincecum
    SP: Cole Hamels
    RP: Joel Hanrahan
    RP: Carlos Marmol
    P: James Shields
    P: Brandon Morrow
    P: Sean Marshall
    P: Carlos Zambrano
    Bench: Bud Norris
    Bench: David Robertson
    Bench: Phil Hughes
    Bench: Doug Fister

  • Jesse

    Does anyone have the statistics as to the probability of getting hurt on a trampoline vs getting hurt in a car accident?

    • Foghorn Leghorn

      I did but I crashed my car into a trampoline and the documents disentegrated upon impact.

      • Mike E

        Your fault, you shouldn’t have been so careless.

      • Jesse

        I laughed.

  • sangreal

    I can confirm that Raul Ibanez got no hits today

    • MannyGeee

      Johnny Damon approves