Open Thread: 3/4 Camp Notes

On A-Rod's new workout program with Dr. Clark
Fan Confidence Poll: March 5th, 2012
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The Yankees beat the Phillies again today, this time by the score of 7-4. Alex Rodriguez was the star of the day, going 3-for-3 with a homer to right-center off Roy Halladay (video) on the first pitch he saw. He also singled to left and doubled into the left field corner. D.J. Mitchell had a nice day on the mound with two scoreless innings, and Clay Rapada retired all three lefties he faced in his perfect inning (two strikeouts). If jersey numbers mean anything, he has a decent chance of making the team with #39. Mike O’Connor is wearing #63, Cesar Cabral #76. Here’s the box score, and here’s all the other news from Tampa…

  • Both Mariano Rivera and Rafael Soriano will throw live batting practice tomorrow. It’s the first time Mo will face hitters and second time for Soriano. [Chad Jennings]
  • Hiroki Kuroda threw a simulated game this morning in preparation for Wednesday’s start. Ivan Nova, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and David Phelps will all throw their normal side sessions tomorrow after appearing in yesterday’s game. Brad Meyers will throw off a mound of the first time as well; he hurt his shoulder lifting weights this offseason and is behind everyone else. [Jennings]
  • Mark Teixeira fouled a ball off his foot earlier this week and has been getting treatment. “No worries, no tests,” said Brian Cashman. Tex did play today and even made a nice jumping grab, so the foot can’t be that bad. [George King]

Here is your open thread for the night. The Nets are playing tonight, plus the Twins and Red Sox are on MLB Network. Talk about whatever you like here, enjoy.

On A-Rod's new workout program with Dr. Clark
Fan Confidence Poll: March 5th, 2012
  • Havok9120

    Rapada looked very good. Color me impressed.

    • I Live In My Mom’s Basement

      Fairly small sample size, but Rapada has one crazy-ass platoon split. Average righties look like HOFers against him, average lefties look like Little Leaguers.

  • Bartolo

    Here’s a great tribute video to the history of the yankees that I recently came across, it has some great clips

  • Havok9120

    Also, I haven’t seen anyone mention it here but who heard about Girardi and Mathew Smith yesterday? Great story.

    • Peter North

      Read about it in the Post. Very sad circumstances but quite touching.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    I’m in a 5 x 5 fantasy baseball league with 10 teams, 22 players per team with 12 position players and 10 pitchers.

    What is a good source ranking the best players that I can use in the draft as a cheat sheet?

  • John

    Do you find it odd that the Nationals are contemplating putting Harper on their Opening Day roster considering that he would become a free agent before his prime?

    • Mike Axisa

      Their best chance to win a World Series is between now and 2016, when Strasburg, Zimmermann, and Gio become free agents. Might as well try to maximize their chances and worry about his free agency later.

      • DM

        And will certainly help their gate too.

      • Plank

        That just got me to think, it’s possible the Nats get good and aren’t revenue sharing receivers in 2014. If that’s the case, there probably aren’t any teams who would qualify under the new big market revenue sharing refund rules.

        Toronto maybe? I doubt it though.

        • Needed Pitching

          Toronto is a strong possibility. Forbes list for 2010 (don’t think they’ve released numbers for 2011 yet) had Toronto 24th in MLB in revenue, just ahead of Tampa. The Nationals were 16th. Houston at 15th is another possibility to be a big market receiver.

  • Sad

    Alex always looks extra cool going yard in those wraprounds

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    Kontos or Mitchell as a possible long man out of the pen in the near future.

    Who would you choose ?

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Kontos had better peripherals in AAA last year but maybe Mitchell’s stuff would play up better out of the pen.

      I think they’ve both earned a chance to be on a major league roster.

    • Jesse

      Probably Mitchell. Wasn’t Kontos used as a short reliever last year? If so, I don’t think he qualifies as a long man.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        But he was a starter for most of his minor league career so it’s wouldn’t be too difficult to stretch him out a bit.

        • Havok9120

          No, but he’s performed significantly better as a short reliever if I remember the numbers right (I probly don’t). No reason to mess with a good thing when we’ve got so 3 MLB ready AAA arms we can use as longmen/starters.

        • DM

          DJ is more suited to true long relief than Kontos. But in April — with the off days, I don’t know how much that matters — esp if the loser of the Hughes/Garcia battle goes to the pen.

    • DM

      I’m rooting for Kontos to pitch well enough to make the team. He’s paid his minor league dues. Before he got hurt he was a Warren level (maybe better) starting pitching prospect. He fought his way back and pitched well in relief. I hope the oblique heals in time.

      I thought of Mitchell as well — but I admit that I was more impressed with Kontos (stuff-wise) last year in the bigs than what I saw of DJ today.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Kontos for pen, not as long man. Mitchell and Phelps will get their starts in soon enough. Life will work itself out on its own.

  • Steve S.

    I’m intrigued by the timing of the Yankee catching situation. Romine appears to be the future, and it would go a long way to helping them hit the 189 number to let Martin walk after this year rather than sign him for 10-12 per. But all indications are the Yanks want Romine to spend the year in AAA, and there’s no way their handing the reigns of a veteran staff to a rookie in 2013.

    What do you think of signing a Catcher with some pop to share time with Romine in 2013? Maybe do 2/15M with Chris Ianetta?

    • Steve S.

      Of course, you could sign Martin instead for 3-4 years. You just have to make sure the deal includes a NTC.

      • Steve S.

        “doesn’t include”

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Romine is a glorified Cervelli. Unless he shows major improvement I’d rather he not be the COTF. Unless he’ll stopgap for other options. That’s fine then.

      • Havok9120

        I think he’d be a stopgap unless he has a knockout year in AAA (he might, stanger things have happened). I really do want to give him a chance to develop in AAA though, and I, like Steve, can’t see them just throwing him to the wolves without time as the backup.

        I’m not sure what the best move would be, but I think we’re seeing a situation where one each of Martin/Swisher and Cano/Granderson bites the dust. I can see us finagling the budget to keep both of the latter and one of the former, but that’d be very tough. And I’d much rather have Swish than Martin, barring some epic play from him this season (which, again, is definitely a possibility).

        • Plank

          Cano is the only player on that list whose skills going forward isn’t available on the FA market every offseason. I think it’s safe to say he’s staying. Unless he wants Arod money.

          • Steve (different one)

            30-40 HR CFers are on the market every winter?

            • Plank

              That’s what he did at age 30, likely in his career year. He will be looking for a long term deal for age 33 onward.

              Your point is valid, CFs like Granderson aren’t available every year, but players like that are available pretty regularly. He’s really good, but he’s not as irreplaceable as Cano.

            • Fin

              Do to Gardner, they just need to find an outfielder that can hit like Grandy. That is still difficult to do, but possible. I dont see the Yankees letting Swish and Granderson go. Thats a ton of offensive production to replace. I am going to assume they resign Cano. He is the best player on the team and cant be replaced via FA. I think in the end some sort of trade is going to have to happen. I think with Banuelos waiting in the wings, if Hughes has a big year, due to his increasing salary, he could be the one to be traded for a young outfielder.
              If you loose Hughe’s and Swishers salary, they could probably keep Cano, Granderson and Martin. The downside there is ManBan and a Phelps/Warren in the rotation as rookies. Any way you slice it, I think a trade for a young player is going to have to be made.

          • Havok9120

            Its all on him, something I’ve been saying since this conversation started. Boras is going to hold him ransom, using our deep pockets and Cano’s popularity against us. If Cano lets him, he’s gone.

            • Plank

              If the Yankees are serious about 189 it’s a very real possibility that the Yankees will get outbid on Cano when he’s a FA.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                Possibility? Sure. If you were to ask me, I’d say they’d go cheaper somewhere else in order to keep Cano in the fold. All things may be created equal, but homegrown Yankee superstars are more equal than others.

                • Plank

                  Some decisions need to be made before Cano’s free agency that will effect how much they can offer. Swisher is a free agent next year. Should they sign him? For how much? Ditto Russell Martin. If they replace or re-sign those positions they will have to set aside a certain amount for Cano when he’s a FA.

                  If they fill those positions with the intention of setting aside 22MM/year for Cano, then another team offers him 23MM/year the Yankees will either have to scrap the 189 plan or let him walk.

            • Fin

              I expect Cano to get the best contract as he can. Its his job and he deserves to be paid as much as he can get, just like Jeter did. Jeter certainly never gave the Yankees any discounts, I dont expect Cano to either. If the Yankees want a discount, they will have to lock him up soon and buy his discount by assuming risk. Is Cano suppose to say, “oh, the Yankees have a budget now, thats cool, I’ll sign for less”. Him staying a Yankee is up to the Yankees.

              • Havok9120

                I agree completely. I’d add that I worry Boras will expect us to pay more than market value. THAT’S what I fear, and that is what Cano would have to reign in if he expects to make a Yankee. I don’t expect a discount, nor should the Yanks. But if we’re competing against both the offers of other teams AND Boras’ belief we can always afford to pay more….

                • Havok9120

                  Keep in mind, this is all purely theoretical fears of mine. I have no idea if Boras believes/will believe this, nor any real opinion on the matter.

                  • Fin

                    I worry if he hits FA, the Yankees might have no choice but to let him go. I mean if there was a team that thought signing Werth to a 7yr 126m deal, and an obese first basemen to a 211m deal, who knows what a team might think is a good idea for Cano.

                    When was the last time a middle infielder who hits like Cano became a FA? Jeter in his prime? That cost the Yankees $189m. While Cano will be a couple years older than Jeter was, if you take in account the cost of inflation,more teams have money now, and Cano is a middle of the lineup bat, he could still get a Jeter type deal. I think some fans under estimate the value of Cano.

                    • Robinson Tilapia

                      I think that once Cano hits FA, if anything, the Yankees might not have a choice but to let Granderson go. I just can’t see the team, even with a budget, not doing whatever they can to make Cano fit.

                    • Mike HC

                      Plus the fact the guy has been an iron man. Boras is going to give you a 300 page analysis on why Cano is the best player ever.

        • Steve S.

          If you break down the 2014 budget, there’s no reason whatsoever that you can’t keep both Cano and Granderson.

          There will be decisions to make on Hughes, Martin, Jeter and Swisher. I think Hughes will be traded before 2014. I suspect Jeter will be done by then. You can keep both Martin and Swisher assuming you incorporate 2 young pitchers (Betances/Banuelos/Phelps/Warren) into your #4 and #5 spots.

          Also, don’t forget you can sign Martin with the intention of keeping him for just one year in 2013 and then trading him, possibly for that pitcher you’re still looking for.

          Another thing that really necessitates the need to add two young pitchers to the rotation is A-Rod’s milestone HR bonuses. He should hit #714 in 2014, which will cost the Yanks 6M. That clause may be Martin’s ticket out of town, should the Yankees re-sign him.

          • Plank

            Jeter has a player option for 2014. He would have to play worse than even I thin he’ll play for him not to exercise it.

            • Fin

              I agree with both you. Jeter will play in 2014 and there needs to be a trade and Hughes will probably be the guy. I posted above almost the same thing Steve did, before i saw his post.

          • radnom

            There is no decision for the Yankees to make in regards to Jeter. He has all the power regarding 2014.

            • Steve S.

              It’s not that myopic. The Yanks gave him that clause because they believe he will do what is best for the team. They trust him to do the right thing, Cash said when the deal was signed that he always has.

              Further, an ugly divorce with the Yanks not wanting him here or him unhappily riding the bench does neither side any good. Jeter makes as much off the field in endorsements as he does on, walking away with some $ on the table would only enhance his value as a pitch man.

              • Fin

                You seem to think that the Yankees and Jeter will agree on whats good for the Yankees. I’m sure Jeter didnt take this new budget into account when he said he would do whats best for the team. Because they suddenly have a budget doesnt mean Jeter is going to forgo his extension.
                You also keep saying that it will be some sort of media fiasco if Jeter doesnt retire. I dont know if you really thought this through.
                The richest team in baseball is going to cut its payroll by a huge amount, not lower ticket prices or concessions or pass any saving onto the fans. The fans are then suppose to get mad at Jeter for not retiring, because Hal Stienbrener, a man who owns a huge piece of a $5B company wants to put more money in his pocket.

              • Mike Axisa

                When has Jeter ever done what’s best for the team with this kind of stuff?

                • fin

                  Lol the examples of any player doing whats good for the team in this kinda of stuff are few and far between. I just look at it rationally….Jeter has an option to make 14 million dollars or not to make 14 million dollars. I tend to think almost everyone chooses to make 14 million dollars.

    • DM

      I don’t know. But are we allowed to start worrying about Romine’s back yet? He had issues last August and now this.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        My plan for world domination is starting to take effect.

        JR Murphy

  • Alfredo

    Gary Sanchez is our future!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Just to be contrarian, JR Murphy is our future.

      • Plank

        I believe the children are our future.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          “I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow.” – JR Murphy

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Wrong. He’s already been highly regarded in the baseball community. He’s a goner.

      • whozat

        So, the new meme is that Cashman trades every highly-regarded prospect? Because he traded Montero for a 22 year old starter with a blazing fastball, great control, a year of MLB success and 5 years of team control remaining?


        • JobaWockeeZ

          Whoever I called out for the Hughes over defending I apologize. The Cashman ones are worse.

          • Fin

            You just go a bit overboard man. We get that you wanted Montero to stay. Every post someone mentions a prospect you have a snide comment to make. the Yankees didnt trade Joba or Hughes. Both of their other prospects thought of as highly as Montero. They may have mishandled them, but they didnt trade them.

            • Plank

              I think he was just making a joke.

              • radnom

                Is it still a joke if there isn’t anything funny about it?

              • Havok9120

                His demeanor in this and every other thread in which the Cashman/Montero stuff has been brought up makes it difficult to tell.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  JobaWockeez exists on here only to 1) ram whatever he thinks down everyone’s throat, 2) show up after any thread of mine has run its course to then tell me I suck.

  • jjyank

    Just drafted my fantasy team tonight. Head to head, non-keeper league. Thoughts or suggestions for future moves?

    C: Brian McCann
    1B: Joey Votto
    2B: Brandon Phillips
    3B: Alex Rodriguez
    SS: Hanley Ramirez
    LF: Brett Gardner
    CF: Adam Jones
    RF: Justin Upton
    Util: Nick Swisher
    Util: Logan Morrison

    Ian Desmond
    Kelly Johnson
    Brennan Boesch
    Mike Trout

    Starting Pitchers:
    Dan Haren
    Mat Latos
    Madison Bumgarner
    Neftali Feliz (or he could be a reliever, I don’t particularly care)
    Jordan Zimmerman
    Anibal Sanchez
    Wandy Rodriguez
    Edwin Jackson

    Ryan Madson
    Huston Street
    David Robertson

    • Jesse

      That’s not a bad team on paper at all.

    • Plank
      • jjyank

        Very helpful Plank, thank you for that.

        • Plank

          You’re welcome!

    • jjyank

      Am I short on closers? I really only have 2. I took K-Rob with my second-to-last pick to boost my K/9 ratio, but he is unlikely to get any saves. Should I dump a SP to pick up another closer? Should I trade a position player for a pitcher? I also feel like I am missing a surefire ace-type pitcher. The guy with the pick right in front of me took CC in the third round, and I was kind of banking in that, and instead ended up going with Haren in the fourth round. I feel my infield is pretty strong, should I maybe try to trade from that to get a better SP, or am I okay there with Haren, Bumgarner, Latos, et. al.?

      Just looking for some advice, regardless of what Plank thinks.

      • Jesse

        I think two is good for now. There are usually some newer, cheaper, closers you can get during the year that tend to pop up.

        You may not have that “surefire ace”, but Latos, Bumgarner, and Haren are all pretty damn good. You may want to get a better backup third baseman, though, in case A-Rod misses a chunk of time. So I guess if you want to make a trade, you could probably go that route. I don’t know who’s on the waiver wire, but there’s usually some hidden gems that pop up as the season goes along, so keep on the lookout.

        • jjyank

          Good call, I didn’t even realize that nobody on my roster besides A-Rod is 3B eligible. My waiver wire options consist of Chase Headley, Daniel Murphy, Lonnie Chisenhall (who I have never heard of), Chris Davis, Ian Stewart, Danny Valencia, Jed Lowrie, Ty Wigginton, Mike Aviles, Brent Morel, Scott Rolen, Placido Polanco, Pedro Alvarez, Sean Rodriguez, Maicer Izturis, Alberto Callaspo, Casey McGehee, Wilson Betemit, Eduardo Nunez, and as you can imagine, it goes heavily downhill from there. Should I pick one of those guys up and drop someone else? I know Mike Trout, as talented as he may be, will not start the year in the Majors. Is it worth it to drop him and pick up another 3B, or should I just deal with that once A-Rod becomes an injury problem?

          • Jesse

            It’s your call. I know Mike loves Chase Headley, so if you asked him, he’d probably suggest to pick him up. No one really stands out, of course, since everyone’s on the waiver wire. You could just stick with what you have right now, and wait until A-Rod becomes and injury problem if in fact he does, like you noted.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Ok Im playing Cash here & Im gonna project possibly how we can keep Cano, Granderson, Martin, Hughes without going over $189M. The following is what appears to be coming off for next 2 yrs:

    Swisher – $10.25M
    Mariano – $15M (the cheapest $15M ever spent)
    Kuroda – $10M
    Soriano – $12M
    Garcia – $4M
    Jeter – $17M If he doesn’t return

    Expired Contracts
    Cano – $7.5M
    Granderson – $6M

    Total reduction in payroll – $81.75M

    Projections on contracts added back on:

    Cano – $20M
    Granderson $17M
    Martin $10M
    Hughes $12M (given slightly better than .500 yr say 15-10 4.10 ERA)
    Added back to payroll – $59M

    Yankee payroll comes in at $187.25M

    • Jesse

      I think Cano will get more than $20M per, especially with Boras as his agent.

    • John

      You forgot the arbitration cases, Jeter’s option (which someone pointed out may count as 14M against the luxury tax), Arod’s HR bonus (assuming he reaches 714 in 2014), the players’ benefits (~10M) and the salaries of the 15 players not on the active roster (~5M). You cannot keep Granderson.

      I posted that on another blog (again, Jeter’s option may be 14M and not 8M):

      – Starting nine (~110M): Rodriguez (27.5), Teixeira (22.5), Cano (20), Jeter (8), Gardner (8), Martin (10), which leaves you 14M for LF, RF and DH. You can sign Swisher for 12M per and fill the other spots with in-house candidates.

      – Rotation (~45M): Sabathia (24.5), Pineda + Nova (12), Killer B (0.5), which leaves you 8M for Hughes/FA.

      – Bullpen + Bench (~15M): No free agents there. 100% homegrown.
      – HR Bonus (6M)
      – Player benefits + 15 players (~15M)

      I’m at ~191M.

      • the creator

        You may run like Hayes, but you hit like shit. I thought this was appropriates somehow.

      • Ed

        Jeter will count as $5m in 2014. He counts as $17m now because the $3m buyout is already being counted against the tax. Only the new money – the difference between the 2014 salary ($8m) and the buyout ($3m) – will get counted.

  • 48yearyanksfan

    welcome back everyone… thanks in advance for all of your collective insight…………..looking forward to a championship year…….GOD WILL NOT LET MARIANO GO OUT WITH ANYTHING LESS THAN ONE MORE RING FOR HIS ONE LAST SEASON……………still totally pissed off about trading Montero……i wanted to keep the tradition of great hitting yankees catchers alive for another generation…. iswear he had more electricity in his bat than any other minor leaguer ive seen brought up since dave winfield… and he never even played in theminors……….the viscouisness in his bat was truly something to behold…….pineda better be one great pitcher, cause the other guy’s destined for 20 years of greatness

    • Monterowasdinero

      I saw the electricity too. His homers and line drives to the gaps seemed…..more “charged” than others. I hope he stays healthy and has a great career.

  • TampaRob

    So I was at the game yesterday and had an observation…during the pregame ceremonies cc and pineda were standing next to each other and pineda looked at least 2 inches taller than cc..neither looked to be wearing cleats but I thought they were the same height??

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Pineda was standing on two inches of homemade mangu.

    • knucklehead

      cc slumps his shoulders cuz hes fat

  • Monterowasdinero

    ARod did what all hitters should do against Halladay. Swing at the first pitch. It is usually the most hittable as Roy doesn’t fall behind hitters very often. Pull the slow stuff, hit the average fb the other way.

    Easier said than done but I do love that picture.


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