Open Thread: Andy

Banuelos, Sanchez among first round of roster cuts
The Morning After: Andy Pettitte

Oh happy day. Forget the camp notes, nothing important happened anyway. I don’t know what the Yankees are going to do with their rotation once Andy Pettitte is ready to go, but I don’t really care. Enjoy the moment. I’m pretty sure everyone loves him and is thrilled to see him back.

Here’s your open thread for the night. Talk about whatever you like. Enjoy.

Banuelos, Sanchez among first round of roster cuts
The Morning After: Andy Pettitte
  • Countryclub

    I’m not a buster Olney hater, but I’m glad to see jack Curry fighting back against him and ESPN regarding the Pettitte story.

    • First name only male (Retire 21)

      Please excuse my ignorance, but what are you talking about?

      • CP

        Jack Curry broke the news, but this afternoon the ESPN story said something to the effect of ‘a source confirmed to Buster Olney’ without crediting Jack Curry at all – giving the impression that Olney broke it. The story up on ESPN now has been updated and doesn’t mention who broke the story.

        • RetroRob

          Yeah, I saw that. Such nonsense. Curry works for the Yankees now, but he’s a much better reporter than most of the people working for ESPN. You would think ESPN would honor one of the basic rules of journalism.

    • Knoxvillain

      What did ESPN do now?

      • Zanath

        They reported the story after Jack Curry reported it and wrote it as if they broke the story. Said “our own Buster Olney reported that sources told him that Pettitte was coming back.”

        Check Jack’s Twitter feed, it’s hilarious.

        • Mike Axisa

          ESPN does that all the time, regardless of sport. Once news breaks, they “confirm it” and report it from “their sources.”

          • Zanath

            Definitely a journalism “no-no” though. I work for a magazine, if I did something like that my editor would scream at me.

            • JonS

              That’s because you don’t work for “The Worldwide Leader in Sports.” lol


        • forensic

          Link please?

    • Jamey

      That’s ESPN’s thing. It’s gotten worse in recent years since they basically try to swallow up all of the big “breaking news” & “exclusive interview” reporters & writers so they need to constantly trumpet “ESPN with breaking news from our own _______” to justify having all these reporters. About the only time you’ll see a credit correction is when it’s another ESPN employee throwing a fit that one of their co-workers got credit for their scoop, like Bill Simmons did a few years ago.

  •!/czm26 Craig

    So, what happens? Hughes for a bat? Pineda to the minors (Which would be the DUMBEST idea ever, he’s been effective) Garcia is a goner, for sure.

    • Havok9120

      Nothing happens ’till Andy is ready and proves himself effective. Until then, nothing has changed.

  • BamBino

    Head explosion

  • Countryclub

    I love that RBI single in the WS

  • Whizzo the Wize

    Wonderful addition,

    Whizzo wonders what they are thinking up in Beantown given the Sox inability to add proven arms to the rotation. Double plus for us!

    • Sarah

      Panic in the streets in Beantown.

    • Esteban


    • Havok9120

      Holy Crap, a Whizzo siting.

      And then Esteban chimes in too. Where’s our resident Congressman Mondesi?

      We must be getting close to opening day or something.

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

        All we need is TJSC and we can play the little rascals reruns.

        • Havok9120

          I know, I really was hoping unretiring Andy might scare him out of the woodwork.

          Maybe during the season.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    I for one am thrilled to have Andy Phillips back … ahem -(burp)

    /Early start on St. Patty’s day

    • CTRob

      Hehe, read that and thought, yeah, great to have Andy Philips back…….wait a minute…Doh!!

  • SDM

    This has literally been one of the best days so far, Andy’s back, my school made it through to the next round of the NCAA (GO WOLFPACK), my father won an Ipad 3 (which I will also get to use), my new laptop computer has arrived. The only things that are keeping this from being the ultimate day, would be getting laid and if news broke that Josh Beckett, and Bobby V were b%^ch slapped by Ozzie Guillen with a marlin filtet.

    • Sad

      If I knew you better I’d pay for a hooker to come to your mom’s basement on the back of the Ozzie comment.

    • Bean Tooth

      My Hoyas await your pack, ready to rumble.

  • leftylarry

    Starting pitching, like top Minor League catching, will bring you back players and prospects in the end.
    Great to have you back Andy!

  • CP

    With Ibanez struggling so far, maybe the Yankees could use some of their excess pitching depth to upgrade the DH position. I heard about this young kid in Seattle that should be pretty good. Do you think they could get him for Pineda?

    • Mickey S

      OR…they could DFA Raul, sign Jorge and get the band back together for one more song…come on Posada! You can do it!

  • Jake

    There’s part of me that’s very excited that Pettitte is coming back. But if this pushes Hughes or Nova out of the rotation or denies a shot to Phelps, Mitchell or Warren, then it’s a bad move. That would be a potential short-term gain with detrimental long-term impacts.

    • Steve (different one)

      What if they win the WS?

      • Jake

        That would be awesome. But this was a team capable of winning the World Series before Pettitte unretired. I get the whole “flags fly forever” idea, but I do think this team sometimes employs short-term thinking. Pettitte, if he can come back healthy and effective, is gravy. They don’t NEED him. If signing Pettitte prevents the team from learning whether Hughes can be an effective starter, or from finding out what they have in some of the AAA arms, then I think it will hurt them long-term.

        They’re going to need those guys if they’re serious about getting under $189 million, which they appear to be.

        • Havok9120

          Yes, but what are you holding up exactly? Hughes won’t be here for 2014, because we’ll either cut him for ineffectiveness or he’ll be too expensive to keep. Nova is in no danger of losing his spot unless he’s absolutely terrible. The B’s need more time.

          Phelps, Mitchel, and Warren are nice. I really like the first 2. And while they may, indeed, be ready for the big time, they aren’t blue chip prospects. We probably aren’t blocking the next Big Thing. We’re blocking guys who’s upside so far seems to be #4/5 starters. Those pieces are both valuable and important, but not something to get hugely upset about. Pettitte’s upside for this season is higher, and holding back one of that trio in AAA for Pettitte (IF he can get in shape and be effective) will not adversely affect the future of the franchise. Not significantly at least.

          • Ted Nelson

            Agreed, well put.

            Especially b/c the AAA guys can just come up in 2013, which was already likely given 6 starters ahead of them. If anything that helps keep them cheaper longer.

            If the Yankees really have too many great SP it’s not a bad thing. If, say, Phelps is tearing up AAA the Yankees can always deal for a cost controlled RF or DH.

  • Frank

    The $2.5M they’re paying Pettitte is worth every bit of the fire this puts under Pena/Hughes/Nova’s back side. Competition is great.

    • Frank

      *Pineda rather…

    • Havok9120

      Not to mention….we’re a sentimental bunch. If he makes the team, he’ll sell out some games. This thread has proven that even the people with doubts and concerns almost universally love the guy. Almost everyone will be happy to see him take the mound, even for just one game.

      This contract has so much Win written into it….

  • brazilian fan

    When Montero turns into a superstar everyone will blame Andy for not deciding to return on december.

    If he came back on december probably Cash wouldn’t have traded Montero.

    This trade gets tainted as the days go by.


    • Steve (different one)

      Yeah, no

    • kenthadley

      NOPE….they wouldn’t have signed Kuroda……Montero would have been traded, since that was brewing for several years…you don’t put a 22 year old in a dh role on a team that’s paying umpteen millions for over 30 year old hitters…Montero’s fate was sealed several years ago.

      • mustang

        We have a winner!!!

      • DM

        Yep. I don’t know if it was several years ago — but at some point his name kept popping up first for veteran rentals or otherwise — not just other teams asking, but Cashman offering Montero as a lead in. Something was brewing. I’m sure Seattle and Cashman kept in touch over the months after the Lee trade fell through. Their next DH turns 37 this summer, and he’s playing 3rd right now; and Sept told me what the Yankees thought of Montero as their future full-time catcher. He didn’t fit the scheme — and the attitude issues made it easier to pull the trigger.

    • Tom

      Disagree…. Pineda was about having cheap pitching for 2014 (and cheap pitching in general with decisions on guys like Swisher, Granderson, Cano and Martin coming up over the next 2 years)

      If the rumors are true (Cash offered Pettitte ~10-12mil in Dec), then it seems more likely that if Pettitte signed then, Kuroda would probably not be wearing pinstripes.

      I don’t see the Yankees going with Kuroda/Pettitte/Garcia all on 1 year deals and Hughes/Burnett with 2 years prior to FA and still on the 2014 austerity plan with only CC and Nova locked up that year

    • Jake

      I don’t think this is a “doom” scenario at all, but I haven’t liked the Montero trade from day one. Mostly it comes down to the fact that pitchers of Pineda’s age are so volatile. They traded a potentially superstar bat for a guy with tons of potential, but one who could easily flame out. Pineda had one good year, but he is still so far from a sure thing. He’s essentially Joba circa 2008, with a slightly longer track record.

      I hope Pineda stays healthy, puts it all together and grows into an ace. But, as with any other young pitcher, I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • Mike Axisa

        I love Montero more than anyone here, but Montero is no sure thing himself. In fact, the trade is less risky for the Yankees because Pineda has shown that he can be an above-average contributor across a full MLB season. Montero has not.

        • mustang


        • David K.

          Since when is a pitcher with a one year major league record supposed to be more of a lock than a young hitting prospect? Young pitchers are always much more volatile and unpredictable than young hitters. You only need to look at the Yankee pitching prospects in the last ten years. Plus there are hitting prospects and then there are hitting prospects like Montero. I don’t know how everyone fell in love with Pineda but I really don’t get your reasoning.

          • V

            Not to mention the injury risk. Pitchers have career ending injuries a LOT MORE OFTEN than hitters.

          • Havok9120

            Well, there’s the lack of a position for one. Yes, you CAN always find a spot for a hitter of that caliber, but that doesn’t mean its the optimal solution. And the rumblings (going back quite a ways, they we largely ignored it then) about his attitude. A total lack of record in the majors. And a very, very good (but not fantasmagorically awesome) AAA stint.

            As for Pineda….well, there’s his fastball and slider. And K rate. And MLB season and minor league record. And a changeup coming along nicely so far (and obvious excitement on his part about using/adding it). There’s his command. And his size. ANd his durability. Oh, and the fact that, if he develops even into a very good #2 (i.e. changeup doesn’t work), you’ve still kept the team from having to join next offseason’s bidding war for a 20-25 million dollar pitcher.

            Does that explain our excitement?

        • Ted Nelson

          I’d still call Pineda more volatile as a young P than a hitting prospect like Montero.

        • DM

          I think you have some serious competition for the number one Montero-lover title, but what you say is true.

          Those that compare Montero and Pineda are acting like the latter came up in Sept too — and made only 3 or 4 good starts — kinda like Ian Kennedy in 2007. Pineda is a distinct step further along the road to becoming an established big leaguer. 28 starts/171 innings wasn’t a roster-expanding, cup-of-coffee stint. Montero’s Sept ABs were exactly that. There’s a reason that Montero still qualifies for a RofY award in 2012 — yet Pineda doesn’t. Pineda is a 2nd yr player. Big difference.

    • Robert

      If you wanted to you could blame him for losing the 2001 WS,2004 ACLS

  • mustang

    While everyone else is looking around for quality starters the Yankees have them knocking at their door just classic.

    Haven’t been here for a while can’t believe that about 1 out of every 3 comments still have the name Montero in them.

    • mustang

      Actually I can believe it.

      • Len S

        ‘Cause people like to be negative? It makes them cool and hip.

        • Havok9120

          They’re not negative. They’re REALISTIC.


          • Len S

            Whose version of reality?

            • Havok9120

              Their own of course.

              Who else’s matters?

  • Benjamin Kabak

    I’m pretty sure everyone loves him and is thrilled to see him back.

    You would think but then this happens. Let’s all subscribe to that newsletter.

    • forensic

      How dare people not be thrilled about signing a 40 year old who hasn’t pitched in over a year, once again blocking other potential long-term options…

      • Len S

        Andy Pettitte…what a bum!

      • mustang

        Let see Michael “Dead Moose” Mussina, Andy “September 2008 it’s over” Pettitte, Derek “he done, he done, after 2010 definitely done” Jeter, Garcia, Colon.

        Did you guys know that late 30’s are the new middle 20

      • Jamey

        The cool thing about MLB The Show 2012 is you can fill the rotation with all the prospects you want & have a much better chance at winning than the actual Yankees would have using the same strategy.

        • forensic

          I don’t want to fill the rotation with all prospects, but thanks for putting words in my mouth. I would rather take my chances with a low 20’s guy making the minimum with a potential future than a 40 year old who hasn’t pitched in over a year with no future for several million. I really often wonder if this organization has any sort of plan or if they just go day by day and see what they can do that day with no thought of the future. I can’t wait till mitre signs after his workouts coming up…

          • mustang

            Yes because the Yankees organization has been such a failure over the last decade or so.

            God I wish the Knicks would plan that badly.

          • Ted Nelson

            Ignoring that Cashman literally told Pettitte not to come back is convenient for your little narrative, but ridiculous. As it happens they got a good veteran pitcher on a MiLB deal and we’ll see where things go from there.

            • mustang

              More logic I’m getting scared.

            • forensic

              I don’t count a 40 year old who has already retired and hasn’t pitched in over a year for several million dollars a good veteran signing, especially when you supposedly talk all about the pitching prospects you’re excited to have.

              And again, cashman changing his mind almost n a whim doesn’t help your arguments, it helps mine in that they have no semblance of a plan they’re following.

              • forensic

                Take the name away and it’d be a totally different reaction from so many people on here. Oh well, I’m done with this. It’s just not worth it. Debate is fun, defending is just a waste of time, nothing is gonna change.

                • Needed Pitching

                  The name doesn’t matter

                  It’s the results that went with the name that matters

                  If Andy shows he can regain that form (or close to it), he makes the Yankees better.

                  If not, they have plenty of other options, and really don’t have to lose much of anything in the process.

          • Havok9120

            Good Lord man. Cashman TOLD HIM not to come back.

            I mean, I know you read our responses and the articles, because you respond well when someone makes an argument you can logically object to. But anytime someone says something you can’t object to (or you encounter a fact that doesn’t jive with what you already thought) you ignore it and continue beating your drum.

            Its kind of depressing. I enjoy a good debate. I LIKE having my mind changed by peoples’ arguments. You just seem to plod on.

            And no, JobaWockeeZ, I’m not being a Circle Jerk ™, or mindlessly defending Cashman. I’m responding to a day’s worth of reposting the same opinion at every opportunity while ignoring half the facts available on the story and half the arguments made against him.

            • forensic

              He told him not to come back, and yet still signed him anyway. So, who exactly is running the organization? How does changing his mind on it indicate they have a long term plan? What am I ignoring or beating my drum for? I made one short reply to a comment, not even indicating my feeling on it, just questioning why someone else can’t feel that way, and they I got jumped all over because god forbid someone say something against a ‘true yankee’. I’ve been here when my baby has been sleeping. When he’s awake or I’m tired of typing on my iPad then I go for awhile. It’s hard to bold a laptop and a baby at the same time, I’m so sorry I’m not up to your standards. And I’m not sure what I have to do with jobawockeez, but anyway…

              At least Duke lost! And to one of my patriot league members to boot!

              • Mike Axisa

                Going from “signing a pitcher to a minor league contract” to “not having a long-term plan” is a pretty big jump, don’t you think?

                • forensic

                  Being a minor league contract is just a technicality since he won’t be ready on April 6th. It just delays making moves a little bit. It has nothing to do with the actual ultimate outcome or consequences of the contract.

                  • Havok9120


                    You’re convinced you’re right. I respect that and have no personal feelings either way. Truly. I’m not jumping over you for your opinions as much as I am that your opinions are steel-reinforced, set in concrete, and then smelted into a box of solid titanium covered in a layer of diamond. Mike, Ted, Pitching, mustang and I have all poked holes in your theory. You’ve soldiered on by either ignoring them or saying that we’re being naive by believing what we’re told (as in, the minor league contract is a smoke screen), soooo…..


                    Oh, and the Joba comment had absolutely nothing to do with you. I was being stalked by him yesterday and vented. I felt about about it immediately and would have deleted it if I could, but we have no edit. :/

        • mustang

          Yes exactly how it works on the field.

      • Landry

        Havent you bitched about this enough today?

        • forensic

          How is asking why someone can’t be unhappy with the move and then trying to defend myself to the attacks after not even stating my choices bitching?

          • Havok9120

            He isn’t bitching. Just being upset. In many places. Just as many places as we’ve been happy about it. *shrug*

            Most (MOST) of us have been posting counter-arguments, not “attacking” you, but this would certainly count as an attack.

          • nsalem

            Though I disagree with you I think you have a legitimate point. You are right in believing that Andy after a years absence and being 40 may have nothing left. However he was in the middle of a career year less than two years ago and even though it’s an outside chance he can return to that form, I think the Yankees felt for 2.5 million it was an offer they couldn’t pass up. I think there is very little downside here. I haven’t read any of the stories involving his coming back and the mechanisms involved. I think though that if the Yankee’s refused his comeback request and he wound up succeeding elsewhere (especially with a direct competitor) the fall out would be catastrophic.

  • AC

    The 10-12 mill offer to Pettite in Dec that he turned down ( bc he wasn’t ready to commit) eventually went to Kuroda. If Andy accepted the deal Yanks wouldnt of signed Kuroda. We all rather have a 23 we can build around for future than a guy stuck at DH. I still support the trade for Pineda. Pitching wins.

    • Ted Nelson

      You and we all aren’t the same thing

  • David K.

    I don’t know how Pettite will pitch this year so I’m not thrilled that he’s back. He shouldn’t have retired in the first place. Now he pulls a Brett Favre. Hopefully, he has more left in the tank than Favre.

  • Tom

    Random question…. Does Joba have any minor league options left?

    I’m wondering if the Yankees don’t put him on the 60 day DL, would they option him to the minors to do his rehab instead (which I think would delay his service time clock and potentially push out his FA a year?). Of course this probably lends itself to some sort of grievance from the MLBPA.

    I know if he’s on the DL he accumulates major league service time, but I think there are also some complex rules about being up for several years and then being sent down where a player may still get credit for the service time. (or the minor league options are no longer valid?)

    Basically, I’m wondering if there is another reason Joba has not been put on the 60 day DL other than they don’t need the spot at this time. And if there is a way for the Yankees to push out his FA a year by not putting him on it and having him accrue minor league service time until he’s ready to come back.

    • Mike Axisa

      The union would flip out if they did that. They’d have to wait until he’s healthy, then find a valid baseball reason to send him down.

      • Joe B.

        Like stretching him out to start?


        • Joey H.

          But thats ATEEE STAHHTURS!!!!11!!1

  • Havok9120

    Via Jack Curry:

    “Pettitte said Mariano implored him to return on 1st day in Tampa. When Mariano did it again on 2d day, Pettitte told him what was going on.”

    I love this SO MUCH.

    • http://none henry a. dimaggio

      There is no downside to having too much pitching. Hughes can start n the rotation and come late july he can go to the bullpen and andy can finsih the season. another half season of starting like 2010 and we know hughes is a major league starter that can do things

  • Johnny

    I feel bad for Hughes. He doesn’t deserve to get sent back to the bullpen unless he’s really poor, of course; sending him back there to make room for Pettitte, while totally understandable, risks screwing him up (as happened with Joba).

    You might say this opens him up to be traded, but how many years does Pettitte have left if he actually makes it into the team this year?

    Far too much pitching going on. Death by bullpen, baby.

    • RetroRob

      I love this problem. Seven starters in the majors, and a fleet of starting pitching options in AAA, led by two high-end prospect pitchers.

      Probably one of the high-end prospects — Banuelos being the likely — will make the team in 2013, along with one or two of the other arms out of the pen. The rest will end up being packaged for something else the team’s needs.

      Depth is good.

      • Havok9120

        I want to see ManBan’s command make a comeback this season before we pencil him in. Last year was….underwhelming. And that’s definitely something better worked on in the minors, at least until he’s mowing batters down.

  • old fan

    I just know that I feel a lot better (happier and excited) after I heard about Pettitte, than before.

    This team is a definite pennant winner, maybe series winner. It is loaded with talent. Many oldsters, and many youngsters pushing the door trying to get in. They will all be used throughout the year. some unexpected injuries will surely come.

    Could be a historic year!

  • http://none bo diddley

    if only rivera would stay for another five rings ……….

    • Grit for Brains

      He hasn’t said he’s not

  • Michael

    I am continuing RAB Conference South League™ created two years ago. The settings haven’t changed (6×6 with OBP and QS, 20 teams, H2H) and the league will continue to be renewed each year. I invite all committed fantasy managers to join. League activity has been great the past two seasons. Here is the link to join:

    By chance, if any of you were part of this league last year and no more spots are left, leave me a reply. Many former managers from last season have their E-mails hidden on Yahoo! and could not be invited back, hence the openings.

  • Juke Early

    Where is the RAB podcast? I guess not getting paid to do something, is a good enough reason to not do it 2 weeks in a row. Occasionally keep in mind, some of us really don’t have endless resources available for Yankee talk. BTW you don’t need to be in the same room, or even the same country to do a show here in the 21st Century.

    Oh, well, it’s not as if there’s anything news worthy. . ..

    • Betty Lizard

      What? You mean you don’t get the mental transmissions? No laptop/phone/iPad required. Very handy. Guess you should have signed up for RAB “Premium.”

    • Havok9120

      Mike said that they started, then the Pettitte news broke. Then he said something about 10 minutes of “gibberish” being all they recorded and that that was the end of that.

      They probably had a collective fangasm and couldn’t get coherent spoken thought out. I had pretty much the same problem for a little while.

    • Mike Axisa

      Joe and I started recording it, got maybe 10-15 mins of injury stuff before the Pettitte news broke. Joe had to post it on RAB and I had to post it on MLBTR. By time the dust settled, it was 1pm and the game/chat was going to start. Joe had work to do this afternoon and couldn’t re-record.

  • Tom

    Pettitte back.

    Duke loses in 1st round to a 15 seed (yeah I know it’s technically the “second” round)

    The way this day is going, I’m now just waiting for a knock on the door and someone to hand me a bag of cash.

    • Betty Lizard

      Or look out the window and see it raining frogs.

      • Grit for Brains

        I thought about this the other day coincidentally…solid enough movie

  • RetroRob

    Heyman reported earlier that Cashman went back to Pettitte again in January right before he signed Kuroda, once again offering $10-$12 million, letting him know he was probably going to sign Kuroda unless Andy would commit, which he didn’t. That sounds like a $10 million contract with $2 million in incentives. Just a guess, but that makes sense considering he was giving a range. It’s not like Pettitte’s going to say to Cashman, “Why no, Brian, I’d rather have the $10 million than the $12 million

    So basically the Yankees would have had Pettitte for up to $12 million, where now they have both Kuroda and Pettitte for $12.5 million. Can’t argue with that.

    • Havok9120

      I haven’t seen that, but it makes a good deal of sense.

      I think just about everyone prefers it this way. Even Andy.

  • Havok9120

    So, MASN has ranked our rotation 3rd in the AL East behind the Rays and, wait for it, Boston.

    Why is YES being called out for homer-tendencies again?

    • Needed Pitching

      but the Sox have Bard in the rotation now. Yanks can’t compete with that.

    • Sarah

      Daniel Bahd is way better than the entire rotation plus all the extra starters combined, obviously.

    • forensic

      Well, obviously the Yanks rotation is in trouble, they’re signing 40 year old’s out of retirement.

      (JUST KIDDING, everyone calm down, couldn’t resist that hanging breaking ball right down the middle)

      But, isn’t that just more of stupid analysis instead of homer tendencies? It’s not like they put the Orioles up there…

      • forensic

        Though in truth, an argument could be made. Their top 3 could all be great and there are questions among several of the Yanks starters. Not saying I agree, but it certainly not out of the realm of possiblity.

    • Jesse

      Who the hell said that?!?!?!

  • Virgil Earp

    Andy Pettitte is a starting pitcher. We now have two starters too many. We traded our prized possession for Pineda. He will start and develop his arm. I sure hope they don’t screw around with him and ruin his arm like they did to Joba and Hughes. And poor Phil. He’s going to be one of the odd men out along with Freddy. They just keep jerking that kid around. Hopefully they trade him to an NL club for a bat. The rotation with Andy back-


  • pistol pete

    Ibanez 0 for 2 now 2 for 26 and 077. When are the Yanks going to stop signing over the hill dh’s like Winn, Nick Johnson and now Ibanez. Save the ab’s for the kids and get rid of this bum.

    • Needed Pitching

      when they get kids worth giving AB’s to

      And Winn wasn’t signed as a DH, he was signed as a backup OF.

      • pistol pete

        Dickerson and Nunez could easily do what Ibanez will do and won’t be totally one dimentional. They can actually run and play defense. And just how great would they have to be to be better than an over the hill 40yr old dh. And I know Winn was signed as a backup outfielder but he was in the same place in his career that Ibanez is, done, toast.

        • Needed Pitching

          “Dickerson and Nunez could easily do what Ibanez will do”

          except that they haven’t. As of last year, Ibanez was still an above average hitter vs. RHP. It’s entirely possible that changes this season, but the fact remains Ibanez was better vs. RHP last year (the role he was signed to play) than Nunez or Dickerson are likely to be.

          And playing defense isn’t really a qualification of playing DH, but Nunez was absolutely horrible defensively last season, probably even worse than Ibanez. I could see Dickerson getting an opportunity if Ibanez fails, but there is a reason not a single team claimed him.

          • pistol pete

            Seriously, you guys are going to defend the Ibanez signing. He can’t run, can’t field, can’t hit leftys and I know he’s only going to dh against rightys. What makes you think that this isn’t the last thing he can’t do anymore. Enough of the fossils, Ibanez will be gone by June 1st, Randy Winn reincarnated.

  • Midland TX

    When Pettitte found out Posada was definitely calling it quits, he told Cashman, “I’m in!”

    Maybe this is the tipping point to finally get Bernie to put down his guitar and pick up his 33-oz maple Rawlings again. Slot him in CF so Grandy can press Swisher in RF. Perfect.

  • Darren

    Bobby Valentine is such a dick. No class. Francona would never have said that about Andy.

    • Cy Pettitte

      is that douche bag really gonna throw weekly back-handed compliments at Yankee players for his entire tenure in Boston? he is truly unbelievable.

    • forensic

      While I generally agree that Valentine is a schmuck, what did he say that is so bad or even wrong? He didn’t kiss the ass of a rival team/player, so he’s a dick?

      He said he’s not coming back to where he was. Which is absolutely true. He’s been retired and hasn’t pitched in over a year. But, he also said he’s a good pitcher, a borderline hall of famer, and anytime you add someone like that to your staff you’re doing good. How dare he call him a good pitcher and a borderline hall of famer.

      Unless there’s something else that’s not in the article I’m referring to, in which case I apologize, then I don’t see what you’re so angry about.

      • Joe

        “He’s pretty good. Is he going to be a starter? Or just come in to pick people off?”

        As usual even while he’s “complimenting” someone he still needs to make one asshole comment.

        I guess the last part is just a compliment to his pickoff abilities and not Bobby being a douche?

  • ramez hanna

    i think they should trade the 11 mil dollar man in the bullpen who is not a closer and is always injured (because we have enough starters and relievers)whats his name again?

  • Tamir.M

    Yanks Rotation should be:
    1. C.C. Sabathia
    2.Hideki Kuroda
    3.Michael Pineda
    4.Andy Pettitte
    5.Ivan Nova/Phil Hughes (whoever impresses in spring training more)

  • http://yesnet tendollaryankee

    i wouldnt trade away any potential starting pithers just yet. i mean come on, lets not do anything stupid that we might regret later. its great that andy is back. lets see how that works out.