Report: Yankees offered Freddy Garcia to Marlins


Via Danny Knobler, the Yankees offered Freddy Garcia to the Marlins in a trade, but they weren’t interested. Garcia and Ozzie Guillen are close thanks to their time in Chicago together. Freddy has already indicated a willingness to pitch out of the bullpen, but apparently the team isn’t fond of the idea.

It’s easy to see that Garcia is the odd man out of the rotation at the moment, and he only figures to get pushed further down the depth chart once Andy Pettitte is ready to go. That’s assuming everyone stays healthy and effective, which is never the case. I’d rather not see the Yankees count their chickens before they hatch and trade Freddy before the season even starts; he could end up being pretty important within a few weeks. Enjoy the depth, it’s not a problem in March.

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  • Kosmo

    If the right deal for Garcia develops quickly, let´s say by the end of ST the Yanks would be compelled to swing it. With the addition of Pettitte, if he´s back to pre-retirement form and the likes of Phelps, Warren and Mitchell I think NY can cover any depth issues.

  • DM

    Hmmm… Sounds fishy to me (no pun intended). I’d be curious to hear a Cashman retort if he is asked.

  • Bryan V

    I 100% agree with Mike.

    Look, the Yankees are not going to get anything big by dealing Garcia, so why trade him before you have to? Wait until you KNOW you don’t need the pitching depth, and wait until you KNOW of a hole on the team that he could help fill through trade (Ibanez is not a hole in the lineup due to a poor spring).

    • Kosmo

      The Yanks have pretty much decided that Hughes is the 5th SP, so with the addition of Pettitte, Garcia is bumped to 7th on the depth chart. If needed Pettitte would be plugged into the SP role by May 1st otherwise he becomes the longman, not Garcia. As it stands now Garcia is an unnecessary luxury without any defined role.

      • Havok9120

        Um. No.

        As it stands now, Garcia is the 6th guy in the rotation and the longman in the bullpen. IF Andy returns at some point in the next several MONTHS, Garcia becomes a luxury without any defined role.

        There is a world of difference between the situation as it stands today and the situation as it will stand if/when Andy is ready to take the mound for the MLB club.

        • Kosmo

          May 1st is what I heard regarding Pettitte´s return not “MONTHS“ and I don´t for the life me see any “world of difference“ from now until May 1st. That´s just 6 weeks away.
          The Yanks never declared Garcia as the longman, that´s just an assumption on your part. Kontos, Phelps, Mitchell and Warren can fill that role until Pettitte is ready which would make it a stretch of 4 weeks once the season is underway.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I tend to agree here. There is already enough of an insurance plan with Pettitte and the entire AAA rotation. I don’t think the team majorly exposes itself by trading Freddy.

            • Havok9120

              Oh I don’t think we’re exposing ourselves overmuch. I just don’t see the benefit of doing it. If we get an offer or think we an fill an important hole in the system, sure pull the trigger. But a lot of people seem to be on the bandwagon of “we have starters, make a trade because I’m bored with Spring Training.”

              Can we at least wait to make sure that AP doesn’t blow a hammy in his second (!!) week of camp? Maybe make sure Nova and Pineda continue to progress like they have been? I just don’t want to make a trade for the sake of making a trade.

          • Havok9120

            May 1st is Andy’s plan. The team was saying ‘early June” as recently as last bullpen. If we can get significantly more value for Garcia now, sure do it. But if we’re talking peanuts worth of value and anywhere from 6-12 weeks then why dump Garcia for the sake of doing it?

  • Havok9120

    IF this is true (I, like DM, am not sure about this), you guys clamoring about the young guys never getting chances should take heart. If we’re thinking of trading part of the MLB depth before the season starts, one of the AAA trio would almost certainly have been heading north as the longman.

    They must have been impressed by the performance of those three.

    • DM

      The “word is” part of Knobler’s tweet sounds vague to me. And this doesn’t sound like Cashman these days. He has assets now; he can sit back and take calls rather than make them — esp since AP hasn’t thrown a competitive pitch yet. This reminds me of the post-Montero trade rumors. “Word was” that Cashman was calling all these DH candidates to replace the bat he just lost. 3 days later we found out that the DH candidates were calling Cashman after the trade — not the other way around — and also that Cashman felt that getting another bat was “low priority”.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I think they should trade him. Even if others get hurt we have several young guys that are ready for the show. I even wonder if any team has a pitching depth like the one the Yankees have right now.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    I think it is a good idea to trade Garcia in SP as opposed to later in the year.

    If he is the 6th starter/long man, his chances of getting in games are very slim. There are no predetermined opportunities. He might go weeks without seeing the field. That might affect his value in June when you try to trade him. At least now he is stretched out and in starter mode, so the trade partner would be getting a better asset

    OTOH, maybe a rested, low innings Freddy Garcia might be more attractive to teams in June.

    Both scenarios are plausible, but I just think moving Garcia now might garner a little more for him.

    • LiterallyFigurative

      *SP should be ST, for spring training

    • Havok9120

      But even if this is the case, it may not be a better move for the team. That’s more the argument being made here. Until AP comes back, Garcia is our reserve starter and longman and thus an important part of the team.

      • LiterallyFigurative

        If they didn’t have Mitchell and Phelps and Warren, I might be a little more conservative. But if you could get a decent return for Freddy (and therein lies the breaking point of “to trade or not to trade”), I would do it and let one of the 3 AAA guys hold down the fort until Andy arrives (if he arrives).

        Now you can never project injury, but that shouldn’t prevent you from making decisions, especially when you are 10 deep in starters.

        • Havok9120

          Return is, as you said, the key. I’d be quite content (as I said above) with letting a AAA guy hold down the longman role. But too many people are just bored with ST, see AP as a sure thing, and want a trade to happen.

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Agree with Mike in that there should be no urgency to make a deal now.

    Freddy’s value can go up if a contender has a starter do down, and can really go up if two teams have a need for a starter.

    The only way his value can go down is if he a) gets hurt, or b) is totally ineffective.

    Given the small chance of either of those events occurring, and the total unpredictability of a pitching staff’s health, I would like to see the Yanks hang onto Garcia for the time being (unless they are totally blown away with an offer).

    They are in the driver’s seat. No need to force the issue, it will come to them.

    • CharlestonYankFan

      Agree 100%. Though I would add that even if his value does go down its not like the Yanks would really lose anything. He has more value on the open market now than I expect the Yanks ever thought he would, so anything you can get out of him in a trade (assuming he’s traded) is gravy.

  • DM

    “They are in the driver’s seat. No need to force the issue, it will come to them.”


  • Manny’s BanWagon

    I’d hold onto Freddy until:

    A. Hughes is pitching well into the regular season
    B. Pettitte make a successful return to the rotation
    C. Some team with hopes of contending realizes they need a solid veteran starter and offers the Yankees something decent

    • Robinson Tilapia

      D. The team is 161-0

    • Havok9120

      I don’t think we need to wait quite THAT long, but I would like to see AP make progress for another week or two. Once we’re all as close to certain as he is that he can physically hack it, sign me up.

    • Rookie

      I agree with you 100%, Manny.

  • viridiana

    Hope this doesn’t turn into AJ 2.0. No reason for a salary dump here. i also agree with Mike — hold on to him until some team with pitching shorts is willing to fork over helpful return.

    • YankeesJunkie

      No reason to think it will. Garcia’s deal is quite fair as it would not surprising if he puts up at 1 WAR. He is quite valuable piece if you are a team that wants a solid back end starter especially in the NL.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    So much for my dreams of trading Freddy Garcia to the Mariners for Jesus Montero. Damn.

    • LiterallyFigurative

      I’m sure the Mariners would have to give up more to make it a fair trade…..

  • Knoxvillain

    Any chance Cash tried to pull a Beane and ask for Stanton? Ha.

    • YankeesJunkie

      At least we would not have to worry about DH, might as well asked for Johnson as well and the he could have thrown in Ibanez to balance it out.

  • DM

    Ta-Da! Ibanez homers. I always loved that guy.

    • YankeesJunkie

      HOF!!!! 40 homers!!!! First round first pick right now on my mock draft!!!!

      • DM

        I thought you picked Dewayne Wise? He’s hitting .440 this ST.

    • Cashman Adviser


      • DM

        A bomb too! That’s the way Russell the Muscle used to hit’em — when he played, that is.

        • Tanyon ‘The BrawlerSturtze

          Where is said Russell the Muscle? Didnt we give him a minor league deal? I thought he was going to compete with Ibanez for the long half of the DH platoon?

          • Jesse

            I think he got injured and released.

            • DM

              No. I replied in the wrong spot (see below). Hurt yes — released? Not that I’m aware of.

  • DM

    He was DOA — back issues — epidural city. If he ever recovers he can go to AAA for emergency depth.

    • Ted Nelson

      If he ever recovers (which is a much bigger if at this time than I thought when he was signed), he’s better than Ibanez so he’ll probably earn that spot.

      • DM

        Based on comments from Cashman and Girardi, Ibanez has value in that he can play the outfield on a regular basis. He was chosen over Matsui, Vlad and even Damon for that reason. You might disagree based on Ibanez’s poor defensive play – but their explicitly stated reasoning goes beyond that. Something to consider when comparing to Branyan. They’d be cutting OF depth to add someone who only plays 1st base — which they already have covered with Chavez and Swisher. But Nunez getting some serious reps in the OF would help his case. As it stands, who would be your extra outfielder on days with Gardner-Granderson-Swisher starting — and Jones starting at DH (with Branyan taking Ibanez’s slot)? You’d need more roster shuffling than a simple swap between those two — and this all assumes that Branyan is better — which he wasn’t last year. He got a minor league deal for a reason; he needs more than his back to be healthy to get a job with the big club.

        • Tom


          People underestimate the OF part. It’s also not just about when Jones DH’s either.

          The Yankees have 4 OF’rs right now. What if anyone of these guys develops a day-to day issue (remember Swish last year?) – say they get hit by a pitch or tweak something and need 3-5 days off, but the Yankees don’t want to DL them. The Yankees then are basically playing with 3 OF’rs and probably Nunez as the backup OF? And then Gardner is up late in the game against a lefty do you pinch hit for him? Or someone else goes down during a game.

          With 4 OF’rs there is a lot more pressure to make a decision on whether or not to DL someone with a minor issue; having a 5th option (even if it’s not a great one) can buy you a couple of days without having to make a decision and allows you to more easily ride out these “in between” issues.

          • Ted Nelson

            How big of a deal is that, though, compared to carrying a guy who can’t hit or field on your roster? Especially if you have a guy capable of a .375-.400 wOBA against RHP if he’s healthy. There’s value in that flexibility, but it’s pretty limited. There’s also value in maybe 300, 400 PAs a year that are significantly better.

            Nunez might already be a better OF than Ibanez today… especially if the Yankees really pushed him in the OF to get him some experience.

            • Ted Nelson

              And who is going to PH for Gardner that can’t play LF? Cervelli or Martin? Chavez hasn’t hit much in years. Jones or Nunez are the main candidates and can play LF. Branyan isn’t really a good candidate to be PHing against LHP on his career.

              • Tom

                It’s not just pinch hitting for Gardner, pinch run for Swisher, a 2nd injury, pinch hit for Jones against a righty? (depend on who the 3 healthy OF’rs are in the scenario). I’m not saying it’s a high likelihood, but there is some value having a 2nd backup in the OF.

                I also must have missed where Nunez is a viable OF option….and now the legend grows to he might be better than Ibanez…sure he could be, but what the are you basing this on (other than a dislike of Ibanez)?

                He’s played 1 major league inning in LF and 17 innings in RF, and caught 3 flyballs. Seems like a reasonable assessment….(I hear he took real good routes on those 3 flyballs)

            • fin

              I agree Ted, for some reason people have absolutely fallen in love with flexibility, even over talent. Every post is related to injury insurance and roster flexibility. People dont want to trade Garcia becasue 10 big league ready pitchers isnt enough. People dont want to let Ibanez go becasue not only can he suck at home plate but he can suck in the outfield, somehow those 2 combined sucks, come out a positive. If I gota give a guy 400+ plate appearances at DH he better be able to hit.

              As has been said there is no reason to trade Garcia yet, but if the right deal comes, there is no reason not to trade him. As far as Ibanez goes, there is no reason to cut bait on him yet, but if he doesnt show signs of life, there is no reason to keep a shitty hitter around becasue he also happens to be a shittty fielder.

              • DM

                I don’t know if “people have absolutely fallen in love with flexibility” with their posts here. In fact I think I’m one of the few who point it out at all — and I’m just reiterating the sentiment expressed by Cashman and Girardi (and Girardi’s itch for this goes back further than this off-season). Most here seem to skip past that and default to some other no glove hitter that they like. Disagreement with that approach is fine; but pretending like that approach hasn’t been promoted by those in charge isn’t. Girardi/Cashman will talk about options and things he’ll try to employ — but then someone here will say something that contradicts or ignores that b/c they don’t like it. Even the mods here have said stuff like “Ibanez will only see OF time in emergencies”. Girardi never said anything like that — in fact he’s all but said the opposite. The plan sounds like rotation city.

            • DM

              Like many others here, your statement is pre-loaded with Ibanez “can’t hit”. Obviously the Yankees didn’t sign him while holding that premise. They feel confident that he can be productive in the role they envision. Also, Cashman mentioned the lack of AAA outfield depth as another reason that they wanted a guy who can play for an extended period in the field. If any starter goes down, they feel better running Ibanez out there on regular basis — all things considered — than a Dickerson or Curtis. They don’t feel they can dip down and grab a genuine AAA prospect to take up the slack. If they had the OF version of Banuelos, Betances or Warren in AAA, it might’ve colored their selection a little differently. Maybe Damon would’ve gotten a more serious look if that were the case.

        • Ted Nelson

          I believe that this is a marginal concern compared to the difference I expect in their production if Branyan is fully healthy. i.e. I expect that the difference between Branyan and Ibanez offensively will be far greater than the defensive value Ibanez brings. This is because I expect very little from Ibanez. I also expect A-Rod to play mostly 3B and Jeter not to DH much.

          I believe that Ibanez is a terrible OF at this point and shouldn’t be out there other than an emergency. I see very little value in him as an emergency OF compared to Nunez or even someone like Cervelli or whoever else.

          I believe Cashman is rational, and that if the math looks the way I describe he’s not going to hurt the team to retain a terrible defensive OF for emergencies. Of course, I didn’t know squat about Branyan’s back. I assumed he might be fine after an off-season. Cashman might have known that he was a huge risk who might never play again or figured he was a mid-season addition. I also don’t know how Ibanez will play this season, I’m just bearish.

          • DM

            Based on statements made by both Girardi and Cashman, I expect A-Rod, Jeter, Cano, Granderson, Tex and Swisher to get more starts at DH than they ever have in the past.

            Regarding guys like Branyan, Wise, Hall, etc — they are all part of the ongoing low cost/low risk depth hoarding that Cashman has always employed. If they can help, great — if not, no big deal. I’m sure he’ll be watching those last few ST cuts from other teams. He’ll be ready to pluck those guys just like some other GM will ready to pluck a Rapada or Cabral or Hall if they don’t stick and/or opt out.

  • Fin

    Eh, people forget athletes are human beings and dont walk around all day thanking can this ruin my career. They live their lives like the rest of us, maybe some with a bit more caution, but in the end they are still just people doing everyday ordinary people things when not playing their given sport. Like jumping on a trampoline with their children.
    Comparing this to the total recklessness of people like Jason Williams riding around at 100mph on a crotch rocket or Ben Roethlisburger doing the same, doenst seem right.
    The obvious inherent risk with things like riding motorcycles, skiing,pickup basketball games where any of us who have done them probably have incurred some sort of injury doing them, doesnt seem to me to be on par with a benign activity like jumping on a trampoline with your kid. Maybe if joba had googled the trampoline injuries before doing it, he could have made an informed decision, like those here who have googled it after the fact and found him lacking in intelligence. Even now I wouldnt concern myself with jumping on a trampoline, after having googled it. It still seems like a freak accident.

  • Fin

    opps, dont know how this post got here. I believe I posted it in the Joba section. Sorry.

    • Havok9120

      If you hit certain buttons on the interface in the correct order, it dumps your reply in the next thread.

      • Midland TX


  • DM

    DJ Mitchell doesn’t have it today. Good thing we didn’t trade Garcia yet.

  • http://none Smiley

    Why trade a good starter? We don’t win the division without Garcia pitching slow and steady for us. Maybe he doesn’t start game 2 this Oct, but we need him.

    • Ted Nelson

      It’s a matter of what you’re getting in return and what other SP options you have. It’s not that they have to trade him, it’s just that they can trade him in the right deal.

    • fin

      How do the Yankees need him ? In his assumed role, Noessi pitched ~40 innings last year, a good chunk of those innings came when the season was over and they were resting players and setting up for the playoffs. They also have 3 guys in AAA that all appear to be major league ready as well as Andy Petite. While I dont see Freddy bringing anything of real value back in a trade, I can see Hal saying this is 4 million dollar luxury we dont need.

  • RetroRob

    I hear the Red Sox need starting pitching.

    Seriously, the Yankees may have signed Pettitte as a cheaper and more reliable bet than Garcia. Move Freddy, replace with Pettitte, save $1.5 million, and then give the long role to one of the young kids in AAA. Yankees get cheaper, and open up a spot for one of the kids, and get better in the process.

    Of course, this only works if Pettitte is effective, yet if Garcia is put in the pen for the first six weeks of the season, his value may decrease. Maybe the Yankees are simply checking the market to see what they might get for him now. Doesn’t mean they’ll move him now.

    • fin

      You have to assume Petite inst replacing Freddy, hes replacing someone in the rotation. Most likely that someone is Nova. Unless Nova is really struggling and needs AAA to work it out. I dont mind Petite blocking those AAA guys for a year, but if he ends up forcing Nova to the pen or back to AAA undeservedly, it will be a shame.
      I think there is clearly a downside to this pitching situation. If everyone is healthy and pitching well, a young pitcher is going to get replaced by a 40 year old pitcher, who we have no idea how he is going to perform and wont be able to just be removed from the rotation if he is only servicable becasue he is Andy Petite.
      Its Andy Petite who choose to retire and leave the Yankees in the lurch last year. If he wants to come back, he should be put in the 6th man spot and earn his way into the rotation. Unfortunately, this is an entertainment business also, especially for the Yankees and Petite will put butts in the seats. And will get a spot in the rotation barring injury.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    yesterday Soria and Joba, today Madson. Relievers have dangerous jobs. That’s why Freddy wants to be a starter ^^

    • Bavarian Yankee

      just read that Storen may miss some weeks too. All closers get injured! All closers? No, there’s still that immortal 42-year old magician that will pitch forever …

  • BamBino87

    Did the Marlins offer us their washing machine in return?

  • Monterowasdinero

    Are the Yanks gonna go to their kitchen knife strategy to take Freddy out of the mix again?

    • fin

      I think they are gona have to be even more creative this year. That AAA traveling show is no where you want to send anyone for a few weeks that you plan on having contribute this season. There could be some Nova shannanigans this year. I think they are gona pull the AJ strategy on Garcia. Even if a team is desperate for pitching, I dont think the Yankees will get much back for Freddy.

  • Jb

    If we knew Petite was coming back, wouldn’t have traded Montero……. Just saying, screwed that way too

    • fin

      i dont buy that. Not sure how petite comming back would have affected that trade. I dont think the would have got kuroda.

  • Midland TX
    • Evan3457

      Geez. Not you. The Alfano guy who wrote that “think” piece.