ST Game Thread: Broken Up

2012 Draft: Senior Signs
Triple-A stadium situation could linger into 2013
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This spring was supposed to be about Phil Hughes and his latest chance to establish himself as a big league starter, but then the Yankees had to go and trade for Michael Pineda so he could hog all the spotlight. St. Philip of Hughes has been piggybacking with CC Sabathia most of the month, coming out of the bullpen to get his work in once the big guy was done. It’s time for the two to be broken up, with Hughes getting the ball today and Sabathia getting an extra day of rest before going tomorrow. Phil’s had a fine spring statistically but no one really cares. He’s shown improved fastball velocity and his curveball was much sharper in his last appearance than it was at any point in 2011, and at least one scout agrees. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come and not just a March mirage. Here’s the lineup…

C Russell Martin
2B Robinson Cano
3B Alex Rodriguez
1B Mark Teixeira
DH Raul Ibanez
SS Eduardo Nunez
CF Dewayne Wise
LF Cole Garner
RF Chris Dickerson

RHP Phil Hughes

Available Pitchers: RHP Adam Warren, LHP Clay Rapada, LHP Mike O’Connor, LHP Cesar Cabral, LHP Juan Cedeno, RHP Cory Arbiso, RHP Mark Montgomery, and RHP Preston Claiborne all made the trip and are available if needed. Arbiso, Montgomery, and Claiborne are up from minor league camp for the day.

Available Position Players: 1B/C Jose Gil, C Gus Molina, IF Doug Bernier, UTIL Bill Hall, IF Brandon Laird, IF Jayson Nix, IF Ramiro Pena, 1B Jorge Vazquez, OF Justin Maxwell, and OF Colin Curtis are on the bench and available.

Today’s game starts at 1:05pm ET and can be seen on ESPN. We’re going to chat for the first few innings, so join the fun after the jump.

2012 Draft: Senior Signs
Triple-A stadium situation could linger into 2013
  • Mykey

    Ugh. Just when I think Hughes is pitching well.

  • murakami

    He is pitching well. The new toy gave up a jack, too, yesterday. Hughes has been stellar this spring. Looks like he’s healthy and has figured some stuff out. I, for one, am excited about his season.

    • Jesse

      Same. Especially that change-up he struck out Luke Scott with.

    • DM

      “the new toy”?

      Michael Pineda is a human being. You make him sound like an object — a slave or something.

      Mods — do you find this acceptable? I’m offended.

      • jsbrendog

        oh please

        • DM

          “oh please”

          Right. Silly, isn’t it?

          I thought the same of a complaint about a pun a few days ago.

          • jsbrendog

            LOUD NOISES

      • Eric

        You sound like a total douche

      • Eric

        You sound like Jesse Jackson

        • Havok9120

          He sounds like….well, like murakami did last week.

          Or at least he thinks he does.

          That was his point.

  • Mike Myers is blocked at work…hows he look?

  • murakami

    He threw a gimme right over the plate, after having zipped through the first inning. More flyouts than in his previous start, not getting the ball down as much as I’d like.

    • Mike Myers

      thanks. hows his monsterous underbite?

  • murakami

    Just got a groundout to short on a loopy curve, followed by what looked like a change for flyout to CF. Now throwing some curves at about 75 mph and just got some run away from the bat against a lefty hitter. Now he gets him down swinging on another change for a 1-2-3 inning.

  • B-Rando

    Sa-weet change-up to strike out Luke Scott swinging on a 3-2 count.

    • murakami

      It’s amazing how there’s zero buzz about Hughes, but people coming in their pants when Pineda hikes it to 93. Guess at 25, you’re washed up around here.

      • DM

        “coming in their paints”

        Moderators??! Where are you? Is this not offensive?

        Mike, do something please.

        I await your prompt action.

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          I agree.

          I’m deeply offended by the use of that language which is much more offensive than some women’s lib pun BS.

          • murakami

            How so?

            • Manny’s BanWagon

              I’m only kidding though I think asking the moderators to have someone change their handle was pretty uncool and I’m surprised Mike actually kowtowed to such nonsense.

        • Rainbow connection

          Good point. This is a children’s site. Very inappropriate.

          • Bryan__from NZ

            The irony of Murakami’s “new toy” comment is it parllaels the past evils of female objectification and subordination, which he tried to condemn by criticising that guy’s “women lib” handle.

  • murakami

    If you mean his curve, when he tries to spike it at all, it’s not a strike. He needs to find more bite, but he’s made some progress with his curveball this spring. It’s coming along.

  • murakami

    Yes, the change looks like it is getting there.

  • murakami

    Coming in and of itself does not discriminate, but if you were genuinely offended, I apologize.

    • nsalem

      Homonym and spelling lessons are sorely needed here.

      • bpdelia

        heh. yup. Im the one who agreed on the not liking “misguided” and I don’t like that but I didn’t tell that person to change their screen name.

        News flash the world is really effin offensive. You WILL be offended in this world. TIme to start getting used to it. Is it offensive. Yeah probably. SO what? I find Carmelo Anthony offensive but he’s not going anywhere. I’ll have to deal with it.

        I find every freaking word out of Rick Santorum’s mouth offensive.

        TOugh luck I have to deal with it.

        Enough already asking for the moderators. It’s like my 8 year old used to come to me when the kids in our condo’s were mean to her.

        “Yeah they’re gonna be mean. Either get used to it or play somewhere else.”

        • DM

          You’re absolutely right.

          No more running to the teacher b/c Butch called you a poo-poo head.

          I withdraw my mock petitioning of the moderators.

          I find this last step easy to take since they were ignoring me anyway.

        • Rainbow Connection

          I think if the mods don’t want anyone to be offended, then they should stick to their guns. Stop selectively censoring people. All or nothing.

    • DM

      Discrimination isn’t the only thing that offends.

      And this obviously can’t be hammered out simply between us without pressuring a 3rd party authority. Perish the thought.

      Mods? Hello??

      • jsbrendog

        for fuck sake, give it a rest. obviously no one cares.

        • DM

          Too slow. I already did that above — for f*** sake.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    LOL at 50 percent of voters wanting Nova to be cut from the rotation when Andy is ready.

    • DM

      And climbing — but Hughes is only at 20% — and has bullpen experience and an option left too. Amazing.

    • RetroRob

      They’re like primary voters. A fickle lot.

    • Fin

      I didnt vote what I wanted to happen but I what I thought would happen. If any of these young guys are pitching well and get sent to the minors for a 40yr old Andy Petite, his coming back will be a big negative. The funny thing is people voted for CC. Have to assume those people are Sox fans.

      • Needed Pitching

        or just making light of the situation

        • Fin

          Heh, good point. The idea of anyone pitching well and being sent down for a 40 yr old pitcher who hasnt played in over a year and a half should be made light of.

    • Needed Pitching

      who you want to get bumped and who you think will get bumped are 2 different things.

      If everyone is healthy and pitching well, I’d expect Garcia and Nova will be on the short end of the stick.

      Odds of all 7 being healthy and pitching well when Andy is ready – probably much less than 50/50.

      • Fin

        Nah, I think its greater than 50%, we arent talking about a full season. We are talking about 4-6 weeks of the season. Its very possible all are healthy and pitching well. We are talking about 5 or 6 starts for each pitcher, when Andy will be ready to go.

        • Needed Pitching

          meh, maybe I’m just a pessimist

    • Jesse

      I laughed at the 3 percent that chose Sabathia, though those people have to be trolls.


    Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but Hughes looks pretty good: efficient, working quickly, and getting the change over for strikes. It’s a good outing.

    • RetroRob

      Good five innings. One bad pitch.

  • BK2ATL

    1st Yanks ST game that I’ve been able to catch.

    My impressions so far, Hughes looked really good today, just one bad pitch then he limited the damage to that. Progress!!!

    A-Rod looks better than last year. Smooth easy swing, ball jumping off his bat.

    Rapada looked impressive in his inning.

  • Ethan

    What the… The ESPN on-field interviewer said Tex had critics about his defense but he proved them wrong last year. What the hell was she talking about? Tex has been great defensively for a long time.

    • forensic

      I loved how dumbfounded Tex was. Critics , defensively, really??? Um, just working hard…

      And that is why in game reports are a complete waste unless it’s reading an injury update.

      This Jessica Mendoza seems to be on the level of Kim Jones bad too. Tries to use words and phrases the coaches give her but clearly she has no idea what she’s saying or asking.

      • Fin

        Someone probably set her up to ask that stupid question and was laughing their asses off.

      • DM

        How does she compare to Meredith Marakovits?

        • forensic

          Never heard her do any reports or ask any questions, so I have no idea.

      • Ethan

        Yup. I think she’s worse than Kim Jones. Maybe it was just cause Jones was reporting about the Yankees for a while so she actually knew something about them.

        Tex is great defensively. It’s his AVG and OBP that have critics now. No idea where she was getting her information…

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          I didn’t think Kim Jones was that bad.

          She sounded like a rhodes scholar compared to Suzyn Waldman, though that’s not saying much.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I’m actually going to miss Kim Jones greatly. I thought she was a great presence and knew the team better than those that got more screentime. Good luck to Marakovits.

    • j

      It might have been a comment on how in 2010 and 2009 his uzr didnt match his rep.

    • Alkaline

      Yeah. I loved his expression. I’m glad I caught that part of the game.

  •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    Quick someone tell Bill Hall he is wearing the somebody else’s jersey.

  • BK2ATL

    Wow!!! Cesar Cabral!!! 6 outs, 6 Ks, no runs.

    Cabral vs. Rapada for the last roster spot. Nice showing by both today.

    • Needed Pitching

      3 Loogy’s!!!!
      Wade is expendable.

  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

    Six K’s in two innings, bitches. I will cut you, Clay Rapada. I will cut you.

  • Fernando

    This is off-topic, but what do you think about signing Hong Chi Kuo on a minor league deal? The Mariners placed him on waivers this week.

    He’s gone through five elbow operations, plus he had anxiety order problems last year. However, just two seasons ago, he was one of the best left handed relievers having at one point retired a ML record 36 consecutive lefty batters in 2010.

    • Needed Pitching

      there’s no such thing as too much Loogy depth

    • Mattchu12

      I’m completely down with this.

  • J. Scott

    Yanks pounding dog-poop out of Gomes in the top of the 9th, now lead 5-2. In the bottom of the 8th Cabral allowed lead-off double to Elliot Johnson then balked him to 3rd. The… he struck out the side interspersed with an intentional walk to the one RHB in the sequence. Cole Garner bounce one over the CF fence leading off the 9th, subsequently scored on a dunk-in double just inside the foul-line in RF. Then Gus Molina hit 2 run HR.

  • Dicka24

    So I take it Hughes pitched well for those of you who saw it live? I think people tend to forget how highly touted a prospect Hughes was. That, and the fact that he just turned 25, which is still prospect age for most people. Hughes was seen as front end, to ace material when he first made his way up. Hopefully he can stay healthy and prove his worth this year.

    One thing people need to consider, is that Pettitte might not make it back. While I expect him to eventually pitch for the Yankees, would you be at all surprised if he’s throwing 85 miles an hour in the minors, and calls it a career? I don’t know if he’ll want to pitch in the pros if he thinks he’ll embarass himself. I’m not saying he will mind you.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Hughes could still easily flame out but I think it was completely premature to conclude that he would never be an effective starter at only 25 years old after only 70 starts over a 5 year period.

  • fin

    Ibanez 0-3 again today. Hitting .059 now. Hopefully, he and KLong are revamping his swing or something along those lines and hes working on that in games, cause damn, thats ugly. Mike, in his game chat thinks the Yankees give him 1/3 of the season to prove himself. I have to disagree. With the signs of being done last year, combined with ST this year, I think he has a much shorter leash than 1/3 of the season. I’m thinking he gets a month to show signs of life. Eventually, when it looks, tastes and smells like shit…

    • STONE COLD Austin Romine

      . “Eventually, when it looks, tastes and smells like shit…” it digests the same as steak would ironically.

      Don’t ask me how I know …

    • Carl

      Yup, Randy Winn was cut in 2010 after playing “IN” 29 games. No way the Yankees leave a slumping Ibanez in there, no more then 4-6 weeks tops. Both were signed to 1.1 Million contracts.

  • Kevin

    Noesi is third in the Mariners pitching rotation and hitters have average .176 against him. Love how people are saying we got conned despite his ERA in hsi time with us.

  • Kashka

    I think Maxwell deserve the DH the spot more than Ibanez.

  • Lego man

    Sorry for the off topic, but I winced when I heard Arodys Vizcaino needs TJ surgery