ST Game Thread: Freddy’s Gonna Get Sweaty


Freddy does not approve of your stretching routine. (REUTERS/Steve Nesius)

If he had a chance to do it all over again, chances are Freddy Garcia would not have re-signed with the Yankees so early in the offseason. He pitched well last year and certainly earned his raise, but the Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda acquisitions have pushed him out of the rotation and into a (rigged) competition for the fifth starter’s spot. Today is Sweaty Freddy’s first chance to audition for the job he probably has no chance to win. Here’s the lineup, or at least the guys that will play the first few innings…

SS Derek Jeter
2B Robinson Cano
3B Alex Rodriguez
1B Mark Teixeira
LF Andruw Jones
C Frankie Cervelli
RF Chris Dickerson
CF Dewayne Wise
DH Justin Maxwell

RHP Freddy Garcia

Available Pitchers: RHP D.J. Mitchell, LHP Boone Logan, RHP Cory Wade, LHP Clay Rapada, and RHP Kevin Whelan are all scheduled to pitch. RHP Chase Whitley, LHP Juan Cedeno, RHP Adam Miller, RHP Ryan Pope, and RHP Dan Burawa are available if needed.

Available Position Players: C J.R. Murphy, 1B Jose Gil, 2B David Adams, SS Doug Bernier, 3B Corban Joseph, LF Colin Curtis, CF Melky Mesa, and RF Zoilo Almonte will replace the starters. CoJo hasn’t played third in the regular season since 2010 and just six times since 2009.

Today’s game begins at 1:05pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and MLB Network nationally. Enjoy.


  1. G says:

    Looks like they may be moving CoJo te hot corner as a potential short term replacement for A-Rod.

    Hey Mike, how well do you think Corban would handle himself as a big league 3B? I know he probably won’t be some special player but could he at least be an average major leaguer?

  2. jr says:

    I thought pineda was supposed to start today?

  3. Ro says:

    Ahh..the soothing voices of Kay and Singleton. Let’s go Freddy!

  4. Chrisis says:

    Woo, speedgun. Too bad the pitchers I’m curious about just about all pitched yesterday…

  5. pat says:

    DJ Mitchell’s coming out party begins today.

  6. Mike Axisa says:

    Freddy throwin’ the heat by Wigginton.

  7. Mykey says:

    So, am I dumb for not knowing anything about Dewayne Wise?

  8. Mike Axisa says:

    Cervelli’s throws to second are in midseason form.

  9. Mike Axisa says:

    Definition of a BP fastball right there.

  10. James A says:

    Hunter Pence: Yankee spring training killer

  11. mike_h says:

    Freddy not super but decent. like 5 good pitches

  12. DM says:

    I never liked that Freddy Garcia guy! It’s settled; Hughes wins the 5th spot.

  13. GardnergoesYardner says:

    Here comes the Doctor. Hamels and Halladay is a tough draw for your first 2 ST games.

  14. Mykey says:

    Holy crap A-Rod.

  15. Needed Pitching says:

    good to see Alex in pre-DL form

  16. DM says:

    I knew A-Rod would be awesome this year! It’s settled; AL MVP.

  17. Ax says:

    Let’s see if he can go on a tear during the spring like last year but NOT get hurt…

  18. Dick Gozinya says:

    A-Rod going yack off anyone is a good sign. A better sign that it was off Halladay. Even if its the first week of ST, I’ll fkn take it.

  19. GardnergoesYardner says:

    First pitch of 2009 for ARod: HR.
    First pitch of 2012 for ARod: HR.

    I’m not saying anything, but…

  20. CJ says:

    ARod opposite field hr against halladay…I dont care if it’s ST, that’s a good sign.

  21. Mykey says:

    Freddy finding his groove. Man I can’t wait for these things to mean something.

  22. Ethan says:

    Is there a specific reason that Cerveli puts his right leg out like that?

  23. DM says:

    A-Rod can’t play 3rd any longer! It’s settled; A-Rod should DH.

  24. mike_h says:

    freddy’s 2nd inning much better than 1st

  25. JT says:

    Did I just see Freddy throwing 92?

  26. GardnergoesYardner says:

    I declare Andruw now just as lethal against righties as he is against lefties.

  27. Mykey says:

    Fist pump time!

  28. Fin says:

    I wonder if A.Jones can work himself into the conversation for RF next year.

  29. CS Yankee says:

    Maxwell seems overwhelmed…gets to be the DH and stares at 2 & 3 for the Backwards-K. Sad, seems like he is the typical tweener OF’er…always just outside the 5th spot.

  30. mike_h says:

    really good inning by DJ Mitchell. Hope he can get the last spot in the bullpen, either he or Cabral

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      I think it would be a lefty over a righty, but Mitchell certainly has a shot.

    • CJ says:

      I don’t understand why Dj us not competing for a backend spot in Pittsburgh or Houston or mets.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        Because he’s on the Yankees.

      • pat says:

        What player could you reasonably expect to get in a trade from either of those teams?

        • CJ says:

          Say AJ and DJ for Garrett Jones when Cashman wanted him.

          • whozat says:

            …but the Yankees would rather HAVE mitchell than Garrett Jones. Because, if they want to get below 189MM in 2014, they’re going to need as much cost-controlled talent as possible. Two of Phelps, Mitchell and Warren will probably not be a successful backend MLB starter, so you keep all of them unless there’s an appealing piece coming back. A lefty DH that’s already in arbitration is just not that piece.

            You hope that Nova establishes himself as a mid-rotation guy, and then one of those three backfills behind him, so you don’t have to go around signing guys like Freddie or Kuroda.

            • CJ says:

              27 year old rookies won’t be a factor on 2014 roster.

              • RetroRob says:

                The reason they are still going to be in AAA at 24/25 this year has little to do with their talent. It has to do with the organization they play for.

                Of course, they won’t be rookies in in 2014, because they will all be in the Majors before 2014, some on the Yankees, some on other teams.

                • whozat says:

                  This. At least one of those pitchers, probably more, will make their debuts this year. If they do well, they’ll either have a crack at the back end of the rotation in 2013, and or they will be able to flipped as an “established” big leaguer instead of a AAA arm that maybe could succeed in the bigs. Much higher value commodity.

                • CJ says:

                  That’s my point they have talent but don’t fit the organization. Too old to be blocked. Trade them for younger prospects or different position of similar talent. A 25 year old phelps or Mitchell quality OF Or CI could help this team now

                  • whozat says:

                    They’re not blocked. They’ve really only just now become ready to possibly contribute in the bigs. And they will contribute in the bigs this year.

                    Furthermore, given the rate of attrition of young pitching, no one’s going to give you a AAA OFer that projects to be league-average with 6 years of control for Phelps or Mitchell or Warren. Out of all three, you’ll probably get one league-average starting pitcher, one total bust, and one middle reliever.

                    The Yanks don’t need a corner OF, they need one from like…2013 to 2016. Trading those guys now doesn’t help address that problem and, given that the Yankees will need at least one or two of them in 2012, all it does it make the team worse.

  31. DM says:

    News from Seattle ST in Peoria. After his beating behind the plate the other day, Montero switched to the hockey goalie-style catchers mask. Unfortunately he was pulled from the game in the 2nd inning once Wedge realized Jesus was actually napping under the tinted visor during the first 2 batters. Montero later defended his actions by saying, “It’s only spring training — and I was tired.”

  32. mike_h says:

    Damn ARod in beastmode, I’m gonna bring my lunch to restaurants too from now on

    • Preston says:

      A-Rod is putting on a hitting clinic, skying the ball to the opposite field and then lining it through the hole. When healthy he’s still as good as it gets. The problem is staying healthy. He looked this good last spring and the first part of the season too.

  33. Mykey says:

    Yep, Galvis looking like a suitable Rollins replacement.

  34. mike_h says:

    Fist pumps!!!

  35. CS Yankee says:

    Singleton said “that was not the best throw Cervelli gonna make”…I might call BS on that.

    He has a JC arm.

  36. Mykey says:

    Haha Phillies are stinkin’ it up. Getting ugly in the field.

  37. RetroRob says:

    Ummm, has anyone’s picture frozen?

  38. forensic says:

    Good to see Jeter is in mid-season form with three easy groundouts…


  39. Mykey says:


  40. Fin says:

    They need to just take A-rod out of the game now and not play him again till opening day.

  41. GardnergoesYardner says:

    A-Rod is a triple short of the cycle!

    We have a new Messiah, and his name is Alex!

  42. Mike S says:

    Frozen picture, now no sound

  43. Bavarian Yankee says:

    A-Rod’s ready to roll!!

  44. Fin says:

    LOL, wtf..Girardi with a little humor during the in game interview. Nice, some praise for Almonte.

  45. Havok9120 says:

    Long interview during the 5th with Girardi. A good interview too. Joe is way more into it during the meaningless games than during the season.

  46. RetroRob says:

    If Kuroda turns out to be the ace of the Yankees staff in 2012, then something has either gone very right, or very wrong.

  47. CJ says:

    I had not seen video of AJ bunting injury…horrible.

    • GardnergoesYardner says:

      It looks worse every time you watch it. Would not wish that upon any player.

    • CJ says:

      If that happened to Lincecum and Kershaw tore a hamstring running out a grounder, would they add a DH in NL. Pitchers are expensive
      Investments to PITCH and it’s hard enough to keep them healthy on the mound.

      • Fin says:

        Yes, but that risk is far outweighed by the fun of watching a manager use the double switch.

      • RetroRob says:

        It really annoys me when I hear commentators, and especially NL fans, insisting that the AL should lose the DH. Sorry, but fans of the other league whould not be determining what goes on in the AL. If they think they are at such a disadvantage by not having the DH, then adopt the f’ing DH, don’t try and change the AL.

        The one argument that we rarely hear about the DH is it actually makes sense for teams. With the high expense of players today, both position and pitchers, the DH helps protect that investment. It allows high-priced position players to be rotated in and out of the DH, providing rest, and the ability to play more games, and of course it prevents pitchers from getting injured while running the bases, bunting, hitting, etc. And, oh yeah, pitchers “hitting” sucks. It’s no longer an experiment. There are grey-haired men bringing their adult children togames who have only known the DH if they’re fans of AL teams.

    • RetroRob says:

      I turn away every time they show it now. First time I saw it I was convinced he broke the bones in his eye socket, which he did. One version of the video shows blood dripping down, although you can’t see AJ’s face. Maybe that’s the one they were showing, but I won’t know, since I won’t watch. That could have left vision problems, ending his career. Glad it appears he’s only going to miss time.

  48. Fin says:

    Oh man, a second ACL surgery for V.Mart. I had an ACL replaced, one surgery was shitty, I couldnt imagine having to have 2 of them.

  49. RetroRob says:

    Yikes, only in spring training do we see a lineup like this.

    Probably still better than the Mets.

  50. Tags says:

    After seeing the AJ video you think he wished he went to the Angels and not batting?

  51. Tags says:

    Well Ibanez with power but no patience or speed or Abreru with less power but good on base and still some speed

  52. GardnergoesYardner says:

    First disclaimer of the year! Now it really feels like baseball season.

    Kay’s the kind of person I’d expect to be up at 4 practicing a television disclaimer.

  53. Fin says:

    those were some giant boobs behind the Miami fan.

  54. G says:

    I don’t see how a lefty can even touch Rapada, and looking at the splits, they don’t seem to.

  55. CJ says:

    Oh that’s why Dom Brown is not a starter. If he did that once in NY in regular season game he’d be finished media’d

  56. Tom says:

    Aumont…. one of the key pieces Philly got back in the first Cliff Lee deal.

  57. forensic says:

    Braves spring training off to a rousing start. Get one-hit in a shutout loss yesterday and today are down 11-1 (was 11-0 a second ago). Yikes.

  58. jimmy says:

    Mesa doesn’t look like Alfonso Soriano as much this year.

  59. emac2 says:

    Zoidberg Rules!

  60. NyGuy says:

    Could we please end the nickname sweaty Freddy?

  61. qwerty says:

    Why are there so many dumb fans out there? Granderson had a career year at the age of 30 and now all of a sudden he’s expected to hit 40 home runs every season? He’s alot more likely to simply hit his usual 25 or so at this point, which would mean it would have been prudent for the yankees to have traded him this offseason and moved Gardner into center.

    • Spiff says:

      If you think he’s good for around 25 homers or so, there’s a good chance the GMs around the league think the same and won’t value him as a 40 homer guy either.

    • Fin says:

      LOL you have to be kidding me. First off who do you replace him with? Dickerson? A.Jones? That would be a massive hit to the major league team, possibly knocking them out of the playoff hunt. Even if he does just hit 25 home runs, its much more production then they would get out of any replacement they have.
      While he may not hit 40hrs again, its a safe bet he will hit 30+. I dont know why there are so many stupid fans who want to trade stars in thier prime for minor league lottery tickets. Are you rooting really hard for the AAA club?

      • qwerty says:

        Have you seen the contracts players get every offseason based on one good year? My opinion of Granderson actually represents a much smaller minority, not the majority.

      • qwerty says:


        You do realize the yankees can simply move Gardner to center and simply sign a 25 home run guy right? I don’t know why fans have to turn everything into rocket science.

        • Sweet Dick Willie says:

          Yes, because there are plenty of outfielders who consistently hit 25+ HRs/yr (and play good defense) that will be free agents after 2012 and who would be willing to sign a cheap, short-term contract with the Yankees.

          Sorry, didn’t mean to go all rocket science on you.

        • Fin says:

          Can I have your crystal ball? How on earth do you know that Granderson is going to loose %40 of his production in middle of his prime, with the Yankees right field porch? Guys who hit far less than Grandreson sign for more than Granderson is making. Bey,Crawford,Werth ect. But ya, lets just get rid of him, because you know hes going to seriously decline, and 25 home run guys have a great history of working out. Swisher is a 25 homerun guy and Swisher isnt in the ball park of Granderson, and he will make more after FA then Granderson is making now.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Oh, the delicious irony of starting a post questioning dumb fans and following that up by suggesting a very dumb move.

    • Bo Knows says:

      Man, why are there so many dumb fans that don’t realize that 25 homers in big ass Comerca Park, is 30-35 homeruns easy in Yankee Stadium with the potential for more, which is what we expect from Grandy.

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