The RAB Radio Show: March 23rd, 2012

ST Game Thread(s): Split Squad
The Yankees and their young pitchers

We missed a couple weeks for various reasons. But we’re back and ready to run down what’s up in Yankees’ camp.

  • We missed last week, because the Andy Pettitte news broke as we were recording. Mike and I run down what happened and what it means for the 2012 Yankees.
  • Most importantly: Dude, Andy Pettitte.
  • We move on, then, to Joba Chamberlain. He suffered a rather gruesome injury, and chances are he’s going to miss the season.
  • There are other stories in camp, too, such as Michael Pineda. Mike and I talk about why that’s a bit overblown.
  • Finally: which lefty reliever will break camp with the Yankees?

Podcast run time 40:16

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

ST Game Thread(s): Split Squad
The Yankees and their young pitchers
  • paul a

    Does anyone know what Russell Branyans status is ? Is he even still on the roster ?

    • Steve

      Messed up his back I think. Hasn’t played a game.

  • Steve

    Do you think the Red Sox would be willing to trade Cabral to the Yankees? This is his second time being taken in the Rule V Draft, so the Red Sox are losing him no matter what – (1) if he gets claimed, he’s gone (2) if he doesn’t get claimed, he has the option of becoming a free agent – which would be of his best interest to do. So basically, the Red Sox would need to weigh whether or not it is of there benefit to trade Cabral to the Yankees for an actual return, or not do that so that he goes elsewhere. This way the Yankees can keep Rapada on the active roster and Cabral in the organization.

    • Steve

      One more question: Do you think Justin Maxwell would be more likely to clear waivers at the end of Spring Training, or a few games into the season? If they keep Swisher out of the lineup for the rest of Spring Training, they can do something with the retroactive DL, so that Maxwell makes the opening day roster and Swisher is on the DL for a few days (this is all assuming that Swisher if still iffy), then they can demote Maxwell and try to push him through waivers, and activate Swisher.

    • Plank

      The Red Sox have nothing to do with him anymore. The only way they are involved is if they claim him when he gets waived by the Yankees, just like any other team.

  • yardisiak

    I really think you guys are missing the point some are making with the Pettitte signing. When you choose a low upside 40 year old over young pitchers with upside you is being short sighted and doing the franchise a disservice. Does it add depth? Yes but at what cost? The Yankees already had 6 ML ready starters with FIVE prospects ready at AAA. If the 2014 budget is a real thing this is the type of thing that will make it tough for the Yankees to compete at 189.

    Clichés like you can never have enough pitching and it will work itself out are lazy cop outs that I expect from the MSM.

    • Plank

      Andy Pettitte on a 2.5MM minor league contract isn’t low upside. There’s also conveniently no downside.