Yanks place 13th in Baseball America’s organization rankings

2012 Season Preview: Depth
JoVa growing tired of Triple-A

When Baseball America released their 2012 Prospect Handbook, they said the Yankees had the sixth best farm system in baseball. Things have changed since they went to press in December, most notably the Jesus Montero trade. The Yankees now rank 13th in their updated organization rankings, which were published today. The list is free, but you need a subscription to read the individual write-ups.

“New York has a number of intriguing position prospects in C Gary Sanchez, OFs Mason Williams and Ravel Santana and 3B Dante Bichette Jr., though none has played above low Class A,” said BA. “The same is true of RHP Jose Campos, another part of the Montero/(Michael) Pineda deal.” They note that the team still has catching depth even without Montero, but that it’s unlikely they’ll get a significant contribution from a rookie player this season. I’m sure we’ll see David Phelps, Adam Warren, and/or D.J. Mitchell at some point, but right now the plan is to not need those guys for anything substantial.

Keith Law had the Yankees tenth while Kevin Goldstein had them 15th. So we’ve got one at ten, one at 15, and one right in the middle. I guess that means the consensus is the 10-15 range, which sounds about right to me. Hopefully some of those Low-A kids really take a step forward in their develop and have a big season in 2012, pushing the Yankees back into the top ten.

2012 Season Preview: Depth
JoVa growing tired of Triple-A
  • voIII

    Man That’s a lot of stock to put in one player… Yankees also upgraded their pitching prospects (Campos vs Noesi)in the deal, So Montero by himself meant better than 5 places in the organizational rankings? Pineda better find his Velo or Cashman’s gonna get crucified.

    • Ted Nelson

      I don’t know if Noesi is still prospect eligible, but I also don’t know that Campos is any better a prospect. He has more upside, but he’s also a whole lot further away. Campos has, in my opinion, a much lower floor/is more volatile. If Noesi stays healthy he looks like he’s already an MLB P, whether in the rotation or pen. Campos has tons of potential, but hasn’t pitched in a full season league.

      • Havok9120


      • voIII

        Based my opinion of Noesi vs Campos on Campos being the 5th best prospect in the Yankees system. Noesi was not in top 10 if I am correct in my recall.

        • Ted Nelson

          I don’t believe Noesi is a prospect anymore. He spent the better part of last year in MLB. I’m not sure, though. That actually strengthens your point. I was just commenting on the Noesi vs. Campos since I feel like people have undersold Noesi since he was traded. Most of the comments were that he was a promising SP ready to step up in 2012 before the trade, then they turned to him not being nearly as good as Campos… a borderline prospect almost… some commenters literally reduced his velocity from what it actually was to criticize him.

          Since Montero has tons of potential + is MLB ready, I can see the drop. They’re pretty low minors heavy now, which makes them more volatile. Lots of time for those guys to develop into members of a top farm system to prove this ranking wrong (or not).

          Before 2011 Noesi was pretty highly ranked:
          5th http://www.minorleagueball.com/2010/12/15/1878701/new-york-yankees-top-20-prospects-for-2011
          7th http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/prospects/rankings/organization-top-10-prospects/2011/2610907.html
          Got one or more votes for BA top 100 I believe.

          • fin

            Noessi is what could tip the scales strongly in the M’s favor in regards to the trade. If he becomes a solid number 3, which I always felt he could be, Campos will have a long way to go to equal that. He has alot of upside but as we have seen with a million prospects, just staying health is hard, let alone reaching that potential. Viscaino is the latest example. I personally would take Noessi over campos right now, without even a question.
            The thing that makes the trade reasonable, especially right now is that the Yankees have so many MLB ready pitchers. Having a young high ceiling guy is probably more valuable to them at this point than Noessi would have been, as he clearly would not have a place to pitch on the Yankees this year. He would be the 8th man.
            In the end if I’m the Yankees I take Campos over Noessi and if I’m the M’s and almost any other team I take Noessi without a second thought.

  • GardnergoesYardner

    I think 10-15 is a great range to be at right now, considered the off year had by the farm system last year and the loss of Jesus, which had inflated our ranking by several spots for the past 3-4 years.

    A few years ago, losing a blue chip prospect like Montero would have spelled instant doom for the future of the team, but now our organization is at the point where it features many solid, hard working and talented young guys who aren’t necesarily A prospects, but have a bright future, which really speaks to the job Cashman and Co. have done in recent years. I agree that if some of the Low A kids step up, our farm system could be churning out productive players for quite some time.

    Of course, the Sox trade away every young asset that Theo could find and yet Lavarnaway/Iglesias makes them Top 10. What a joke.

    • The Guns of Navarone

      Xander Bogaerts and Will Middlebrooks are pretty good prospects. Iglesias isn’t even in their top 10 anymore. They have almost no pitching though…

  • Raza

    How are the Red Sox in the top 10? I’d take the Yankees, Pirates and Nationals (Harper and Rendon are better than anyone the Sox have, including Bogarts)over them.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

    Not that I’m complaining about the top-15 ranking, but


    Seems a bit extreme to drop them a full seven places.

    • jay destro

      state school campus?

    • Ethan

      Well you could argue that Betances took a step back. Brackman is gone and Banuelos made some improvement but still has some issues.

      • Ethan

        Maybe not a step back for Betances but he didn’t take a big enough of a step in the right direction

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Montero’s a top 5 prospect. Yankees don’t have anyone nearly as close to the top 5. Highest placement for ManBan was like 23 and that was pretty high.

      • Ted Nelson

        I think BA actually had Banuelos lower than any publication I’ve seen… but I don’t have the different rankings in front of me.

  • V

    I’m lost. ‘Organizational Rankings’ ignores the major league club?

    • V

      Apparently so. If so, yeah, their rankings aren’t consistent. One player (even a good prospect like Montero) isn’t worth that large of a dropoff. And since Pineda doesn’t count towards the ranking, of course it would drop some. Who cares?

      I’d prefer an ‘players arbitration eligible and prospects’ merged list.

      • Don W

        I don’t know. What other prospects would you need to trade to Seattle to get Montero back? Williams and Manny? Manny & Betances? I think at minimum it’s 2 of the top 5 plus another top 15. If you subtracted that but kept Montero wouldn’t you expect to see a noticeable drop?

        On top of that I think Manny & Betances’ control issues reduced their prospect status a bit and Brackman went from being a top 100 to zip. The guys in the lower levels weren’t able to negate that & the loss of Montero. If those low level guys continue to look good the Yanks system will move up.

  • http://thegreedypinstripes.com Bryan V

    Willingness to spend a lot more money + a top 15 farm system = happiness

    Don’t forget about the first part of that equation.

    • Havok9120

      But they’re cutting teh budgetz!!1!

    • Tom

      Exactly… the other thing I would like to see the Yankees do is go for more high risk/high reward guys; farm system depth (which might be the Yankees strength right now) is less important for a team with a 200mil payroll than a small market club who needs a constant predictable churn of prospects over time.

      That’s why I thought the Noesi/Campos part of the Montero trade was tremendous. Sure Noesi has a better floor at this point in time and there’s probably a better than decent chance he ends up with a better career, but Campos has a lot more upside (at the expense of higher risk).

  • Alkaline

    The yanks have done a great job developing the farm system the past couple years. Now, we’ll have to watch carefully seeing how the CBA affects them.

  • DSFC

    The Yankees are a bit low, but not so much that I’d get bent out of shape about it. The Sawx at 9 is laughable, though.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      t3h red sux bias1

      • Havok9120

        Its true though. They have an unproven new GM and a system with gaping holes. I’m normally not a proponent of “Red Sox bias in the media,” but this is a tad silly.

        • Ted Nelson

          Pundits tend to love their drafts every year, which I think might be why they get such good reviews. I think that illustrates the danger in putting too much weight on such volatile prospects so far from the bigs… especially overvaluing kids who are struggling but you had a preconceived notion that they were so talented they’ll figure it out. Since the Yankees are somewhat low-minors heavy I can respect the mid-league grade… but can’t really respect all the Red Sox love.

          • Tom

            Their does seem to be a built in bias that since people think they draft so well, their young prospects are given the benefit of the doubt for a longer period of time, while a team that drafts Bichette, Jr in the supplemental round is considering “reaching” and getting a guy who might not stick at 3rd and despite hitting well has a major hole in his swing. Now that it’s a year later, the perception has changed, many think he will stick and the swing, which was supposed to have a major hole in it, is not quite as bad as first thought.

            In short some team’s prospects get the benefit of the doubt and have to show that they won’t live up to expectations (see: Iglesias, Jose), while others have to demonstrate why they are a good prospect and have to disprove the doubts.

            The Red Sox ranking is based almost purely on A ball guys who people assume will be good because Theo drafted them. They might have 3 guys in their top 15 who have played above A ball (Lavernway, Middlebrooks, Iglesias?)

  • viridiana

    The real way to look at it in swapping Montero for Pineda they got another young player that while not a prosect is in some ways better than a prospect, having proved himself against big league competition. So technically, the farm system took a hit. But the Yanks — assuming Pineda pans out — have comparable young talent. Also, Motnero would be off prospect ledger next year in any casae. So Yanks would take that hit in rankings in 2013.

    It does seem, though, that Yanks get little credit for Phelps/Warren/Mitchell. I really hope team figures out way to maximize their value given likelihood one or more will eventually go in trades.

    As to Lavarnway, his strikeouts almost put him in JoVa territory.

  • Plank

    These lists would be a lot better if they were done in hindsight. They should release the revised 2007 systems this year instead.