Chris Stewart and the squeeze bunt

Yanks welcome Jason Marquis to the AL
Game 12: For Those About To Hi-rok

When Chris Stewart stepped to the plate with men on second and third with no outs last night, many — including the YES Network booth — saw it as an opportunity for a squeeze bunt. Stewart is an awful hitter, but he instead swung away and grounded out to third, unable to advance the runners. Joe Girardi said today that he didn’t even consider a squeeze in that spot. Marc Carig wrote about the squeeze non-call today, and found that the Yankees haven’t scored a single run on a squeeze play under Joe Girardi’s watch. Fans of smallball tactics will disapprove, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“That the Yankees would have such a weak hitter at the plate with runners on — as they did with Stewart last night — is in itself an aberration,” wrote Carig, referring the team’s perpetually potent offense. “So, if anything, the fact that the Yankees rarely bother with squeeze plays is an indication that Girardi is smart enough to manage to the strength of his team.” Stewart went on to drive in three runs later in the game, another aberration. I’m not a bunting kind of guy but there is a time and a place for that stuff. The third inning is not that time, however.

Yanks welcome Jason Marquis to the AL
Game 12: For Those About To Hi-rok
  • Countryclub

    Girardi said he didn’t want to give up an out. Now, he’ll bunt to move players up a base, but not to potentialy score a run? Whether you’re for bunting or not, that logic makes no sense.

  • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection)

    Maybe he just wanted to give the dude a damn chance.
    He did come through later in the game.

  • William Bonney

    Stewart had a couple knocks last night so he isn’t such an awful hitter. 2 hits in only 7 ABs isn’t too shabby. Let him swing away. Good for Joe giving the guy a chance.

  • Craff

    All the guy had to do was hit a ground ball to the middle of the field and the run scores. If it happens to trickle through it’s two runs. That is why nerdy newspaper writers who never played the game shouldn’t be allowed to write things like that. They make the average fan think that should have been the right thing to do when in reality, you should never squeeze in the third inning.

  • Plank

    That bozo Girardi and his old timey ways of thinking… I bet he still rides a penny farthing to the stadium.

  • Matt Imbrogno

    Perhaps he didn’t squeeze because Stewart may not be the strongest bunter in the world.

  • JtotheMo

    I’ll leave the speculating on strategy to people who know more about the Yankees than I do, but as a fan of the Giants I can tell you that Stewart can bunt and successfully pulled off a suicide squeeze in July last year. Of course, that was in the eleventh inning, not the third…