Game 11: Restoring Order


(REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine)

The Twins beat the Yankees in the Bronx in a regular season game for just the sixth time since 2002 last night, doing so with Carl Pavano of all people on the mound. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but the best part of baseball is that they play everyday. Both teams are right back at Yankee Stadium tonight and the Yankees have a chance to restore order and beat the Twins like they’ve done so many times before. Here’s the starting nine…

DH Derek Jeter
1B Nick SwisherMark Teixeira is out with flu-like symptoms
2B Robinson Cano
3B Alex Rodriguez
RF Andruw Jones
CF Curtis Granderson
SS Eduardo Nunez
LF Brett Gardner
Chris Stewart

LHP CC Sabathia

Tonight’s game start a little after 7pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and MLB Network nationally. Enjoy.

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  1. matt says:

    does girardi hate chavez?

  2. RetroRob says:

    Great picture. Derek welcoming to the Yankees three new Cashman signings. I’m sure one of them is a LOOGY.

  3. Robinson Tilapia says:

    There’s a reason they play 162 games. I’m pretty sure one of them is “so we can forget yesterday ever happened.”

    April’s halfway done, which means the big man is about to enter Beast Mode. Let’s do this.

  4. Nathan says:

    Stewart instead of Frankie still baffles me.

    Gardner not batting 2nd?

  5. Knoxvillain says:

    Nunez at SS? When will Girardi learn he can’t field? I love Nunez and I’m not trying to bash him, but Jesus Christ, he is the worst defensive player on the Yankees and might be the biggest liability on the field in all of baseball.

    • RetroRob says:

      Geez, I’d hate to see what you’d say when you are bashing him.

      • Knoxvillain says:

        I don’t bash any of the players. It’s hard to when I’m sitting on my ass in college classes and they get to play with the Yankees.

        I get irritated and might throw my remote when Tex pops up with 2nd and 3rd with nobody out or something like that, but I don’t bash any players.

    • Johnny says:

      As one of the writers pointed out during the series at the Trop, he’s valued because he can hit the ball better than most UTIL guys.

      • Knoxvillain says:

        He does have a bat, but he doesn’t have a glove. I have no problem with him DHing, but at SS? I’m going to cringe every time a ball is hit in his direction.

        • Johnny says:

          I tend to agree with you, but as Axisa replied to me sometime back, if you value defense more than offense you end up with the Seattle Mariners’ lineup. I’ve resigned myself to hoping that Nunez can at least fake it enough to survive the game without doing too much damage. Hopefully he makes up for any mistakes with his bat.

  6. Bo Knows says:

    Seems like that bug is going around the clubhouse:

    First Gardner, then Nova, now Tex

    Who’s next?

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      That’s what happens in locker rooms. One person brings it in, and everybody gets it. Even Sterling has it lol.

  7. Professor Longnose says:

    Me. I got sick to my stomach during the game yesterday.

  8. Johnny says:

    A funny thought struck me last night. So This American Life just did a segment about Steve Blass. And then I got thinking about Freddy Garcia’s five wild pitches. And while his control wasn’t that bad last night, it certainly wasn’t sparkling. I’m not seriously suggesting that Garcia has suddenly lost control of where he’s pitching; it was just a weird serendipitous moment that struck me.

    • Professor Longnose says:

      I’m going to look up that episode.

      • Johnny says:

        Here’s the link:


        It was good because I’ve been sending TAL emails about once a month for the last two years BEGGING them to do a show about baseball. Can you believe that prior to Sunday’s show they’d not done even a single SEGMENT about baseball? This is a show that calls itself “This American Life” by the way.

        • Johnny says:

          Sorry, I have to add one thing to that: Ken Burns did an effing amazing job relating American life through his documentary. You could do hours about Pete Rose and all those troubled guys; you could make it about humanity… blah blah blah. I’ve pitched that to them several times, but nothing doing—at least until now.

          On a semi-related note, I pitched some ideas to Radiolab a few months ago and got a response the next day saying they liked all of them and would start preliminary research. (That doesn’t mean they’ll necessary do them; their intern said they’ll look into them.) In other words, This American Life: thumbing its nose at the common people.

          • Professor Longnose says:

            I like TAL, but, yeah, if you can’t make a show about baseball and American life, you ain’t trying.

  9. Havok9120 says:

    I no get see baseball game.


  10. Johnny says:

    Allow me to paraphrase something Waldman just said: we don’t like to give numbers here, apart from the statistics that are utterly meaningless, like W-L, saves, and batting average, and statistics that are sort-of-but-not-really meaningful, like ERA.

  11. RetroRob says:

    Tex, Gardy and Nova do/did not have the flu. Whatever they have only lasts a day. Tex is sitting in the dugout. If you ever have the flu, you will never again say you have the flu unless you really do. It will knock you on your ass for ten days.

    • Professor Longnose says:

      In what I heard, it was referred to as “flu-like symptoms.”

      • RetroRob says:

        Some 24-hour bug. I developed a “respect” for the flu when I got it as an adult. I used to use the term flu whenever I felt sick for a day that is until one day I actually got the flu. Even after you’re up and moving around in a few days, food is not appetizing. A 24-hour virus is a firecracker on the Fourth of July. A flu is an atomic bomb on August 6, 1945.

  12. Chen Meng Wang says:

    How’d the top of the first go for CC?

  13. Sabathiasgut says:

    Can anyone explain this lineup to me?

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Tex is out with flu like symptoms, plus there is a lefty on the mound so we go very righty heavy at the top of the lineup. and we have to keep the old guys fresh, Nunie is playing short.

    • sdjohn says:

      2 words. Joe Girardi…

    • sangreal says:

      Swisher was supposed to DH before Tex got sick. I guess Jeter was supposed to have the night off?

      Alternative answer: It’s the twins

    • Havok9120 says:

      Whats the problem with it?

      • Sabathiasgut says:

        Didn’t know about tex, so sitting him against a lefty didn’t make sense. Also Grandy who is heating up and hits lefties well at 6spot? Then of course Nunez playing the field always makes me nervous.

        • Havok9120 says:

          He’s been 6th all season (and quite a bit of last season IIRC) against lefties. I see their position, especially since Swish rakes against them.

          The rest makes sense, though you need to get used to the Nunez sightings in the field. They’ve decided to see what they have in him.

  14. First time lawng time says:

    Poor Robbie can’t catch a break. Hopefully he’ll start to get going, though.

  15. sdjohn says:

    Well when your going bad, you hit a rocket right to a defender.

  16. Havok9120 says:

    If ESPN is any indication, this is one heck of a strike zone we have going here tonight.

  17. Johnny says:

    Colby Lewis has given up two runs to Boston in the 1st.

  18. sdjohn says:

    Fastball location. Dang.

  19. Don'tcha Know? says:

    David Ortiz has been in beast mode straight out of the gate . . . This is a fluke, right? RIGHT?! Please, someone tell me that he’s washed up. I put my fork in him a long time ago. The Sox offense . . . I thought they’d be toast without Ellsbury too, but, sure enough, the continue to score runs by the dozen. I want them to go away. WHY WON’T THEY GO AWAY!?!?!

    • Mike Axisa says:

      It’s eleven games into the season.

      • Don'tcha Know? says:

        I’m aware. I just don’t like when they get production out of players that are, by most accounts and metrics, supposed to suck. Remember when Darnell McDonald was killing it? I fear that Ross, Sweeney, Aviles, and co. will do rather well in red socks . . . That team is NEVER out, and, well, it’s frustrating to me.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Because they’re good? Just like we are but with less pitching?

    • RetroRob says:

      Ummm, because they have a good hitting lineup even without Ellsbury, and three quality starters? And, of yeah, they season is ten games old. Ortiz will cool.

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        This. All of this. I can’t believe Yankee fans really want to write of the Red Sox two weeks into the season. That’s just a silly thing to do. They have enough talent to win 87-90 games by rolling out of bed.

  20. Mike Axisa says:

    Fastball command is way better tonight than it has been.

  21. Chen Meng Wang says:

    I cant be the only person who thinks Trevor Pluffe is the least manly name in the history of baseball, can I?

  22. Johnny says:

    I thought Tom Verducci’s column today was pretty good. It’s about the greatest statistic of all, the Save.


    Is it okay to like T.V.? I’ve been seeing some hate recently, but I like him.

    • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

      “Is it okay to like T.V.? I’ve been seeing some hate recently, but I like him.”

      This sums up all the commenters here. LOL.

  23. Johnny says:

    Napoli just destroyed a pitch like he was swatting a fly. Sent over the monster.

    • Tom says:

      Been watching that game (can’t see the NY game)… it was on an 0-2 pitch no less (and Hamilton hit a long double on an 0-2 pitch before it)

  24. Chen Meng Wang says:

    I saw that bunt coming from a mile away.

  25. sdjohn says:

    listening to Burt Blyleven almost has me muting TV and listening to Suzan Waldman. Now that’s bad…

  26. Chen Meng Wang says:

    The Grittiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. CBean says:

    why don’t people understand that they shouldn’t reach over to take the goddamn ball.

  28. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Seriously, am I the only one here tonight?!

  29. Havok9120 says:

    Brett wit teh POWERZ!

  30. Tony says:

    This has strikeout written all over it

  31. sdjohn says:

    There are just certain announcers that just grind on you, I’m sure tops on that list (for me) is Hawk Harrelson, but right behind him is Burt Freakin Blyleven.

  32. The Irony Guy says:

    Resting Russell will be a hell of a lot easier if the backup could manage at least a .320 OBP. Don’t blame Girardi for wanting someone who isn’t completely incapable out there.

  33. Johnny says:

    You think Sabathia had control issues? Lestah couldn’t hit water from a boat right now. Bases loaded, one out. PROCEED, TEXANS.

  34. your mom says:

    Cervellie would’ve gotten a run home….shit.

  35. CBean says:

    Cano slam?

  36. mustang says:

    HR Cano callinh it

  37. mustang says:


  38. Karl Krawfid says:

    This team is trash right now.

  39. RkyMtnYank says:

    There was no reason not to pitch around Swish to get to Robbie right now, he looks terrible.

  40. Tom Q says:

    Thanks to that fan for costing our side a run.

  41. your mom says:

    WTF offense? Stewart sucks.

  42. sdjohn says:

    Wow, super frustrating watching this team with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 down.

  43. cjc says:

    Just imagine if they could actually hit with risp

  44. Chen Meng Wang says:

    What’d Span get tossed for? I thought players can argue balls and strikes a little bit? As long as they aren’t showing up the umpire?

  45. Johnny says:

    This is a glorious inning by the Rangers. Still the top of the 2nd, Lester at 56 pitches, bases loaded, two outs. (Sorry for commenting on another game, but it’s orders of magnitude more interesting than watching the Twins.)

  46. sdjohn says:

    Stewart bound and determined to make “the move” look even more questionable every time he steps on the field.

  47. aRX says:

    Well, that was mildly entertaining.

  48. Cy Pettitte says:

    what did Span do? lol.

  49. Kostas says:

    For the Yankees hitting with runners on base puts more fear in them than death.

  50. mustang says:

    I miss Billy Martin.

  51. sdjohn says:

    Anyone else wishing Girardi would do that every once in a while?

    • Havok9120 says:

      Do what?

    • Johnny says:

      The Yankees are a pretty disciplined team. We don’t really have any Milton Bradleys in our ranks. According to Earl Weaver, the master of getting ejected, the manager is only supposed to do that if a player gets fired up and is in danger of being ejected.

      • sdjohn says:

        Agreed, but Denard Spann should not be mentioned or referenced in any way shape or form to Milton Bradley. Spann did not deserve to get tossed. Gardenhire may have been pissed about something, but even the perception he was sticking up for his player is something you NEVER see Girardi do.

        • Havok9120 says:

          Thats total horsecrap.

          I mean…what?

          He goes out all the time to get guys away from umps on the rare occasions when they’re freaking and argues for them. And have you ever seen a press conference after a rough game? All he DOES is stick up for the players.

  52. D-Rob da man says:

    What did span call his mother?

  53. Mike Nitabach says:

    That ump is a little sensitive.

  54. sdjohn says:

    What the balk is going on here?

  55. Cy Pettitte says:

    Balkfest ’12

  56. Johnny says:

    Balk? For realzies? Didn’t see what happened.

  57. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    lol CC sucks

  58. RkyMtnYank says:

    Really looked like Gardner could have caught that if he kept running.

  59. Cy Pettitte says:

    You disgust me CC

  60. Pat D says:

    So did Liriano commit a balk in the second or something? I was on another channel.

  61. your mom says:

    Good grief CC.

  62. Nathan says:

    I think someone needs to give CC a box of captain crunch. Slimmer CC isn’t pitching as well as huskier CC.

  63. Chen Meng Wang says:


    • Johnny says:

      Bill Cashman is a pretty good name. Would totally be better if Cashman changed his name to William and then went by Bill.

      Also, am I the only one who wishes that CC stood for Christopher Columbus? What an effing rad name that would be: Christopher Columbus Sabathia.

    • Steve says:

      OMG other fans are upset that their team is losing! Must make completely original joke about their spelling!

      • Heisenberg says:

        I thought it was funny.

        “OMG other fans are upset that their team is losing!”

        Yes, but instead of just saying “Damn this sucks” They say stuff like “This team is trash” or “CC sucks”.

        Do you not see the difference?

        • Steve says:

          I do see the difference. What I don’t see is any spelling mistakes or unnecessary exclamation points. It’s a meme that has beaten to death, reincarnated and beaten to death again. CC sucks tonight. That’s a fact. Why is one post on a message board any more valuable than the next? What does this idiot’s “parody” add to the apparently Mensa-level discourse going on?

          • Chen Meng Wang says:

            Wow, I haven’t gotten somebody on the internet worked up enough to start directly calling me names since I stopped trolling to explicitly piss people off(I was messed up when I was younger) thanks for letting me know I can still get that reaction out of people :)

          • Heisenberg says:

            I hear you. I did think it was funny and I think the gist is just the over reaction. The spelling and punctuation is for (hopefully) humor. I thought it was funny, you didn’t.

            All posts are fair game I suppose.

            I mean, you could call me douche and really it’ll just disappear into the ether.

            Go ahead, call me a douche, It won’t be hurt.

            • Chen Meng Wang says:

              Yes, the spelling and punctuation were all for humor. I actually take great pride in my proper spelling and grammar.

          • MannyGeee says:

            A!l xc!am8!on po!ntz arrrrgh necess!ry!!!!!1!!!!11!1one!!

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        I’ve got no problem with people being upset, I’m not happy that the team is down right now, but I’ll never say that CC is garbage, or that our team is terrible. I’m upset because I expect more, but I’m not angry because I expect my team to come back and win.

  64. Buhner's barber says:

    Wow is it ever frustrating watching the Twins cash in on RISP opportunities as soon as they present themselves.

  65. Nathan says:

    Mike, this one might be on you! You posted up about how the Twins weren’t scoring runs…now they’re the big purple and red machine. Half way kidding…

  66. Pat D says:

    Jeez, this is getting really annoying. This team isn’t supposed to be able to hit, I thought.

    I could be doing countless other things right now, like watching M:I 4 or dusting my room or something.

    My time is valuable, dammit, I expect to watch wins!

    Seriously, I only get to watch 2 games a week right now, so this gets to me.

  67. Tom says:

    Can’t see the game but is CC really throwing a 2-0 changeup and 3-1 changeup to Jamey Carroll?

  68. D-Rob da man says:

    Cc shitting the bed now wtf the money he makes he has to pitch better than this.

  69. sdjohn says:

    91-92 with the fastball and not locating like normal. Very odd.

    • handtius says:

      even the announcers know it, been saying it. CC, starts, slow. every year, his first few games are a little rough, then it get’s warmer and he improves.

      • sdjohn says:

        I’ve seen that since we signed him, however isn’t it like 81 in New York right now? He does start slow, but I don’t think I’ve seen hime struggle with commanding his pitches 3 games in a row, and he didn’t finish last year real strong either. I’m not in any way saying he’s done, but a little cause for concern for sure..

        • handtius says:

          i have no concern what so ever. it’s not 81, especially not now at night. mid to upper 60s. last year, they went to a 6 man rotation, and if you remember, his season slip coincided with that. he likes to pitch a lot. you take him out of that rhythm and it messed with him. again…no concern at all. cc is a beast and will be just fine.

  70. cjc says:

    we can’t buy a hit with risp and fucking Carrol is killing it only basbeall

  71. Pat D says:

    Almost had a Matsui flashback there.

  72. your mom says:


  73. D-Rob da man says:

    Gritty play.

  74. TomH says:

    Anyone remember what CC’s fastball was like LAST April? He seems to be getting Hughes-type numbers this evening, 91, 92, now and then maybe a 93.

  75. DM says:

    Rolled his wrist on that one.

  76. Johnny says:

    Just checked on the wind report in the box score—13mph out to RF, practically as bad as Nova’s game vs. the Angels. Would it kill the wind to blow towards home plate for just one game?

  77. Kostas says:

    Larry, your starters need some work.

  78. D-Rob da man says:

    Flaritty sucks make me miss pinella. Where is cone?

  79. Jon says:

    Today I emailed the mail bag here and just asked of CC is really an ace. He’s a great pitcher and I am glad he’s a Yankee but he’s no Halladay or verlander or even cliff lee. His response was “I should spend more time watching them instead”

    After another “ace” like effort from CC maybe if I want to see an ace I should.

    • Don'tcha Know? says:

      He always struck me as a Summer Ace, and, possibly, a Post-Season Ace.

    • D-Rob da man says:

      Cc needs to beer down more

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      I’m not even going to bother doing the research for you, go check out all of their Baseball Reference pages and come back and talk.

      • Don'tcha Know? says:

        That’s insanely annoying . . . even childish. Why even respond if you had nothing at all constructive to say? If you want to prove him wrong, go ahead, but then it’s your duty to do the research, not his. His initial question was whether or not CC is an ace. He is curious. His eyes, early in the season, are telling him otherwise and by comparison to the Astronomical Aces, CC, to him, appears to be the lesser god. So, instead of offering up an asinine comment that holds absolutely no value, do yourself and HIM a favor by giving a rebuttal that may, in fact, answer his initial inquiry . . . Just a thought . . .

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          He however seems to have already made up his mind that “he(Sabathia) is no Halladay…” but still feels the need to ask the question. I’m telling him to simply do his research before making that conclusion.

      • Jon says:

        I am on it thanks

    • handtius says:

      CC is an ace. if you pay attention, you’d know he starts of slow every year, then picks it up in may. cc is an ace, but by all means, go watch some other aces. nobody will mind.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Like I said in the response, go watch those guys for a full season then come back and talk about ups and downs.

  80. your mom says:

    Liriano’s at 63 pitches. Is the Twinkies pen any good? We missed a big opportunity in the 2nd.

  81. Johnny says:

    Lester pulled after 2.0 IN. Top of the third, bases loaded, no outs. Bad times for starters across the majors.

  82. Tom says:

    Lest-ah done….

    2 IP, 8 hits, 4BB, 4Runs and leaves with the bases loaded, 80 pitches

    (suddenly CC’s outing doesn’t seem so bad so far)

  83. Mike Axisa says:

    Words can not describe how much I hate it when players slide into first base.

  84. thekid says:

    I vote we permanently nickname Nunez “the good, the bad, and the ugly”, or GBU

  85. sdjohn says:

    And who is on deck? Chris “lucky if i hit .200″ Stewart. Oh boy..

  86. aRX says:

    3 run HR?

  87. flamingo says:

    Just got home and checked the score… what is going on?!

  88. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Ok, Chris…Please for the love of god hit this out of the infield. Actually, no never mind. Just take pitches till the ump sends you to first or back to the dugout…

  89. James A says:

    Bold Prediction: Stewart does not hit the ball with authority here

  90. Stratman9652 says:

    This has double play written all over it.

  91. D-Rob da man says:

    Here comes the black hole

  92. your mom says:

    Stewart will strike out.

  93. D-Rob da man says:

    Liriano right over the middle I miss blue eyes

  94. Mike Axisa says:

    Boo hoo Chris Stewart crew.

  95. RkyMtnYank says:

    That will work!

  96. SevenAces says:

    Stewart needs to go to Nick Johnson’s School of Hitting…

  97. Johnny says:


  98. Manny's BanWagon says:

    Holy shit. Stewart got a hit. Hooray for blind squirrels everywhere.

  99. Pat D says:

    Well played, Stewart.

  100. Mike Nitabach says:

    Chris Stewart is DA MAN!!!!!

  101. aRX says:

    Behold: Stewart’s first (and probably only) Yankee highlight

  102. Stratman9652 says:

    Well I’ll be damned.

  103. Zooboy says:

    Fist pump.

  104. Tom says:

    Chris Stewart… True Yankee?

  105. Johnny says:

    Is Liriano getting pulled? He only gave up four runs. That’s not unusual for him.

  106. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Chris, I’m sorry. That was fucking glorious.

  107. NoH says:

    Gotta love that hustle by Gardner.

  108. sdjohn says:

    Keep the hits with RISP coming boys. One things for sure, we are certainly due for some.

  109. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Jeets w/ the sac fly :) but he didn’t get a hit with RISP, so he’s terrible, right? I’m sorry I’m being such an asshole, it’s just fun sometimes.

    • Pat D says:

      I was going to say this same thing.

      Where does he get off hurting his OBP?

    • sdjohn says:

      If we score a runner from 3rd with less than 2 down, I’m a happy man. Don’t care if it’s an error, passed ball, wild pitch, suicide squeeze, safety squeeze, single, double, triple, HR, sac fly, or in this game even a balk is perfectly fine. Biggest pet peeve in all of baseball.

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        I agree for the most part. However I just want the Yankees to score roughly 5-7 runs a game. I don’t care if they do it by sacrificing or hitting a bunch solo shots. Just score runs.

        • Pat D says:

          I prefer endless home runs.

          Because then the media will just start gabbing about how they hit too many home runs. Never gets old.

          • Chen Meng Wang says:

            That is my favourite narrative of all time. Seriously, why is hitting homers a bad thing.

            • Pat D says:

              Because the narrative is they’re hard to come by in the postseason. Yet I’ve never heard anyone say this in regards to the Rangers the last two years.

          • Tom says:


            They’ll also talk about how the approach will never work in the playoffs (when apparently MLB outlaws HR’s)

        • sdjohn says:

          and I agree with you for the most part, but you cannot expect a team in post season play to hit a bunch of solo HR’s off the Verlander’s, Weaver’s, Lester’s of the league to win games. Have to be able to get runners in from 3rd, move runners over when your facing solid pitching in post season play.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            You can’t expect a solo homer, but you can expect a rally of multiple singles? The Verlanders and Halladays don’t allow extended rallies, if you get a pitch to hit, you have to make it count.

            • Chen Meng Wang says:

              This. I’d much rather take my chances of a couple people over the course of a game hitting a ball hard then multiple hits falling in against an ace.

            • sdjohn says:

              Again, my point being missed, if Gardner works a walk, steals second, they have to be able to move him to 3rd hitting to the right side of the infield. Not necessarily a hit, but move him over. Then we need a ground ball up the middle, or sac fly to get him in. Multiple hits off Verlander, not a high rate of that happening. Also, 3-4 solo shots are just as unrealistic off him. Either way you have to be able to score runs when presented the opportunity. If you feel the odds are better hitting 3-4 dingers versus moving runners over and getting runners in via sac flies, than we can agree to disagree. That’s what makes this game so great, we all agree scoring runs good, we just disagree on the philosophy of how to get that done.

              • Pat D says:

                I prefer being able to score runs without making outs.

                I think that’s a simple concept to understand.

                • sdjohn says:

                  Yes, Pat D, simple concept to understand that s what YOU prefer. Also a simple concept to understand some baseball people think otherwise, simple enough?

                  • Pat D says:

                    So you’re saying scoring a run while making an out is just as good as scoring a run while not making an out?

                    • sdjohn says:

                      No, I’m saying hitting a 3-4 solo HR’s off a frontline starter in post season play is (in my opinion) more unrealistic than scoring 3-4 runs by other means like single, stolen base, moving over to third via ground ball the other way, getting the runner in via sac fly. Maybe have an inning stringing a few base hits back to back.

                      If you went into a game against Verlander and it was a foregone conclusion that if you scored 4 runs you would win. Do you think the odds favor 4 solo dingers, or scoring 4 runs in another fashion?

                      I happen to believe in scoring runs, however necessary, but you BETTER have the ability to move runners over, and get guys in from 3rd with less than 2 out, especially come post season play.

                    • Pat D says:

                      Fine then.

          • Pat D says:

            Actually, you can expect it off Weaver. He’s a definite FB pitcher.

  110. Johnny says:

    That will do, Sanderson.

  111. Johnny says:

    Unfortunately, CC will have to pitch deep again tonight (unless Dave is available; he’s had about enough rest to pitch one or two innings, right?)

  112. your mom says:

    Lester’s final line: 2 IP, 8 hits, 4 BB, 7 ER

    Liriano’s final line: 2.1 IP, 7 hits, 4 BB, 5 ER

    I hope Sabathia fares better

  113. MannyGeee says:

    wow Nunez hit Teix on the throw, not the second row of fans… someone call the Post.

  114. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Deep breath on balls to ss

  115. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Any less manly names than Plouffe yet? Seriously…it sounds like he should be marketing loofa’s to Valley Moms.

  116. handtius says:

    same as yesterday, i’d love to poll who thinks the yanks will win or lose. still think more then half say they lose.

  117. Chen Meng Wang says:

    I still think they’re going to loose yesterday and win the series ;)

  118. your mom says:

    Brett Marshall 6 IP, 3 hits, 1 BB, 0 ER, 3 K

    Not too shabby.

  119. MannyGeee says:

    Off topic alert:

    So I am sorta excited now that Johnny Damon has signed with the Tribe, I am somewhat looking forward to by business trip to Cleveland in May now.

    Hoping I can get back in June for the Yankees Series. But for real, I am looking for ANY reason to to look forward to going to that town.

  120. jimmy says:

    Pujols and Carpenter/Wainwright never won?

  121. Alkaline says:

    Leave friends house 3-1. Get home 5-3. I guess I should shut the game off.

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Yes ;) kidding. I’m wearing my Yankee cap. That’s why we lost yesterday, I forgot it. We haven’t lost a game this season where I was wearing this cap.

  122. Cy Pettitte says:

    Andruw bringing the powah

  123. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Andruw-motha-fking-jones. biotch.

  124. MannyGeee says:

    7-2 Rangers over Boston. Nothing makes me happier than that team turning into pumpkins.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      anytime I wanna feel better about some of our starters bad starts I look at a Sox box score

    • handtius says:

      I personally want the sox to be competitive. i like it when the yanks duke it out with them and come out on top, which has happened more often then not.

      • Pat D says:

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Fenway Park spontaneously combust.

        The Rangers have very quickly become my #2 most hated team.

        • handtius says:

          i agree with both of those statements, but still want the redsox to be competitive.

          • Pat D says:

            I don’t. I always feel extra stressed when watching a Yankees/Sox game because they’re so unbearably long and no matter what channel you’re watching the announcers make every game seem like it’s a playoff game.

            • handtius says:

              again, i agree with that. the games can be painfully long, but one of the best games i’ve ever seen was in 2003 and the yankees were one game away from the world series. still, to this day, i believe that we won it all against the sox and the actual world series was just a formality that had no bearing.

        • MannyGeee says:

          My antlers and beast hands take offense

      • MannyGeee says:

        Regardless of whether the sox are competitive or not, they are a team that gives us fits.

        That said, living in the Boston Metro area, I loooooooove having the Sox be an afterthought to the Bruins of all teams right now…

        Like I told my kid, You don’t have to love the Yankees, so long as you hate the Red Sox.

  125. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Jones yes get that man some playing time. Give swisher a catchers mask.

  126. mustang says:

    I missed the rally so I checked out how it happened on ESPN. Just had to come back here to see the comments on Stewart.


    You guys NEVER disappoint.

  127. Johnny says:

    That was yet another monster shot from Andruw.

  128. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    What is our platoon dh hitting so far mike and is it better than last year?

  129. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Is there anyone else in baseball, besides maybe Verlander, you’d feel comfortable running 115+ pitch counts every five days except for CC?

  130. jimmy says:

    That was a disappointing streaker.

  131. handtius says:

    has cc settled down enough for you folks?

  132. Chen Meng Wang says:

    All those people watching on TV, via Mark Fiensand, idk if RAB’s had anything about this, Pineda feels great after his bull pen yesterday. They’re planning on him going again tomorrow, then if he feels good after that he could get a minor league start a few days later :)

  133. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Finally fartboy misses one.

  134. Havok9120 says:


    Gardner against lefties.

  135. Pat D says:

    Frankie better not be feeling sorry for himself, if he knows what’s good for him.

  136. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Cervelli on the bus tour must suck for him.

  137. Havok9120 says:

    Aaaaaaaand the Cap’n.

  138. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Yankees with a case of the runs tonight.

  139. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Should have been montero
    Thank you brian cashman.

  140. Kevin G. says:

    Oooooooo, Alex said a bad word

  141. handtius says:

    can’t believe cc is getting outs on 2 pitches. a true ace would be getting them with one.

  142. Tom Q says:

    I know I’m probably jinxing this, but Nunez has looked like a competent shortstop tonight. Nothing to make you gasp, but usually he’s butchered a routine throw by now.

  143. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Arod with nunny moment.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Meanwhile next AB Nuney thought about throwing it, thought better of it and touched the bag.

      See, he can be taught

  144. RkyMtnYank says:

    eh, that was a little league moment. Nunez wouldn’t of even done that.

  145. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Stewart’s rocking the chin-beard in his photo. Not feeling it. It doesn’t look right with the Yankee cap.

    • flamingo says:

      Wait, he didn’t show up for photo day, did he? Maybe MLB or someone just photoshopped the Yankees cap on.

  146. Tom says:

    Be nice to see them put this one out of reach.

    CC may have cost himself the 8th inning with that 5 pitch walk to Plouffe (the ARod error also cost him a few pitches). I wonder who’s pitching if this isn’t close. (the B-squad pitched yesterday and Phelps may need another day)

  147. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    They should match up al and coney in the booth i would pay to hear those two do the game.

  148. handtius says:

    there’s just something beautiful about stolen bases.

  149. Kevin G. says:

    Stewart > Montero

  150. Bobbie Valentine says:

    Hey cheng ming..

    I always thought Taylor Teagarden was pretty sissified…not as bad as Plouffe though, which sounds like the name of a vaginal jelly

  151. flamingo says:

    Chris Stewart’s got something to prove.

    • handtius says:

      to rab commenters. bunch of silly nannies.

      • flamingo says:

        Hey, I understand how, when you’re used to an offensive catcher, you grumble at a black hole in the lineup.

        • handtius says:

          i don’t. he’s a backup for a reason. if he was good, he’d be starting for someone. when cervelli is a free agent, i think someone will give him a shot as a starter…not saying they should, or he could handle it, but I think someone will.

        • Havok9120 says:

          But they also grumble when Cervelli, an offensive catcher, plays. And the two groups have several people in common.

          That may be more his point.

  152. Needed Pitching says:

    but can he fistpump?

  153. Mike Nitabach says:


  154. Greg says:

    Well, well, well,

  155. Mike Axisa says:

    Chris Stewart laughs in the face of the RAB comments.

  156. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Stewie stewie!!!

  157. MannyGeee says:

    Chris Stewart is very quietly auditioning for my fantasy team. Looking at you Russell Martin!

  158. handtius says:

    look, the crappy backup is doing a good job. without him, it would still be 5-3.

  159. RkyMtnYank says:

    Did Flash just say a career high 3 rbi? Too funny.

  160. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Girardi post game will it be chrisy or stewie as the girardi pet name.

  161. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    Melancon just entered the game in beantown…with that fancy 22.5 ERA…and promplty gives up a double.

  162. Dino Velvet says:

    watching Boston game, and Aviles struck out looking — he then threw his bat down and stood at the plate and jawed away at the ump and nothing happened to him.

    Boston pulls this shit all the time and they get away with it.

  163. handtius says:

    hamilton just crushed a 3 run bomb.

  164. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Get that man (CC) a standing ovation.

  165. Pat D says:

    Why are you cheering him? He sucked the first three innings and that can never be undone!

  166. Stratman9652 says:

    I know RBI are pretty dumb to judge a player by, but this is only the second 2+ RBI game of Chris Stewart’s career. That’s kinda sad when you think about it.

  167. Robinson Tilapia says:

    That’s the CC I know and love. The one who you might get a couple of runs off early but, once he says “you’re not getting a damn thing off me the rest of this night,” shuts it down. It may take him a few starts to get there every spring, but he gets there.

  168. Bobbie Valentine says:

    Mark Melancon isn’t playing with the same type of intensity that he used to…

  169. handtius says:

    dude…melancon gave up three bomb, 2 doubles and 2 walks without getting an out (i think). that’s just, oh man i feel bad for that kid.

  170. Mike Axisa says:

    Guessing the guy that was saying the Yanks will be humiliated when Melancon is closing games for the Red Sox this summer won’t be coming around anytime soon.

  171. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Fans in Fenway are chanting “let’s go Blue Jays” lol.

  172. Johnny says:

    It’s going to be embarrassing if the Yanks don’t smash Boston in the upcoming series. It’s like last year when they broke their losing streak against the Yankees. Bad form.

  173. Pat D says:

    Holy bejeesus, Melancon’s ERA is now 49.50.

    I feel sorry for him only to an extent.

    • Foghorn Leghorn says:

      but he saved 26 games for the Astros last year??? I don’t get it.

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        AL > NL

        • Foghorn Leghorn says:

          i was joking…that was the sox media and fans response to letting papelbon go…

          I want Aceves and Melancon to implode because I think the Sox were stupid not to resign Papelbon. I hated that Plouffebag more than anyone but he was a pretty effective closer for them and he was never hurt.

          • Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

            I loled at plouffebag

          • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

            They could easily got away with letting Papelbon go if they let Bard close. Also I think that giving away Scutaro was a very underrated stupid move.

            • MannyGeee says:

              All of this. Their off season was a giant ball of confusing to me.

            • Foghorn Leghorn says:

              well, here’s the other thing…their media and fans crap all over Papelbon but he took that closer role when offered and did a great job.

              Bard should’ve recognized that his highest value to the team was the closer but he’s selfish and wants to start…then, Bailey goes down and he sticks with starting. Yet Bard doesn’t get any flack.

              I agree on Scutaro..I read that some thought he may have been one of the snitches..

          • MannyGeee says:

            Plouffebag… Clever!

  174. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    hopefully the rangers beat the tar out of Beckett tomorrow. Of all the a holes on that team, he’s the chief.

  175. Johnny says:

    Red Sox couldn’t buy an out right now.

  176. Johnny says:

    That baby was reacting to the Yankees’ record thus far.

  177. flamingo says:

    I love this bullpen. Not to state the obvious, but they just shut it down every time.

    Don’t quote me small sample sizes; I’m enjoying this.

  178. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    15-2 rangers lol how long till bobby loses that team
    More chicken and beer for the team.

    • flamingo says:

      Ha, WCBS played an ad for some restaurant, and ended it with with “Wings… beer… sports”. I’m still laughing.

    • Foghorn Leghorn says:

      I think he’s lost it. those comments about Youk were pretty bad and then this is how they respond? holy crap…that’s a thrashing.

  179. flamingo says:

    Also, how fitting that Plouffe makes the last out.

  180. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Redsox are plouffed.

  181. handtius says:

    wade pitching the 9th? must be the future closer.

  182. Havok9120 says:

    I went on ESPN expecting the Live Headline to be “The Boston Massacre.”

    I was initially disappointed that it wasn’t, but then remembered that it was ESPN and they were the Red Sox. I’m gonna be kinda irked when the narrative from the game is “the Rangers have the deepest offense in baseball” as opposed to “the Red Sox’ pitching is terrible.”

  183. Dino Velvet says:

    Red Sox players writers were complaining that it’s unfair for Boston to face the rangers after facing the rays.

    Their whining never ceases.

  184. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    Melancon needs to grow some facial hair.

    He’s not gritty enough.

  185. V says:

    Stewie it is! And a Nooney and a Gardy!

  186. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I always liked Melancon so much more as DOTF fodder than as an actual pitcher.

  187. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    He called him STEWIE lol chris stewart the family guy lmao

  188. Stratman9652 says:

    Whoever had “Stewie” in the Joe Girardi pet name pool just won. Collect your prize at the front desk.

  189. Stratman9652 says:

    “Phelpsie”??? Alright Joe stop the madness.

  190. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Has Kuroda been named Kurody yet?

  191. MannyGeee says:

    Wow… I hate the rangers slightly less right now after the ass pounding they are giving the sox…

  192. Bobby Valentine says:

    Youk with another “unemotional” strikeout (4K’s on the night)

    Now where’s that rat bastard… he needs to inject some grit and scrappiness into the team.

  193. Nunez aka the good,the bad and the ugly says:

    Great game Im out the wife just plouffed.

  194. Havok9120 says:

    I’m going to go read the comments at Over the Monster’s Game Thread.

    Its gonna be great.

  195. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    holy crap..Napoli just hit a 2 run bomb…

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