Joba resumes workouts in Tampa

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Pineda suffers setback in Extended Spring Training

Via the AP, right-hander Joba Chamberlain has resumed workouts at the Yankees’ complex in Tampa. He recently played catch with his right knee bent on a stool, just a month removed from his ankle injury. “It’s a little stiff, but good,” said Joba of the ankle, and he’s expected to shed his walking boot in about two weeks. Remember, he’s also got a new elbow ligament to break in as well. It’s not much, but I have to think it’s at least a moral victory for him.

Stark: A-Rod's homerun milestones do not count toward luxury tax
Pineda suffers setback in Extended Spring Training
  • Eddie

    Hope everything workout for him. I still have hope that joba is going to return to that fireballer who constantly was hitting high 90’s with some 100’s.

    • MB

      Joba I don’t think will ever touch 100 MPH again. Mid to high 90’s will probably be where he goes at.

      • Knoxvillain

        I just don’t see it. I think he will sit around 92-94 max.

      • Eddie

        I guess I’m hoping that the time he had off from TJ surgery help with the shoulder problems he had before. And dont pitchers who had Tommy John come back throwing harder?!?

        • RetroRob

          There is some evidence, but it varies.

          The improved velocity some see is most likely because of the conditioning program pitchers go through overall strengthens their arms. They simply come back in better shape. Stronger legs, stronger core and of course a fixed elbow that may have been fraying for a while. Yet no one was expecting Stephen Strausberg to come back throwing harder. He was young, in great shape and didn’t have much wear and tear on his arm.

          With someone like Joba is hard to say. While I don’t think he was lazy despite his less-than-buff physique, I’m not sure he was doing everything he could to maximize his ability. My hope, similar to yours, is the very conditioning process he has to follow to come back from TJ surgery will lead to a couple more miles on his fastball. It’s also possible that he elbow was bothering him for a while before it finally gave out.

          My concern is the ankle injury happened during his rehab, so we have to wonder if this will set him back. The ankle injury itself is substantial, so that also might cause additional problems.

    • Kevin Winters

      I hope he’s with another organization.

  • Cappy

    Poll time! Based on the extremely limited info we have right now and gut instinct: Who comes back first, Joba or Pineda?

  • forensic

    Where are all the articles about how gritty this is? It’s pretty much the same as playing catch on your knees, right?

  • Preston

    Joba is one tough SOB. If this injury is half as bad as the media made it seem most people would still be in bed.