MLBTR’s Offseason In Review

The Three-Four Trouble Spots
Thursday Night Open Thread

The season is three weeks old, but MLBTR just posted a review of the Yankees’ offseason yesterday. They list the nuts and bolts of the offseason — signings, trades, claims, etc. — then broke it all down in about 500 words. I didn’t write it, so it’s free of Yankees homer-ism. Check it out.

The Three-Four Trouble Spots
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Billion$Bullpen

    I do not even want to read about this offseason anymore. Thankfully we got Kuroda and Andy for very little. Really had hoped we got Darvish even if we let CC walk (I really would have let him walk, not saying that is the right move just what I would have done)

    Any chance we keep tabs on Oswalt at this point with Hughes toast, Garcia showing no signs of life and Pineda done?

    • G

      I didn’t think about that, but it’d certainly make sense to keep an eye on him. If he is truly just looking for a season to prove himself useful, we could have him fairly cheap.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’m sure they’ll do their due diligence on him.

  • Typical MIT Nerd

    If it doesn’t include The Trade it’s pretty irrelevant. Their entire off-season revolved around Montero into Pineda. They moved a clear, long-term upgrade to their offense for a risky, long-term option to their rotation. If they get a true #1 they could have promoted a kid. In five years we’ll see they chose to fill the rotation with second and third-tier arms in Pinda, Kuroda, Hughes, Nova, and Garcia. Another year will have passed and CC stands alone. They’re wasting his prime.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I swore I’d give up cutting tonight. Fuggit. Sweet, sweet razor…

      I propose that re-signing Sabathia was a more important offseason move than the Pineda trade.

      • bpdelia

        Yeah I, mean, that was, obviously the priority. And dammit phone stop putting commas where I don’t want them.

        I wanted darvish and,soler and said they should have been, must signs. But we can only judge on,process really. The montero,trade was risky but,totally defensible. Blows but imo they had a good offseason

  • nycrefugee

    “I think A-Rod will hit better as the season progresses though he’ll never be the guy he used to be”.
    “I would have rather kept Montero”.
    “I spent the last three or four years defending Phil Hughes the starting pitcher in this space, but I’m done with it. End the charade and put him in the bullpen already. If the Yankees had given Joba Chamberlain half the leash they’ve given Hughes, they might actually have a young, quality starting pitcher on their hands”.
    You are not a homer. You and your cohorts are analytical fans. That is why this site is a great way to kill one’s productivity at one’s job.