New Feature: The Bullpen Workload Page

Michael Pineda & Bad Timing
Game Two: Revenge

We added a new feature to the site today, the Bullpen Workload page. It’s available at all times via the Resources tab, right under the “AVE BLUES” in the street sign. The idea is simple, we’re going to keep track of the Yankees’ relievers recent workloads – in terms of pitches thrown — to help give us an idea of who’s available on a given night, who’s not available, who’s been overworked, who’s been buried, stuff like that. I added some select Triple-A pitchers who have a reasonable chance of being called up the big leagues to the table as well. Hope you find it useful.

Full Disclosure: The idea came from Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, a fantastic Dodgers blog that gets RAB’s highest level of recommendation. It’s run by a fellow handsome guy named Mike, so check it out.

Michael Pineda & Bad Timing
Game Two: Revenge
  • Sweet Dick Willie

    The idea came from Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, a fantastic Dodgers blog

    He probably started it when Torre was the manager, you know, out of necessity.

    (Does anyone know how Donnie Baseball handles his bullpen?)

    • JohnnyC

      NoMaas started it in the Torre years.

  • Jamey

    I’d also enjoy a “Girardi’d It” tracker of overmanaging instances.

    • Mike HC

      I think having the Rays and Maddon as our main competitor has given Girardi a complex. Maddon is over there throwing conventional wisdom out the window and smirking when his Granderson shift worked twice. Girardi almost has to over manage just to look like he is doing something out there.

  • RichYF

    Will this include a ticker for “dry humps?” I think this would be very helpful

    • V


      One could do a ‘pitcher’s workload’ thingy for -all- teams by using pitch by pitch data. ‘Dry humps’ are the one thing that requires someone to watch every game. Oof.

      • Mike Axisa

        Yeah I know, that’s why I wanted to get them in the chart. I figure there’s enough people watching here that we can keep track of the dry humps.

  • j6takish

    It’s also a classic Simpsons reference, that is grounds for an immediate A+ in my book

  • Needed Pitching

    Wonder if DRob will be available today, considering his abbreviated spring training and 25 high stress pitches yesterday.
    I would guess they will take it easy with him early.

  • Matt

    This is awesome.

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    Great job mike…gunna be real involved with editing/maintaining the site this season. dedication right there