On Russell Martin’s importance to the pitching staff

Tim Norton trying to "make the transition into being a pitching coach"
Game Ten: Bring on the Twins

After the season the Yankees will have a tough choice to make. Do they allocate the payroll to sign Russell Martin, or do they let him walk and hope that Austin Romine can jump into the job? Since they do have the $189 million payroll goal, signing Martin might be difficult to justify. But, given his value to the team, especially on defense, they might find that a necessary investment. Just how valuable is Martin on defense? Anna Martin at ESPN’s Sweet Spot has a story today examining the various ways Martin works with his pitching staff. It includes the pitch-framing data we’ve discussed at length since last year, but it also talks about the more subtle aspects of the pitcher-catcher relationship. It’s definitely a quality read.

Tim Norton trying to "make the transition into being a pitching coach"
Game Ten: Bring on the Twins
  • Havok9120

    That was a very good read. Thanks for the link RAB.

  • Johnny

    Sweetspot is a neat blog; I love reading stuff like this about the intangibles. It’s a good reminder that players aren’t just numbers. I’ve found myself looking strictly at statistics over the last few years as they’ve increasingly become mainstream, but recently I’ve been trying to step back and look more at mentality and emotion. Emotions, man. Those guys out there are human. Not to eschew either side; but there’s some balancing act we need to work out.

    But I really like Martin, him and his crazy .455 OBP this year.

  • Plank

    The Mid-Market Yankees can’t afford a pitcher of Martin’s caliber. They already have his replacement in the system. His name is Chris Stewart.

    189 or bust!

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    After reading Cashman’s quotes on catching, it’s very clear why he was willing to trade Montero.

    • DM

      Even before reading the piece, I was thinking the same. People focus only on the physical aspects, throwing and footwork — but there’s so much more. I’m sure the Yankees feel that Romine has those other elements that are harder to quantify. If not for those aspects, I’m sure Montero would’ve done a lot more catching for Yankees in Sept — and for Seattle now.