Pettitte prepping for possible minor league outing on Thursday

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ST Game Thread: Miami, Part Two

Via George King, Andy Pettitte could make his first minor league appearance this Thursday after throwing a 25-pitch bullpen session today. “I plan on pitching somehow Thursday for sure,” said Pettitte. “[A minor league game is] an option, anything is an option right now … Thursday is my day but I wish I could tell you exactly.”

High-A Tampa is playing at home that night, so it’s a pretty safe assumption that Pettitte would pitch in that game if he does get on the mound Thursday. He will probably only throw an inning or two, but it would be a significant step in his comeback attempt. Since Pettitte is on a minor league deal, he can make as many minor league appearances as he wants to get himself ready for the season. It’s not he’d be starting his 30-day clock on an injury rehab assignment or anything.

Ibanez gets a fresh start on Friday
ST Game Thread: Miami, Part Two
  • GardnergoesYardner

    Who do you think Pettitte’s gonna take out of the rotation? My guess is Garcia and one of Hughes/Nova will be kicked when Andy and Pineda return in a month or so.

    I love how everyone’s just like we have too many pitchers, trade Garcia, the world’s gonna end. And it sorts itself out like they always say it will. I guess we have to hope it will for Pettitte too.

    • Plank

      I don’t think the Pettitte reunion will be a success. I think he has 3 bad AAA starts and ‘retires’.

  • Slu

    My guess is that one of Hughes, Nova, or Garcia will be ineffective, so this “problem” will sort itself out.

    My prediction is Hughes to the bullpen when Pettitte comes back and we won’t see Pineda until June. I think they will be very careful with him.

    • G

      That’s absurd. They’ll be careful, but not THAT careful. Late April to early May.

    • DM

      I agree in that it will be based on who’s pitching poorly. Also, I think they’ll extend his outings if everyone is pitching well. If they’re fortunate enough to be winning with the starting 5 performing, they won’t force Pettitte or Pineda back in just b/c they seem to be ready. It’ll be very easy for them to say “one more outing” in the minors to delay a decision.

      Also, I’m not convinced Pettitte won’t have some other physical issue like a back or leg problem along the way.

  • Dave M

    I’m thinking Garcia will be a long reliever and Pineda will be in AAA

  • Scheister

    I think it’s gonna Nova to AAA or long man in the pen, not all season long but nearly a 7 ERA in the spring is a full run higher than the injured Pineda. I like Nova and hope I’m wrong but the Yanks have shown they have a short leash on young pitchers.