Ten years of The End of Mariano Rivera

Yankee prospects and controlling the controllables
Thursday Night Open Thread

Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and people saying Mariano Rivera is finished every time he blows a save. We heard it last week, we’ll hear it again at some point this summer, and as Deadspin points out, we’ve been hearing it for ten years. They chronicled the history of the “Mo is done” article, something that dates all the way back to 2002. It gets RAB’s highest recommendation, make sure you check it out.

Yankee prospects and controlling the controllables
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Gonzo

    He’s done when he says he’s done.

    Great to read all pieces openly wondering about his demise.

    • Tyrone Sharpton

      You’re right; he’ll get that treatment, like Bernie, Posada, and Jeter one day.

  • Jerkface

    Funny that it is mostly a who’s who of bad beat writers. Sad to see Joel Sherman in that mix.

    • Jesse

      I was a bit disappointed to see him in there too.

    • bexarama

      Sherman’s a great reporter and a pretty poor analyst who tends to doom-and-gloom. Doesn’t surprise me that he’s on that list at all.

  • CP

    Here is my favorite:

    Joel Sherman, New York Post, August 13, 2011:

    Through it all, Mariano Rivera felt safe, felt like he had immunity from the athletic ravages of age. He was the Robo-closer. A cutter Terminator. Indestructible. Eternal.

    His genius was so long-lasting that it has become conceivable to believe the inconceivable: Rivera essentially could go on forever.

    However, if nothing else, Rivera’s last week heading into last night was a shot of sanity that all things – no matter how brilliant – end. Was this the beginning of Rivera’s end?

    After a summary of 7 years speculating about Mo being done, Sherman seems to have completely forgotten all of it…

    • Tyrone Sharpton

      sherman also is a writer who hopes to get readers through this kind of writing…the fact that someone’s reading a year-old article of his is pretty awesome. also, none of what sherman said was wrong; there’s going to come a day when mo is no longer new york’s closer.

      • Billion$Bullpen

        Plus 1

      • RetroRob

        Nothing to disrespect here, or respect. Sherman was simply a man forced to write somethign in which he didn’t believe, simply to fill space.

  • flamingo

    Wow, that’s a compilation of pieces by most of the worst Yankees beat writers.

    It’s like, though they watch 162 games a year, they’ve forgotten that baseball isn’t played by robots.

  • Normando

    Great comment at Deadspin from El Guapo:

    Tinker McWillington, New York Times, March 29, 1878

    Zounds! Who do the Red Stockings believe they are fooling, sending Mr. Jamie Moyer to the mound of pitching on to-day’s game? He has allowed more than a half-dozen “runs” to be plated in the last fortnight!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    No Bill Madden article lamenting the Yankees not acquiring Felix Fermin back in ’86?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      ’96, whoops.

  • dean

    Andrew Marshand leads it off appropriately

  • forensic

    Anyone else notice that 2008 is the only year that’s not represented on there? It’s almost as if they were too busy writing a million articles about someone else that year…

  • http://jorellrivera.com Jorell Rivera

    Happy Anniversary to piss poor prognosticating!

    It really is amazing how durable Mariano turned out to be. As those articles pointed out, he has had his troubles with injuries and bad streaks over the years, just like any pitcher really. But he’s gotten better! It’s like we’ve been predicting his demise so that when it did happen it wouldn’t hurt so bad. Or maybe these guys are just lazy beat writers with crappy long term memory.

  • BigDavey88

    “the New York City Blown Save Lead” – Mike Lupica

    RAB should use that stat more often.

    • JAG

      After April, isn’t easier to just call it “The New York Mets Closer”?

      • Billion$Bullpen

        No the Mess would have to have a lead in games to have a real closer.

  • Rob

    The best one of the whole group is the one where they say the Yankees need to look to getting the next great closer, Eric Gagne

    • Zack

      Eric Gagne got his greatness by cheating.

  • Alibaba

    The interesting fact was that these “predictions” came mostly from the Hall of Shame columnists. But, I was surprised to see Fiensand and Sherman.