The RAB Bracket Challenge Winner

Open Thread: 4/3 Camp Notes
2012 Draft: Cape Cod League Standouts

After a long hard fight, a victor has emerged. By correctly picking Kansas and Kentucky to meet in the final game, and then picking Kentucky over Kansas, the appropriately named RightPicks has won the RAB Bracket Challenge with a score of 1460. RightPicks didn’t pick very many upsets, but he had a very strong showing in the first four days of the tournament and picked the final two teams and the winner correctly. It was an all around great performance, and it goes to show you that the most important picks you make in a bracket are the last three.

Finishing immediately behind RightPicks were cplatt2003 and awp1990. Interestingly, both of them correctly picked Ohio State to advance to the Final Four, whereas RightPicks incorrectly had Kansas State. Despite this, RightPicks had built up just enough of a lead to withstand their challenge. Congratulations to the three of you on your great brackets. You’ve won something greater than any national championship: free gear from the RAB shop. Please get in touch with josephp at riveraveblues dot com to claim your prize. Thanks to all of you who participated, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Except for Moshe Mandel, who may or may not have beaten me. The world may never know.

Open Thread: 4/3 Camp Notes
2012 Draft: Cape Cod League Standouts
  • Tyrone Sharpton

    USA! USA! USA!

  • gerlando

    cplatt!!!! nice job buddy. how are the espn boards?

  • TriGen

    When my KState final four upset pick got knocked out I thought I was done for, but like Stephen said I did get a lot right early plus the correct championship game picks saved me.