Yanks drop second game to Rays


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I suppose the good news is that the last two times the Yankees dropped their first two games of the season, it was 1998 and 2009. Those years were pretty cool. This is also the first time both the Yankees and Red Sox have both been 0-2 since 1980. Anyway, here’s a quick recap…

  • Eduardo Scissorhands: Sheesh, it really didn’t take long for Eduardo Nunez to make his presence felt, eh? That ball was as routine as it gets, the play has to be made no questions asked.
  • Hi-rocked: Not a good Yankees debut for Hiroki Kuroda, who was up in the zone all night and gave up a lot of hard-hit balls. The error didn’t help in the first, but at some point the pitcher has to pick his fielder up. Just forget about it and get ready for the home opener.
  • Shift Happens: You really have to hand it to the Rays, they employ the shift better than anyone. It’s one thing to align the fielders in certain spots, but the pitchers also have to get in on the act. How many times have to you seen the Yankees shift on David Ortiz only to pitch him away, away, away? Too many to count.
  • LNOGY: Clay Rapada was fantastic in camp and earned his roster spot. Someone should now tell him he has to continue to pitching well to keep that roster spot. Not going to blame him for the Evan Longoria double or the Ben Zobrist walk, but he can’t walk Carlos Pena and/or give up a hit to Matt Joyce (even if it was a bloop). The Pena walk was inexcusable.
  • The O’Neill Theory: The Yankees did put together a late rally — thanks to Nick Swisher‘s monster three-run homer — but they didn’t complete the comeback. According to Paul O’Neill, they’ll carry that momentum into tomorrow’s game and put some runs on the board early. I sure hope so.
  • Leftovers: I totally thought Andruw Jones‘ fly ball in the sixth was long gone … Cory Wade had a terrible spring, so naturally he retired all five batters he faced in his season debut, including three strikeouts … Derek Jeter is wearing out the middle of the diamond; everything’s been hit back up the box these last two days, and that’s good … three walks by Russell Martin and two by Swisher, giving the Yankees 14 walks and just 12 strikeouts as a team in these two games … Curtis Granderson is still awesome, two knocks tonight including a triple.

MLB.com has the box score and video, FanGraphs the nerdy stuff, and ESPN the standings. The Yankees will try to salvage the series behind Phil Hughes tomorrow. He gets the ball against reigning Rookie of the Year Jeremy Hellickson at 1:40pm ET.

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  1. Cy Pettitte says:

    next RAB store shirt should be “Fuck the shift”

  2. Chen Meng Wang says:

    That was way to quick. You’ve had this ready since the bottom of the 7th latest.

  3. your mom says:

    Fuck the Rays.

  4. Jesse says:

    I’ve heard it thousands of times before, but can’t remember….What’s the O’Neill theory again?

  5. pat says:

    If only we had George Kontos. These sorts of tragedies could have been avoided.

  6. Zack says:

    Screw the #@@ Shift!

  7. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    They’ll need to figure out how to beat the shift or it’s all they’ll see.

    • RetroRob says:

      They’ve averaged 5.5 runs the first two games. Shift was not the problem.

      • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

        Good point. I actually haven’t seen a pitch yet this season. Yahoo box score and RAB is all I’ve got. TBS tomorrow saves me.

        • Sarah says:

          If you can swing it, MLB.tv is totally worth the money.

          • jim p says:

            But if you are in New York, no Yankee games, right? I, many, certainly can’t afford the cable to get Yes Network.

            • Sarah says:

              True. That is a problem. I am out of market so I don’t have this problem.

              Other options: Sirius XM has play by play on the radio, and now you can listen to it through the internet. Not sure what an internet only subscription is, but if you have it in your car/home I think you can add internet listening for $2/mo.

          • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

            I get all the games through cable at home (Chicago). I’m on the road. There’s an Irish Pub across the street with MLB package and I’ll go there Monday. Today watched NCAA Hockey National Championship game on ESPN2. Tomorrow, hotel room and TBS for Bombers.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          and If you’re flat broke like I am, Mlb.tv’s radio package is only 15 for the whole season, and the broadcast is crystal clear.

  8. pestojesus says:

    Kuroda will be the long man by all star break his stuff won’t translate to the american league especially if he stays up in the zone like he did tonight.

  9. RetroRob says:

    Shifts, shifts. I’m going to have nightmares about shifts. I can’t wait for the complaints about A-Rod hitting the ball up the middle, into outs!

    The Yankees scored five runs last night and six runs tonight. Eleven runs in two games. They are 0-2 not because of their hitting; they’re 0-2 because their two starters didn’t have it. They will normally win both these games, shifts or not.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Best part? The shifts did SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE to our offense and we still scored 5.5 runs per game.

    • Duh Innings says:

      Someone is ignoring Girardi’s shoddy managing, hmmm?

      Game 1: Having his ACE intentionally walk a career .229 hitter who hit .223 last year to pitch to a veteran slugger – result: grandslam. Starting Granderson against a guy who owns him – result GIDP first AB, SO with the bases loaded second AB.

      Game 2: Having Rapada face FIVE batters which cost the Yanks two runs – result: a Nick Swisher three-run shot pulling the Yanks to within two runs instead of tying the game.

      Sabathia would’ve never served up the grandslam had he not been put in position to by his manager who manages from a computer and charts more than he manages from his brain and eyes.

      Half the Rays’ scoring output last night was from Nunez’s error and Rapada.

      But keep blaming Sabathia and Rapada.

      • Needed Pitching says:

        Sabathia and Kuroda both pitched poorly. They both deserve quite a bit of the blame.

      • Havok9120 says:

        Who are you again?

        Look, Girardi’s screwing the pooch is arguable (and it is; that strategy works AT LEAST 9 times out of 10). What ISN’T is that our starters have pitched poorly in their debuts.


        • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection) says:

          One internet tough guy doesn’t like what another internet tough guy posted on a site dedicated to dummies throwing and hitting ball around? Shocking.

      • Kiko Jones says:

        An elite ace like CC should rarely if ever intentionally walk anyone, let alone “a career .229 hitter who hit .223 last year to pitch to a veteran slugger.” No, no, no, no.

  10. Zack says:

    If we don’t figure out how to beat that shift,we will be having a losing record against the Rays..and other teams too.

  11. Jesse says:

    A lot of shit has gone wrong yet the Yanks have lost by a combined 3 runs in these two games.


    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      I hate to pile on Nunez but we did wind up losing by two runs…

      • forensic says:

        How about if kuroda doesn’t walk two guys after that and then groove a pitch to Scott?

        • RetroRob says:

          Yup. Nunez did give up two runs, which drove up Kuroda’s pitch count, but Kuroda himself would say it was his fault. He needed to make the pitches to get out and he didn’t. He was up and off.

        • Duh Innings says:

          How about a BACKUP SS make a routine play so his pitcher isn’t put in position to do the rest?

          If Nunez doesn’t make that error and Girardi doesn’t leave Rapada in there forever, the Yanks have a better chance to win.

      • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

        ALERT! Phallusy of the predetermined outcome…or something like that.

  12. brooklyn11 says:

    Kuroda will be the long man by all star break his stuff won’t translate to the american league especially if he is up in the zone like he was tonight….. the captain and arod look good i expect big years from both.

    • Jeremy T says:

      word for word the same as pestojesus up there… At least you added some optimism to the end of your jump to an unreasonably pessimistic conclusion.

    • RetroRob says:

      Okay, but make sure you check back with us at the All-Star break as Kuroda will not be the long man.

      • brooklyn11 says:

        why not? he is on a one year deal if he sucks then throw him in the pen and let the guys that have possible futures with the yanks fill the rotation. It’s funny how you act like the voice of god on this site but you never give an explanation for your reasoning and responses. Why can’t Kuroda end up in the pen if he shits the bed?

      • Duh Innings says:

        Since when were you part of decisions like that?

        You work for the Yanks?

        BTW get a real name. Rob…as in “rob” a bank?

        You’re ROBERT dude, get over it, Bert LOL.

        • jjyank says:

          …I…I don’t even…what??

          I love how all the negativity comes out of the woodwork from posters with unrecognizable names. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting new posters, but this kind of stuff is unnecessary.

  13. D-Rob da man says:

    Strike three no more japanise pitchers please.

    • 28 this year says:

      Well by that logic Carl Pavano sucked so we should stop signing white pitchers.

      • Duh Innings says:

        No, he’s saying the first two Yankee pitchers from Japan sucked and thinks Kuroda, the third one, sucks.

        You people are really nasty.

        • Jesse says:

          Welcome to RAB.

        • JAG says:

          While I appreciate the attempt at pushing civility, it appears clear that you’re wrong. The phrase “Strike three, no more japanese [sp] pitchers please” clearly demonstrates that he thinks the problem is that the pitchers were/are Japanese and that the Yankees should take that as a sign and not sign any more. Hence the “no more” part. Logical conclusion: Carl Pavano, Kenny Rogers, and Chase Wright sucked, therefore it was because they are white, therefore no more white pitchers.

          Just because he’s pointing out a logical fallacy doesn’t make him mean.

          …Probably feeding a troll here, whatever, it was cathartic.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Not until you learn to spell “Japanese.”

  14. dc1874 says:

    1998 Yanks….start season 1-4…

  15. Virgil Earp says:

    A lot of people will say it’s too early but we’re in trouble, folks. We figured our pitching staff would be much improved but so far it’s been downright atrocious. And our everyday lineup looks like it’s just going through the motions.

    I think it’s time for a new voice. Girardi overmanaged us out of two possible Ws. Jeter DHs in the 2nd game of the year to make room for Eduardo Nunez? Really?

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Should my sarcasm monitor be showing very high readings coming for this post?

      • Jeremy T says:

        I certainly hope so, it makes my head hurt to think that there are people like this that actually exist :)

        • RetroRob says:

          Trolls. I’d like to think they’re trolls, because if they’re not…

          • Havok9120 says:

            Thing is, he’s been here longer than YOU have, and you’ve been here awhile. Logically, that indicates that he means it.

            Which means that my hope in the human race just took a severe hit.

          • Duh Innings says:

            Look at you two smug assholes.

            Why is “Virgil Earp” a troll?

            You know he’s not saying time to fire Girardi after two games.

            If the Yanks don’t at least reach the World Series this year, I want them to fire Girardi and Cashman. One World Series championship after 2000 in three WS tries. Only One WS title in half a decade with these two, but only because Cashman signed Sabathia, Teixiera, and Burnett.
            Zero WS under Cashman with a team that was definitively his as he still needed “The Core Four” signed by two GMs ago GM Gene Michael in the early ’90s.

            How ya like them apples?

            • Don'tcha Know? says:

              This brand of snark runs rampant in these threads. The constant attacks and belittling diatribes are all too common here. And, if you don’t agree with them, or you voice your sincerest opinion, you’re labeled a “troll”. I’m honestly surprised that “noob” isn’t a regular entry up in this betch. I just don’t comment anymore. Great content, but many of our fellow Yankee “fans”, who do not work for the site are, in fact, a**holes. I wish you luck, Duh, because should you stick around, you’ll only find yourself being swamped by the inane ramblings of aggressive li’l tw*ts who find this type of denigration all too amusing.

              • Havok9120 says:

                But HE’S the most aggressive person here (besides myself apparently).

                What’s the problem with pointing out that its the second game of the season? They haven’t even been RUDE.

                Good Lord.

    • Preston says:

      You should leave the thinking to Wyatt.

  16. Mike MzX says:

    Nunez stinks defensively… i’m trying to figure out why Jeter was given a 1/2 day off at DH, for the second game of the season. Nuts.

    In defense of Kuroda, it was his first game in the AL East. Give him the benefit of the doubt until may. If he can’t get straight, Andy can slide in as #2.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      The reason for Jeter’s off day was that there’s concrete under the turf at the Trop. His old man legs can’t handle it, I guess.

    • pat says:

      It doesn’t matter what division he is in. Pitches over the middle of the plate get hit no matter what.

      • Jeremy T says:

        Which indicates to me this isn’t a reason to worry yet. He’s had success before, and there’s no reason to think he’s injured, so I’m going to say this is just a hiccup and nothing to get too worried about. Yet.

    • Jesse says:

      Go watch the bottom half of the ninth inning in Friday’s game and watch the base hit by Jennings. It was a groundball that Jeter came nowhere near close too because of his terrible range. If Nunez plays more he may get better defensively, at least I hope so.

      • Havok9120 says:

        I prefer Jeter to Nunez 9 days out of 10, but Nunez has a much better chance of getter to that ball.

        Whether or not he FIELDS the darn thing….

  17. pestojesus says:

    Anyone else feel like joe g is over managing already and since when is gardy a platoon player jones looks like a cabbage patch kid please please stop smiling jones

  18. Desmond wasnaski says:

    I hear that Arod may be given the day off tomorrow. Game 3 girardi? Talk about over managing, better idea…let’s rest the whole team and bring Trenton up for a day to fill in. Jeez.

    What’s with all this shift crap. I can’t wait for someone to get wise and line the ball the other way. Just nuts this schmuck madden. Why nt move the catcher there too you moron? I agree the shift didn’t lose them the games but it certainly didn’t help them blow out the deficits. Imagine all the runs w.o. Just think they need to find an answer for it is all.

    Jeez I hate that smug madden

  19. Zack says:

    Here’s another though..how about the starting staff not give up walks and runs that we have to rally back from?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:


    • RetroRob says:

      Shhhh!! Doesn’t fit the story. It’s all about the shift.

    • God says:

      I totally agree, we should get on base, hit the ball where fielders ain’t and maybe knock it over the wall sometimes, without getting outs. Then we should just catch the ball, throw runners out and throw strikes past batters without out them making contact. Then everything would be hunky dorey.

  20. mustang says:

    Wow ! Cespedes hit another HR tonight .308 3 HR 7 RBI nice way to start a career.

  21. bobtaco says:

    Let them dance in April…

  22. joey12508 says:

    joe girardi thinks to much. first with cc yesterday, now today resting jeter, give me a freakin break. i hate him already!!!!!

  23. Williams is king says:

    Could a case be made for a jeter, grandy, cano, Rodriguez, swisher, jones, tex line up against lefties?

  24. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yanks need to pitch better. That is all.

    • Havok9120 says:


      I’m glad most (most) of the regulars have kept their heads. Everyone else seems to have lost it.

      • Duh Innings says:

        Look at you people ignoring Girardi’s ridiculous moves so far and early into the season and blaming the pitching.

        Yeah CC really wanted to face Carlos Pena over Sean Rodriguez LOL.

        Did you clowns actually watch CC after that grandslam he should’ve never been in position to give up?

        We will never know if he would’ve got Rodriguez out to end the first inning, thanks to Girardi.

        • Havok9120 says:

          Look, we get what your speil is. Its crap. D’ya know why?

          Because nearly every other manager in the game does the same thing. And if they don’t? Its because they don’t have the balls to do their job.

          I’m not the biggest Girardi fan out there, but managers are PAID to over-think, make decisions with no right answer, look at statistics when everyone else just wants to look at the game. Its the manager’s role on the team. It was what his gut (and the average other manager’s gut) told him to do. And he did it. I prefer that to doing nothing.

          • Kiko Jones says:

            It wasn’t his gut, it was that damn binder! Any halfway decent manager’s gut would’ve told him that elite aces like CC should NEVER have to intentionally walk a scrub in the first inning of ANY game let alone Opening Day. Maybe if Girardi would get his head out of that damn binder and THINK for himself for a second…

            • jjyank says:

              You know his binder exists for a reason, right? Because its helpful. Yes, in hindsight walking Rodriguez to face Pena did not work out. But lets not pretend that Pena is a beast against lefties and that CC didn’t serve up a meatball to Pena.

              Watch the replay of that pitch. Rodriguez probably would have clobbered it too. Bottom line is our ace needs to make that pitch, regardless of who is at the plate.

        • Needed Pitching says:

          “Yeah CC really wanted to face Carlos Pena over Sean Rodriguez LOL.”

          CC said he did. Rodriguez has had a lot of success against CC. Pena has not.

          sure it was a dumb move, but he didn’t have to give up the grand slam against a lefty that sucks against LHP. Dumb moves don’t excuse not getting the job done after the bad move.

  25. Tom says:

    Beware Seattle pitchers:

    King Felix hit 93mph maybe once or twice tonight and hit 92mph once after the 2nd inning (and was barely hitting 90 at the end of the night)


    They didn’t have pitch f/x readings in Japan, but supposedly his velocity was also down in that game too.

    One other odd thing, Felix started game 1 and Vargas game 2 in Japan… they flipped them for games 3 (Vargas) and game 4 (Felix)… presumably to give Felix more time between starts (?) – that seems a bit odd and I wonder if something is up with him.

  26. CS Yankee says:

    Didn’t see the game (have it recorded until i get home to delete it), but seen some video & read the recap. My thoughts are;

    1) Thought they might DH Arod tonight as he is fragile, but once I realize it was Nunez that would play third…I thought they would just have the kid DH and put Jones in LF.
    2) Nunez blew the pickle but was aware enough to get lucky (or make some luck) throwing to 3B. Sounds like his other mental-midget-moment error at SS led to two key runs. I just don’t think much of his fielding, has to be tough for the SP to respond after that.
    3) Kuroda will be fine, i think.
    4) Girardi tries to outmanage the other coach sometimes. You pitch to littleRod in game 1, inning 1 instead of a power bat…you don’t rest Jeet in game 2 of the season.
    5) This won’t matter much when they are 5 up on everyone come June.

  27. Knoxvillain says:

    Yankees suck ass! They lost two games in a row. We are already two games back and it’s only April 8th! Kuroda was terrible. CC is fat and should have left. A-Rod went 0-4. Rivera’s career is over.

    Am I doing this right guys?

    • Duh Innings says:

      Yadda yadda yadda.

      You do know losses in Games 1 and 2 of a 162-season count just as much as any other two losses, right?

      ‘Say the Rays and Yanks finish with the same record and the Rays beat the Yanks 10-8 in the season series. Girardi’s atrocious managing in Games 1 and 2 would’ve been the primary reason, as he is the field general.

      If the Yanks lose today/get swept, the Rays would have to play only 7-8 ball vs. them to win the season series and if the Rays did that, the Yanks have to outright win the division to avoid starting CC Sabathia in the wildcard game thus lose him for Games 1 and 5 of the ALDS. The earliest he could start is Game 3 which could be an elimination game, if he had to start the wildcard game.

      • Zack says:

        The loss in game 1 would be because Mo had a lead..and he failed to protect it,period

      • Havok9120 says:

        They scored FIFTEEN RUNS against us in those two games. Statistically speaking, a tenth of that (or less) is on Girardi. I’ll go over the top for the sake of argument say 5 of those runs are due to Girardi being a moron, and you know what happens then?

        Absolutely nothing. We should still lose. Because a pitching-heavy team should score this many runs if your team is playing as it should be. I’ve even been saying for weeks that they have more offense than people give them credit for, and they STILL shouldn’t score 7.5 runs per game.

        You seem to be assuming that this is like playing a video game and the guy supposedly running the show is the only meaningful variable. He isn’t. The guys throwing the pitches and fielding the balls matter too, and they DIDN’T DO THEIR JOBS. We should not lose when we score more than five runs a game with this pitching staff. We lost anyway. That isn’t on the manager.

        • Mike HC says:

          It is not doom for the entire season (I don’t watch baseball games like football where every game is do or die), and the entire team wins and loses together, but Girardi is flat out getting out managed in these two games. And I don’t think that is a fluke. I think Maddon handily out manages basically every manager in the league.

          Compared to Maddon, Girirdi is not a good manager. Compared to the rest of the league, I have Girardi as above average.

          And of course, as pointed out, pitching and defense has been a larger problem than getting out managed, but still.

          • Havok9120 says:

            Maddon has done some silly crap (I’m looking at you game 1) as well this series, but gets a pass because of the W’s. Had we not given them 15 runs to play with that would not be an issue.

            Is Maddon better than Girardi? Yeah, probably. But the difference between the two of them hasn’t been the difference between us winning the game or us losing it. That’s my point here.

  28. forensic says:

    I disagree that Granderson ‘is still awesome’ because of his two hits. One, the triple you mention, should’ve been a 3-base error as two fielders should’ve caught it and it even hit off one of their gloves.

  29. voice of reason says:

    Nunez to RF after Swish’s contract runs out? Better hitter than Mr. Excitable and less potential glove damage Out There.

    New day, folks. Normally this place is awesome for cerebral YankSpeak, but the last couple of days have seen this place resemble any other idiot baseball forum…

  30. Rainbow Pinstripes says:

    The shift sucks, but we scored enough runs to win. Stop blaming the shift for us losing games.

    CC didn’t lose the game because he intentionally walked someone. He lost because he didn’t have it that day. It happens.

    Kuroda didn’t have it either, really. His “horrible” game was still 5.2 innings of 4 ER ball. We would have said A.J. had pitched a “pretty good” game with that line.

    Jeter sat because it’s a stadium with crappy turf and cement underneath it. Nunez will get better with reps, and if not they’ll replace him.

    The pitchers need to pitch better. There’s still 98.77% of the season left. Chill.

    Stop trying to pretend you’re smarter than the manager, because you’re not. You can question his decisions, sure, but to straight up assume you’re right and he’s wrong is the biggest act of douche baggery you can commit on this site. Stop insulting each other, belittling each other, and over all making me feel like half the comments here should be deleted. We should be here sharing our love for the team, not trying to make each other feel bad.

    You cannot win an argument on the internet.

  31. paulc says:

    i put these on JG…IBB in first game, nunez starting 2nd game…throw in nunEEEEEEEEEEEz….but all will be right in yankee nation…get back at it today.

  32. jjyank says:

    Wow…I just had the displeasure of reading through all of this. A few things everyone needs to keep in mind.

    1. Its only 2 games. Remember we started out 0-2 in 2009? This isn’t football, where losing a game is huge. The Yankees usually seem to start slow in April.

    2. Stop pretending you’re smarter than Girardi. Sure, as fans, we can second-guess is decisions. But the nasty posts in this thread saying how stupid Girardi is with absolute certainty is ridiculous. I disagreed with the IBB to get to Pena in Game 1, but facing a lefty who is bad against lefties is not the dumbest decision in the world, okay? Bottom line is CC needs to make that pitch. Go back and watch the replay, Sean Rodriguez probably hits a grand slam with that pitch too.

    3. Nunez needs to make that play, but why is everybody ready to crucify Girardi for playing him? The game is on a turf field and Jeter is old. Everyone likes to bitch about Jeter’s range, but when he’s not playing short, everyone freaks out. Plus, I’m pretty sure DHing Jeter was just as much about benching Ibanez and Gardner, who are both pretty bad against an elite lefty like Price.

    4. This one is the most important. I love baseball, it is something I, like all of you, are very passionate about. But at the end of the day, it is a game and a hobby. Chill out with all the negativity. If you can’t be positive about your hobby, what can you be positive about in life? The Yankees will be fine. Everyone, step back from the ledge. We still have 160 games to go.

    • mustang says:

      Here are your mistakes AGAIN:

      1. Don’t care if it’s just 2 of 162 its panic time.

      2. it’s always Girardi’s fault if not him its Cashman and we are smarter than the both them.

      3. Nunez should never play the field again only DH for that old guy Ibanez God knows 5 RBI’s in the first 2 games is not good enough plus he is old. Jeter has no range and can easily be replace by the guy in AAA whatever his name is.

      4. Baseball is not a hobby it’s our lives and this season is on the brink. We just can’t see how they are going to make the playoffs next week.

      5. Using logic in this thread once again was your biggest mistake. It feels like we done this before.

  33. mustang says:

    Wow it’s been a long 2 days and you guys aren’t make it any easier. They still have 160 more games to go don’t they?

  34. Monterowasdinero says:

    So who would you guys prefer as a manager?

    Maddon or Girardi?

    Same payroll/players etc.

    • jjyank says:

      I’m not convinced that a manager can make moves like Maddon in New York. The media, the scrutiny…Maddon has the luxury of not getting tarred and feathered for a decision that backfires.

      His decisions seem to be working out so far, but can you imagine if Girardi kept using ridiculous shifts and it backfired a few times in a row?

      Besides, read the comments above…there seems to be a rather vocal group that is ready to run Girardi out of town for over-managing. Maddon doesn’t strike me as the “under-managing” type.

      Its like Mike said a couple days ago…all managers are infuriating if you watch them long enough.

      • jjyank says:

        That being said, I don’t have a problem with Girardi. Managing is a lose-lose situation. Its a job of constant gambles. If you gamble and lose, you’re an idiot and an over-manager. If you don’t gamble, then you’re not doing your job. And by the very nature of the word “gambe”, you can’t win very often.

        I do think Girardi is guilty of over-managing sometimes, but who isn’t? On the plus side, I think Girardi is great at managing a bullpen over the course of the season. Guess to answer your question, I’ll stick with the devil I know.

    • mustang says:

      Girardi because game threads would probably double with Maddon.

  35. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Bof teams play hard

  36. a friend of mine, augusta1 joined yes net, but cant seem to write on the boards. any help would be much appreciated. i cant help her because i am only a member of RAB. thanx.

  37. depressed joe says:

    shift should be banned from baseball

  38. jjyank says:

    I know this is not a popular viewpoint, but I am not opposed to laying down a bunt with the shift on. Maybe not for Tex, who knows when the last time he bunted in a game was. But if they’re going to shift on Granderson, I don’t think its a terrible idea. Yes, I know he hit 41 homers last year, but I think if the Rays get screwed over by the shift once or twice, it may not be employed so drastically. Grandy’s got good speed, and if he is batting second he can be on base in front of Cano and A-Rod, as opposed to having the second baseman catch a liner in shallow RF or the shortstop catching a sharp grounder up the middle behind second base.

  39. Jerome S. says:

    On the other hand, Red Sox Nation is committing collective Sepuku as we speak, so at least we’re not them.

  40. Mike Nitabach says:

    Piniella was cracking me up the whole game. At one point, he was babbling about aluminum bats, and even Kay had no idea what the fuck he was talking about, and was all like, “Gee, Lou. Can you tell us more about that?”

    I hope he’s on today’s YES broadcast.

  41. [...] their home away from home. The Rays won the first game in walk-off fashion and the Yankees’ comeback fell short in game two. Tampa completed the sweep with a shutout win [...]

  42. Kramerica Industries says:

    Have yourself a game Hiroki-san.

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