A quick look at Boone Logan’s slider


Boone Logan‘s work this season has been a huge lift to a bullpen that’s suffered two pretty significant injuries, and late last week Lucas Apostoleris of The Hardball Times looked at why the left-hander has been so effective: his slider. Simply put, Boone has been using the pitch much more frequently (48% of all pitches at the time of the writing) and is generating a ton of swings and misses (59% of all swings). Easy enough.

Logan has struck out 27 of the 76 batters he’s faced this season (35.5%) including 17 of 46 lefties (37.0%). I always worry about extreme breaking ball guys (like 50%+ of all pitches, not 25%) because anecdotally, they seem to break down or decline quickly — Brad Lidge, Carlos Marmol, Luke Gregerson being primary examples. Maybe I’m wasting my time worrying about relievers given their short shelf lives, who knows. Anyway, Boone’s been highly effective this season and I hope he continues to pitch this way going forward.

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  • jjyank

    *give mad cookies*

  • jjyank

    On a more serious note, yay for the Boone Logan trade?

    If you had told me that a couple of years later, Logan would have been the most productive guy in that trade, I probably would have just laughed.

    • LiterallyFigurative

      I actually prefer to call it “The Boone Logan – Melky Cabrera Trade”.

      • jjyank

        Meh I would think Melky doesn’t count as far as the trade goes because he was so bad with the Braves he was released. Boone is the only guy that was traded to either team who performed well with either of those teams. Melky having success in KC and (so far) SF means nothing to the trade.

        • LiterallyFigurative

          I call it that just to avoid thinking we traded FOR Vazquez the second time

  • RI$P FTW

    I prefer to call it a mini-burger.

  • Ricky

    LOL! How is Luke Gregerson a primary example of a pitcher on his decline.. His ERA this year is 2.79.. His career ERA is 3.07.. Seems to me like hes actually getting better, and hes only 28 years old. Do some more research before you write something like that.

    • Mike Axisa

      His strikeout rate went from 10+ K/9 to 5.5 last year. Don’t tell someone to do research then cite ERA.

  • Ricky

    That doesn’t mean hes on the decline. ERA is valued higher then strikeout rate just because it doesn’t really matter how many strikeouts you get . As long as hes limiting runs hes ok. Besides most guys don’t guy in a decline in there age 28 season . Mariano Rivera’s strikeout rate went down from ’09 to ’10 from 9.77 to 6.75 and you wouldn’t say he was in a decline in between those years , would you?

    • Genghis

      No one who understand baseball stats today values ERA in a short reliever. ERAs are typically much lower for a guy who works partial innings, because the likelihood of giving up your own runs in a 2 or 1 out inning is much smaller than for a 3 out inning.

  • Ricky

    That’s the thing people most value in relievers besides saves and holds. Then again if the pitcher does allow a couple of runs it’s tough to clean that up when your only pitching 1 or 2 outs of an inning. Even though it’s tougher to allow a run in such little work so it is to lower the ERA after you give up a couple.