Eight runs not enough, Angels walk-off with win


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When you score eight runs and the other team has to get a full 27 outs from their bullpen, you really need to win. The Yankees didn’t on Monday, instead losing a 9-8 game to the Angels on a walk-off homer by Mark Trumbo. Pretty gross. Let’s recap…

  • Stranded: The Yankees left eleven men on-base and went 3-for-11 with runners in scoring position, kinda hard to believe when they still managed eight runs. Blame the Angels and some hilarious errors. The most glaring RISPFAIL came in the top of the ninth, when Derek Jeter grounded out with the bases loaded and two outs on the first pitch he saw from Jordan Walden, the right-hander’s 32nd pitch in his second inning of work. The Yankees wouldn’t bat again.
  • Hughesless: Phil Hughes was just awful, giving up four runs in the bottom of the first after the offense spotted him three runs in the top half and Jered Weaver left the game with a back injury. The Angels were hitting rockets all over the field all night, including one that caused Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher to collide in right-center. They were both fine. Hughes of course gave up the obligatory homer — at least one in all ten starts this season — to go along with seven runs and a career-high eleven hits allowed in 5.1 innings. After four strong starts, you hope this is just a blip on the radar. Phil’s not getting the benefit of the doubt from me though. The sooner the Yankees come up with a better starter, the better.
  • The Russ Bus: As bad as Russell Martin has been this season, he came up with a huge hit with two outs in the seventh. His two-strike, two-run double down the left field line tied the game just one inning after the Angels stretched their lead to three runs. Eight runs is supposed to be enough, especially against a bad offensive team like the Halos.
  • Leftovers: Granderson hit a solo homer, his first dinger outside of Yankee Stadium and Camden Yards this season … Mark Teixeira also hit a solo homer, his fourth homer of the road trip and one of five times he reached base (single, homer, three walks) … Swisher (sac fly) and Eric Chavez (two walks) were the only starters without a hit … David Phelps was pretty shaky, but he did the job in the sixth, seventh, and eighth innings with Cody Eppley and Boone Logan before Cory Wade allowed the walk-off homer to start the ninth. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advances stats, and ESPN the updated standings. Anaheim needed nine innings and 164 pitches out of its bullpen but neither Ernesto Frieri nor Scott Downs pitched, and those two will likely be enough behind Dan Haren on Tuesday given his reputation for soaking up innings. Andy Pettitte will look to get his team back on track after their five-game winning streak came to an end.

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  1. Kiko Jones says:

    An unnecessary loss…Hughes is a no.5 at best at this point…and the RISPFAIL is officially out-of-control, if it wasn’t already. Can something be actually be done about this or is it simply a bad trait this lineup can’t shake? Ugh.

    • DT says:

      I would be more concerned with Hughes then the RISP. 3/11 is still .272, which is average. (Although that Jeter AB made me want to throw rocks at the Cap.) Right now it feels like that 4 good starts were more of an aberration than anything and this is the real Phil Hughes (dating back to second half of 2010).

      • Kiko Jones says:

        The RISPFAIL in this game was average but it has to be worse overall than .272, right? Or does it just seem that way?
        And yes, that Jeter AB was horrifying.

        • DT says:

          It seems worse because their RISP approach in this game was horrendous.

        • forensic says:

          They were at .220 overall with RISP as a team prior to tonight.

          That’s 3rd worst in the league, only ahead of the noted powerhouse offenses of Seattle (.217) and Oakland (.215).

          • forensic says:

            With RISP and 2 out I’m sure they’re now 2nd to last, only ahead of Oakland (Yankees entered at .203), and with the bases loaded they’re also 2nd to last only ahead of Detroit (Yankees entered at .163).

            • forensic says:

              Bases empty they’re at .282 and runners on base they’re at .246.

              It’s like as soon as they put someone on, and then maybe move them into stranding position, it gets worse and worse the more they put the pressure on the opposing pitcher.

  2. Cuso says:

    Lost in the shuffle is Girardi going to Phelps to face Morales with 2 outs in the 6th and down 6-5. Morales is much tougher from the left side. Should have been Rapada there (who was warming) and have Phelps start the 7th. Instead Morales drives in 2 more so we go down 8-5.

    Those 2 runs were avoidable in that spot (as shown later in the game with Morales’ weak hacks at Logan).

  3. DT says:

    Good news is that Tex really has been raking and looking like 2009 Tex. Jeter and Swish however have been god awful this month. I also agree that i really hope we can find another pitcher to replace Hughes fast. That sample size of also 1.5 years of suck means a lot more than 4 okay starts. But this itself really depends on the farm/trade market.

    • Kiko Jones says:

      Tex is returning to form it seems but the Captain has been slumping mightily.

      • eephus_pitch says:

        I don’t think Jeter is capable of being a consistent offensive force at this point in his career. Sure, he may still have a hot streak and get us all excited. He certainly did just that at the start of this season. But his impatience and groundball tendencies are actually worse than ever, and it’s caught up with him.
        The chances of him sustaining another hot streak like he did in April are, well, not very high.

        • Havok9120 says:

          Let us not forget that he hit, what, .290/.330/.360 this month? I mean, yeah, he swings at a lot of first pitches. He’s been doing that since he came up, and made a darn good career out of it. If you want to call it impatience, well, okay, but lets not pretend that its something new or even necessarily bad. You’re right that he hits a ton of groundballs, more than in the past, but that, too, has always been a part of his game.

          He was frustrating to watch tonight. He’s always frustrating to watch when he doesn’t get the big hit. But lets not get carried away with taking that frustration and projecting it into the future. The guy is still doing quite well, even while “slumping mightily.”

          • Need Pitching says:

            that’s not really accurate. Saying he has slumped all of May is inaccurate. His great start continued into the first week of May. Jeter over his past 18 games before today was 247/284/260 – definitely slumping mightily. Hopefully it’s just a slump and not a sign of things to come, but the groudball rate is extremely concerning. The only season where it was higher than his current 62.7% came in 2010, the worst offensive season of his career.
            It’s way too early to declare Jeter done as a consistent offensive force, especially after only an 18 game slump, but there are reasons for concern.

          • eephus_pitch says:

            Maybe I should have said “even more impatient than he’s been for the rest of his career.” The guy’s got all of 6 walks this month. That’s just not a good number for your leadoff hitter.

          • Hummingbird S. says:

            Problem is, as he is losing bat speed (natural with age) he should become more selective with his swings since he’s not hitting the ball with authority anymore.

  4. Kevin says:

    Two things irked me in this game

    1) Hughes was given a 3-0 lead and proceeded to throw away in the first inning. He would then give up three more before leaving.

    2)Jeter swinging at the first pitch at the top of the 9th. The guy was on the ropes and instead of working the count,swung at the first pitch he saw and ended the inning and the game for us. I didn’t even bother to watch the bottom of the 9th,because I knew that somehow, they would win.

    An awful loss in a game we should have had in the bag.

  5. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Blame Hughes, not RISPfail. The Yanks scored 8 runs, with Russell even contributing. If you’re really mad, you can whine about that meatball that Phelps tee’d up for Morales, otherwise this loss should be associated with Hughes the end thank you goodnight love you all kbye.

  6. GT says:

    Hughes is going nowhere, get used to him. The RISP situation is also not going to change. Seems like a bad overall approach by the lineup, maybe. Imagine if they had just one “AAAA” starter in SWB. Oh well, this team will struggle to make the playoffs and the offense/starting pitching is built for early exit anyway.

  7. Kevin says:

    And I’ll say this again,the heck with the RISP in this game.
    We had a 3-0 lead and Hughes threw it away.

  8. China Joe says:

    Impressive…five consecutive wins followed by one loss in the bottom of the ninth against an Angels team which typically owns them in Anaheim, and people are back to declaring the Yankees dead. I agree that Hughes isn’t the answer, but let’s at least wait two days for Nova to crap out against the Angels before we commit mass suicide.

    • CUYanks says:

      Yeah this site has turned into confirmation bias gone to hell in a handbasket. Every game can’t be a win. 5 of 6 isn’t bad and if Weaver is out for any significant period of time that plan B wildcard race just got a little easier. I think the comeback from down 3 runs 8-5 was actually very encouraging, but alas it is all just one game.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Its especially bad since one of the main complaints we were hearing before this streak was “the team has no spark, its just going through the motions, its dead, they don’t care….” and then we come back to tie the game up 2 or 3 times tonight. Now the people who were saying that have shut up about that and moved on to complaining about the latest boogeyman of the moment.

      Look at the posters in that game thread. Its true that not all the people doing it are trolls, but why do so many of the naysayers disappear until something goes wrong? We didn’t hear from most/any of them during the rallies in this game or during the winning streak last week, but when the pitching was blowing the leads or ARod would K or anything else they’d come out and declare that the Yanks are a terrible team.

      • TomH says:

        What’s a “nay-sayer”? Those who believe this Yankee team is not particularly impressive so far and unlikely to nail down a playoff spot (or, if they do, unlikely to get past the first round)? If that’s your definition, count me–celebrating my 60th anniversary as a Yankee fan–as one.

        As for where I may have been this past week: easy. The Yanks are on the West Coast. The games come on late. I give them an hour. That cuts night-time reading from 2.5-3 hrs to 1.5-2. Beyond that I don’t go unless it’s October.

        • Havok9120 says:

          No, that isn’t a naysayer, nor are you. You have positive things to say when you feel they’re warranted and actually bother to show up outside of Game Threads/Recaps where things go badly. The ones that don’t, the ones who only ever see the negative in a game, who will nitpick the team to death no matter what goes right and no matter what evidence is presented….they’re naysayers. I don’t even have any inherent problem with naysaying or the people who practice it. Its when they then disappear when things go well and then pop up when things go badly that I start to become annoyed.

      • Kiko Jones says:

        Maybe folks were so turned off by Hughes’ performance they couldn’t bother to post here. I know I was. I mean, a 3-run lead in the 1st inning and he shows up and it’s gone? Ugh.

        As for being a naysayer, as difficult to understand as it might seem to the pollyannas, I’m always happy when the Yankees win, but to get carried away due to a 5-game winning stint, which pointedly includes a 3-game sweep of Oakland, is delusional. This team has not shown the kind of spark that could take it to the promised land. This is a first-round-of-the-playoffs team, at best. I sincerely hope that’s an absolutely wrong prediction, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        • Havok9120 says:

          No one is asking anyone to embrace the team as the greatest team ever and gurenteed to win the World Series. But for someone to come into a game recap of an 8-2 victory and post ONLY the negatives and then infer that we are doomed because of it….is that not silly? Am I totally off base here?

          Again, I have no inherent problem with pessimism and even over the top pessimism and high standards. I have a problem with the posters who cannot, who actively refuse, to see any positives when things aren’t going perfectly.

  9. Ramondo says:

    It’s official, for the rest of the season, Hughes can only pitch against the Braves, A’s, Mariners, and the Twins! There are no more teams he’s good enough to pitch against! He’s been garbage since he lost the All-Star game! He embarrassed himself in front of his family and friends tonight.

  10. Voice of Reason says:

    If a pitcher were to go 50 innings with a 4.30 FIP and 4.23 xFIP, but a 11.81 ERA on the strength of a .441 BABIP on a 17% LD rate, he’d be described as freakishly unlucky, and his results would be unsustainable SSS noise. But if he does the same thing in 5.1 innings, then he was “just awful.”

    It’s funny that consciousness of luck and sample size can go out the window so quickly when the sample is really small. If shit can happen over the course of a season, it can definitely happen within a single start. The lack of whiffs wasn’t good, control was good, and let’s call the 11 hits what they were: indicative of little to nothing.

    • forensic says:

      Getting hit all over California by a bad offense is indicative of little to nothing?

    • eephus_pitch says:

      No one’s saying Hughes should retire after this game (no one sane, anyway), but you’d have to be troubled with the way he was getting torched. Those weren’t bleeders and ducksnorts. Those were rockets being hit all over the park. Other than the infield hit to lead off the game, everything was hit extremely hard. Even the outs were hard-hit.

    • Jesse says:

      If you watched the game you would know that he got knocked around pretty badly. He was hardly “unlucky”.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Pitchers can create their own BAPIP troubles. Hughes seems to be one of those.

      When a guy is getting unlucky with BAPIP, its grounders leaking through, bloops falling in, etc. This was balls smoked to the wall and liners into the gaps.

    • johnnybk says:

      Those numbers have less to do with luck and much much more to do with all the fastballs over the plate

    • TomH says:

      Enough with SSSS (small sample-size syndrome). He was getting creamed last night. The Angels were having batting practice, part 2. People must learn when to drop the stat jargon and start watching the actual baseball.

      • CUYanks says:

        There’s a difference between using small samples to explain what happened–as you did and can fairly do– and actually pretending they have predictive value, of which they have very little. Unfortunately watching baseball the human eye is simply not calibrated to the level of random fluctuation that will occur, so making inference from what we see in a single game is much easier said than done.

  11. Now Batting says:

    I’d like to see Garcia get a start instead of Hughes

    • eephus_pitch says:


    • Havok9120 says:

      You’re joking….right? RIGHT??!

      I mean….no. That’s totally nuts.

    • Will says:

      Honestly, at this point I’d be happy if they traded Hughes to Colorado for Jamie Moyer.

      • gageagainstthemachine says:

        Hughes was really bad last night. They might as well have had Pineda walk the ball up to the plate each time and underhand soft toss it with his non-pitching arm. He probably would’ve still generated more swings and misses than Hughes was getting last night. Man, was he awphul!

    • Kevin Winters says:

      I’m not a believer in Hughes but no to Garcia starting.

      • TomH says:

        Garcia should be paid off and released. He’s a threat to his own physcal safety on the mound. He has nothing left.

  12. forensic says:

    0-2 in this game I believe puts them at 1 for their last 31 with the bases loaded.

    Absolutely horrid.

    • Jesse says:

      I don’t even remember the last time they got a hit with the bases loaded. Do you remember?

      • forensic says:

        The last one I remember is Cano’s GS which was early May, but I don’t think that was the 1 in that stat. I have no idea when that one was.

        • forensic says:

          Ok, I’m bored, so here you go…

          They’re 0 for their last 13. Their last hit was a Jeter single that scored one run against KC on May 22. That same inning they went 0-3 with 2 K’s to not score again after bases loaded and no outs.

          They’re 1 for 27 back to that Cano GS on May 6th (I got my number from the A’s broadcast a few days ago so I’m not sure where the differences are).

          Back further, they’re 2-33 since an Ibanez RBI single on April 29th and 3-36 since April 23rd.

          It appears they started the season 5-15 prior to that.

          • forensic says:

            Yup, finishing the research through the beginning of the season, they started 5-15. Included in there were streaks of 3-4 and 5-9.

            So, in short, yeah, they’ve been pretty terrible with the bases loaded this year.

  13. forensic says:

    Howie Kendrick against the Yankees is officially reaching absurdity levels possibly not seen since Alex Rios had that 30-40 game hitting streak against them.

    Every other team can get him out, why haven’t they figured it out yet???

  14. Sean in LA says:

    Kendricks’ 2 RBI single, Trumbo’s triple and Trout’s Home run off Hughes all have one thing in common. Can anyone guess it? They all came on that 86 MPH piece of Sh%t cutter that he constantly throws. Why on earth would someone keep throwing a cutter THAT DOESN’T CUT?! That has got to be the absolute worst pitch from any pitcher in all of baseball. Absolutely putrid. When you throw 95, dont give them an 86 MPH meatball over the heart of the plate. He will never amount to anything other than a AAAA pitcher unless he can figure it out. The day I never see Phil Hughes in a New York uniform again cant come soon enough. I was at the stadium today and I fought the urge to boo him.

    • forensic says:

      I couldn’t agree more about his cutter. I’ve felt that way forever. And it doesn’t seem to just be him, it seems like several guys get that when in the bullpen and it’s terrible for them.

      It’s why I can’t stand when people always say to put someone in the bullpen so they can learn the cutter from Mo. Mo’s cutter is amazing, but if he could teach it at will, then the Yankees would have a 2.00 team ERA. That’s not how it works.

      • Sean in LA says:

        I can understand trying to bust it out on a no one on scenario early in the game to see if its there that night, but to constantly throw it ineffectively and in high leverage situations? Its mind numbingly stupid.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        You haven’t seen my cutter, then.

    • eephus_pitch says:

      I can’t remember the last time I saw pitches hang there like that, just waiting to be clobbered. They were on a tee.

    • A.D. says:

      When you throw 95

      Eh, Hughes doesn’t really throw 95, but agreed rather see him lose on the real fastball

    • TomH says:

      There’s something deficient in his baseball pitching intelligence. He’s the anti-Mussina, the anti-Pettitte, the anti-all-the-way-back-to-Lopat.

  15. Bavarian Yankee says:

    ah, another Phil Hughes Classic ™

    did they already invite him to pitch in the HR Derby? tbh I can’t wait to see the Yankees non-tender him after the season.

    • forensic says:

      Yeah right. They would never admit failure with him by non-tendering him. Get used to seeing him, he’ll have another 50ish starts as a Yankee still in him.

  16. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Blame Jeter. Blame the bullpen in the 9th. Blame my insomnia. Don’t blame Phil Hughes. The Phil Hughes of several months ago wouldn’t have gotten through the third inning. He figured out a way to keep his team in the game and save the bullpen as much as possible.

    Do you overnight people ever sleep, or are you all working the overnight shift or something? Jesus.

    • forensic says:

      At least if they’d taken him out after 3 he wouldn’t have given up 2 more runs after that…

      As an overnighter, I guess, I’m out west and used to work graveyard (boy do I miss it), but am now stuck on dayshift, though I’m off the first half of the week and as a night person I can’t help but have a couple beers on my weekends after the wife and baby are asleep and do meaningless, mindnumbing research into random stats while playing video game baseball. That answer your question? :-)

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Meh. Who’s to say whoever came in for him wouldn’t have blown the door open for the Angels? I’m fine with how long he was left in there. Not a good start, but not ready to go back to “he’s done” after one stinker either.

        In my case, the wife and baby are sound asleep. I’m the one who hasn’t been able to fall asleep since 3:30 on the eve of Memorial Day Weekend ending. The irony.

    • DT says:

      Keep the team in this game? He gave up 6 runs by the 4th, that’s not keeping the Team in the game, if AJ threw up this shithole of a performance i doubt you’d be saying that. The offense kept the team in the game. If we had a competent pitcher pitching we’d win.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Ugh, how do you know what I’d say if AJ had been pitching?

        Keeping the team in the game is allowing the team a chance to win. Being that the team was within two runs, at worst, yes, he kept the team in the game and allowed them a chance to win. The game was lost in the 9th, not first, inning. I’m not saying he had a good game, but I am saying the Hughes of the start of this season would have had Girardi running to phones in the middle of the second, and at no point did I find myself screaming for that.

        • Kevin says:

          No sorry Robinson,this game wasn’t lsot in the 9th. It was lost when Hughes gave up six runs on 11 hits. That is not keeping your team in the game.
          The offense kept the Yankees in the game,not HUghes.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            It’s unbelievable how many people formulate an opinion on here first, then twist the facts to meet that opinion.

            The team never trailed by more than two runs. Had Hughes, or the pitching staff, given up ten runs to the Angels, then the team would have been out of the ballgame. That did not happen. This game was lost in the bottom of the 9th.

            I’ve made my point already. Feel free to continue to board the “Hughes Sux Againz” bus after one stinker.

            • Kosmo says:

              lets face it Hughes has pitched better of late but not against the best competition. He pitched a good game vs. a sluggish KC lineup. When a pitcher gives up 4 runs in the first inning after your offense has staked you to a 3-run lead you just know it´s going to be a long day. 100 pitch 5-6 inning games isn´t getting it done. All Hughes needed to do was pitch 6 innings of 3 run ball and he couldn´t even do that.

            • Hummingbird S. says:

              Yeah, he was keeping them in the game by always giving up runs after his team would score some. One hell of a pitcher this Hughes guy.

            • Kevin Winters says:

              This game was lost in the bottom of the 9th.


              The game was lost when Hughes continued to give runs back

        • DT says:

          He gave the other team the lead twice…that’s not keeping us in the game

  17. Kramerica Industries says:

    Just wouldn’t be a game in Anaheim without a brutal loss.

    Coming from the Oakland Coliseum to Anaheim, Jesus, talk about a tale of two cities…

  18. Bruce says:

    OK, I missed the game. Checked the score when I went to bed and the Yanks were done, something like 6-5. OK, close enough, but WTF w/Hughes, I wonder…. here we go again? Then I check the play by play and it looks like he was actually OK after the first. That collision ball between Granderson and Swisher should have been caught. Then I check RAB and see he’s getting ripped. Was he really getting tagged even after the 1st?

  19. Kosmo says:

    Hughes vs. the Angels in 2 starts-
    8 2/3 innings 19 hits 13 ER 9 Ks

    Hughes will succeed to some degree vs. offensively challenged teams but against a team like the Angels that are waking up offensively no contest. I can´t wait to see what he´ll do vs. the Sox.

    I´ve tried to remain upbeat about Hughes this year but I just can´t anymore. I´d much rather have Noesi than Hughes.

    • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

      Noesi has pitched better than his record. Of course he only gets 1-2 runs of support a game. The M’s offense is so painful to watch-and I do. Ichiro 3rd? Jesus leads the team with 23 rbi’s and really has no one batting behind him.

      • Kosmo says:

        Exactly. In 6 May starts he´s pitched to a 3.43 ERA and his last 3 opponents were Cleveland, Texas and LA and he pitched well against all of them.

  20. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    I watched 5.5 innings but Hughes can hardly be defended with his performance tonight. He was hit hard and often. His approach must change. He constantly gets two strikes then fails to put the batter away. Hughes IMHO uses the relief pitchers mentality, fastball, curve. He does not mix it up or if he does the pitches are ordinary at best.

    I watch all these teams trot out their young players and are in envy over their ability to scout, draft and develop. Whether its positional or pitching while the Yankees search the FA’s or DFA’s or retiree’s every off season to find the missing link. This I find so dis heartening. This the most glaring fault of the Yankee system. I have not forgotten Cano and Gardner but way too short on development.

    As I said yesterday,” The Angels find away to win and and the Yankees find a way to loss.”

    • Kevin says:

      Funny,the Angels had to shell out more than $200 million to get some offense in their lineup.
      And as for finding ways to lose,until their recent winning streak,the Angels were doing a pretty darn good job of that themselves.

    • TomH says:

      Remember that envy if you vote in the confidence poll. It should inform every vote.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      As I said yesterday,” The Angels find away to win and and the Yankees find a way to loss.”

      Judging by their records both this year and the last few, you’re dead wrong.

      • LarryM.,Fl. says:

        I was referring to the Angels and Yankees head to head especially in LAA. We have had some very lean years playing in LAA. Remember Crosby and Scheffield collision and Granderson and Swisher last night. Its part of the game. I’m sure crowd noise came into play with this one. You’re a Yankee fan. You have seen the games. It seems that if we can give them a game we’ll find a way to do it.

        The Yanks won 97 games last year.

  21. DM says:

    Tough loss. You score early and catch a break with Weaver’s back — but still can’t steal a win with 8 runs. Hughes is the goat in this one. It’s sad when Girardi thinks Eppley is the better option in that spot.

  22. sandy g says:

    the yankees need a power arm in the bullpen.they do not have that at this time.put hughes in the bullpen and tell him to air it cutter just the fastball and changeup.what right handed pitcher can they call on in the late innings to get a strikeout? wade,eppley garcia,what is cashman thinking,his personal problems are really effecting his running the team.

    • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

      DRob should be back soon. As should Gardy. Btw, watching Ibanez throw is painful. Swisher needs to get the hell out of Grandy’s way. Fast man and slow man, center and right, ball in the gap….get the hell away Swish!

      This loss felt inevitable. Angels are hot now. Hughes is a very undependable pitcher who should abandon his cutter. We can hope to split the next two and get out of Anaheim. Trout and Trumbo are very dangerous hitters-young, cost contained. Too bad we don’t have anybody that age and salary in our starting lineup.

    • jjyank says:

      Mo, Joba, and Robertson getting injured is not Cashman’s fault. How many bullpens in the majors can lose 3 guys like that and still have a lockdown power arm?

      Also, not sure why Wade is lumped into the “Cashman sucks” examples, he’s been really good for the Yankees and cost them nothing to obtain.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      “his personal problems are really effecting the team”

      Should this be attributed to “A Troll” or “Troll Shady?”

  23. Got Heeeeeeem says:

    Waiting for the article titled “Derek Jeter and the First Pitch of the AB with RISP.”

    • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

      He has the mindset that the first pitch “to get ahead in the count” will be the best to hit. Fb down the middle.

      • Hummingbird S. says:

        how’s that working out so far? (honest question, if anyone knows the numbers)

      • Deep Thoughts says:

        He swung at a 98 mph fastball, a low strike right over the middle. Wasn’t exactly a hitter’s pitch but I can’t kill him for swinging in the zone. Who knows if he would have seen anything more hittable during the at-bat.

  24. Bo Knows says:

    This game is a sample of what happens in with Phil Hughes. When he neglects to use his change and basically only throws fastballs (which he did in that first inning) he’s going to get foul balls and hit around. When he uses the change often, he generates bad contact which leads to quick innings.

    • blooper says:

      It’s hard to defend Hughes at this point and I don’t really intend to try. But I don’t see how pitch selection is all or even mostly his fault. If Martin isn’t calling for the change, Hughes isn’t going to throw it. There must be a reason Martin keeps calling for cutters and not changes. Just not sure what it is.

      • TomH says:

        IF Martin is over-calling for the cutter, and IF Hughes had any sense (and memory for the fate of that pitch) he should shake Martin off.

      • Bo Knows says:

        final decision is with the pitcher,but knowing how Hughes is when it comes to his fastball it wouldn’t shock me if he shook off Martin to go right back to the heat (which I’ve seen him do before)

        That being said, Hughes changeup is a very good pitch, its shown itself to be legit weapon going back to last year when his fb was nothing. It should honestly be the go to secondary pitch because it doesn’t generate strong contact when struck and can get a few whiffs to boot.

  25. JohnC says:

    COuple of positives. Russell martin with a huge 2 out 2run double to tie the game and nearly was the hero in the 9th but his ball just wasn’t hit hard enough to go through to CF. Maybe that’ll finally get him going. Tex looks like he is finally turning the corner and is red hot now. This is the best I’ve seen Boone Logan look since he’s been in pinstripes. His slider has been real nasty this year. Bottom line though when you get Jered Weaver out of the game before he records an out, you have to win that game! Bad loss for Yanks

  26. mt says:

    Several things about this game:

    1) I love it when “teams that play the game the right way” like Tampa Bay and Angels struggle in the field and we take advantage of it. It was sad to see that we couldn’t win game.

    2) I looked at switch hitter Kendrys Morales splits’ this year and in 2009/2010 (did not play in 2011): his batting average and slugging are significantly lower when he faces lefties. That confirms what I thought last night when I was screaming at TV when Girardi broght Phelps in. Isn’t that the obvious 2nd LOOGY Rapada situation (Boone is now more than a LOOGY but in this game Girardi used him like one.) – in addition, I hate bringing in the Phelps and Gracias of the world with men on base. Of course Morales gets a base hit against the righty Phelps. Then in eighth inning Girardi takes out Phelps for the lefty Boone who proceeds to make Morales look stupid. Now I know Logan is better than Rapada especially recently so they are not the same piching quality but how can you bring in Phelps and not use the lefty Rapada? Also galling to not use 2nd lefty chip against the one lefty side masher in line-up that can hurt you. Angels are about the most right handed team in baseball in terms of their main run producers like Pujols, Trumbo, Kendrick, Trout (also no more Abreu and their other lefties are singles hitting switch hitters like Aybar and Izturis.)

    3) I wish there was a way to fine Phil Hughes for all the hits he gives up after going 0-2 on a batter. I also thought in some of his prior recent successful starts he largely ditched the cutter. I did not see the pitch description for some of the hits he gave up last night but it did not seem like his four-seamer. Thought it was his curveball but others have said on this board that it was his cutter.

    4) I know Jeter is very aggressive on first pitch and that works for him but I still cannot see why in certain situations (bases loaded, late inning, tiring reliever) he cannot modify his approach. To me if righty Walden (with a 98 mph fastball and a sick slider) throws strikes to righty Jeter in that situation, chances are not good for Jeter to get a hit but he can be wild. But HOF Jeter in that situation is confident he can hit anybody, I am sure.

    4) We just don’t do standard RISPfail – Yanks have mastered advanced art of the bases loaded RISPfail. Even in Oakland their RISP numbers were better but not fantatsic. Yes, ith 8 runs scored it is not a question of RISPfail and offense but Hughes. However, their continued failures are concerning because the more they fail, the more they will tighten up and it will hurt in games when they don’t score as much or don’t get gift runs from the defense. Maybe a silver lining is that Martin’s hit gives him a springboard to better things.

    5) Whoever came up with Runners in “stranded” position – priceless,

    • TomH says:

      5) Whoever came up with Runners in “stranded” position – priceless,

      I agree. It’s become my favorite technical term.

  27. mike says:

    Our friend Mr. Jeter needs to have a few games off to rest…he clearly is struggling and has no zip in his batspeed.

    Mr. Hughes is a mediocre pitcher – such is the life of hyped pitching prospects – more fail than succeed. Is it worth another 10 starts to see if he stays in the roation?? I guess we will all find out. Best case, he morphs into Isringhausen.

    Did anyone think the Yanks were going to win last night? Martin gave them a breath of hope, but all it did was make me lose an extra hour of sleep

    • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

      I didn’t stay up. Much better for my health and mood the next morning when I have to go to work.

  28. OldYanksFan says:

    Jeter First pitch hitting (career): .382 .396 .563 .959
    Jeter First pitch hitting (-2011-): .414 .431 .557 .988
    Jeter First pitch hitting (-2012-): .378 .378 .444 .822

    It may be annoying, and not seem justified in certain situations…
    but can you argue with his numbers?

    • eephus_pitch says:

      I know, it always works out by season’s end. The average numbers are great. They’re Hall of Fame numbers.
      Still. Sometimes you have to put together a more disciplined at-bat. Jeter seems disinclined to do that much anymore.

      • eephus_pitch says:

        And you have to look at his splits for what he does at other points in the count, also.
        1-0 count: .977
        1-1 count: 1.167
        3-0 count: 1.000
        3-1 count: 1.364

        So while, yes, Jeter hits just fine hacking at the first pitch, his numbers increase dramatically when he’s in good hitters counts. Working the count should be what every leadoff man does anyway, but when there are crucial runs that need to be driven in it’s absolutely essential.

        • Havok9120 says:

          But all those are AFTER he takes the first pitch. The count is 0-0 if he swings at the first pitch.

  29. rogue says:

    Since Tex got bashed when he was struggling, it’s only judicious to give Swisher the same treatment. In a nutshell, he’s been awful this season. Even on the field he collided and almost collided with Curtis last night. Chavez went hitless last night but at least he hit the ball hard and drew 2 walks. Swish isn’t doing even that. Instead, he’s swinging at bad pitches. His SF to left was part of a 3-run rally, but honestly, a sacfly isn’t what you want when your team is down 3 runs in the seventh. Good thing for that 2-out double from Martin, which came straight out of the blue. At least Swish’s power numbers and LD% remain strong, so there’s hope.

    Swisher’s May slash: .200/.244/.325

    That’s a bad month.

  30. So after one bad start you all are ready to dump Hughes, good luck finding a replacement! Hughes isn’t the problem it’s the horrible offense, so Hughes had one bad start in his out of his last 6 or 7, get over it, he’ll come back strong!!

    • eephus_pitch says:

      They scored 8 runs last night. Should they have scored more? Absolutely.
      But 8 runs should be enough.

    • DT says:

      Oh please, Hughe’s few good starts are more an aberration due to weak teams in 1.5 years of mediocrity starting after the first two months of 2010. In the larger sample size this was basically a vintage Phil Hughes outing. And how do you blame the offense for scoring 8 runs, including a big two out hit to tie the game? Usually 5 runs is enough to win a game, but when you’re starter gives up 7…it’s not the offense’s fault.

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