Now welcome at Yankee Stadium: Technology

Game 30: All Wet
Betances dominant in Triple-A win

Just a heads up, the Yankees confirmed that they are now allowing tablet devices into Yankee Stadium. That means iPads, Kindles, eReaders, stuff like that. I hope the Yankees provide enough entertainment on the field this season that you don’t need to play Angry Birds during the game though.

Game 30: All Wet
Betances dominant in Triple-A win
  • Jamey

    Nothing like strolling through The Bronx with your iPad.

  • Luddite

    Technology is the downfall of us all, I tell you, the downfall of us all!

    What am I doing here? How did I get here? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    • Havok9120


  • noseeum

    Now if they could just open up the wifi network that just sits there tempting me every game, we’d have something!

    Nothing more frustrating then trying to update my win probability page in the Fangraphs app over a clogged AT&T 3G network!

    • Brian in NH

      They don’t have 4G around YS yet? I find that hard to believe

  • TomH

    The Decline of the West continues, unabated.

  • quejwh

    Why the hell would you bring an iPad or a kindle to freaking major league baseball game?

    What the fuck is wrong with people?

    • Havok9120

      Some girlfriends, boyfriends, and spouses really, rreally don’t like baseball. Believe me.

      • Mike Axisa

        Little kids too.

    • Fernando

      I don’t get why people bring a Kindle, but what is wrong with an iPad. You can take pictures and check the out of town scores, which adds to the ballgame experience. Basically the same thing people with smart phones do.

      I was bummed when I went last week and was not allowed to bring my iPad in. Of course, I supposedly went to rent a locker across the street, then snuck it in. However, I was too afraid to use it for fear I would get kicked out.

    • suz

      Maybe because I’m COMING DIRECTLY FROM WORK and don’t have TIME to go home or anywhere else to safely stash my device??? Man—what is it to YOU anyway? Why would you even take the time to comment on this?

      What the fuck business is it of YOURS?

    • misty

      Some people take the train to the stadium, therefore, the e-reader will be used getting to and from the stadium, and while waiting at Penn for your train…not during the game. I always use mass transit and enjoy reading while on the train.

  • Andrew518

    I’m pretty sure there is an out of town scoreboard at the stadium (albiet an wholey substandard one) For the life of me I don’t understand why we need such a big screen to show me who’s at bat, but can’t come up with a full out of town board.

    I was at a game last year in which the couple in front of me spent the majority of the game reviewing baby pictures on their idiot phone. I find it so difficult to swallow that we can’t spend 3 hours at a game and just pay attention to the what’s on the field.

    • jsbrendog

      i can’t believe they have one of the largest tvs in the world yet i have never seen a replay on any screen anywhere so every close play the fans are left in the dark wondering.

      i feel like the yankees are the only ones who don’t show replays of close plays

  • oldirtyfishkilla

    I was at a game two years ago and a girl (adult) down the row from me was reading a freakin’ novel. These tickets are not cheap so why the hell would anyone do that?? You might as well just not go.

    Oh, the argument about wives, gf’s etc…not being into it; you can be damn sure if I brought a book to the symphony or something my wife dragged me too, I would be on the couch that night.

  • jsbrendog

    for all the people who are going ZOMGGG WHY BRING A KINDLE etc maybe you should stop yelling and think for a second.

    people take the train whether it be metro north or the subway and some have rides of over 30 minutes and might enjoy reading a book and expanding their horizons. I bring my nook with me any time i take the subway cause if i can squeeze in even 15 mnutes of reading i am happy. You know, being an adult it is very hard to find time to read, especially as much as i want to. also, coming from work, which, in case you weren’t sure, are the days that the majority of games happen (workdays\weekdays, if you weren’t following), most people have even longer commutes to and from the city and like to bring their ereaders with them so why shouldn’t they be allowed to bring them to a game?

    • Captain

      seriously. people on public transportation enjoy entertaining themselves by reading, playing on their ipad, listening to music, etc. it was messed up that people were not allowed to bring those devices with them into the Stadium and either leave it at work/home or risk storing it somewhere down the street.

    • sjferrari

      I wouldn’t be able to read on a subway going to or coming from the stadium. The last time I went, it was shoulder to shoulder, no way I would’ve been able to do any reading at all.

      But I still am in favor of the decision.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    It definitely annoyed me that iPads weren’t welcomed (huge iPad fan).

    And I’m psyched for this development.

    I hope it portends further moves, like apps/sites for ordering food, seeing replays, etc. They could do some amazing things, if only they’d try. I think I read the Marlins are big time into this kind of thing.

  • Jim

    Guys –
    Cool down. Some of us come from work and bring our ipads with us because we use it on the subway and/or at work. Its kind of a hassle having to leave it at work and not have it until the next day. This is a good development.

  • gfb1

    Um… I know its a bit out of fashion… But, I still score the games when I go (and, sometimes, if I’m home alone watching the tube).

    I’ve tried out 2 of the smartphone apps for scoring and have tried Scorepad on my old iPhone, and iScore (both iphone and android). Using the small phone screen is a pain, and I might be tempted to get a tablet — now that you can print out or post your score card online (and actually bring it to the stadium).
    Anybody else actually use them??

    (although, on Mon nights game, I think I would have had to have a tablet in a ziplock bag. My Wilson scorebook didn’t fare much better, but cheaper at $5… )