Pettitte carries Yanks to win over Reds

O'Brien stellar in Double-A debut
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Friday night’s game against the Reds was kinda sorta like those last three games against the Blue Jays and Orioles … except the Yankees won! It’s a mid-May miracle. Let’s recap…

  • Just Dandy: So, remember when we were all nervous about Andy Pettitte not being effective after his year-long hiatus? Yeah, forget that. Pettitte was masterful on Friday, carving up the Cincinnati hitters with every pitch in the book. He threw 115 pitches (78 strikes, 67.8%), struck out nine, walked one, and allowed just four singles. Andy was locating everything on the corners and burying his offspeed stuff in the dirt. With a Game Score of 82, this was Pettitte’s best start since May 2006 with the Astros. Holy crap.
  • A-Run: The Yankees went 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position but they did get a man home from third base with less than two outs on Alex Rodriguez‘s ground ball to short. It’s a start, I guess. They didn’t cash in on a similar chance in the second inning and amazingly turned a bases loaded, no outs situation into zero runs in the sixth. In fairness, replays showed that Derek Jeter was incorrectly called out at home on a force play even though the catcher’s foot didn’t touch the plate. Still, they were terrible in these spots yet again.
  • Homers Cure All: With a 1-0 lead through going into the eighth, this one was set up perfectly for disappointment. Some reliever, probably Rafael Soriano, would blow the lead and waste Pettitte’s effort because the offense didn’t do a damn thing. Instead, the Yankees tacked on a trio of insurance runs in the only way they know: with the long ball. Robinson Cano crushed a solo shot off Balki Arroyo about halfway up the right field bleachers before Raul Ibanez chipped in a two-run shot to right. Seriously, it was a huge sigh of relief once Ibanez put it out of reach.
  • Leftovers: Boone Logan has been insanely good of late and he continued the trend with a scoreless ninth … Yankees pitchers managed to strike out Joey Votto three times (Pettitte twice and Logan once), only the 22nd three-strikeout game of his career (655 games) … the 8-9-1 hitters (Dewayne Wise, Chris Stewart, Jeter) saw a total of 18 pitches in ten plate appearances, which is gross … Stewart threw out Drew Stubbs trying to steal second in the sixth and I swear it was one of the quickest releases I’ve ever seen; it was gorgeous. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. These same two teams will play again on Saturday afternoon, when Ivan Nova will make his first start since suffering injuries to his right foot and ankle in Baltimore five days ago. If something happens and he can’t go, it’ll be either Freddy Garcia or David Phelps. Homer Bailey will be on the bump for the Reds.

O'Brien stellar in Double-A debut
2012 Draft: Slot values for top ten rounds
  • Tony

    Andy was incredible. I hope he can keep this up

  • Mykey

    Never leave us Andy. That performance
    was shock-inducing.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Andy has been on the major league roster for less than a week after an 18 month hiatus and he’s probably their number 2 starter.

    I don’t know whether that’s a testament to his greatness or an indictment on the rest of the starting rotation.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Worry about that tomorrow. Enjoy what you saw tonight.

      • TomH

        Who was the poet the other night?

    • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection)

      Only #2?
      He’ll be the ace/’11 Colon for this year.
      CC is a joke. He’d be amazing if the playoffs were in June every year.

      • Dummies Playing With Balls (formerly Rainbow Connection)

        Whatever! Go meow yourself, you freak!


      • Robinson Tilapia

        Stay away tonight. Really.

      • Mike Axisa

        CC has a 3.54 ERA in the playoffs with NYY and they’ve won eight of his ten starts. The only joke here is your ignorance.

        • Knoxvillain

          But he didn’t win four games in the ALCS and then another four in the World Series in 2010 and 2011. He isn’t worth the money.


        • Jim Is Bored

          It’s not even a joke anymore. It’s just irritating.

          • Rainbow connection


        • Rainbow connection

          Weird. I always read on RAB that wins are a joke stat.

          • Mike Axisa

            Pitcher wins are a joke stat.

    • Steve (different one)

      Well, he’s a borderline (prob a little shy) Hall of Famer, so I don’t see the shame in that at all.

  • CS Yankee

    Boone was the LOOWGY (Lefty One Out Walk GuY) to me a few years ago…would come in and throw four balls in five pitches, or give up a hit. I admit I wanted him DFA’d since he didn’t have any mL options.

    Now, a few years later, he is a solid RP that doesn’t even scare me when he is facing a righty. Our Boone is all grown up now.

    Never doubted Pettitte though, thought if the heater could get to 89-90, there was no reason he can’t be v2010 or better (with a healthy hammy). Let’s hope those legs recover and stay strong all year.

  • Knoxvillain

    I just got off work and checked out the box score on NESPN. I nearly shit myself when I saw Andy’s game. Awesome.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Watching the replay now, as I missed the game as it happened. What Andy Pettitte did tonight was nothing short of inspirational. Never let them tell you you can’t do something.

    I held back from getting too excited about Andy. This was spectacular. My favorite moment of this season thus far. Go team.

    • Erica

      Get excited about Andy. Let yourself enjoy this! (What a solid birthday present.)

  • China Joe

    They should sit Banuelos down and make him watch the tape of Pettitte’s start. That was a crafty lefty clinic.

  • Pat D

    They just had to go and hit those homers rather than win 1-0, didn’t they?

    • Knoxvillain

      They are the Yankees.

    • Erica


    • Mainer

      I was actually “bummed” when Raul hit his……I wanted to see how Soriano was going to do with a lot of pressure on him. Saving a game at the Stadium, to snap a 3 game losing streak and (most importantly) getting Pettitte his well deserved win.

      But, they can do that another time…..

      • Steve (different one)

        The Yankees hadn’t put up a crooked number in about 27 innings. I’ll take the HR and worry about Soriano later, like you said.

  • Knoxvillain

    I hated the Ibanez deal at first. I was really pissed when they chose him over Damon. But damn, he is probably going to be their best move this previous offseason. Obviously better than Pineda, and maybe Kuroda unless he stays a little more consistent.

    Ibanez has been great this year. If anyone is on base and Ibanez is up, then I expect a hit. I don’t expect one from Cano, Jeter, A-Rod or anyone else. Just Ibanez. I love it.

  • NoH

    That play by stewart was seriously awesome. It was a huge out for Pettitte and the game was obviously still very winnable for the Reds. Stubbs got a pretty good jump and he had a great pitch to go on, but Stewart’s throw was perfect. I thought Pettitte was great against the lefties, but I was very impressed with how he handled righties. He was pounding that low outside corner all night with his curve keeping them off balance. Great stuff.

  • Yankonymous

    Who would’ve thought it…Boone Logan, heir apparent.

  • Erica

    Fabulous, Andy. Simply fabulous. It felt GOOD seeing him pitch, you know? He looked great. Classic Andy. How can you say any more?

    Even if we didn’t get that W that we did, Andy’s performance tonight would have been the silver lining.

    Other highlights:
    – Chris Stewart’s arm
    – Rauuuuuul
    – A-Rod’s diving stop to end the inning – toward the end of the game, can’t recall which inning
    – Boone Logan (NEVER thought that name would end up in a list of highlights)

    Though it was the longball that won us the game (besides Andy’s sheer dominance), I can’t say I feel GREAT about the win overall. It should’ve been easier, given how many men were on base. The whole bases loaded situation was terribly frustrating to see, even without that bad call on Jeter. Who knows, let’s just hope this is the night the team needed to get back on track.

    I’m going to the game tomorrow and I hope that Nova is healthy enough to be, well, Nova.

    • Lord Snow

      Healthy enough to be . . . SUPER Nova. Give that man some fu**ing mushrooms!

      • Brian S.

        And then he will throw a no-hitter while tripping like Doc Ellis.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I would pay money to just watch Ivan Nova tripping.

          • Mykey

            Yelling at invisible Jose Bautistas.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Sign this while he’s pitching, Erica.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        SING. Don’t sign.

        Well, maybe. Can I have your autograph?

  • Kosmo

    A must needed lights out performance. Just what the doctor ordered.

  • dannyc

    Sit tex down again tommorrow please

  • Bavarian Yankee

    once again RISPfail deluxe but Andy came to save the day. Vintage Andy.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Bench Tex. Win. Easy formula.


    • DannyC

      To get healthy, he supposedly had a bad coughing the 6th inning in Toronto, that’s why I said to sit him you asshole

  • Curved Slightly

    I seriously think it’s time for the Yankees to consider moving Russell Martin. Even though Stewart is like Brad Ausmus Lite, I wouldn’t mind keeping him in the line up full time with his defense and game calling.

    • Kosmo

      Stewart is not an everyday catcher. Some teams need catching and moving Martin might not be such a bad idea but they need to get a catcher back via trade. Oakland would make a good trade partner, Yanks could trade Cervelli and ? for Suzuki and Balfour. Derek Norris the A´s future starting catcher is major league ready and the A´s would like unloading Suzuki contract, 11 mil over 2012 and 2013 and Balfour´s contract about 3.5 mil. Martin who is making 7.5 million for 2012 could be for instance traded to the Nationals for a couple of minor leaguers. Suzuki makes about 6 million next year with a club option for 2014 which is considerably cheaper than what Martin will make even with such a shitty 2012.
      Suzuki is a little less than league average for a catcher but handles pitchers well and is OK defensively. Balfour could easily hold down the 7th inning.
      Just spitballing.

  • OMG! Bagels!

    Andy’s performance was brilliant. I just wish I hadn’t spent nearly the entire game nervously waiting for it to be wasted by the offense. Stewart’s throw was a thing of beauty and Ibanez was awesome. Overall a really good game that I did not really get to enjoy until it was over.

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    I look forward to ten more years of Andy as he breaks all kinds of Yankee pitching records throwing more and more quality junk.

    Jamie Moyer

  • CP

    This is like a turn-back-the-clock season… Andy pitching like vintage Andy, Jeter hitting like vintage Jeter.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Awe. Shocks.

  • Mainer

    One of my favorite stats for Boone the last couple season is his command of the strike zone..

    He has thrown 178 pitches this season….114 have been strikes (a healthy 64%), walking only six batters (1 IBB) out of 71.

    Nice work 46…..

    Offense is scuffling, starting pitching aren’t getting out of the 6th…what does he do?? You know, you all saw it….

    Definition of a Leader last night. Jump on back guys……

  • cr1

    Took me back to that once-familiar sensation of watching Andy halt a silde. Hope to see that old pattern repeat itself again and again, as needed (and it’s been needed a lot lately).

    • cr1

      …halt a slide…

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    awesome game. i go to all the friday games and it was the biggest crowd of the year so far. not sure if it is just because it was andy or it is mid may now. andy was awesome, probably the best start of the year by a yankee. but the offense blows right now, seriously when was the last time the yankees went 3 for 50 (or whatever it is) with RISP?

  • Arya

    Chris Stewart needs to start catching Andy full time. Martin and Andy weren’t on the same page in his 1st outing and it showed. Stewart knows how to catch, just ask CC.