Teixeira homers twice, Yanks win fourth straight

Homers rule the day in the minors
2012 Draft: Shadowing the Sickels' Mock Draft

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Can the Yankees play the Athletics all the time? Must be nice to be in the AL West, huh? The Yankees won their fourth straight with a 9-2 drubbing of Oakland on Saturday, giving them 26 runs in their last four games. They’d scored 25 runs in their previous nine games combined (two wins, seven losses). Let’s recap…

  • Tex Power: With two homers (one to right, one to left-center) and two singles (one through the teeth of the shift), Mark Teixeira is now the proud owner of a 104 wRC+. It took 46 games, but he’s finally producing at a rate better than the league average. Tex has hit three homers in the first two games of the series and four in his last ten games. Welcome to 2012, buddy. We’ve missed you.
  • CC Power: It wasn’t CC Sabathia‘s best outing — two runs in the first three innings, including a solo homer by lefty Josh Reddick — but he settled down well and retired 11 of the final 12 men he faced on just 40 pitches (3.33 P/PA) after throwing 69 pitches to the first 18 batters (3.83 P/PA). His fastball command was off again and I can’t help but wonder if it’s related to the weight loss, like it’s throwing off his delivery or something. Sabathia had a similar issue last season before packing on a few pounds during the summer. That said, I’ll take two runs in seven innings all season.
  • Misc. Power: Robinson Cano hit his second homer in as many games, third in four games, and fourth in eight games. He doubled and singled as well. Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, and Eric Chavez all had two hits apiece though Curtis Granderson and Alex Rodriguez could only muster one walk each. Raul Ibanez didn’t reach base at all. The Yankees couldn’t do anything wrong offensively, they pushed runs across with singles and a sacrifice fly then blew it open late with the long ball. Should make everyone happy.
  • Leftovers: Wasn’t a fan of Chris Stewart’s third inning bunt (surprise, surprise), but Jeter managed to single through the drawn in infield so it didn’t really matter … Cory Wade struck out two in a perfect eighth inning while Cody Eppley walked one in an otherwise uneventful ninth … the Yankees scored runs in six of nine innings, roughing up former teammate Bartolo Colon for six runs in his six innings … Granderson got caught stealing for the third time in four chances this year (what’s up with that?).

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees will look to complete the sweep on Sunday afternoon behind Hiroki Kuroda. Soft-tossing left-hander they’ve never seen before Tom Milone stands in their way.

Homers rule the day in the minors
2012 Draft: Shadowing the Sickels' Mock Draft
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    Clay Rapada made my 8-year-old daughter extremely happy before the game today — the first Yankee game and first MLB game of her life. He tossed us a ball, and made it a 2-seamer to get it past the A’s fans who were reaching across the left field bleacher rails to intercept.
    Nice pitch, Clay!

  • 28 this year

    Granderson should talk to A-Rod about picking his spots. A-Rod may not be a threat on the bases but it seems like when he goes, he is always safe. He even stole third once this year. All around player even with a bad hip.

  • The Troll

    Why isn’t Jack Cust on the ML roster? It seems like his OBP, at the very least, would warrant a relatively substantial bench role . . .

    • Slu

      But who goes? To me that is the question. Wise?

      • RetroRob

        He’s just some troll.

        • The Troll

          He can read!

  • Nathan

    I have to say that Nick Swisher is one of the most interactive players I’ve seen in a long time. I was in New York for Andy’s first game back and the game before that, both times in the 203, and Nick interacts, jokes and plays with the fans a lot. Not hard to see why he’s a fan favorite.

    And in Oakland tonight, he was out around BP shaking hands, greeting old Oakland staff and such and interacting with fans just as in NY. My girlfriend wore a “Swisher Salute” shirt she bought in NY from Bald Vinny and Nick saw it and made a few acknowledgements. Small things like that but it made her day.

    As for the game, great game. CC was a bit shaky but he settled down. If you would have told me he would make it to the 7th, I wouldn’t have believed you given his pitch count around the 2nd-3rd inning. And speaking of BP, they were all smoking them out pretty well. A-Rod and Tex were hitting them good but Cano was raking, felt like the HR derby almost.

    • RI$P FTW

      This makes me hate white people.

      • Karl Krawfid


      • Big will


      • Jonathan

        friends don’t let friends drink and troll

      • jjyank

        And this cemented your troll status. Good work.

  • Knoxvillain

    The bats look like they’re starting to wake up a little bit. It’s about fucking time.

  • forensic

    Wow, Lorenz and Singleton in the booth? Add in Flaherty and they could cure the World’s insomniacs. If there’s one good thing about being blacked out in this series (and next if they’re still there) is that I don’t have to sit through them. The A’s announcers aren’t quite terrible, though they are whiny, but I’d rather hear them than Lorenz/Singleton.

    As for the Angels’ announcers, that’s a tougher call as they are terrible…

    • Kevin

      Singleton is good but Lorenz…ZZZZ.

      • Bavarian Yankee

        yeah, Lorenz is pretty boring. I’d like to see Singleton, Cone and O’Neill!

        • jjyank

          Same, that my favorite booth.

          • http://riveraveblues.com Rich

            Whatever happened to Pinella–I thought he was supposed to broadcast some games this year?

            • FIPster Doofus

              He was in the booth for the opening series in Tampa. He’ll probably just do the games there and that’s it.

    • Strat

      I remember a west coast trip, I think last season, where they had Lorenz and Flaherty in the booth for a few games. I can usually get past a bad combo, but that was brutal. I even tried muting the audio and turning on the radio with John and Suzyn, but the audio was really out of synch.

  • Jonathan

    Healthy/able to breathe Tex + going back to his previous approach Tex + May almost over Tex=goooooooood Tex. Now if we can get Russell to be slightly worth a fuck again, get Gardner back, stick to a straight platoon of Andruw/Ibanez at DH and have Swish go back to his old self (I’m very confident in Swish regaining form) we’ll be good to go. Going into the year my fears were about Jeter and Ibanez. If everyone else was having a year that is very attainable, think:

    Martin: .240/.330/.400
    Tex: .270/.370/.500
    Cano: .305/.350.525
    ARod: .280/.370/.450
    Gardner: .280/.360/.375
    Grandy: .250/.360/.550
    Swish: .250/.370/.485

    I can’t imagine what our offense would look like. Nonetheless if CC/Kuroda/Pettitte/Nova/Pineda with a late game pen of Mo/Robertson/Soriano/Chamberlain/Hughes/Logan/Wade was around like we all hoped….wow. That very possible at the start of the year bullpen has Cory freaking Wade as the 7TH!!!! best reliever if Joba/Hughes pitched as they had in the past out of the pen. I mean even Torre couldn’t wear out that pen if they were all pitching as they’re more than capable of doing.

    • Knoxvillain

      Tex is going to hit .240, not .270.

  • UNCC Josh

    After watching the first two games and keeping up with his stats throughout the season I think Reddick deserves a spot in the all star game. He is a poor-mans 5 tool player. Would love to see him in pinstripes in the future.

    • Steve (different one)

      Reddick has 13 HRs. Imagine if the Yankees traded a Hitter of that caliber for a pitcher that went on the DL…..wait.

      Not to mention Lowrie is raking. 2 young positions players for 2 relievers?