Yanks can’t hit good pitching, beat Felix anyway

O'Brien dominates in Tampa win
Cashman: No extension talks or search for bullpen help ongoing

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Don’t look now, but the Yankees have suddenly won four of five and were an uncharacteristically bad David Robertson inning away from winning five in a row. The last three starting pitchers they’ve beaten are Jamie Shields, David Price, and Felix Hernandez. I’m sure all three just had off-nights since the Yankee can’t hit good pitching. To the bullet points…

  • My Hiro: To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Hiroki Kuroda pitched all that great on Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take two runs in seven innings eight days a week and twice on Sundays, but he seemed to fall behind every batter — first pitch strike to 14 of 29 hitters — and only struck out a pair against the club with the fourth highest strikeout rate in the league. In his last three starts, Kuroda has seven walks and seven strikeouts in 18.1 IP. Underwhelming, though he’s the kind of guy that bends the laws of DIPS theory. Still, I’ll take this type of outing all year long.
  • De-Crowned: Felix came into this start having allowed one earned run in 24 IP at the New Stadium, but the Yankees got to him for a run when Robinson Cano singled in Curtis Granderson in the very first inning. The also tagged him for three runs in the fifth when Raul Ibanez assaulted a first pitch fastball with two runners on. The three-run dinger was Raul’s sixth of the season and his third in four games. Four runs on eleven hits and two walks against Hernandez is more than I could have ever expected. Great job.
  • Matchups: With Rafael Soriano on the shelf due to his recent workload, eighth inning duties fell on the shoulders of three guys. First Clay Rapada retired Ichiro, then Cory Wade retired Jesus Montero, then Boone Logan retired Kyle Seager. Boone got the first out in the ninth before allowing an infield single. Roberson came on to record two stress-free outs on six pitches, and it was good to get him back out there so soon after that hideous blown save.
  • Leftovers: The Yankees won so I can be happy Montero homered, a solo shot to (where else?) the opposite field … Andruw Jones‘ two-run pinch-hit homer was the team’s first pinch-hit dinger since Jorge Posada in September 2010 … Cano went 4-for-4 with a double and now has 12 hits in his last 20 at-bats, raising his season line to .308/.350/.462. That’ll do … Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira had two hits apiece while Derek Jeter, Granderson, Nick Swisher, Ibanez, and Eric Chavez had one each.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The second game of this three-game set is a rare 4pm ET, non-FOX broadcast on Saturday afternoon. Phil Hughes gets the ball against former teammate Hector Noesi. Check out RAB Tickets for some sweet deals.

O'Brien dominates in Tampa win
Cashman: No extension talks or search for bullpen help ongoing
  • Danny

    Just me or has changed Montero changed his stance a bit ? Nothing significant, just a tad bit different from what we saw last September

    • DM

      Not just you. I noticed too. He needs it b/c it doesn’t have good lower half rotation. He’s got great hand-eye and natural power — but with an awkward dive and lunge arm swing too. I suspect that’s why he’s never displayed the HR numbers in the minors that his power suggests. He’ll be much more dangerous if/when he learns to let pitchers come to him instead of chasing. Then he can turn on pitches as well. I can only imagine how far a ball would go if he turned on it rather swatting at it with his ass going in the other direction.

  • Craig

    Anyone else have this new terrible mobile format? Also, who else is tired of Martins bat? Should they sit him for a few days a la Granderson aug ’10?

    • Bartolo’s Colon

      i agree with the new mobile format, please change it to what it used to be, it blows. I was at the game and tried to check the site, wasn’t good.

    • jjyank

      +1 on the mobile format, -1 on the Martin thing. He’s a catcher, and the only other one we have is Stewart. And don’t get me wrong, Stewart has impressed so far as a BUC. But if you want him to start for several days in a row…all I have to say is this: NO. Martin may not be great, but I’m pretty damn confident that he’s better that Chris Stewart.

      • Chris

        +2 on Mobile, I thought something was wrong with my phone when I checked the site earlier today…

        • YanksFanInBeantown

          Yes! It’s back to normal

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    i think tomorrow’s game is at 4, at least thats what the yankees site says

  • pat

    That freaking kid would hit 40 with that swing and that porch. It was always too good to be true.

  • Jon in CUO

    Not loving the new mobile format. Just a thought

  • Kevin G.

    The Yankees won so I can be happy Montero homered, a solo shot to (where else?) the opposite field

    This may sound bitter, but I’m not going to root for Montero until Pineda comes back, but I’m not going to actively root against him.

    • jjyank

      Kinda in the same boat.t I’m over the trade. Like over, over. Montero is not a Yankee. I don’t give a crap what he does anymore. It does benefit the Yankees in future trades if the players they trade away do well, but in this currunt vacuum, I don’t care. At this point I care more about Montero taking an 0-for so there aren’t any annoying comments (though tonight was surprisingly tame). Which is sad, but if there weren’t annoying comments to begin with, I guess I wouldn’t feel that way.


    Im a super even keeled guy but damn that Montero hr was extremely difficult to stomach. We can play all happy all we want but at THIS moment there is no way to anything other than A) really pissed or B) really sad at where this trade is. With Campos out and Pineda rehabbing a labrum injury….. We’ll see next year and Montero isn’t killing it yet (though not bad in that park at his age). Still I really didn’t like that Again like the above poster said, not rooting against him but we will all have less agita if that’s Montero’s last HR against NY until at least Pineda is rehabbing.

    • jjyank

      Or, ya know, there’s a C) option: I don’t care. I moved on a long time ago. So the home run didn’t bother my any more than if Ackley hit it. A Mariner hit it, that’s all I care about. Teams trade prospects all the time, dwelling on it isn’t a good way to go.

      • BPDELIA

        yeah but often when teams trade top five in baseball prospects they get a player who is playing back. PERHAPS Pineda will be back dealing next year. Perhaps he is finished. Campos is in A ball…..not pitching with elbow inflammation. I’d have no problem trading montero if the guys we got for him hadn’t exploded on the tarmac at JFK apparently. You cannot spin it. It’s a disaster. Period. Pineda may come back better than he was but even so as of now it’s a mess.

        • jjyank

          The reason I don’t care is because it was not a bad trade when it happened. I’m not going to get worked up over hindsight, but if you do, that’s your choice. The only thing we can do is move on.

    • CS Yankee

      Get happy!

      Fact: His replacement got a 3-run dinger off a better pitcher.

      Pineda was a good trade with bad results to date. It could be a bust of a trade but
      I’ll wait 3-5 years (or more) to decide but no reason to cry over spilled milk as the cow will likely be back and mooing batters down (ok, real cheesy finish but wins will do that to a guy).

      • jjyank


  • http://www.retire21.org first name only male – Retire 21

    How long before Cashman cuts his losses and releases Ibanez?


    • jjyank

      I laughed. If Lord Voldemort keeps hitting this way, he’ll be more than acceptable at his salary.

    • FIPster Doofus

      I hated the signing, but it’s paying off big time right now. Ibanez is looking like the 2010 version of Marcus Thames.

  • Havok9120

    I found this on Lookout Landing’s recap, and thought it cool:

    “At another point, in the bottom of the fifth, Mike Blowers took to explaining PITCHfx movement information on the air. ROOT Sports showed an infographic displaying the horizontal and vertical movement on some of Felix’s pitches, and Blowers explained what the numbers meant, and also the effect of gravity. You could point out that some of Felix’s changeups were presumably mis-classified by PITCHfx, so the numbers on the air weren’t perfect. Or you could appreciate the fact that Mike Blowers was talking about PITCHfx. He was talking about PITCHfx! The Mariners’ broadcast talks about PITCHfx, and UZR, and Leverage Index, and yet still employs Bill Krueger. Something for everyone!”

    That’s pretty freakin’ sweet. I like Kay & Co, but that’s awesome. That goes in the category of Cashman talking about Fangraphs articles.

    • Midland TX

      He’s trying to make Eric Wedge less dumb.

    • FIPster Doofus

      I had the Mariners-Tigers game on the other night and Seattle’s announcers were using FIP, xFIP and WAR to further illustrate Felix’s excellence. Seems like a good broadcast team.

      • TCMiller30

        Well they kind of have to.. It’s not like they can use wins to show how good Felix is!

    • Tom

      I live in the Northwest so I was watching the ROOT sports (SEA) feed.

      They did a pretty decent job with it as they were pointing out how apparently Felix throws 2 or 3 different types of changeups (apparently he will change his grip based on the situation/count/batter). You could see it a bit during the game… some changeups were mainly downward movement, others had pretty dramatic horizontal tailing action.

      The only problem is the team is starting to rival Hawk in terms of annoying homerism (though not quite at that level – they will at least call a good play of an opposing team and not just go silent like Hawk). The one thing that is very annoying is that they are from the Gus Johnson school of broadcasting (yelling = dramatic play by play) and they treat any individual event as the biggest thing that ever happened. It almost seems fake at times…

    • Jesse

      I watch a lot of Mariners games, and yes, they incorporate a lot of the advanced stuff in their broadcasts. It’s always refreshing when the broadcasters use FIP, WAR, etc. to evaluate pitchers instead of just wins and ERA.

    • jjyank

      That’s pretty cool. We have Cone, but I’d like to have another guy or two into that stuff. If there were two of them, they might be more willing to get into greater detail about it on the air.

      • BPDELIA

        best booth by far for me is Singleton and Cone. Both players. Both obviously extremely intelligent. One hitter one pitcher. COne brings the advanced stats and Singleton isn’t a total “wins rule” simpleton or anything. His insights on hitting and on the mental aspect of the game are refreshing. Reminds me of when Kubek ws in the booth and how excellent he was. I’d love if the Singleton Cone booth was the main booth and for God’s sake no more three man booths.

        I like Paul Oneill Im sure he’s a great dude but I’m extremely tired of hearing how much he eats. enough already.

        Kay leaves me with sorta conflicted. On one hand he’s a homer but hes a homer who clearly gets frustrated and fairly criticizes as a fan would.

        He’s fine I suppose.

        Pinella was probably the very worst announcer I have ever heard.

        Flaherty is useless.

        • Steve

          Singleton is a total wins rule simpleton. He actually said on air that Felix would probably win the Cy Young (obviously before he did) if he pitched for a better team and had more wins but that he didn’t deserve it with only 13. Kay was the one arguing with him about it

  • Zack D

    Maybe Cano just isnt good anymore, oh wait…

  • dannyc

    Whats the status with romine and cervelli? Martin is hitting .179 i think frankie could do better than that.

    • Jesse

      Romine still has back problems, and I think they’ll only bring up Cervelli if Martin gets hurt.

      • Fin

        I’m not sure about that. Martin has looked terrible at the plate since the first month of last year. At least he had some pop last year. This year hes just a dud at the plate and hasnt looked especially good behind the plate. There new philosophy may be to have pitch framers behind the plate, but not one that is as terrible at the plate as Martin. I’m not giving up on him yet, but he needs to at least do something at the plate over the next month or he most certainly will loose his job to Cirvelli or Stewart.

    • Brian S.

      Romine won’t be much of a hitter in the Bigs. Better get used to light hitting ‘pitch framers’ as our catchers, because that is apparently the Yankees’ organizational philosophy.

      • YanksFanInBeantown

        or, you know, we could wait until Sanchez reaches the show…

  • G

    @Craig- I’ve got it too. I’m a fan because it actually works on my iPhone unlike the old format.

  • Midland TX

    Why Montero kept number 63:

    “Montero said he was happy now, but he cherishes his brief time with the Yankees. He is still wearing jersey No. 63, which he wore when the Yankees called him up last September. He said he would never forget last Sept. 5, when he hit two home runs at Yankee Stadium. He said he would always remember the way the fans cheered him. Because it was such a special time for him, he chose to wear the same number.

    “It’s to remember that time, and now I want to make this number famous in Seattle, like 51 and 34,” he said, referring to the numbers worn by Ichiro Suzuki and Friday night’s starter, Feliz Hernandez. ”


  • Duh Innings

    What on EARTH are you talking about the “Yanks can’t hit good pitching”???

    They have made Shields and Price their bitches twice this year, slapped up King Felix last night, and do well against Verlander the only other true ace in the AL besides King Felix and CC.

    • Jesse

      Quit ruining the narrative.

    • The Guns of Navarone

      Turn your Sarcasm O’Meter on.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    Ibanez is just clutch with RISP this season. I hope he can keep that up.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Call me a Boone-tanger but I’ve become such a big Boone Logan fan this year. He has much better control and he’s learned to use that slider really effectively. Ever since that A-Rod talk Boone’s really evolved into a much smarter relief pitcher. Cool beans.

    • jjyank

      *gives cookie*

  • ThisIsBaseball

    I asked Mike Axisa about the mobile format on twitter yesterday. He said its bc the old format wasn’t working on some OSes. They’re trying to figure it out.

  • OldYanksFan

    Pineda was a good trade with bad results to date.

    Maybe sometime we can have a thread dedicated to what makes a good trade. Unfortunately, many people in hindsite, love to judge a trade based on outcome… which of course, is wrong.

    When you make any gamble, you can only make it based on what is known at the moment. In Baseball, what happens in the future is more based on the RCNB (random chaotic of baseball) than anything else. Who of you predicted that Pujols would have a .192 .228 .277 line after 130 AB?

    Before Pineda went down, while it was far from a consensus, I would say a small majority thought that Cashman made a difficult, albeit, successful trade. Looking at our strengths, farm and current roster, the trade made sense. It was painful because EVERY fan was looking forward to watching Montero mash, and looking forward to developing a homegrown stud.

    It will be very painful to particiate in this (or any) site, if everytime Montero has a great day/week/year, or a terrible day/week/year, someone tries to prove their point with an ‘I told you so!’ post.

    I will miss Montero. Even if Pineda goes 100-0 for the Yanks, and Montero is DFA’ed, I will miss ‘what might have been’.

    Sometimes you do something stupid, but get lucky, and things turn out great. Sometimes you do something smart, but things go to shit anyway. It’s just the nature of life. People need to separate from outcome…. it’s not in our control.

    • Kosmo

      and sometimes you remain pat and do nothing.

      • pat

        Story of my life.


      Yeah see this trade was the first in a long time that left me rather stunned. I was uneasy but I could see it from both sides. The thing is trading Montero (or say putting your house to the center of the table) should be as close to a sure thing as possible. It’s impossible to say that Pineda was a sure thing. From the Ms perspective the exact same holds true. I’d say it was probably a bad trade for both teams in a way.

      And of course you get judged on results. In any profession process is very important but results matter alot. In my job I can think I’m right but I have to check and check and check and check because If Im wrong someone could die. Results matter man.

      So I disagree with a bit of your premise but I’m not calling for Cashman’s head. I didn’t first guess other than thinking I had no idea what to think aside from a slight uneasiness with the trade. Honestly I had always assumed that if Montero had been traded my reaction would be “HELL YEAH!!” Meaning we had gotten a no DOUBT #2 MLB established youngish starter. Pineda was not that yet. He was a prospect. The service time issue was of course paramount but still it took adjusting.

      All that said it’s a total freakin disaster now. eriod. Results are the end. THATS what matters in the end. We judge the GM by his process. We judge the trade by WAR totals ad results. this is a nightmare thus far

      • Voice of Reason

        Results are how trades are judged, but as humans with functioning brains, we understand that it’s stupid to hold GMs accountable for 100% of the results of a trade. Get a hold of yourself.

        Also, Pineda wasn’t a prospect, that’s completely ridiculous. Are all players with a year of service time prospects? Cause I’m guessing it’s just Pineda. You’re just pretending that he was some wholly unknown quantity so you can make the trade seem unwise retroactively. There was a risk of injury as with any young pitcher, but it’s not like he had that great rookie year by accident – you had a very good idea of what you were getting if he was healthy.

        • jjyank

          Agreed. Sure, you’d like to get a sure thing in return, but that doesn’t happen when only one top prospect is in the deal. Guess what, Montero is NOT a sure thing. He was a prospect. You really think you’re going to get a Halladay/Lee/Felix/Hamels type of pitcher for Montero and Noesi? Nooo way. Pineda was probably the best pitcher the could have gotten for that package.

          And stop calling it a disaster. We are a couple of months into a trade that will take years to evaluate. Pineda’s injury really sucks, but let’s wait to see how he comes back for the 4 years we still have him for before we call it a “total freakin disaster”. It’s not like Montero is putting up Rookie of the Year numbers anyway. How do you know he won’t live up to the hype? Chill dude.

          • Kosmo

            Seattle was almost willing to deal Lee for Montero and David Adams but when they found out how bad Adams ankle was they asked for Nunez. NY declined. I see a huge difference in a experienced pitcher like Lee than I do with Pineda with a very little track record of success.

            • YanksFanInBeantown

              And that’s why we got Campos for Noesi.

              Instead of having to throw in an extra piece, we got a possible top of the rotation arm for a probable 4/5.

              • Kosmo

                I´m not going to dispute that but it´s a long way from Charleston to the bigs. Campos is 3 years away and I´m not holding my breath.

            • Voice of Reason

              Are you really comparing a rental to a player with 5 years of team control?

              • Kosmo

                I´m just stating a fact and I´m sure NY would have worked out an extension for Lee at the time.
                5 years of team control doesn´t mean shit if he´s not on the field performing.
                No one knows for sure if Pineda will ever be an effective pitcher again and any low A ball pitching prospect could very well fail and more do fail than succeed.

                • Voice of Reason

                  And in ignoring service time you’re stating a fact that fails to make any decent point.

                  And how bold of you to make that “doesn’t matter if he’s not on the field” comment today. No shit. You’re just making up rules after the fact that would preclude trading Montero for anyone fitting Pineda’s general description. Nobody knows for sure if Montero is ever going to be anything more than a marginal DH or if Noesi will ever be more than a replacement level starter either. It’s a trade involving players with between 0 and 1 years of service time, shit happens. You can judge it when it was made, and at any time after, but don’t say it was a stupid deal when it was made just because things haven’t turned out well a month in.

  • Dave O

    I can’t enjoy watching Montero hit home runs against the Yankees. Growing up, some of my worst baseball memories were watching Jay Buhner beat the Yankees time and again, and this brings those memories back.

    • Kosmo

      “What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for ?“…“You don´t know what the hell your doing ! “ F. Costanza

      • Steve

        My people just kept tellin me Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps!

        • Kosmo

          It still makes me laugh !