Yanks don’t hit, pitch, or field in loss to Halos

Cust homers twice in wild Triple-A win
The Bases Loaded Epidemic

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The bad news: the Yankees lost a second straight game to the Angels on Tuesday night. The good news: they only have to play one more game in this hellhole. Let’s recap…

  • Epidemic: The Yankees loaded the bases in both the third and ninth innings, and both times Robinson Cano struck out to end the threat. The club’s inability to hit with runners in scoring position has morphed into a complete inability to hit with the bases loaded, something they did so fabulously last season. As a team, the Yankees have zero hits in their last 15 at-bats and one hit in their last 34 at-bats with the bases juiced. That’s as pathetic as it gets.
  • Not Dandy: Andy Pettitte didn’t pitch as poorly as his line indicates — five runs in seven innings — with most of the damage coming on homers by Albert Pujols (two-run) and Mark Trumbo (solo). The umps didn’t give him any help in the three-run third, but at the end of the day Pettitte didn’t make the pitches he needed to make to get outs. Andy wasn’t great but he wasn’t bad, which is kinda typical for him.
  • Robbed: Poor Nick Swisher. The guy hit four rockets to the outfield and has one run-scoring single to show for it. Mike Trout robbed him of a maybe homer/maybe double at the left field wall in the second, then Peter Bourjos took away doubles to the right-center field gap in the seventh and eighth. The seventh inning catch was much better. That’s kinda how things go for the Yankees in Anaheim, anything that can break against them does.
  • Leftovers: Derek Jeter (two) and Alex Rodriguez (three) had multiple singles while Raul Ibanez‘s double was the only extra-base hit of the night … with the two strikeouts, Cano is now 6-for-44 (.136) with runners in scoring position this season … the bottom six hitters in the lineup went a combined 5-for-24 … Cody Eppley allowed two ground ball singles in the ninth (one an infield single) and was unable to strand the runner he inherited from Pettitte.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees will turn to Ivan Nova to avoid the sweep on Wednesday night. He gets the ball against Ervin Santana.

Cust homers twice in wild Triple-A win
The Bases Loaded Epidemic
  • Kevin

    Swisher had three solid hits taken away from his tonight. So did some of our other players.
    As for the RISP…Cano leads the charge in that. THey want the grandslam instead of the base hit.
    One other thing,the Yanks are now 10-26 since 06 at the House of Horros, I hope we get the heck out of there ASAP.

  • https://twitter.com/Mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    This team is non competitive if they can’t hit a homer.

  • DT

    Cano seems to be swinging out of his shoes whenever there is RISP. His K rate is well higher with RISP than normal. I’ve said multiple times his plate approach this year with RISP is just terrible.

  • stuart a

    I was out the game and just got home.

    the yanks 3rd and 4th hitters suck, plan and simple. a combined 39 rbi’s for arod the singles hitter and cano(no idea what the hell he is doing).

    the yanks have serious serious issues that are not going away unless they do something.

    cano’s contract is up at the end of the year, if he thinks he is getting some sick contract he is mistaken unless the yankees to there usual insane overpay. the guy has 20 rbi’s, only 1 ahead of the great arod the singles hitter….

    pettitte looked good to me a head shaker how he gave up 5 runs…. eppley is a total waste. aybar kept 2 or 3 balls on the infield also….the angels speed and athleticism saved there staff a bunch of runs….this team is very unlikeable…….

    • Jesse

      There’s plenty of things I disagree with this, but Cano’s contract isn’t up after this year, it’s up after the following year.

  • Brad G.

    Umps had it in for us this whole game. By the time Pettitte gave up the HR to Pujols he was pitching with so much anger you could see it in his face. Say what you want about making pitches when necessary, but eventually umpires are going to need to be held accountable. Same thing happened in Toronto today. The ump wasn’t calling shit the whole game.

    • Mike

      Whenever your catcher keeps asking for a high fastball in the middle of the plate, you’re in trouble.

      R. Martin keeps doing it with power hitters and they keep hitting homeruns, it is as if he doesn’t get it.

  • stuart a

    this team tonight started 1 guy under 30, cano who is 29….

    they need to make drastic hcanges but Cashman does not have the balls to do it and the lemming fans and steiiny and levinesare delusional to think this team can win.

    i think they are 0 and 11 when they do not hit a homer.


    • Deep Thoughts

      You know what’s getting old fast? Your posts.

      They had the misfortune of running into a streaking 6-0 team with Pujols and Trumbo heating up and hitting the snot out of the ball.

      Maybe you think this is roto but nobody makes “drastic changes” except World Series-winning Marlins teams. I understand if you are displeased with certain players’ performance this year but you’re nuts if you think better players are easily had.

      • eephus_pitch

        Yes, I’d be very curious to see what “drastic changes” Cashman could make… if he only had the guts.

        • DT

          He should magically pull some younger hitters out of his ass. Or put our prospects into a hyperbolic time chamber to mature faster.

      • Mike

        “They had the misfortune of running into a streaking 6-0 team with Pujols and Trumbo heating up and hitting the snot out of the ball.”

        That is one of the silliest “arguments” I’ve read recently, because same thing can be said of the Yankees:

        Yankees were 5-0 and by your standards Teix and ARod were also heating up.

        Angels 6-0
        Pujols —> 8 hits in 6 games, 4 of them homeruns, 8 RBI (0.333 AVG)
        Trumbo —> 7 hits in 6 games, 1 of them a homerun, 2 RBI (0.269 AVG)

        Angels as a team in those 6 games:
        0.234 AVG / 0.296 OBP / 0.359 SLG, 7 HR, 25 RBI, 26 R, 17 BB, 39 K’s
        Pitchers: 1.61 ERA, 56 inn, 22 H, 22 BB, 58 Ks, 0.78 WHIP.

        Yankees 5-0
        Teixeira -> 9 hits in 5 games, 3 of them homeruns, 9 RBI (0.474 AVG)
        A-Rod —-> 6 hits in 5 games, 2 of them homeruns, 4 RBI (0.300 AVG)

        Yankees as a team in those 5 games:
        0.284 AVG / 0.361 OBP / 0.544 SLG, 11 HR, 26 RBI, 28 R, 17 BB, 31 K’s
        Pitchers: 2.00 ERA, 45 inn, 35 H, 8 BB, 36 Ks, 0.95 WHIP.


        You’re welcome, sir.

        • DT

          Well someone had to lose…Sadly it was us since the Angels love to torture us in LA. Game 1 the offense was there but pitching sucked. Game 2 the pitching was okay but offense sucked and the angels basically catching every hit with RISP did not help either.

          • TomH

            Guaranteed that a post with “suck” in it is a post without a thought in it. “Suck,” the high-school kids’ all-purpose word, the very sign of their inarticulateness, disseminated out now into the entire culture.

            “Someone had to lose”? Right. Money can’t buy you love. It never rains but what it pours. The grass is always greener…. Etc., ad infinitum.

            • Darren

              Whatver, gramps

              • TomH

                Even better! “Whatever.”

            • Robinson Tilapia

              In the 1940’s, we called it “fellatio’d.”

            • DT

              Okay… a better analysis would be. Game one 1 we scored 8 runs but the pitching gave up 9. Game 2 we couldn’t hit, and the Angels defense killed our BABIP. Happy? If you had two hot teams playing each other, one is going to lose. Unless there’s a Tie, which i don’t think is possible.

    • Erica

      Okay, hey there Armchair GM — so what would YOU drastically change about this team?

      (Please say you’d get Montero back, please… PLEASE…)

      • Robinson Tilapia

        *Introduces new GM, Duh Innings*

        • Erica


      • Hummingbird S.

        No easy fix, but the GM that built this team needs to be held accountable. At least where I work, that’s how it happens.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          But this isn’t where you work (I assume).

  • Tim

    Yankees suck, plain and simple. Down right are terrible to watch. You just know if they get anyone in scoring position that no runs will score. You almost root for them to not get anyone in scoring position. They have huge offensive holes all over the diamond, starting with catcher which is a huge black hole. Hughes should be in the bullpen period end of subject. The SP is very inconsistent, and I just cannot stand Girardi. He makes me ill. That flat top cut to the skin is nauseating sorry. Without the injection of a Nunez on the basepaths and Gardner, this team is boring and not fun to watch.

    • johnnybk

      Nothing you said made any sense…until you got to girardi’s haircut. Then it all came together. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! WE’VE GOT A VISIONARY IN OUT MIDST!!!

      • Erica


    • Mike

      They need to make a few moves in the lineup.

      Alex Rodríguez is starting to get on base with singles, walks and is stealing bases, like a good leadoff hitter (76.92% of his hits are singles, 65 times has reached 1st via single/walk/HBP in 202 PA = 32.17% of the times he has gone to the plate).

      Jeter keeps getting on base with singles, like a good leadoff or 2nd hitter (78.57% of his hits are singles, 71 times has reached 1st via single/walk/HBP in 220 PA = 32.27% of the times he has gone to the plate).

      So, since both men are getting to first base in a similar rate, BUT Jeter has a higher batting average, which means he has done it more times via a hit, I say Derek should bat 2nd to take advantage of his hit with Alex at first base, plus Jeter can lay off bunts if JoeG decides to use something called strategy (in the past 8 games the opposing team has executed 4 sacrifice hits against the NYY, Yanks in the whole season: 4).

      Yes, Jeter leads the Yankees with 7 GDP (along with Canó), but with ARod in the basepaths they could hit-and-run.

      3rd/4th could be either Granderson or Canó.

      They also need Eduardo Núñez’s bat (I say as a 9th hitter to have him-Alex-Jeter in the later innings), they need to call him ASAP and slot him as the DH because having Ibáñez fielding is less bad than having Núñez fielding, but you take advantage of Eduardo’s AVG/OBP and Ibáñez power.

      They also, I think, need to play C. Stewart more, the pitching staff looks different with him catching than with Martin. Both of them have similar stats (offensively), but defensively… man o man, Stewart is hands down the best of the two (plus the pitching staff is 2 runs lower in ERA than with Martin, though that is due to the small sample size).

      Pettite, Kuroda and CC have had their best games with Stewart catching:

      all 3 of them 8ip, 4 H; and counting CC’s 3 best games of the season have been with Stewart as catcher…

      Total: 5 games, 40 ip, 26 H, 5 BB, 35 Ks, 4 ER (0.90 ERA, 0.80 WHIP).

      You can look Martin’s best 5 games catching and his numbers are not even close to what Stewart has done managing the pitching staff.

      When Gardner makes it back to the team, Yanks could very well have:


      • Kosmo

        Actually AROD in the 2 hole makes more sense than Granderson. AROD is a better hitter.
        I´d much rather NY call up Mustelier than Nunez .

        • Erica

          I do agree with A-Rod in the 2 hole. Jeter –> A-Rod.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        Chris Stewart is terrible. The more they play him, the more they’ll lose.

      • Niko

        I think you are hitting on something here. The day to day minor changes Girardi has been making really aren’t doing a whole lot. I’d even say maybe drop Cano lower until he gets it together; he looks utterly resigned out there. If he is at least getting on maybe the productive part of the lineup can nudge him in, since he hasn’t the drive to drive in others. Girardi needs to make these guys earn their spots, and maybe some shuffling will wake them up.

  • Tim

    Have been a Yankee fan for over 50 years, lifelong fan. This team is one of the least fun to watch in my lifetime and as I say, Girardi is my least favorite Yankee manager. What part of that don’t you understand? The way this team is constructed and with the injuries they are not a likeable team, not an interesting team to watch and not a clutch team at all.

    • DT

      This is essentially the same team from last year and we didn;t even have Andy them. And the main difference from this team and the WS team in 2009 was we lost Damon,Posada, Melky and Matsui offensively but gained Grandy, Russ and Ibanez along with some bench pieces. Rotation wise We lost AJ. So core wise the WS team is still there (although Mo is injured)And if you really are a 50 year fan this is hardly the worst team you’ll see. Between 1962-1967 the Yankees only had one season over .500. From 1979 to 1995 there was a long WS drought, including 6 seasons where they had a losing record and did not make the play offs.So if this is really the worst you’ve seen in 50 years, then you probably haven’t been watching them a lot in that span.

      • dalelama

        They are a team on the decline. They remind me of the 1965 Yankees. I agree they are a very unenjoyable bunch to follow but we must soldier on. The worst part is their is no position help available in the minors.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          1965 Yankees? Someone read a Joel Sherman column last week.

          • TomH

            Actually, Sherman probably read some of my posts on the Coming 1965.

          • dalelama

            No I lived thru the 1965 team.

        • Kevin Winters

          The worst part is their is no position help available in the minors.
          How the F is that even possible?

          • Ted Nelson

            It’s possible, but it’s not true. There is potential help available.

            • dalelama

              Who??? This team is in trouble.

      • Kosmo

        fact check:

        The Yanks had 3 WS teams from 1962- 1964. From 1965 thru 1975 they had 6 seasons over .500. 1980 NY made the playoffs and in 1981 they played the Dodgers in the WS.

        • Kosmo

          from 1983 thru 1988 NY had winning seasons and were at least competitive, they just lacked SP. From 1989 thru 1992 they were not a very good team. From 1979 until now NY has had only 5 losing seasons 1982,1989-1992.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            The Yankees won over 90 games more than once in the 80’s, if my not-looking-at-stats-at-the-moment mind remembers correctly. They would have been the WC several times under the current format. Good, but flawed, teams. Different era.

          • DT

            Good catches. I was mis-reading my charts due to being up late at night. But the point is there has been worse Yankees team in that 50 year span.

        • DT

          I mean 1965-1969 My bad. I was writing that at like 3AM

      • Mike

        If you recall those teams from 1982 to 1993 when they didn’t have the best seasons, the teams were a bit more rounded, what they lacked was pitching. Hitting wise they had Donnie Baseball and Winfield, they had Randolph and Rickey.

        Remember that awesome season by Kevin Mass? Sure they also had Bobby Meacham, Wynegar, Zuvella and Fischlin, but they also had Roberto Kelly and Mike Stanley, Mike Pagliarulo and his looong homeruns, and boy oh boy what about Dan Pasqua?

        Those were good teams, but their pitching stunk most of the time.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          The hitting wasn’t there either from ’89 on. You’re correct, though. I can only imagine what the throwback 80’s version of this site would have said about the pitching back then.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      50 years and this is the least fun? Either hyperbole or your ass ain’t 50.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    the Angels outfield was just brilliant, nothing you can do but tip your hat. Oh, and it probably helped to have one of the very best starters on the mound yesterday.

    • Steve

      Untrue. If you’re Ben Kabak you can bitch incessantly about the umpires for the entire game.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    btw: how crazy is Melky’s performance over the past 2 years? He’s hitting .376 this season and has an OPS of nearly 1.000!!! Maybe he’s more than a 4th outfielder but I still don’t trust all this.

    • Kosmo

      Melky through hard work and some maturation on his part has become a better ballplayer. He had excellent 2011 season too. It´s funny how all the RAB “experts“ projected a decline in his performance level in 2012 playing for SF. What a joke.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        Right, because Melky finally taking his career seriously and getting shape after being released by the Braves was obviously going to happen. He’s having a great year, and it’s completely irrelevant to the Yankees.

        Funny how the “IPK is an ace!” crowd disappeared this season. I guess you can’t win ’em all.

        • Kosmo

          FWIW I´m still a big IPK fan and although he´s gotten lit-up a couple of times this year he´s still a better SP than Hughes, Nova and Kuroda.

        • Kosmo

          it´s not altogether irrelevant. The Yanks could very well after the 2009 WS winner NOT traded Melky and Arodys for Vasquez. Right now the only player NY has to show for that deal is Boone Logan, the relief pitcher. I´m sure right now NY would love to have Melky MVP candidate 2012. He´s easily one of the 3 or 4 best position players in the NL this season.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

            There’s also an excellent chance that he never gets himself in shape and turns his career around without the trade. Look at him when he was with Atlanta, he was fat. Google pictures of him. Now? He’s not fat. Getting released was a wake up call he wasn’t getting in New York.

            And the Yankees could have easily signed him two years ago, the move to KC and SF has nothing to do with the trade.

            • Kosmo

              A bit revisionist.

  • BaltimoreYankee

    I’m not going out to the ledge or anything but I’ve been in denial long enough. The Yankees are a good team that beats up on the poor teams but has trouble against the better teams. I can see them making the playoffs but not getting too far into October.

    • eephus_pitch

      They took 2 of 3 from the Angels in April.
      Took 2 of 3 from the Tigers in April.
      Took 2 of 2 from the Red Sox.
      Took 2 of 3 from the Rays earlier this month.

      Wow, look at all those crappy teams they beat up on!

  • will

    So with all the high finishes and playoffs for the angels, how do they come up with a 330+ hitting trumbo and trout?

    Where is our trumbo and trouts?

    • Bo Knows

      trout was the yankees pick for Tex (and the Person the Yankees planned to take)

      trumbo they just did a good job

      • Ted Nelson

        Or he did a good job.

    • pat

      Trumbo was a 18th rounder. Lots of teams passed on him.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        He was also so bad in the minors that they were going to make him a pitcher at one point.

      • eephus_pitch

        I think you have to see what kind of career the guy ends up with before acting like everyone missed out on the next Harmon Killebrew. He could still come crashing down to earth.

  • Erica

    Keep your collective chins up, kids! Even though it sucks to see them not produce when bases are loaded, we just don’t have good luck in that place where the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, USA, Earth, Milky Way play… right?

    We’ll get out of there and then face the Tigers and at the very least, their ballpark doesn’t have fireworks that go off whenever their home team hits a homer. (God, isn’t that just the cheesiest concept? YAY our players can hit a ball! WOW!)

  • Jeff

    Yankees losing and playing like crap in Anaheim? It’s been that way 10+ year now.

    • Kosmo

      That´s true but the 2 teams have played each other pretty evenly these last few years.

  • Betty Lizard

    Seattle knew we’d lose in Anaheim.

  • Brad G.

    Great post about the fireworks. Angel Stadium is the worst environment for fan interaction I’ve ever been around. The team has to do all kinds of cheesy shit to keep people entertained. Almost nobody at Angel Stadium is a real fan that was there before this decade. Even with consistent winning their fans don’t really care. I mean hell, they gave away free Lucha masks last year to set the world record for a crowd wearing masks just to get people to come. I hate going to their games. I’ll be there tonight being tortured by the company of the most hollow fan base in professional sports.

    • eephus_pitch

      It’s almost exactly like going to a minor league ballpark. It’s incredibly bush league, all the the way around. From the giant ballcap out front to the rally monkey to the fake rocks to the fireworks, it all just screams FAKE.