2012 Draft: Best Available on Day Three

Yanks pummel Rays to take series opener
2012 Draft: Reviewing Day Two

Although 15 of 40 rounds are in the bag, there are still plenty of talented players left on the board for Day Three of the amateur draft. Three of Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects are still available and although their rankings aren’t the be-all end-all, they’re a pretty great reference. The Yankees selected five low-cost college seniors in the top ten rounds by design, leaving plenty of draft pool roof for late round rolls of the dice.

Yanks pummel Rays to take series opener
2012 Draft: Reviewing Day Two
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Write up on what happened in the later rounds for the team coming today? I missed a lot of the Axisa marathon yesterday.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      It’ll be up shortly.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Thanks a ton, Mike. Really going above and beyond here.

        Without you, I’d still be looking at pictures of Brian Dayett in the “On the Way Up” section of the yearbook.

  • Joe

    What about this LHP Andrew Robinson for Holy Trinity HS on Long Island? I haven’t heard anything about him or which college his committed to? Possible Pick later?

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Practically my former back yard on LI. Would be interesting for me to follow if he’s selected. Always like having some connection to a player. Gives me more of a reason to follow.

      Still keeping an eye on Kevin Russo for that reason. He played early little league ball with one of my nephews. My sister and brother-in-law still speak with his mom who lives in CO (another tie in for me).

  • JohnC

    I am intrigued by 12th round pick Chris Breen, a power hitting catcher. Looks like he has the agility to stick at catcher, and has tremendous power. Hope he signs

  • JohnC

    Yanks only took one left hand pitcher so far which was was kinda baffling considering the shortage of lefties in the system. That was 11th orunder Caleb Frare. Has a fastball in the low 90s with a decent curve and an improving changeup

    • Ted Nelson

      Would rather they not draft for need. Some highly touted LHPs still available, though, so maybe they will take one or two early today?

      Just speculating, but I think they use some “Moneyball” in their draft strategy in terms of looking for market inefficiencies. I think taking so many short Ps this season could be one example. Guys who might be more highly ranked were they just 2 inches taller or something. Or in 2010 when they went with really young guys, and have now gone with an older crowd possibly because overall tastes have swung towards younger guys.
      Point there being that LHP seem to be really highly valued around MLB, to the point where the Yankees might feel LHP prospects are almost inherently overvalued.

  • JohnC

    Possible day 3 pick I like is Luella H.S. outfielder Vincent Jackson. 6’4″ speedy left hand htiting OF with plus power who also projects as a pitcher. Is committed to Tennesee so he would be a tough sign. Worth taking a flier on though in day 3

    • Fernando

      And the Yankees take him in Round 23.

  • Wayne

    Adrian Jerome demarr from Simpson university is not even listed in the top 100 yanks should look at him 89-91 fastball has a slider changeup and curve. He would be a steal on day 3.

  • A.D.

    Hoping for Kyle Funkhouser, just for the last name

    • Will

      Is he the son of Marty Funkhouser? Does he have a raspy voice?

  • Samuel

    Past Division 3 college pitchers of the year have included Billy Wagner, Matt DeSalvo, Terry Mulholland, Jarrod Washburn, Jordan Zimmermann.

    Why not take a shot on this years D3 Pitcher of the Year in Austin Blaski? 6’4″, 200 LBS.


    Personally, I would always draft the lower divisions player and pithcers of the year. Especially when all you need is to fill out rosters.

    • Samuel

      Too late, Blaski taken 21st round by Milwaukee.

  • Wayne

    Also think with Adrian Jerome demarr’s mechanics he could be converted to a starter

  • Fernando

    Some guys that I like are…
    Alex Young (LHP)- fastball at 92, 3 quality offerings,
    Cody Poteet (RHP with fastball reaching 96 and excellent mid 70’s curve)
    Freddy Avis (RHP) – Seems pretty certain to go to college, but a top 100 ranked prsopect
    Skye Bolt & Ty Moore – two outfielders
    Taylore Cherry – low 90’s FB, 6’9 260 lbs!
    Fernelys Sanchez – OF with excellent speed and 6’4 frame.

    Some college guys…
    Stefan Lopez – closer with excellent walk and k numbers.
    Christian Jones – Top Oregon LHP, but due for TJS.

    • Fernando

      Lost out on Fernelys Sanchez, but Yanks picked Stefan Lopez with their pick in the 16th round.

  • Sheryl

    I can’t believe that Nick Petree, Missouri State University, 2012 NCAA div. 1 Player of the year, RHP was not even picked in the 2012 draft!
    He has already had TJ surgery and is on the mend. He’s only going to get faster. A team could have picked him up late this year and got a steal. What were these teams thinking?!!!