2012 Draft: Yankees sign second rounder Austin Aune


June 15th: Via K. Levine-Flandrup and Jim Callis, Aune has officially signed for $1M. Slot money was just shy of $550k, so they went over big time for him. Check out our Draft Pool page for the latest on that front. Interestingly enough, Aune will begin his professional career as a shortstop, not as an outfielder. He did play short in high school and I was wondering if they would have him at least have him try it after signing. No reason not to, really.

June 5th: Via Adam Boedeker, the Yankees already have an agreement in place with second round pick Austin Aune. The high school outfielder from Texas was committed to TCU, and New York selected him with the compensation pick they received for failing to sign last year’s second rounder, Sam Stafford.

Slot money for the 89th overall pick is $548,400, though it’s unclear how much the agreement is worth. In their subscriber-only scouting report, Baseball America said Aune “offers an impressive package of tools, starting with plus raw power and arm strength … He has a balanced lefthanded stroke and solid speed, and scouts praise his makeup as well.” I don’t remember the Yankees ever having an agreement in place with a draft pick this quickly, but I suppose this is a result of new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Teams had to make sure they could sign their guys before committing.

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  • DERP

    Here is an article from the author of the tweet.


    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa


  • swo

    Makes you wonder if we’ll start needing a 3rd SS team! With guys signing sooner and probably not holding out until August as much anymore, these guys need a place to play.

  • DERP

    BTW Mike, great work today. I’m impressed you sat through that.

    • Havok9120

      This all over. Thanks a lot for the coverage Mike.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella

      Ditto. Always lurking.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Would be so nice to see these guys get their first taste of Pro ball this summer rather than waiting till the year following their draft….as has been the case recently.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Absolutely. They want to be big leaguers? Sign. Get out there. Play.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Wow! Guess he goes right to GCL? What does this mean for pool and ability to sign some of the later round H.S. guys?

  • yoo-boo

    1M for him? Yanks can kiss their next year’s first round pick a goodbye.

    • Steve (different one)

      I guess you don’t understand how this works.

      • yoo-boo


        Yanks must spend no more than 6 percent overage on other unsigned players to avoid losing 1st round pick of next year. Is it possible?

        • Steve (different one)

          They have a pool of money for the first 10 picks. They can’t exceed the pool in aggregate or penalties kick in. They took a lot of college seniors in first 10 rounds to save $$. Let’s see what the other 9 guys sign for before we declare they have lost their first round pick next year…

          • Kashka

            A lot of this really depends on how much Hensley signs for.

          • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Eric

            The seniors in rounds 7-10 signed for $10,000 each, saving a total of $482,700. This freed up enough to cover Aune’s overage. However, to be able to give more than $100,000 to some of the late-round signings, the Yankees will need to find savings with their other selections. O’Brien will probably take less than slot as a senior, and maybe there is some wiggle room with some of the other guys.

            • yoo-boo

              3 JRs and 2 HS left to threaten the pool shrinkage.

              Granted, those 3 JRs have no defined roles for key positions but they still can return to college for whatever reason.

              Forget Hensley.

              Mikolas is committing to what?

              • Brian Cashman is Watching

                Seriously? Forget Hensley? Maybe forget Ty Moore and Vincent Jackson, but Hensley gets signed, they wouldn’t waste their first round pick, or sign Aune to that contract, if Hensley wasn’t getting signed.

                • yoo-boo

                  no. By forgetting Hensley, it means we have no worrisome about Hensley skipping pro for college since he has been sticking with pro goal.

                  Still, Hensley will likely get over slot money but 200-400k is better than losing 1.6m in the draft pool.

              • Gonzo

                The Red Sawx signed Ty Buttrey to over $1mm over slot. Not to a $1mm deal, but $1mm overslot. He also had a lesser slot value than Aune.

                Are they fuct too?

    • Ted Nelson

      Except, no.

  • Gonzo

    All I have to say is that they must really like him. That gets me excited.

  • Monterowasdinero

    Off topic but is Cano playing tonight? I am at game and he has not been in the warmups

    • Gonzo

      He’s getting the day off.

      I’ll be there Sunday.

      • Monterowasdinero

        Me too. Section 204. Row F. My son and I. He’ll wear a blue Grandy shirt. I”ll have a white Yankee cap

        • Gonzo

          Section 112 with my Jeter shirt and my blue Yankee hat.

  • felixpanther

    any chance Aune can sticks at shortstop?