2012 Draft: Yankees sign fourth rounder Corey Black

Joba, Aardsma getting closer to return
Game 65: Nine would be fine

Via Jim Callis, the Yankees have signed fourth round pick Corey Black for $215k. Slot value for the 157th overall pick was $275k, so the team saved a little draft pool space. Four of their top ten rounds selections remain unsigned, including first rounder Ty Hensley. All of New York’s picks can be seen at Baseball America.

Black, a right-hander out of Faulkner University, is one of the most intriguing arms the Yankees selected this summer. He had Tommy John surgery a year ago and is a huge arm strength guy, running his fastball into the mid-90s regularly with a few 98-99s mixed in. His changeup is his second best pitch but he also throws a slider. Black is undersized — listed at 5-foot-11, 175 lbs. — but he has the stuff to start. If that fails, he could be a dynamite power reliever.

Joba, Aardsma getting closer to return
Game 65: Nine would be fine
  • yoo-boo

    Yanks postpone signing Hensley so Yanks can get better idea about budget. I expect Hensley to receive about 2m.

    • Larch

      If that’s true, it’s going to be harder to attract Jackson, Moore, Lail, etc.

    • DERP

      Just looking at the other first round bonuses, that seems a little high for Hensley.

    • Ted Nelson

      I doubt it, and really hope not… Would pretty much mean no late guys for much over $100,000 between him and Aune getting overslot.

  • DERP

    Vincent jackson ?@vjack40
    Leavin for florida today>>>

    Hopefully he is signing. Just one of Jackson or Moore would make me happy.

    • jjyank

      Good find. Hopefully he’s going to Tampa specifically, to take a physical and/or sign. He better not just be going on vacation!

      • DERP

        I’ve already convinced myself that he is signing. Don’t even talk about other reason why he might be going to Florida.

        I kind of wish that all the central operations were located in Montana or something. That way we would know that if a kid says he is going to Montana that he was going to sign his contract/take a physical.

        • gageagainstthemachine

          Keep the central operations in Florida and just move the rookie team to Billings, Montana. I’d be a very happy man.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Apparently there’s a wood bat showcase event in Central Florida this week, he’s probably headed to that.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        And he just responded to my question:


  • yoo-boo

    I missed that part where Mikolas was asked to sit out the final HS games after he was drafted.

    Hensley and Mikolas with no quick signings. Tomorrow is the first day for GCL games. Whats up?

    Is Lail a Mormon? I may be stereotypical but what Mormon skips college for better money?

    Lets assume Yanks willingly pay 75 percent on overage. I set up (.045) for maximum overage which is 1,886,490 over the budget. For a million, Yanks can get Jackson and Moore.

    75 percent on this overage is 1,414,868. If Yanks are laughing at wasting 1.415m then go for it.

    • Larch

      You missed by a factor of 10. Yankees pool is 4,192,200, meaning 4.9% is 205,418.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Bryce Harper?

      Mormons are all about the Benjamins.

    • Dick Gozinya

      I currently live in Utah, and Lail has been saying all along he was going to school unless he got about $500k. You have to figure that even if he is bluffing he isn’t going to take much less than half of that. I just don’t see that happening, and I honestly don’t think he is worth it. There are reports of his fastball running up to 91, but the three times I saw him pitch he sat 86-87. As far as him being a Mormon, no clue, but these fuckers love their money.