Aardsma throws scoreless inning in first minor league rehab appearance

The Downside of Raul Ibanez
Game 67: Do I hear 11?

In his first minor league rehab appearances, right-hander David Aardsma (elbow) threw a scoreless inning for the Rookie GCL Yankees. He struck out two, walked one, and also uncorked a wild pitch. The one ball in play was a ground ball to short. Aardsma confirmed that his next appearance will be this Saturday, again with the GCL squad. His 30-day rehab clock is officially ticking now, though you have to expect the club to max that out before adding him to the active roster.

The Downside of Raul Ibanez
Game 67: Do I hear 11?
  • dkidd

    will girardi call him “ardy”?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    “I got your midseason acquisition right here” – Brian Cashman

    *grabs crotch*

    • jsbrendog


      • jjyank

        And Gardner (hopefully)

  • parmesan

    Any reports on his velocity/stuff?

  • Itishighitisfaritisgonerightyouarejohn

    This is good news guy threw at mid 90s with a filthy slider before he got hurt. I think he also has a slider and gets a good percent of GBs. The big thing is he is as tough on lefties as he is on righties because he can get movement on his FB.

    • RetroRob

      His groundball percentage runs at 35% which isn’t all that high, and his HRs on flyball percentage is about 8.5. He’s more similar to Soriano in tht way, who is known as a flyball guy. Through his career, he has been tough on lefties and righties, which is a boost.

      Question is, will he be effective from the start. He might be great for the team in 2013, but will he represent an upgrade over Eppley in 2012 as he attempts his way bak.

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Does he have options?

    The bullpen is firing on all cylinders now, (although that could certainly change by the time he’s ready), so it’s tough to see who goes down/gets cut.

    • RetroRob

      It’ll be Eppley. Have no idea what they’ll do when Joba returns, although I’m still guessing that’ll be August and much can change.