Diamondbacks called Yankees about Austin Romine


Via Ken Rosenthal, the Diamondbacks called the Yankees about the availability of Austin Romine prior to signing Miguel Montero to his big extension. Talks never went anywhere because New York wanted left-handed pitching prospect Tyler Skaggs in return. Arizona called a number of other teams — including the Blue Jays about Travis D’Arnaud — and found the prices prohibitive, so they re-upped Montero.

Romine recently resumed baseball activities after sitting out the start of the season with a back injury. Remember, D’Backs GM Kevin Towers spent 2010 with the Bombers and is surely familiar with the young backstop. Catching depth is important, so I’m glad to see the Yankees place a premium on it.

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  • jjyank

    Skaggs would have been awesome, but obviously can’t blame the D-Backs for not pulling that trigger though. I wonder if Towers offered anything as a counter. We’ll probably never know, but it would be interesting to know how a guy who used to be in the Yankees organization, but now runs another one values a guy like Romine.

  • Will The Thrill

    Tyler Skaggs for Romine would’ve been sweeeeeeeeeet! I wonder if Cashman included Nunez or Betances if Towers would’ve gone for it.

  • Evan3457

    Kinda stupid to ask for Skaggs. I mean, you can ask for something, but all they did was torque off Towers. And they screwed themselves, because the D’backs reacted by taking Montero off the market.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      That some creative connecting of the dots there.

    • Ted Nelson

      If the Yankees didn’t want to trade Romine for anything else in the Arizona system, why would they lie about it? And why should they give a close to MLB ready C away to Arizona?

      Why would Towers be “torqued” that the Yankees asked for a top prospect at a premium position in exchange for a top prospect at a premium position? By that logic, isn’t Cashman “torqued” that Towers called to ask for one of his top prospects?

      Would Miguel Montero really fit with the $189 million plan? And while one less C is on the market, so is one less big budget team looking for a C.

      • Steve

        Austin Romine is a top prospect? Interesting assessment. Are injury-prone backup catchers going for a lot these days?

        • Ted Nelson

          Does one injury make you injury prone these days?

          Romine is one year removed from being a top 100 prospect. He didn’t stink in that one year, he just plateaud.

          He’s a solid defensive C with power on the cusp of MLB… So he is one of the Yankees’ top prospects. Yes.

          You might want to look around the league at Cs before deciding who is a back-up. And if he’s a back-up to them… why did Az call about him before re-signing their starter? Interesting assessment.

          • Tyler

            Romine has zero power.

            • Kosmo

              I think your both being a bit extreme. He has OK pop. He could easily hit 10-15 HR a season. Some might translate that as having “power“ some may not.

              • forensic

                Easily? He broke 10 homers once in the minors, and that was three years ago in high-A. As a righty in Yankee Stadium, he’s also not going to be helped as much at home. I don’t buy that power either.

                • Kosmo

                  Forensic ? he broke 10 HR in 08,09,10. Hitters can develop power as they mature. Did Jeter hit for “power“ in the minors. NO, but he has on average 10-15 HR per.

                  • forensic

                    Broke means passed ten, not reached it. If you prefer that word, go for it.

                    And of course they can develop some power as they grow, but Jeter also had several advantages. The era he played his peak in helped and his swing helped in Yankee Stadium. Not to mention that he plays everyday where a catcher wouldn’t and Romine has essentially lost a full year of development after basically already having hit a plateau.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Romine is doomed!!! He can never improve or hit 10 HRs because he’s not Jeter!

                    • forensic

                      Yup, because that’s exactly what I said. Way to make a contribution…

                      God forbid anyone not say glowing things about every Yankee player, prospect, and employee or this site will mark you as a troll and act like 12 year olds trying to mock you without even coming close to anything you’ve actually said.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Have you ever made a positive comment about the Yankees?

                      When you come to a site specifically to disparage everything about an org… You’re a troll. That’s definitely the impression I get from you.

                      You literally nitpicked that 1 HR per season makes a difference in how much power Romine has. Come on.

                    • forensic

                      I constantly say positive things about them, but I’m also realistic and not a pie in the sky, pinstriped glasses wearing, conpletely biased fan.

                      And I didn’t nitpick anything. He said Romine can ‘easily’ hit 10-15 homers in a year in the majors when he’s barely done that in the minors and now will have basically not played for a full season after having already arguably stalled (you even said earlier that he’s plateaued) in his development.

                      I never said it couldn’t happen. But, I wouldn’t say he has power right now and I’m not the one who brought up the Jeter argument, he is, and I simply gave my opinion on why the situations are different.

                      And I love how you’re basing your opinion of me on two threads in two days (god forbid I don’t trade Upton for a maybe mid-rotation starter, an injured and recently moving backwards AAA starter, and two kids half a decade away from possibly contributing in the majors (and yes I’m exaggerating a little here because I’m just tired of you and your holier than thou tone in every thread you appear in)). Nice sample size there. My opinion of you is that you like to take both sides of an argument so you can make sure you’re right without having to stick to one opinion and have to comment on every single comment group to try to show that you think you’re smarter than you are.

                    • DM

                      “My opinion of you is that you like to take both sides of an argument so you can make sure you’re right without having to stick to one opinion and have to comment on every single comment group to try to show that you think you’re smarter than you are.”

                      That’s Teeter-Totter Ted’s routine. He pushes your statement into a strawman corner while slightly shifting his weight to the other side. When he inevitably realizes a glitch in his own initial thought, he shifts his weight slightly back to the other side. For some bizarre reason, he thinks that no one notices his phrases see-sawing back and forth. Then when you call him out on it, he accuses you of doing to him what he just did to you. Before it’s over Ted’s stance will cover everything – which means it isn’t a stance at all.

                      If you dare to say…

                      “It looks like rain today.”,

                      Ted replies “Why do you say that? How do you know? It might not. Of course, there’s some chance of rain. It’s not completely impossible that rain is somewhat likely to occur. But how can you say that? Are you an expert meteorologist? Ever hear of it not raining when it looks like it?”

                      Then when it starts to drizzle,

                      Ted says, “Oh everyone knows it could rain today. Did you see how it looked before it did? You should read what I said. I never said it wouldn’t rain. Stop nitpicking.”

                      Sad that he doesn’t realize that he’s a troll himself; a troll of painfully obvious opposing viewpoints that everyone is aware of prior to his instant contrarian commentary.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Recognizing that black and white aren’t the only colors isn’t the same as taking both sides.

                      You pointed out every flaw of those prospects yesterday without noticing any of their positives. You can do that with any prospect. That’s pessimistic, not objective.

                      Power is usually one of the last tools to develop, and Trenton is known for suppressing power. So an argument that someone didn’t do it by 23 so they’ll never do it is really odd.

                      Likewise acting like a plateau can’t be overcome is odd. Development is not a straightline thing.

                      I am basing my opinion on more than two days, by the way. Pointing out that prospects have flaws and might not make it is the biggest waste of time in baseball, though. Obviously they do. Some will overcome them, most won’t. That doesn’t mean prospects don’t have value, though, or that you should project long-term with such a what have you done for me lately attitude. You were literally talking about projecting the rest of Nova’s career based on his last start at one point yesterday. I would really suggest reading up on stats as a science. Not being a dick there, really think it might help instead of living and dying on small samples so much.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      DM, you rarely even understand what is being argued. Sorry nuances are so hard for you to pick up. If I argue both that Romine is not the best prospect in baseball and that he’s not a bad prospect… That’s not teeter-tottering big guy.

                    • Manny’s BanWagon

                      Good for you DM for calling out Nelson. His contribution to most threads like you said is weakly taking the opposite opinion and then pointing out something totally obvious usually with a condescending tone like he’s more enlightened compared to the rest of us.

                      I love this blog but he singlehandedly has made me consider not coming back here anymore.

                    • forensic

                      Ah, now I understand, thanks for explaining it to me. In order to make an argument for not trading for players, you should state all their positives and ignore the risks/negatives.

                      And even if that were possible, despite how absurd it is, why do I need to state all the positives when they’re repeated ad nauseum here with very little acknowledgement of their risks. I said all along that I still have hope for Banuelos and that Nova will refind his good form again. I don’t believe that somewhat routine/slightly better than normal low-A players deserve much value, so why bother wasting time on them. If you want to assign them huge value, then go for it, good luck with that.

                      Tell me where I said he’ll never develop power? I said he certainly could develop as he grows, but that I wouldn’t necessarily bet on it and certainly wouldn’t call it ‘easily’ reaching certain power levels.

                      I would love to know where I was “ literally talking about projecting the rest of Nova’s career based on his last start at one point yesterday.. I actually said the exact opposite of that with “Nova is fine, but he’s still got his issues which aren’t erased by one outing..

                      And thanks for your advice on learning about stats. I didn’t even know they existed and was clearing basing all my opinions on following around every player in the Yankee organization in person at all times.

                    • DM

                      forensic, Ted will never answer your “When did I say..” questions — b/c he can’t. And despite defending “nuance” in his own analysis (which for him is really just saying anything and it’s opposite), that’s exactly what he won’t acknowledge in your argument. He had to push you into the anti-Yankee troll column so he can have that strawman to attack.
                      Ted lives in a Tron-like dimension of his own making — that’s “reality” for him. He won’t let your explanations or any other evidence get in the way of his model.

                    • DM

                      Manny’s BanWagon, Right. Someone here once advised me to ignore Ted and his drivel; I should’ve listened. But I’ll be more disciplined going forward.

                      Ted contributes nothing but a knee-jerk opposing reply to most posts, then feels the need to throw in a snide remark on top of it. Both say more about him than the person he’s trying tear down. He’s more about “incite” than “insight”. And when it comes to the actual game of baseball, he has precious little of the latter.

            • Ted Nelson

              Romine has solid pop for a C prospect. Most commenters here seem to be caught in a Posada vortex where they don’t realize most C can’t hit and fail to put things into context.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            A healthy Austin Romine would a be a wonderful thing for this franchise going into 2013.

          • Preston

            Chronic back issues make you injury prone when you’re a catcher…

      • Evan3457

        Because it’s a prospect mismatch; Skaggs was much more valuable than Romine at the time of the offer. Romine isn’t really a top prospect anymore, and that was true before the back injury clouded his future.

        I’d be torqued off if somebody demanded Skaggs even up for Romine. Or maybe Towers just privately laughed.

        • Steve (different one)

          Right, except Towers could say, “no dice, Brian, maybe if you throw in player X it could be a match”.

          That’s how deals develop. Cashman and Towers are friends. You are simplifying too much.

          • Evan3457

            Maybe so. I dunno. It just seems silly on the surface to me.

            Maybe the problem is I’m believing what Rosenthal wrote too literally.

        • Ted Nelson

          Come on, man. Is this really that hard to grasp?

          GMs aren’t looking at BA’s top 100 to decide the value of their prospects. Romine is an MLB ready-ish C. There’s a ton of value in that. You can keep acting like there’s not, but that doesn’t make you right.

          The rumor is not that Cashman demanded anything. The rumor is that Towers asked Cashman what it would take to get Romine. That he wanted Romine, not that the Yankees were shopping him.

          You also keep overlooking that Towers literally worked for Cashman like 2 years ago. Cashman probably has a very good idea of what value Towers places on Romine.

          • Evan3457

            I don’t know when the offer was made. Presumably, it was before Romine hurt his back. Because right now, he’s not a major league ready-ish anything.

            Sorry, Romine doesn’t have a ton of value. He just doesn’t. Not yet, anyway.

            Skaggs is the much better prospect. Nothing you’ve said changes that. Pitchers break down, TINSTAPP and all that, but there’s not one GM in baseball that would trade Skaggs for Romine even up, let alone Skaggs plus, unless they had an open running sore at catcher.

            I grasp just fine. Romine isn’t as valuable as Skaggs, and it isn’t a close or difficult call at this point.

    • Steve (different one)

      I’ll take over-inferring for $800, Alex.

      You’re right, the DBacks were so annoyed Cashman asked for Skaggs, they gave Montero $60M. One directly lead to the other.

      • Evan3457

        Ok, so he went around and asked teams for good catching prospects, and when the prices were too high, they DIDN’T re-sign Montero.

        Oh, wait, they did.
        The Yanks’ demand for Skaggs was part of that.

        That is…what is.

        • Steve (different one)

          Whatever. The Yankees shouldn’t be interested in Montero for what the DBacks paid him anyway. He’s just not that good.

        • RetroRob

          You’re actually supporting the Yankees approach.

          Towers discovered the price of catchers across MLB was very high. He already knew that, but no harm in doing a sanity check before inking Montero.

          Towers was torqued off? Towers and Cashman are professional GMs who negotiate all the time and who also happen to be friends.

          Just looking at the notes above from several posters, and the constant negative comments toward Martin and Cervelli, and the indifference many had toward Posada during his career, confirms that many fans have no ability to judge the value of catchers.

          • Evan3457

            I think Martin’s OK. If he hits back to his career level, he’s much more than OK.

    • Jamey

      Torqued from what? Doing what GM’s do? Towers asked about a prospect that wasn’t being shopped but is certainly not “untouchable” so Cashman looked at their system & said “This is the player I’d be interested in” and at that point Towers either says no because he has no intention of moving said player or feels like a deal COULD be made & opens up further talks. Trades like that happen all the time.

    • DM

      Standard procedure to ask for the moon in return when someone wants one of your players. It’s just a starting point. Both Towers and Cashman know the drill. I doubt anyone was “torqued off” — and I doubt Cashman was that interested in moving Romine — more like “overpay me and you can have him”.

    • jjyank

      What? If a GM doesn’t want to trade a prospect, or a player, and another team asks about him, the first GM can instead ask for a lopsided trade, just in case the other GM bites. Otherwise, said GM keeps his player, which is what he wanted in the first place.

      This happens all the time, both by and to every GM in the game. Cashman clearly didn’t want to trade Romine, so he decides to ask for Skaggs in return. Not because Cashman thinks Towers is an idiot, but because why the hell not? If Towers says yes, the Yankees likely win that trade. If he says no, well, Cashman keeps Romine, which is what he seems to want to do anyway.

      I’m not sure why you think that these type of talks between GMs are “stupid” when they probably happen every day all over the league.

      • Evan3457

        Rather than respond to all 3 of these individually, I’ll simply pull a direct quote from the Rosenthal article:

        “They explored the trade market for young catchers, but the price for the Blue Jays’ Travis D’Arnaud or Yankees’ Austin Romine would have been a package that STARTED with Double-A left-hander Tyler Skaggs.”

        (Caps mine)

        First, let’s make the big assumption that Rosenthal is accurate here, and that he’s not just referring to D’Arnaud, who is, in fact, a top prospect who plays catcher.

        At the moment the offer is made, Romine is not really a top prospect anymore. He’s a 23-year-old catching prospect with all of 15 AB at AA. He doesn’t have big-time power, he doesn’t draw a lot of walks, and his best offensive marker is a .286 BAVG in a park and league which makes hitting difficult.

        From where I’m sitting, there are two possibilities:

        1) The Yanks attribute a value to Romine that is specifically much higher than normal because of his defensive and receiving abilities, or

        2) They’re not properly valuing Skaggs, who is a top pitching prospect, and a left-handed one to boot.

        Well, maybe they could be having a little fun with Towers. Or maybe they’re just telling him to, in effect, shove off.

        There’s bargaining to make a deal, and there’s bargaining to shoot the breeze and stonewall. Asking for Skaggs plus for Romine is the latter, not the former.

        Could it have been an “opening bid”? OK, maybe it was. If so, it was a maladroit one.

        • Ted Nelson

          You still haven’t picked up that the DBacks called the Yankees, huh? The Yankees weren’t bargaining. The rumor is that Towers asked what it would take to get Romine. Not that the Yankees shopped Romine asking for Skaggs.

          A. It’s a negotiation. You start asking for what you really ideally want.

          B. The Yankees didn’t want to get rid of Romine, arguably their 2nd most important C short-term when healthy.

          • jjyank


            Cashman didn’t want to move Romine. He wasn’t “opening negotiations” to shop Romine, nor are they opening negotiations to try to trade for Skaggs.

            Based on the information we have, here is how the conversation could have gone down:

            Tower: Hey Brian, we’re looking for a catcher. What about that kid Romine you got? He available?

            Cashman: We really like Romine, not really shopping him, but if you gave us Skaggs in return, I might change my mind.

            Towers: Ah oh well, figured I’d ask. Thanks anyway.

            I’m not seeing what is getting you so worked up about it. Cashman didn’t want to move Romine apparently, and figured he’d take a shot at Skaggs instead of just hanging up the phone. This really is not a big deal.

            • Evan3457

              I’m not really worked up about it at all. It just makes no sense to me for it to have happened, if it happened as Rosenthal described.

    • RetroRob

      Kinda stupid to also ask for a lesser player if they really have no interest in trading Romine.

      There’s a whole generation of Yankee fan who came of age under Posada who are now about to discover something unpleasant, something fans who came of age between Munson and Posada know all too well.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Glad to see its not just other teams asking the moon and stars from the Yankees.

    This college kid thing is still confusing me. Could O’Brien quickly play himself into the catching prospect mix?

    • Will The Thrill

      I wish they would start him in Tampa instead of babying him like they do with so many other guys. I would love to see him in Scranton Wilkes Barre by next year.

      • Ted Nelson

        So instead they should just rush guys regardless of skill, development, and performance?

        How many Cs picked outside the top 5 make AAA in their first full pro season? It’s certainly possible, but it’s pretty exceptional to do so.

        • jjyank

          I agree. It seems that when the Yankees rush guys, fans complain that they ruined his development, and when the Yankees take it slow with prospects, they are “babying” them.

          Let’s see how O’Brien plays and go from there. As a college senior, I’m sure the Yankees will be at least semi-aggressive with promotions, but before he actually plays a pro baseball game it seems a little early to start the whole babying/rushing argument.

          • Ted Nelson

            Yep, can’t win either way. Anytime a prospect doesn’t turn into a total stud HOFer the org is clearly to blame.

    • zs190

      It would be surprising. He’s a big kid that’s not athletic and generally thought of as not a good receiver, so it’s not likely that he sticks as a catcher. The bat might play elsewhere though.

      • Ted Nelson

        Seems to have made big strides at Miami to go with decent feet and arm. I would bet against any individual prospect drafted after #15 or 20 to amount to anything, but he seems to have a solid chance to stick behind the plate.

    • Ted Nelson

      What part is confusing?

      I mean, that’s the question you ask with any high draft pick who isn’t an obvious project no?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        If a guy played a full four seasons in college, and was considered good enough to get drafted in the upper rounds, then how close to the majors should he realistically expected to be?

    • Gonzo

      He could be our Ryan Laahhhhvaaaahnway.

  • Ted Nelson

    Any word on how long before re-signing Montero the discussion took place? He wasn’t re-signed until late May, so if it was after Romine went down that seems to be a good sign on expectations for his back.

  • forensic

    Must keep all catchers who can’t hit…

    At least that means they’re otherworldly awesome defensively though…

  • Larch

    I don’t think he is going to hit enough to be a starter. He was only league average in 800 MiLB ABs, including the fact that his 340 AB the second time through AA yielded the same results. (http://www.fangraphs.com/stats.....position=C)

    The Yankees have Stewart and Cervelli as MLB level backups for the next five years.

    • Ted Nelson

      Thing is that the bar is low for C offense. Could still be a legit starter even if not a longtime Yankee caliber starter. If he’s league average in MLB, that should make him an above average offensive C. Then there’s the other half of the game.

      2011 was definitely disappointing offensively while repeating a level. Development isn’t a straight line thing, though. That he plateaued last season doesn’t mean that trend continues. And Cs not making MLB until 25 or so is pretty common really.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Never saw why they liked him more than Jesus but apparently he’s up there.

    • jjyank

      They liked his defense and his projected ability to actually stick at catcher long term more than Jesus. I don’t think last September’s catching situation had anything to do with whose bat was better.

      We have no idea who the D-Backs actually wanted to give up for Romine. It could have been just the reverse of a Romine for Skaggs trade, meaning Towers wanted to fleece us as well. I’m cool with them holding on to Romine given the lack of information on who the D-Backs wanted to trade.

  • Steve (different one)

    Miguel Montero, most overrated player on RAB?

    BTW, Russell Martin is outhitting Montero this year by a decent clip. Martin, the guy everyone wanted buried, now at 101 OPS+

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Most overrated a couple of weeks ago. It’s not an exclusive club.

    • Kosmo

      By a decent clip ?
      Montero is 42-168 .250 ave 8 doubles 3 HR 25 RBI .352 obp .351 slg .703 OPS
      Martin 30-141 .213 ave. 8 doubles 6 HR 17 RBI .351 obp .397 slg .748 OPS

      I hardly see a difference.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        Not sure where those Montero stats are coming from…

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          Nevermind, I’m an idiot. I was thinking Jesus, not Miguel.

      • Steve (different one)

        .748 vs .703/ 101 OPS+ vs 88 = a decent clip. Didn’t say he was blowing him away, but it’s a difference. My point was more about Martin anyway, it’s fairly shocking that he’s worked his way up to solid numbers.

        • Ted Nelson

          I agree it’s a decent clip.

          I disagree it’s shocking for Martin. You’s swear most commenters here have never seen a slump before. Last season it was the same with Gardner and Swisher early in the season.

    • forensic

      He’s a bit overrated in that he can’t hit lefties. But, as a catcher that would need days off anyway, him batting almost exclusively against righties with his back-up spelling him against lefties would be very valuable as a hitting catcher.

      • Steve (different one)

        After tomorrow’s game, the yanks would have seen lefties 3 of 4 last games. Lot of lefties in the AL East too.

        Montero would have been an ok pickup, but not at the contract he signed. Pretty big overpay IMO.

  • Kosmo

    Yanks could have had Skaggs in the draft but instead took Heathcott. Funny how that worked out. Yanks could have asked for the Rays Matt Davidson or Bobby Borchering plus a not so coveted pitcher. So it goes.

    • Kosmo

      I meant D-backs.

      • yoo-boo

        Yeah, they (DBacks) should.

    • Steve (different one)

      Drafting in hindsight is really difficult! Also, neither Skaggs nor Heathcott have had their stories told yet. No one really knows what will become of either one.

      • yoo-boo

        Also, many usually value prospects of non Yankees organizations higher than Yanks. If I remember correctly Jesus Montero was only one Yankee that being MLB top 5 in last many years.

        • forensic

          Maybe that’s more an indictment of the caliber of Yankees prospects they take and develop rather than that everyone else has an anti-Yankee bias.

          • Ted Nelson

            I don’t think that there’s any anti-Yankee bias, but Yankees have been a consensus top 10-ish farm for several years now. Mathematically you’d only expect any team to have a top 5 prospect every 6 years or so. Hughes, Joba, Montero… Yankees are doing pretty well on that front recently.

      • Kosmo

        Of course no one knows. If Heathcott ever has a successful MLB career I´ll be greatly surprised. Only thing holding Skaggs back is if he blows out his arm.

        • Mister D

          Well, blowing out his arm or just not being successful because success in the majors is pretty rare.

        • Steve (different one)

          Of course, pitching prospects never get hurt or flame out. Skaggs is a lock.

        • forensic

          At this point, I’ll be surprised if Heathcott ever has an MLB at-bat (other than maybe a gift Sept. call-up type situation).

        • Ted Nelson

          Hindsight is awesome

  • yoo-boo

    Romine is not worth Skaggs at all. Good Try, Cashman.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      I remember when the Cardinals asked about Cano prior to 2009 and everyone thought Cashman was nuts for asking for Wainwright in return.

      • yoo-boo

        No kidding! Sanchez has to play other position than catcher. lol.

    • jjyank

      I think that’s the point. Cashman didn’t want to trade for Romine. Might as well ask for Skaggs instead of just saying “no” flat out.

      • RetroRob


  • Gio
    • yoo-boo

      Ahh… Not only Romine.

      Phillies’ catcher is way way better than Romine. They should give up Skaggs for better and cheapest alternative to Montero. They have a plenty of pitching staffs already.

    • yoo-boo

      This url said Chase Headley was a popular trade target. Yanks should try him. He wont be a true free agent until at least 2014. He cost us more than 2/3 less than Swisher for next 2 years easily.

      He can play LF, 3B and RF and is a switch hitter. Perfect target for Yanks.

      To start a trade proposal, Yanks should include either 2B Joseph or Adams and P Warren. Padres liked Nova when he was with them as a draft 5 player but I would hold until after this season because of Pineda and Pettitte situations.

      • Kosmo

        Padres liked Nova so much that they decided to return him to NY.

        • jjyank

          That’s not really a fair assessment. Nova was not MLB ready back then, hence why the Yankees didn’t bother protecting him in the rule 5. The Padres very well might have liked him, but realized that he couldn’t stick in the MLB for a whole season at that age.

          • Kosmo

            I was making a JOKE ! They didn´t protect him because they didn´t think much of him at the time. And if I remember correctly he was absolutely atrocious for the Padres in ST that year. No second guessing on their part.

            • jjyank

              Sorry, my sarcasm meter must be off. My apologies.

  • Mister D

    Cashman is so stupid. Asked for Skaggs? Instead of Upton? C’mon!

  • Ted Nelson

    Again, I think a lot depends on when the conversation took place. Before the re-signed Montero could mean a week before or during the off-season.

    Before Pineda trade? Cashman could have viewed it as either or: blow me away or I’ve got a better offer.

    Right after Pineda? My Ping depth is ridiculous… Better blow me away if you’re offering Ping for hitting.

    Anytime after Romine got hurt? Great sign to me about the prognosis for his back.

    Asking for Skaggs can also say as much about how little the Yankees think of Az’s prospect depth as anything. Or it could have just been a starting point.

    And then there’s the Towers dynamic. Guy worked for Cashman. If he loved Romine, make him put his money where his mouth is.

  • jjyank

    I’m not getting the “Cashman is an idiot” stuff. I’m pretty sure this happens all the time around the league. Cashman wanted to keep Romine, so when asked about him, he took a shot in the dark on a top prospect. If Cashman was going to let Romine go elsewhere, he wanted a lopsided trade. I’m not familiar with the rest of the D-Backs system, so I don’t know what else is there he could have asked for, but this just seems like typical inter-GM speak for when a GM doesn’t want to trade away a prospect unless he’s blown away. Don’t we see this stuff all the time?

    • Mister D

      Of course. If every time you were approached about a player you ended up asking for fair value, there would be daily trades.

    • FIPster Doofus


  • Brian S.

    LOL Cashman. “Yeah we’ll trade you a future backup catcher for one of the best pitching prospects in the game.” SMH

    • jjyank

      This is what I’m talking about. I only “SMH” at comments like this.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Me too. Some of the brain surgeons here are completely lacking in the common sense department, though.

      • Brian S.

        You mad?

        • jjyank

          Heh, it appears you are far more mad.

  • Evan3457

    I want to be clear here.

    I don’t understand why Cashman started the bidding at Skaggs plus, if, in fact, that’s what he did.

    I dunno, maybe he’s using Romine as a bargaining chip against Martin, the way he saved Nunez to use against Jeter in the last contract scuffle.

    To me, it makes no sense to ask for Skaggs plus in exchange for Romine. It’s far more likely to cause “Klick!” at the other end of the line than to open up legit trade discussions.

    • Steve (different one)

      You seem to be missing the point. Cashman wasn’t trying to “open” a trade discussion. The DBacks called HIM. Prior to this conversation, he was not looking to move Romine.

      If he’s not looking to move him, why accept fair value? To do Towers a favor. He’d make him available FOR A PRICE. AZ didn’t bite, the world keeps turning. No one seems to think this is a big deal except for you

    • Ted Nelson

      Think of owning a house. If you decide to move and list your house… you should probably list for fair market value. If, on the other hand, you’re raising your family in a house you really like and someone knocks on the door asking how much you will sell it for… why are you going to do them the favor of asking fair market value? If you want the house I like living in, can afford to live in, and frankly need as a roof over my head you better make me a nice offer. If not, I’ll keep living there. Thanks.

      While Romine’s most likely projection may be mediocre starter to back-up… He’s certainly still got a chance to be a solid starter. 23 is not old for a C prospect at all. Even a cost controlled mediocre C has quite a bit of value. Especially for a team trying to cut payroll with its starter approaching free agency.

      • LiterallyFigurative

        Ted, stop making sense. You know we can’t have that kind of reasonable dialogue on this site.

        This is “Cashman is a fool” world!

        • Evan3457

          I don’t think Cashman is a fool. Not at all.
          In fact, I think he’s been a fairly good GM, all things taken into account.

          If Cashman was just blowing Towers off, I don’t get it.
          If he really thinks Romine is worth Skaggs-plus, I don’t get it.

          I get Ted’s owning your own home, minding your own business, not looking to sell, and someone comes knocking analogy. I just don’t see Romine as that kind of asset.

  • Chip

    Uhhhh, I don’t get why we’re all mad at Cashman about this?

    “Hey Brian, I was wondering what it would take to get that Romine catcher you have who always gets hurt”

    “Well Kevin, we really really like the kid and think he’s going to do big things so I wouldn’t be interested unless you blew me away by offering me Skaggs”

    “Alright, well just checking. Hey, you wanna see the new Men in Black tonight”

    “No, I got a hooker I need to pick up, I already paid”

  • qwerty

    Why would the yankees ask for Skaggs? Romine is practically worthless. Why not ask them to throw in Daniel Hudson for Ramiro Pena while you’re at it. The sensible thing to do would have bee to offer up Hughes, Nova, Betances, etc along with Romine if you’re going to ask for Skaggs. Does Cashman have any clue how to negotiate?

    • Evan3457

      Nobody said anything like that, either. But thanks for the nifty strawman.