Fan Confidence Poll: June 25th, 2012


Record Last Week: 3-3 (28 RS, 30 RA)
Season Record: 43-28 (337 RS, 283 RA, 42-29 pythag. record), 2.5 games up in AL East
Opponents This Week: vs. Indians (three games, Mon. to Weds.), vs. White Sox (four games, Thurs. to Sun.)

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. MannyGeee says:

    NOw that the streak is over and Hughes turned back into a pumpkin, I can safely go back from a 9 to an 8. my biggest concern is the immediate future and A-Rod looking amazingly mediocre at the dish as of late.

  2. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Steady at somewhere in the 8.5 range, rounded up to 9. Oh no, they followed up a 10 game winning streak with a bit of a slide. Let’s slit our wrists now. 2 out of 3 in Citifield, including breaking Dickey’s streak, is just fine with me.

    Same long-term concerns as I usually state on Mondays apply. This team has a good a chance as any in the short-term.

    • BK2ATL says:

      I’m staying with 8. The big league team has absorbed plenty of blows and remain atop the AL East. Once the hitting really picks up, combined with decent to above-average pitching, I can see more longer win streaks.

      I think the defense in yesterday’s game was atrocious, but it was just one game. It’s been steady all year.

      Nothing really new to add on the prospects. Great that we signed most of our draft picks. Time to see some promotions and what our best performers so far in High A look like against tougher comp. Sanchez, for one, is due for a bump up.

  3. jjyank says:

    At an 8 like always. Glad to see the team make sure that the losing streak didn’t go far, and hopefully the next win streak goes to 3 tonight.

  4. CS Yankee says:

    A 9. Playing good baseball less the RISPfail and errors. 22-7 since the vote of “no trades or changes (yet)” from Cashman.

    Jeet needs a day off, Arod looks weak, etc. will grab the news but this team is on a run and looks to have an extreme surplus in quality RP that the Angels, Tigers, and most others are really lacking. Need Grit back moreso than any other player.

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      RISPFAIL/WIN is always a dumb thing to base confidence on. Shit happens. Completely random occurrences. Jeter does need a day or two, I just hope he didn’t hurt him self when he came crashing back to earth. I’d like to see Gardner back too, maybe even add another bat.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I’m almost in disbelief that you wrote that first sentence, since I agree with it wholeheartedly.

        • jjyank says:


        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          I like to think of myself as a well-reasoned pessimist. My pessimism is almost entirely based on the team’s inability to evaluate pitching. Besides its been well documented that hitting with RISP is a random occurrence. The only think where hitters hit differently is a runner on third with fewer than two outs. The approach legitimately changes when it’s “get the ball deep enough to score the runner” as opposed to “get on base.”

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Your honor, I would like to submit that a “sometimes” be added in front of “well-reasoned.” Evidence being that RISP-as-random-occurrence was preceded by “team’s inability to evaluate pitching,” which, while the sentiment is appreciated, is quite the generalization being passed off as within reason. I rest my case.

            • Jimmy McNulty says:

              There’s a point where it goes past bad luck and you have to start blaming the process. With pitching I think the Yankees have reached that point. What have been their recent wins with pitching? Robertson, Wade, Nova (maybe), Garcia, and Bartolo? I’d hardly count CC as a win as just about any GM would sign him given the opportunity. So that’s two good relievers, about 200 innings off of the scrap heap, and maybe a good starter. Their losses are mounting in AJ, Albaladejo, Soriano, Marte, Feliciano, Vazquez, Hughes, Chamberlain, Clippard, Kennedy, Igawa, Farnsworth, and others, and now Pineda. (NOTE: I get that busts happen, and with Hughes and Chamberlain it’s not so much that they busted it’s that out of Hughes, Chamberlain, and Kennedy that Kennedy was the pitcher that’s been the most successful, incidentally he’s also the pitcher they were most willing to part with. That’s the loss there.) There’s not much that the organization has done that inspires confidence with regards to pitching.

            • Henry Krinkle says:

              Agreed on the pitching. it’s been good this year, bottom line.

          • toad says:

            How has it been “documented?”

            The Yankees’ performance so far this season is overwhelmingly significant statistically. That is, there is only a very small chance that the difference in hiting between RISP and non-RISP situations is just random variation.

            The most intriguing thing, to me, is that the walk rate with RISP is higher than without. Are pitchers just being much more cautious?

      • CS Yankee says:

        Learn to understand what you read…I voted a 9 and stated they were playing good baseball less the RISPfail and errors.

  5. Jimmy McNulty says:

    I think everyone here knows how I feel. They weren’t as good as the ten game winning streak made them look. I expect another mediocre week or two. Sucks that Texas reclaimed the best record in the majors. Anyways, a few questions:

    When well Sanchez, Austin, Williams, and Gumbs be promoted?

    What’s the consensus on the Youkilis trade? I assume the Red Sox got Eric Gagne in his prime along with a poor man’s Mickey Mantle and gave up a geriatric malcontent that can hardly walk…

    • JohnC says:

      Sanchez should be in Tampa already. Don’t know why he isn’t. Wiliams and Austin, this is their first full season in pro ball so thats why they’re going slow with them, but they have a good chance to be promoted soon as well. Gumbs is still pretty raw. I would expect him to remain at Charleston the full season.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      No one is ever as good as a ten-game winning streak. Not even the ’98 Yankees, the ’84 Tigers, etc. I also do not think this is a “mediocre” team, so the answer lies somewhere within the two extremes.

      I hope Youk finds the fountain of youth over there. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally say I never really minded the guy as much as I did some of his other flea-infested former teammates.

      • Cris Pengiucci says:

        Even after the 10 game winning streak, they are 6-4 in their last 10 games. I’ll take 97 wins/season any day of the week.
        My vote remains a 9, as I’m confident this season will result in a playoff birth (reminder: playoffs are a crap-shoot, so who know what happens then) and I’m also confident the front office has their eye on the future and will find a way to put a winning team on the field even if they do decide to implement the $189M payroll cap in ’14 and somewhere beyond that.

    • CS Yankee says:

      The 10 game was due because they weren’t as bad as the showed in late may (.500 team my ass). Texas is a big threat to have the best record as they have 36 games with the A’s and M’s.

      Would think that Williams and Austin will be the first moved up…Sanchez deseves it but they got the high-A guys finally playing well (as C), and Gumbs (and Dbich)don’t seem ready quite yet.

      The ChiSox got a deal, and maybe a steal. less than $3M, gave no talent to acquire an improvement over what they have and if he corrects, they win big-big time. The narrative will be that one or more of the following happened;
      1) Bobby V wanted him out (if he does well in Chitown), blame him.
      2) They did it to give the future (Middlebrooks) a path.
      3) They did the trade out of respect for Youk.
      4) They traced the chicken & beer receipts to Youk’s credit card.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I can understand keeping Gumbs there all season. Sanchez should definitely move up though, he’s repeating the level.

      • Murderers' Row Boat says:

        It seems they are bringing Sanchez up slowly since they want him to be the catcher of the future. He’ll hit anywhere, but it’s easier to learn catching in low-minors than it is in high minors.

        • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

          Learned from the Montero experience.

          • Murderers' Row Boat says:

            I think once they found Sanchez, Montero became a very large trade chip. Otherwise the front office would have kept him in Double A to learn catching. It was cool seeing him in Triple A games, but he looked like terrible behind the plate.

            • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

              …and his movement through the minor leagues was definitely based on his bat.

              • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                The last Triple A game I saw him in he looked bored at the plate and on the bases. Russ Canzler gunned him out at home on a sac fly if I remember. You could tell he knew he was getting called up in a few months to be a DH.

      • DM says:

        I’m sure they want him to catch a lot. Murphy is already in Tampa and needs to catch as well.

    • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

      The Red Sox gained 2 overachieving soon to be Yankee killers and the White Sox gained one underachieving established Yankee killer.



    • BK2ATL says:

      A 10 game winning streak against over .500 teams. Don’t belittle it.

      I have the same question about the prospects.

      Whenever someone pays $5.5 million for a player to play somewhere else, they just really needed to part ways with that player. See AJ Burnett. While AJ has flourished in Pittsburgh, I don’t see Youklis doing very much and for very long in Chicago. Maybe a little this year, but we’ll see. He can’t really run, nor play 3B that much anymore, you can’t put him out in the outfield. Adam Dunn is the DH.

      See AJ was healthy, but he just sucked ass in the Bronx for the past 2 seasons. Youklis has missed 132 of the last 396 games, exactly 33% of those games, and now at the age of 33, with lower back and hip issues, this is the downward spiral of a player. He had his run in Boston, but unless he goes to Germany to have that lower back issue treated, he’s pretty much done. Getting back only Lillibridge and Stewart, and having to kick in $5.5 million…it’s a lopsided deal in favor of Chicago.

      • RetroRob says:

        Did someone belittle the winning streak in the above thread? If so, they need to take a puff on Cashman’s reality pipe. The Yankees had never in their history swept three straight series against teams with better-than .500 records.

        • BK2ATL says:

          Shush…. you narrative buster you. Facts don’t mean much around here. LOL!!!

          “They weren’t as good as the ten game winning streak made them look.”

    • MannyGeee says:

      “What’s the consensus on the Youkilis trade? I assume the Red Sox got Eric Gagne in his prime along with a poor man’s Mickey Mantle and gave up a geriatric malcontent that can hardly walk…”

      let me answer this for you with a ink:

      “Middlebrooks, on the other hand, has established himself as a Rookie of the Year candidate with his first two months in Boston.”


      Kevin Who?

  6. Kosmo says:

    I´d like NY to improve the bench. I`d like to see Jones and Wise DFAd with Mustelier and Dickerson called up.
    I thought Martin was coming out of his slump but he´s fallen off again.
    All things considered if it ain´t broke don´t fix it.

    • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

      Mustelier for Wise-yes
      Dickerson for Jones-no

      Dickerson has NO power and can’t hit. Andruw Jones still plays a decent of and still has a very good arm. He also has the most power in his bat of any Yankee.

      • Kosmo says:

        Jones will hit a HR every now and then but can you justify a projected 75-80 Ks in about 200 Abs and a .210 ave plus his inability to hit LHP ?

        • Murderers' Row Boat says:

          If anything, Maxwell would be better than Dickerson. Maxwell always seemed like the kind of player you wanted on the bench because if you told him to run through the wall he’d do it. It’s nice to see him getting a shot to play in Houston.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            And he’s not on the team anymore.

            I agree that Dickerson’s a better depth option than Wise, and that there’d really be not much to lose in giving Mustellier a shot over Wise. I wouldn’t replace Jones with either of them, though.

            • Murderers' Row Boat says:

              I was think a replacement for Wise. Jones is still a beast against all kinds of LHP. His batting practice shots on Saturday were monstrous. You’re going to run into good LHP in September and October, and having Jones as the LHP DH is a luxury a lot of teams would love to have.

              • jjyank says:

                Agreed, I think Jones needs to stay on the team.

              • Kosmo says:

                Jones is hitting .194 vs. LHP this season far from being a beast. Batting practice ? since when did BP count for anything.

                • jjyank says:

                  I think after last seaason (and his career), Jones is a better bet than the other options.

                  • Kosmo says:

                    outside of running into a few HRs Jones has positively sucked at the plate this season.
                    The Yanks signed him to hit LHP and he is hitting all of .194 against lefties.

                    • Robinson Tilapia says:

                      Ronnie Mustelier is a 27 year-old in AAA is a 27 year-old in AAA is a 27 year-old in AAA. I’ll still takes Jones’s current resume.

                      I’d give Musty/Ronnie/whatever a chance over Wise, though. He should have all his options intact if he were to fail and need to be sent back down.

                    • RetroRob says:

                      So you also would have cut Jones last year when he got off to a slow start and then crushed the second half?

                      Sample size.

                      Also, you’re whishing and dreaming that the replacements will be better.

        • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero says:

          He hit lefties very well last year and can hit righties at times too. Dickerson can’t hit any and has almost zero HR power.

          Andruw Jones has about 430 more HR’s than Mr. Dickerson. He’s not great but Dickerson sucks.

      • Dan says:

        The OF defense is going to be horrendous. I would prefer to wait until Gardner is healthy and do Gardner for Wise and Mustellier for Jones.

        • Cris Pengiucci says:

          If Mustelier is brought up before Gardner comes back, it has to be for Jones, as Wyse is still needed for defensive purposes. I just don’t see enough of an upgrade to necessitate the moves. Wouldn’t comlain if they happened, but certainly not losing sleep over them not happening.

  7. Manny's BanWagon says:

    Solid 8.

    Their dependence on homers and the lack of dominance from CC concern me for the playoffs but for this year at least, things are looking pretty good especially when Gardner, Joba and Aardsma return.

  8. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    I’m at 8. I don’t move my rating weekly with short term streaks. It will take a huge trade (doubtful) or massive steps forward by prospects to move me to a 9 (great debut by recently drafted guys possibly too.) Would like to see Manny and Campos back soon. I’m starting to think that one of AP and Hiroki will be gone next year and right now I expect Phelps to be the 5th starter in 2013. Biggest long term concern is the ARod contract. Hope Soriano opts out after getting a ring in October to free up financial roster flexibility in 2013.

    • Murderers' Row Boat says:

      The only nice thing about A-Rod’s contract is that it lowers every year, and once he becomes a DH/Backup infielder those numbers should go back up slightly. Judging by his production this year they might over him there next year, but the current crop of free agent third basemen aren’t exactly stellar.

      • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

        Alex is making $29m this year. Needs 19 more HR’s to tie Mays and get $6m bonus. Let’s say he doesn’t get there this year. Next year he makes $28m but should get the Mays kicker so $34m. In 2014 he makes $25m and probably doesn’t tie Ruth in HR’s. In 2015 he makes $21m and probably passes Ruth and gets another $6m so $27m total. He makes $20m in both ’16&’17. Who knows how healthy he’ll be and whether or not the other $18m in HR kickers for tying Aaron, tying Bonds and passing Bonds but I’m betting he ends up 3rd on the all time list. Anyway, those are still albatross dollars.

        • Murderers' Row Boat says:

          Oh they are still huge numbers, and if this any other team they could scream uncle. But those bonuses are “marketing bonuses” which are basically cuts of the money the team will make on marketing the milestones. So the team will still be in the black. The only problem is ’14 and beyond with the luxury tax. By 2014 they will be done to $75.125 million. Figure $23 mill a year for Cano, 17-18 for Granderson, and there are still only at $118~ for a team that will more than likely be made up of farm system guys.

  9. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    8.5, I still see the same positive traits and negative issues that remain. On the positive side the lineup is strong enough to apply pressure even in a NL city. Pitching is good enough to get the job done. Have concerns about Jones at the plate against lefties. Jeter needs rest. RISP may come around. It will definitely be needed to go deep in the playoffs and win the WS. Need Gardner soon to remove Ibanez in the OF and wearing down.

  10. BK2ATL says:

    Curiously, since it’s floating around out there. First by Joel Sherman, now MLBTraderumors.com is floating the idea. Probably nothing to it, but we could dream.

    What do you think a Yankees’ package for Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies would look like?

    I’m thinking Nova/Phelps/Betances, Nunez/Adams, Cervelli/Romine, and maybe one of Santana/Bichette/Austin/Almonte/Gumbs. It’s gonna cost and they’ll be plenty of suitors, including Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, amongst others.

    • Murderers' Row Boat says:

      Car-Go’s Home/Away splits are terrible. Maybe the O’s because they play in a small park or Philly because they’d sell the Liberty Bell for a power bat. Though they’ll have to get Hallady to quit drinking so he can come back.

      • Kosmo says:

        I used to hear that argument over home vs. road splits about the then Rockies Matt Holliday look at how his career has turned out since signing with the Cardinals.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Maybe they should date and we can sign their kid.

          • Kosmo says:

            are you knocking down a few ?

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              Always knocking them down.

              Just my smartass way of saying the only way something related to Matt Holiday relates to Carlos Gonzalez is if they mated.

              • Kosmo says:

                the point being I´ve heard the Coors rap countless times and like someone said good hitters can make adjustments which has very little to do with the kind of air they breath.

                • RetroRob says:

                  You’ve heard it countless times for a reason.

                  Matt Holliday his last couple years as a Rockie was still a .300+/.380/.500 hitter away from Coors. In other words, his excellence as a hitter was not just Coors.

                  CarGo’s splits are dramatic, and his career road numbers for an OFer are not strong:


                  I do think he’s better than that now, and he is hitting a little better on the road this year (not allstar better, just a little better) but that means he can probably put up a .275/.345/.475 line. Nice, but nothing spectacular. If the Yankees could add him, great. I wouldn’t bet the farm on him, though.

                  I’m confident that if CarGo came to the Yankees and Swisher then went to the Rockies, Swisher would out up the better numbers by quite a margin.

        • BK2ATL says:

          While I wasn’t the a proponent of the Yanks’ going after Holliday when he was on the open market, he has adjusted his splits since in St. Louis.

          You gotta think professional ballplayers can make adjustments.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Not a fan of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I wouldn’t include Nova in a deal. You’re going to be paying through the nose in minor leaguers, though, and we don’t have the type of immediate impact guys they’re looking for. I don’t think raiding low-A get this done.

      I think the Gonzalez thinking is fun. I don’t see it happening at all for the Yanks.

      • jjyank says:

        I had the same thought process as well. I doubt the Rox want a low A guy as the headliner, and CarGo would cost an insane package I’m sure.

      • BK2ATL says:

        I agree. But this is just for kicks. As stated, I don’t see it happening.

        On this site, we keep reading and hugging our farm system, but it seems on the open market, they don’t amount to much when it comes to bringing back talent. Which may mean that perhaps they are overrated….People around here talk trades, but want to offer nothing substantial to get something in return.

        We gave up Montero to get back Pineda, which, to me, says that Cashman didn’t really think Betances nor Banuelos was ready to be counted on to be the #5 starter anytime soon. You don’t give up your top hitting prospect, even position-challenged, for a young hard-throwing starter, unless you don’t think you could fill that SP shortage internally. Yeah, both Pineda and Campos got hurt this year, but the intention was loud.

        I put Nova in that deal, and you could also put Hughes in there, as young cost-controlled talent that would be needed to bring back something substantial. Nova would have more value than Hughes, and that’s based on what he’s accomplished so far and the strides that he’s made. Hughes’ value changes from start to start. Plus Nova’s cost-controlled for longer than Hughes.

        Neither Banuelos nor Betances could be considered a headliner at this stage, as both have underwhelmed in AAA. Romine’s been hurt all year. Nunez as well, plus he underachieved in the field in MLB. These are our top prospects closest to MLB.

        Looking like we’ll be re-signing Swisher, not that it’s a bad thing. Just figured I’d throw out the CarGo scenario.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Agree that it’s just fun thinking. Disagree on your other points.

          I think Pineda has nothing to do with B’s and more to do with never having enough good pitching.

          You put Nova and Hughes in the deal and you’ve just lost 2/5 of your rotation for an outfielder I’m not quite sure you need. Not a fan of that thinking.

          I also don’t think Hughes adds a whole lot to any trade proposal right this minute. Still, he’s done a good job starting for the team and I’m not willing to destabilize the rotation in order to have Gonzalez under the Christmas Tree.

          • Kosmo says:

            Just for fun, Gonzalez in LF move Gardner to CF ,trade Granderson and resign Swisher.

          • BK2ATL says:

            Not both Hughes and Nova. Would include one of them. I see the misunderstanding caused by what I wrote. My bad.

            Potential 2013 rotation would be CC, Kuroda, Nova or Hughes, Pettitte, and possibly Pineda/Phelps. OF would be Grandy in LF, Gardner in CF, CarGo in RF. We’d be a lot closer to $189 million in 2014, and we’d be able to keep both Cano and Grandy.

            Pineda was brought in as a hedge towards $189 million AND against Banuelos and Betances regression. One of the 2 were expected, and still are, to claim a rotation spot by 2013. Banuelos looks closest at this stage, but that’s not saying much, and comes with big ifs (command and control). The trade for Pineda cost us our best young hitter in eons, and I agreed with the trade then and now.

            Banuelos and Betances have proven nothing at the AAA level so far to be included in future SP plans. If anything, Banuelos has lost command and control facing more experienced hitters in AAA, and Betances has completely regressed. That both a falling fast in the top 100 prospects should clue us in. Banuelos has the ability to right the ship, but right now, he’s hurt. So that remains to be seen.

            Again, the CarGo stuff is pure fantasy, but I’d go all in on a deal, if he became available.

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              See, I think Pineda would still be a Yankee even if the B’s looked like worldbeaters at the time. I think they valued his potential more than olwhatshisname they sent to Seattle.

              I think there’s a lot of baseball to be played, but neither extreme would surprise me as far as Banuelos goes. He could be in the rotation next year. He could be a bust.

              I’m not as bullish on Kuroda/Pettitte being back as others on here are. I’d still value the younger guys in the rotation more.

              I fully realize a lot of people would think I’m nuts for not trading Nova for Gonzalez. I’ll just have to learn to live with that. :)

        • RetroRob says:

          There are other ways of looking at it. Giving up Montero for Pineda also said what he thought of Montero’s ability to catch and the value of a DH bat vs. a very good young pitcher. No comparison, hence the deal.

          Second, it appears his goal was to have Pineda in the rotation this year, and Banuelos in 2013 or so, giving them two very good and cost-controlled young players heading into 2014. I don’t view it as the either/or situation. He wants both, but they are on differnt timelines. Pineda already had a full MLB season, and a good one, under his belt, where Banuelos was just entering AAA.

          Betances has underwhelmed in AAA. Banuelos has barely pitched, tossing all of 24 innings this year, and actually was looking quite strong before his last start and the elbow. With the elbow and the back prior, health is more of a concern for me with Banuelos than ability.

          • BK2ATL says:

            Banuelos also pitched part (7 starts) of 2011 in AAA. Similarly poor numbers to his 2012 performance so far.

  11. Bob Stone says:

    Still a 9 despite RISP Fail, Hughes ups and downs and A-Rod’s mediocre performance.

    The only team that seems stronger in the American League is possibly Texas and I think the Yankees can beat them if they are playing well.

  12. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Is anyone else just waiting for the deadline? I mean there’s lots of places where the team could do better but very few places where they need to do better. I’d definitely like to get Dwayne Wise out of the everyday line up. I also wouldn’t mind another reliever. While Boone’s Farm and Cody Epply have been awesome I get the sneaking feeling that they could blow up at any moment. Naturally though I’m most interested in Garza and Hamels.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I’m not feeling any need whatsoever for an extra reliever, to be honest, but I understand why some are closer in arriving for the Cody Eppley party.

      As much as continue to think depth at the deadline, the only guy for which I don’t see in-house replacements for is Jayson Nix. I say he gets an upgrade and your bullpen wishes come true. Eppley probably would not die spending August in the travelling AAA circus before returning to the team.

      Probably (no, definitely) just me would laugh hysterically at the fantasy possibility of the Yanks now dealing for Youkilis and him sticking the final nail in the Sox coffin this year. Zero chance of that happening, nor is there a need for it.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        “later in arriving.”

        I am in prime typingfail form today.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        As far as depth goes I recall I was much more concerned about the Gardner injury than anyone here, and the news now is that he hopes to be back this year…I’m not all that confident in dealing with that. Not only did he have a stellar OBP he was also the only threat to steal on the team and perhaps the best defender in the league. He’s definitely missed and the team should think seriously about a replacement at the deadline.

    • BK2ATL says:

      Sincerely doubt we’ll see either Hamels or Garza in pinstripes.

      I do think we need to find another OF. Jones and Ibanez weren’t really signed up for this. We’re supposed to be a platoon DH situation, that could spell Swisher and Gardner at times. I’m not sure how Dickerson and Wise got to be the AAA fallback options.

      I think we’re pretty set in bullpen, even if Eppley, Wade, or Logan slow down. Aardsma will join the club within 30 days, and so far so good. Joba will be back within approx. August. No need to do anything on the bullpen front.

      I do think we should look to shore middle IF depth, if an upgrade is out there and cheap.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        I do think we need to find another OF. Jones and Ibanez weren’t really signed up for this. We’re supposed to be a platoon DH situation, that could spell Swisher and Gardner at times. I’m not sure how Dickerson and Wise got to be the AAA fallback options.

        Exactly. Not that Jones and Ibanez were bad signings, they just weren’t signed for this reason. They’re good bench players, but they shouldn’t be playing 140 games combined.

        I think we’re pretty set in bullpen, even if Eppley, Wade, or Logan slow down. Aardsma will join the club within 30 days, and so far so good. Joba will be back within approx. August. No need to do anything on the bullpen front.

        You may be right but not for the reasons listed. Joba and Aardsma are both coming off of TJ surgery and I’d hardly count on them for a stretch run coming off of TJ.

  13. BK2ATL says:

    For the record, I just wanted to talk about the CarGo stuff, if only to NOT have to talk about Mustelier, Dickerson, and Wise as OF options. That’s how sad our OF depth has come to. LOL!!!!!

    Where’s Justin Maxwell when needed him in AAA. Wait, in Houston, launching bombs on ESPN?? Who woulda thunk it!!!

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Meh. We’ve sported the illustrious Justin Christian, Terrence Long, and Bubba Crosby in the outfield in the past ten years. That’s what happens when you reach into the 4th and 5th outfielders of the world.

      I also think Wise really does get a bad rap. He is the dictionary definition of “5th outfielder.”

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