Game 65: Nine would be fine


(Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

It’s been a long time since the Yankees last won nine consecutive games. They’ve had eight-game winning streaks in each of the last two three seasons but you have to go back to May 2009 for their last nine gamer. It’s not easy to go a week and a half without a loss, especially in the AL East, but they have a chance to do just that against the Nationals today. Here’s this afternoon’s the lineup…

SS Derek Jeter
CF Curtis Granderson
3B Alex Rodriguez
2B Robinson Cano
1B Mark Teixeira
LF Raul Ibanez
RF Andruw Jones
Chris Stewartno surprise after Russell Martin caught all 14 innings yesterday
RHP Ivan Nova

Today’s game is scheduled to start at 1:35pm ET and can be seen on YES locally and TBS nationally. Enjoy.

Nick Swisher Update: Swisher (quad contusion) arrived at the park carrying — but not using — a set of crutches. He described the injury as “the worst Charley Horse ever.” He is not available at all this afternoon, though it sounds like he’ll be able to avoid the DL.

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  1. Greg says:

    It also seems we knocked Brad Lidge off the Nationals

  2. RI$P FTW says:

    I found the hidden game thread!

  3. RetroRob says:

    For a Seinfeldian question, when you say the Yankees have had eight-game winning streaks the *last* two seasons, does that include this season, or does that mean they’ve had eight-game winning streaks in ’10 and ’11, meaning this is the third year in a row they’ve had an eight-game winning streak?

  4. Dela G says:

    Brad Lidge DFA’d

    maybe pick him up and see if we can fix him? I maybe have a soft spot for him since he pitched for the astros when i lived in houston

    • RetroRob says:

      Minor league deal would be fine. No risk. Major league deal would be bad since they Yankees will already be facing a roster crunch with Joba and Aardsma returning.

  5. Brian S. says:

    We usually hit Edwin pretty hard right?

  6. Wow, Edwin is loving being in the National league again, huh? I mean his stuff is good, but ERA just over 3 good?

    • Brian S. says:

      He was actually better with the White Sox than he was with the Diamondbacks or Cardinals. Believe it or not he was one of the best pitchers in all of baseball in Chicago and struggled in the NL.

  7. DERP says:

    Nats broadcast or TBS?

  8. Brian S. says:

    Anyone else see the guy with the shirt that said “Don’t bro me if you don’t know me”?

  9. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    Bryce Harper’s got 5.5 more years to learn to always address the media.

    • did he ditch out on the media last night?

    • RetroRob says:

      He’s nineteen. Most kids his age are in their freshman year at college playing beer pong, or in extended Spring Training getting ready to debut in a short-season league. Overall, I like his attitude. Conifident and cocky, but he doesn’t annoy me. Yeah, he will need to address the media when he has bad days. I’m sure Davey Johnson will speak to him. He’ll get it.

    • RI$P FTW says:

      Screw the media. It’s a waste of time.
      “We did our best.” ”
      I have to try to do better next time.” etc…

      If someone says something honest or interesting, the media portrays them as assholes and hangs them out to dry.

  10. Cuso says:

    Very good start

  11. Cuso says:

    Noone is afraid to throw A-Rod strike 1. Notice that?

  12. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Gonna have faith in Tex here

  13. RetroRob says:

    Oh, no. The dreaded bases-loaded situation.

  14. Cano…with good baserunning…wait what?!

    • Brian S. says:

      According to fangraphs he has been a fantastic baserunner in his career.

      • really? wow, he almost always seems to never take the extra base and such, this is just eye test.

        • Brian S. says:

          Yeah, BSR War or whatever that measures going first to third, advancing on sac flies, etc. He’s always near the top.

          • RetroRob says:

            I never really thought about it in Cano’s case, and the fact that I don’t probably means he’s a good baserunner. It’s the bad ones I notice. Posada wasn’t good. Neither was Bernie. Players like A-Rod and Jeter are.

            • eephus_pitch says:

              Posada and Williams were two of the worst baserunners I’ve ever seen, with Jorge being almost historically bad. Berine should have been great, since he was so fast, but just didn’t have the instincts.

  15. Cuso says:

    Cano forgot how many outs there were. Froze.

  16. TommyBoy says:


  17. coulda/shoulda/woulda had 2 or 3 runs that inning…but I’m not going to harp on it.

  18. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Coulda been so much more, but Jackson through a ton of pitches

  19. teddy says:

    cashman needs to acquired a legitmate 3rd hitter, because teix and arod are 5th hitters at best and thats a reach.

    50 million for 2 average major leaguers,

  20. Brian S. says:

    Ibanez 106 wRC+ and decreasing. He’s not good.

  21. Nova, get Edwin back out their before he can catch his breath.

    good start.

  22. DERP says:

    Lazy play

  23. Ethan says:

    Beautiful play by Cano!

  24. cr1 says:

    Will we get to see another little tantrum today? The first one was kind of cute in a toddlerish way, but a series of them might get old quickly…

  25. Paul VuvuZuvella says:


  26. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Ok with a K, stay off the bases

  27. ugh…I turned off the Nats broadcast because they were complaining that the breaks have been going yankees way, but this is game 3 of the series, and Johnny and Suzyn are still going on about how high up the broadcast booth is…lose/lose.

  28. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    Ivan Nova’s BABIP is 1.000

  29. Brian S. says:


  30. RetroRob says:

    Rodney King found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool.

    Now back to the baseball game.

  31. Pat D says:

    Wow, that siren might be more annoying than the Angels’ fireworks.

  32. teddy says:

    there goes the lead, thanks arod

  33. Knoxvillain says:

    Nova’s back to normal.

  34. RI$P FTW says:

    The big question: Will Nova hit La Roche the next time he’s up if Nova has to actually bat himself? I doubt it.

  35. Brian S. says:

    Get Freddy up

  36. dkidd says:

    kind of a negative game thread, considering how the team has been playing

    happy father’s day to all

  37. Psychicfan says:

    Yanks win today 9-4

  38. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Hilarious that the tbs announcers are giving the gm of the Nats props for a packed house today after Smoltz stated earlier that at least 20,000 Yankee fans are there.

  39. Pat D says:

    Switched over to MLB Tonight during the break and they had the Cardinals/Royals on. The announcers mentioned they had a tribute before the game for Darryl Kile. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that happened.

    That might have been the toughest thing Joe Girardi ever had to do.

  40. Brian S. says:

    A-Rod made an out?

    :: incessant complaining ::

  41. Brian S. says:

    Please Ibanez get a hit. Just a single. That’s not too much to ask right?

  42. TommyBoy says:

    Of course they didn’t score. This really is beyond pathetic!

  43. Knoxvillain says:

    Can they get a fucking hit with runners on just one damn time? This is why they are going to be swept in the ALDS.

  44. Brian S. says:


  45. TommyBoy says:

    I agree with Knoxvillain. Yankees aren’t winning jack this year if they don’t get a whole lot and I mean a whole better with RISP!

  46. RI$P FTW says:

    Wow. Nova gave up a double to the worst hitter in MLB.

  47. Jobamania says:

    lol ajones

  48. Brian S. says:

    Bryce Hahpah is a stahting outfieldah

  49. pat says:

    34 pitches thru 3? I’ll take it.

  50. Pat D says:

    Tim Raines.

    • RetroRob says:

      Raines was to Henderson as Speaker was to Cobb.

      It seems so obvious that it’s Raines that I was half wondering if it’s a trick question. Yet I won’t go look.

  51. Knoxvillain says:

    It sucks that Swish isn’t playing today. He was starting to kill the ball.

  52. Knoxvillain says:

    For all the talk and love about Desmond, he isn’t too impressive with the bat and can’t field for shit it seems.

    • RetroRob says:

      There were rumors during the off season that the Nats were trying to trade for Brett Gardner and were offering back Desmond. As if the Yankees didn’t already have a Desmond in Nunez.

  53. DERP says:

    E-an Desmond. #obligatory

  54. Pat D says:

    Did Kenny just say “whoops, there goes gravity?”

  55. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Jeterian bunt.

  56. Brian S. says:

    Jeter be clutch for once this season please.

  57. knoxvillain, I noticed you can see the future and KNOW that the yankees are going to be swept in the ALDS. Why are you still watching then? That’s like watching Battlestar Gallactica knowing about the shitty finale.

    • Knoxvillain says:

      I always watch the games whenever I’m home. They’re still fun to watch even though they’re playing better than they are.

      As Jeter fails to do his job again. Surprise surprise.

  58. pat says:

    LOL Ken Darling is complaining during the Mets game about the call at the plate yesterday.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Has Darling ever been able to get his nose de-congested? Listening to him reminds me of my 4 year old nephew when he’s got a cold…or is it a code?

  59. Nova…you’ve been so good of late, don’t be the guy to break the awesome streak :(

  60. Brian S. says:

    Jeter has been first half 2011 since late April.

  61. This is the .232 hitter Danny Espinosa…use the fastball!!!

  62. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:


  63. Brian S. says:

    Look at that lazy double play by Cano right there.

  64. pat says:

    We’d win 110 games a year in the NL.

  65. Itishighitisfaritisgonerightyouarejohn says:

    Nova getting squeezed

  66. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    Pretty sure Jeter never touched 2nd. I’ll take it though!

    • RetroRob says:

      Funny, I had the opposite reaction. I’m so used to seeing either the SS or 2B’man taking the proximity play to the extreme, straddling the bag and making no attempt to even touch it, I was struck by Jeter making an attempt to nip the edge of the bag. I can’t say for sure he did, but I noticed he actually made an attempt.

  67. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    The grandyman can

  68. RetroRob says:

    Curtis “I Don’t Consider Myself a HR Hitter” Granderson.

  69. Tom says:

    When did Ian Desmond become a dead pull hitter?

    Once again when there is a guy on 2nd, Girardi feels the need for semi-shifts on players who don’t warrant them. On that groundball single to right Cano was pracrically behind 2nd and Tex must have been 15-20 feet off of first.

    I understand doing that with a guy like Morse, but what is all the more baffling is that when there’s noone on they don’t shift like that for Demsond.

    I’m not sure Cano gets to that groundball anyway but watch the next time a guys on 2nd, the majority of the time it seems Girardi is shifting one way or the other (for a lefty or righty)

  70. I’m pretty sure that Jackson’s thrown like 5 pitches this inning.

  71. Brian S. says:


  72. Brian S. says:

    Not a fan of giving up a hit to a terrible catcher to start the inning.

  73. Tom says:

    routine groundball to second…. oh wait let’s play Solano like he’s a pull hitter.

    Girardi might want to start playing some of the normal hitters straight up when you have a guy throwing 94?

    • pat says:

      Slight chance Girardi might have more information at his disposal, no?

      • Tom says:

        Yes… and there’s a slight chance he is misusing the data?

        Solano also has a heavy database of information… you know with his 12 career ML at bats. (and minor league data is iffy, and you don’t get things like batted speed to accurately judge a lot of guys on other teams)

  74. Brian S. says:

    So when is Nova getting one of those extensions that will keep him cheap until he is 30?

  75. RetroRob says:

    Four lefties in the pen? Girardi would die in orgasmic euphoria in the dugout.

  76. Mike Axisa says:

    Don’t worry guys, here comes the pitcher’s spot to snuff out the rally. NL fever, catch it!

  77. Francisco says:

    Dispatch from a bus somewhere in New York state:

    Stewart torments me to the core of my soul.

  78. pat says:

    F*cking NL baseball sucks dick.

  79. Brian S. says:

    Jeter’s third opportunity to do something clutch.

  80. Tom says:

    NL baseball… can you smell the strategerinessment?

    Love Eck’s comment on TBS: “in the AL you are looking at nuclear inning here, in the NL you gift the pitcher an out”

  81. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Too much respect, he was running, no way he was gonna make a good throw there

  82. Francisco says:


    No outs, hold him. One out, send him.

  83. Itishighitisfaritisgonerightyouarejohn says:

    Could someone please go into the clubhouse bring Jones his testicles?

  84. Cuso says:

    Andruw is a liability

    • Cuso says:

      Can’t run, can’t hustle, can’t work a count, can’t get to a ball more than 15 feet away, can’t hit anything other than a meatball…

      What purpose does he have? He should only serve as DH against LHP – that’s it. He doesn’t even scare anyone in that capacity.

  85. Knoxvillain says:

    Terrible. Fucking terrible.

  86. Mike Axisa says:

    And that’s why you let the pitcher swing away with a man on third.

  87. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    Fucking pitcher’s spot messed up that whole inning.

  88. if we didn’t have the lead, I’d be angry. Right now, I’m just disappointed.

  89. Kramerica Industries says:

    0-8 with RISP.

    They still suck at that, even with the turnaround of everything else.

  90. mike_h says:

    really wanted to see ARod up with the bases loaded and break the Gehrig tie

  91. Athenian says:

    I love that there is so much bitching about NL style baseball. Simply means that more strategy is required. Funny…

    • Brian S. says:

      There is no strategy with pitchers hitting. It’s an out. You know what would be a great strategy in football? Having the kickers field punt returns. SO much strategy!

    • I don’t understand how/why people say it’s more strategy…most decisions are made for you
      runners on, less than two outs, pitcher up? Bunt.
      Rally brewing in the 7th/8th pitcher up? Forced to pinch hit, regardless of how well he’s pitching.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        It’s more strategy in the sense that it requires more moves, which is dumb. Most of the time pitching decisions are made for you in the NL, the real strategy comes when the lineup doesn’t tell you you have to take the pitcher out.

  92. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    This is just getting ridiculous

  93. Brian S. says:

    Dammit A-Rod! Way to not get the run in!

  94. stuart a says:

    arod having another big day with RISP!!!Jeter more or less the same.

    disgraceful.. they barely get productive outs….they do not even need a hit half the time just a fly ball to medium depth..

  95. Greg says:

    Andruw Jones will be gone by midseason. I think Trevor Plouffe would be a good candidate

  96. Rooting for U.S. Steel says:

    I am truly amazed — and more that a little disgusted — that Jackson was able to finish the inning. Normally I like pitchers’ duels, but we friggin’ had him on the ropes…

    A tip of the hat to him… grumblingly…

  97. teddy says:

    giradri has to change his damm approach, piinch hit for jeter with chavez or something not in the damm binder.

    the same back and watch is not working.

    squueze or something. this lineup is awful.

    giradri doesn’t have the balls to hold his aging stars accountable for being awful baseball players

  98. stuart a says:

    AROD DID NOT GET THE RUN IN his first time up..

    but hey arod is better then jack hannahan, not mike moustakas, ryan zimmerman( he is awful), and a bunch of terrible players.

    arod sucks.. on pace to beat jeter in RBI’s at least…..

    I forgot RBI’s to the sabermetricians is a nonsense stat….

  99. Frank says:

    Great pitch count for Nova with 2 out in the 6th.

  100. swishers fauxhawk says:

    62 pitches headed to the 7th? Yes please.

  101. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    4pitches! Way to not fall to the big inning after you offense failed. Nicely done

  102. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    Some people just can’t help themselves.


  103. pat says:

    Holy shit was that like a 5 pitch inning? #Natitude.

  104. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Grown man

  105. pat says:


    / those people.

  106. dontchaknow says:


  107. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    So fucking sick of these home runs.

  108. RetroRob says:

    Another HR. More overpaid players continuing the Yankees failures.

  109. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    That was beautiful.

  110. Cuso says:

    Ugh. How many days before A-Rod’s big game? We’re at 1 out of every 8 games right?

    Nice shot, Obi-Wan Cano-bi.

    • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

      A-Rod will have a big game when Wallace Mathews writes another article criticizing him. Never fails.

      • RetroRob says:

        I actually lost my posting “privileges” on ESPN because I said something negative about Wally. Nothing horrible, mind you, something along the lines of “why are Yankee fans tortured by having a former boxing writer who doesn’t understand baseball as their beat writer?” I didn’t even realize I was banned for months. I thought it was a technical issue. Finally dropped ESPN a note, they told me I was banned by a moderator for saying insulting things to one of their writers. Amazing.

        He has a very thin skin.

        • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

          Wow. I’ve seen commenters say much worse things about him. Are they all banned as well?

          • RetroRob says:

            Somebody was clearly having a bad day. I don’t post often on ESPN because it’s a zoo, but when I do it’s usually in one of the Insider areas, like KLaw. My posts are always reasonable. Well, unless it’s Wally. Yet even my knocks on them are roughly what I wrote above.

            I think I got swept up similar to a police check point when they pull over five speeding cars in a row. People were pounding on Wally and I got nailed with the group. That’s my guess.

            More amazing is ESPN will ban some one and not tell them. At least that’s what happened to me. Took me half a year to figure out what happened, which tells you how often I post, but I would notice that I never seemed to have a comment window on articles. Thought maybe it was a glitch with their posting app related to my computer. Just didn’t care enough to check for months. So they never notified me, and apparently one violation, no matter what your record, is a permanent ban unless you sent them a note.

            They reinstated me without telling me why, so I kept emailing them until they told me why I was originally banned. It was kind of funny. I can’t say for sure Wally had anything to do with it directly, but I think he did indirectly, meaning they probably decided to take action against the Wally haters. I’ve heard he has a very thin skin and doesn’t like how he gets treated on the boards. He bans people on Twitter all the time, too, not that I think anyone should ever consider following him.

  111. pat says:

    Shoulda pinch hit Chavez for Cano.

  112. Tom says:

    Wow… did not see that ball having that much carry.

    The ball Tex hit in the 1st (?) looked like it was hit much harder and wasn’t all that close to going out.

  113. Brian S. says:

    Mike. You know what needs to happen.

  114. Rooting for U.S. Steel says:

    Ah, rats, a pitching change. I was kinda hoping for Gorzelanny to lap Nova’s pitch count…

  115. Tom says:

    Wise here? (figure he’s likely going to be brought in for defense this innning or next inning anyway)

    Opens up the infield hit/bunt as an option with a guy on 3rd. Probably really not much of a difference, but Jones vs righties is pretty much all or nothing.

  116. Frank says:

    That’s a nice gift run.

  117. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    And another one

  118. Tom says:

    Pitching to Stewart with 1st base open now?

    I doubt Girardi PH’s for Nova

  119. Brian S. says:

    Go Stewie go!

  120. Itishighitisfaritisgonerightyouarejohn says:

    When did we trade cervelli to the nats?

  121. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Brilliant move by Davey there, had his pitcher throw a wild pitch to put runner in scoring position so to guarantee the out and end of inning.

  122. Itishighitisfaritisgonerightyouarejohn says:

    Murdering god bless america

  123. Brian S. says:

    Nova could probably throw a complete game with this pitch count.

  124. jjyank says:

    I’m late to the party, I know. I’ve been listening on the radio, that’s what I get for not paying for cable (blacked out on MLB.TV because I’m in market for the Nats).

    I see some negativity up above, which is just funny because they’re poised to win 9 games in a row for the first time since the last time they won the World Series. I don’t get why some people even follow sports.

  125. Hummingbird S. says:

    better get somebody up in the pen.. a lot of pitches up in the zone from Nova.. he’s tired

  126. Here Suzyn goes on again about being too high up…jesus somebody stuff something in that woman’s mouth.

  127. Dela G says:

    let nova go to the 8th if he finishes bernadinha

  128. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Wow, Nova, Wow!

  129. Brian S. says:

    Nova better stay in.

  130. pat says:

    Nova has had a stress free 80 pitches. You gotta ride him as long as possible with the 14 inning game yesterday.

    • jjyank says:

      Yeah, I’m cool with that. They don’t have a huge cushion in the score, but I think the benefit of sparing the pen a bit would outweigh the benefit of a pinch hitter.

    • Rooting for U.S. Steel says:

      Unabashed plug: Situations like this are what make RAB’s Bullpen Workload feature so useful. You’re correct in that Nova is giving a worked-over bullpen a break, but they do have the people to get through two innings… (although yes, who knows what tomorrow will bring?)

      Fair’s fair: I’m not going to squawk too loudly about Girardi trying to squeeze a few more outs out of his starter today.

  131. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    This is painful to watch.

  132. DERP says:

    That was pretty awesome.

  133. BK2ATL says:

    I think we need to let Nova go 9 on this one. No reason to pull him at this stage.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

      Definite shot for a CG. If pitch count goes up in 8th, you could pitch DRob in 9th.

    • RetroRob says:

      Totally agree.

      I’m all for monitoring pitch counts and making sure the pitcher is not fatigued, but I believe one of the great failures with pitchers nowadays is not pushing them when given the opportunity. Let them discover what it’s like to pitch into the eight and ninth and even complete a game.

  134. Athenian says:

    One could argue that the Yankees ineffectiveness with RISP cost them the game against David Price in the Tampa series. With that win they would have swept their last 4 series. 1 game does not make a huge difference in this overall win streak but….

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Almost every loss ever has to do with the losing team not taking advantage of opportunities.

      • Athenian says:

        Yes it does for the simplistic answer. But in this case the failure with RISP is not a missed opportunity, more like a bad case of the flu.

    • RetroRob says:

      …or one can argue that the Yankees overall hitting approach has allowed them to win eight in a row, hopefully nine in a row shortly, and has them in first place. Randomness be damned!

  135. pat says:

    Nats are setting attendance records this weekend, but remember folks, the Yankees are bad for baseball.

    • Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

      Better watch out when you talk about yanks bringing people to other teams ballparks or ri$p/rainbow connection/douche will call you a homer

  136. Tom says:

    Miami sucking again…. they are being 2 hit by TB and Alex Cobb (after being 1 hit in the first game). I guess them taking the 2nd game is as much as one could ask for.

    Hopefully next year MLB balances out the interleague schedules (or at the very least have similar schedules for teams within a division)

  137. Athenian says:

    Alan Greenspan to speak to reporters afterwards and say that “Bryce Harper is a good young kid but Andy Pettitte made him look foolish which is to say there is irrational exuberance towards Harper.”

  138. Mike N says:

    Awesome that Nova’s been so efficient today! If he holds on and completes the game, the bullpen’s buying him cocktails tonight.

  139. Mike N says:

    WHAT??? C’mon, Joe!! LEAVE HIM IN!!

  140. Brian S. says:

    lol clown question

  141. Rooting for U.S. Steel says:

    My hindsight is myopic. I would have taken Nova out for a pinch hitter after the seventh, and I would have been wrong. Which is why I am not, in fact, managing the Yankees.

    Nail down those last four, boys…

  142. jjyank says:

    Thought Girardi would have let Nova pitch to LaRoche after he got Zimmerman out, but oh well. Bravo Nova, way to keep this amazing run of pitching rolling.

  143. Brian S. says:

    WTF Girardi!

    • Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

      Larouche has hit one out and another off the top of the wall. Homer here would make it a 1 run game

  144. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Why isn’t Nova staying in? I thought the decision to leave him in was the right one, the bullpen’s gassed and they have a three run lead…why not let him finish the 8th?

  145. Greg says:

    I agree with this move. LaRoche already took Nova deep today and Nova was being hit harder in the last few batters

  146. Athenian says:

    I FUCKING LOVE when Yankee fans show the same love away from the Bronx that they do at home, especially when it overshadows the home crowd.

    Evil Empire rules!

    • jjyank says:

      Yeah, it’s awesome. There are probably more Yankee fans there today and yesterday, but I was there on Friday and there were far more Yankee chants than Nats chants. I love it.

  147. Karl Krawfid says:

    Dewayne Wise is just too damn Cool man.

  148. DERP says:

    Not sure why people keep saying the bullpen is gassed.

    • Tom says:

      I don’t either. I guess it’s the natural inclination after an long extra inning game.

      Coming into today only Eppley and Rapada had worked 2 days in a row.

      Other than maybe Garcia, probably everyone was available (though Joe was probably trying to avoid Eppley and Rapada for a 3rd day in a row)

    • RetroRob says:

      I’m not sure why, but I don’t have time to think about it as I’m concerned more about the bullpen being gassed right now.

  149. Greg says:

    Cookie time

    • jjyank says:

      I liked it better with one lefty in the bullpen. Having two who are both effective is costing me too much money!

  150. another good start from Nova today, a few too many baserunners, but as long as they’re not scoring, I’m happy.

    • Tom says:

      8 baserunners in 7.2IP is not really that many. Other than the 1st and 3rd where he got a DP, he was typically pitching with noone on or 1 man on.

    • BK2ATL says:


      Best way to look at it. He keeps the game within reach and the offense eventually picks him up. While the score is now 4-1, he pitched most of the game under 2-1 circumstances and held the lead. Credit is due.

  151. Brian S. says:

    Nova could have went 9 even if he has to throw 120 pitches. How come Girardi allowed Hughes to do it but not Nova? Because Girardi is a racist.

  152. dkidd says:

    i love andy pettitte

  153. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Nova, last 22 innings, 2 runs.

  154. dkidd says:

    andy pettitte – 2012 yankees
    pops stargell – 1979 pirates

  155. Tony says:

    I was just looking at the box score for this game and Cano now has the highest OBP on the team at .367, just ahead of Jeter and Grandy. It really seems like he’s been walking a ton lately hopefully that continues

  156. Mike N says:

    Excellent outing today by Nova.

  157. Tom says:

    It won’t show up, but Ibanez had a pretty good game.

    3 line drives (all outs) and that play on Solano was not as easy as it looked – the ball was smoked and while he made the play easy, that’s a ball that can be misplayed.

  158. dkidd says:

    fun watching zimmerman play third

  159. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Soriano not Robertson is closing?

  160. Dela G says:

    Great job by the staff today!

  161. Greg says:

    Andruw Jones replacements anyone?

  162. Tony says:

    I’m calling it. First true 1-2-3 inning

  163. RetroRob says:

    Kay is going way overboard. The Yankees did not sign Soriano as insurance for Mariano.

  164. mike_h says:

    9 game winning streak folks!

  165. dkidd says:

    al east to nl east after this weekend:

    how’s my ass taste?

  166. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:


  167. Ethan says:

    One of the things that really bugs me about Soriano is how he immediately untucks his shirt after he gets the save. It just seems so unprofessional and very un-yankee like.

  168. Mike N says:


  169. Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

    nAAAAtional league

  170. Dela G says:

    Love having soriano as a closer. The guy is flat out dominant when he puts his mind to it

  171. jjyank says:

    What a glorious road trip. Just pure awesomeness.

  172. BK2ATL says:

    1-2-3 inning for Soriano!!!!

    Yanks sweep!!!

  173. Ivan says:

    This is the best the Yankees have played that I can remember in a while and especially the pitching. I cant remember the last time the Yankees pitch like this.

  174. mike_h says:

    Mets fans should get down on their hands and knees and thank us for the butt fucking we put on the NL East

  175. RetroRob says:

    Nine in a row.

    When did the Yankees last win ten in a row?

  176. dontchaknow says:

    very relaxing win today.. fuckin let’s go win some more

  177. Athenian says:

    9 games, three series is quite a feat… But the REAL surprise a 1-2-3 inning from Soriano. Stop the presses, buy a lotto ticket, and tell your family you love them. The heavens could open at any time.

  178. pat says:

    I was wrong earlier. We’d probably win 120 in the NL.

  179. Mike N says:

    Wait. I just realized something.

    This is not a playoff team!

  180. jjyank says:

    9 wins in a row with Sabathia going tomorrow for number 10. Life is good.

  181. Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Who would of thought the way this season started that the yanks would hit 40 wins before the rangers

    • Mike N says:

      Some of us have been feeling pretty confident all along, given the demonstrated talent of the roster.

      • jjyank says:

        Yeah, I always knew the Yankees were capable of a run like this. I may not have predicted it, but it’s not really surprising to me.

        • Thaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

          The rangers started out 17 and 5. Not doubting the yanks, more just amazed and happy they put this run together and have the best record in the American league.

  182. mike_h says:

    team confidence tomorrow should be all 10′s

    • still at a 7-8 regarding the future. In my mind anyway, the next few years w/ the luxury tax and all that nonsense is going to come down to how well Pineda’s shoulder heals.

      • RetroRob says:

        I can’t remember the last time I didn’t select 8, regardless of how the Yankees were doing at that moment. I’m always positive, but there are always a few issues longer term. The highest I could ever go would be nine, and I can’t remember the last time I voted 9.

        Trying to figure a scenarion where I would be at a ten. All their key players under the age of 30, and a farm system stocked on all levels, with many A-level prospects, as well as good depth prospects. That perfect storm of goodness never happens.

      • BK2ATL says:

        What about 2012??? The season we’re actually in.

        The future will take care of itself, and I’m confident it will be in a way much better than Boston or the Phillies are set up.

  183. JScott says:

    So, what do you’all think about the question Kay put forward? With Martin catching all 14 innings Saturday, Stewart went “out-of-turn” today. So, does Martin catch tomorrow with CC going or does Girardi stick with the Stewart-as-CC’s-personal-catcher deal?

    • Tom says:

      Hopefully Martin is catching.

      The only starter to allow more than 2ER the last 3 turns through the rotation? CC Sabathia (who has had that happen twice).

      So it’s not like CC has been on some massive roll where you go all Bull Durham and respect the streak. There’s really no reason for a personal catcher at this point.

      Also give how much better Martin has hit lefties, Girardi should target his rest days against righty starters (and the normal day game after night game, many games in a row stuff)

  184. Total Dominication says:

    If the Dodgers lose today, the Yankees will have the best record in baseball.

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