New Feature: 2012 Draft Pool Tracker

Game 56: Break out the brooms
Austin hurt in Charleston loss

Just a heads up, I created a new 2012 Draft Pool Tracker page that we’ll use to keep tabs of the Yankees’ draft spending in the coming weeks. It’s a work in progress, but all the draft spending rules and penalties are there, ditto the team’s draft picks in the top ten rounds. I’ll add post-tenth round picks as they impact the draft pool. The page is available via the Resources tab (under the street sign in the banner) at all times.

Game 56: Break out the brooms
Austin hurt in Charleston loss
  • JCK

    Any tax money paid or draft picks surrendered is redistributed to clubs that did not go over their tax pool.

    How do they plan to equitably redistribute picks? Not like you can evenly distribute 1 or 2 picks between 28 or 29 teams…

    • Mike Axisa

      I’m sure MLB has a reasonable, well thought out, and not in any way half-assed system in place for just that situation.


      • Nico

        Wasn’t there some kind of draft pick lottery at the end of the first round?

      • Strat

        The draft picks go to the team who’s player had the most RBI in the third inning of the previous year’s All-Star Game… duh! How else would you do it? You have to have a way to bring importance to the often over-looked third inning!