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Nova shuts down Braves as Yanks win fourth straight
Andre Ethier's contract and the Yankees
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The Yankees played their 60th game of the season last night and they’ve only had Brett Gardner in the starting lineup for eight of them. The elbow injury he suffered sliding for a ball against the Twins has morphed into a series of setbacks that culminated with a visit to Dr. James Andrews yesterday. Gardner will see Dr. Tim Kremcheck for a second opinion on Thursday, at which point the Yankees will presumably announce the latest diagnosis.

Barring some fortunate and frankly unexpected good news, Gardner is going to miss several more weeks. A few days ago Joe Girardi indicated that he doesn’t expect his left fielder back until after the All-Star break, which is still more than a month away. Raul Ibanez has been better than expected and softened the blow of losing Gardner a bit, but the Yankees can’t really rely on him as the everyday left fielder for an extended period of time. He’s already started 33 games in the field and at 40 years old, there has to be some concern about him wearing down later in the season.

Unless the Yankees get good news on Thursday, they have to at least consider bolstering their roster with Gardner on the shelf. With all due respect to Dewayne Wise, he’s nothing more than a defensive replacement/spot starter in the big leagues. The Yankees can do better without having to go outside the organization, they have some potential solutions sitting in Triple-A.

Chris Dickerson
I’ve written about Dickerson before, noting that he offers the ability to hit right-handed pitching (career .341 wOBA against northpaws) in addition to strong defense and base running skills. I don’t know if he’s a better defensive player than Wise but the difference isn’t worth arguing about. Dickerson can handle all three outfield spots with aplomb as well as contribute offensively with his bat and legs. The Yankees don’t have to play him every day in a straight platoon, but they could run him out there three times a week against righties while keeping Ibanez in the DH role. Cutting Wise in favor of Dickerson — who is out of minor league options and would have be waived whenever Gardner is healthy — is an upgrade in almost every single way.

Russell Branyan
Joe and I talked about this option on yesterday’s podcast. The idea would be to dump Wise, keep playing Ibanez in left, and use Branyan as the regular DH against right-handers. He’s come back very well from his back injury — six homers in 13 minor league games already — but it’s tough to consider him anything more than a first baseman/DH option. Branyan’s days of even faking third base and the corner outfield are a thing of the past. Adding a huge left-handed power bat lineup is obviously desirable, but it would leave the Yankees without a true backup center fielder and further limit roster flexibility.

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning Jack Cust here, who is also raking in Triple-A but has yet to play a single game in the field. It’s been DH or the bench. At least Branyan has played first base pretty much every game.

(Rudy C. Jones/MiLB.com)

Ronnie Mustelier
The most interesting 27-year-old in the minor league system, Mustelier has been hitting non-stop since signing last summer and he’s now doing it at the Triple-A level. Joe Girardi raved about his bat speed recently and said his name has come up as a call-up candidate at various points this year … but that’s pretty much all we know about the guy. He’s small — listed at 5-foot-10 and 210 lbs. — and right-handed with phenomenal numbers, but we don’t know anything about his defensive skills or speed or anything else. Box scores only tell you so much. Mustelier has spent a ton of time in left field and also has experience in the infield, so his versatility as a plus. He’s not an ideal platoon candidate given his right-handedness, but he could also hit enough that it doesn’t even matter.

Eduardo Nunez
This one probably won’t happen for a number of reasons. For one, Nunez is currently on the minor league DL with a thumb issue. For another, the Yankees sent him to Triple-A to focus on one position after bouncing him all around the field over the last year or so. Calling Nunez back up to do anything — utility infielder, platoon left fielder, etc. — would go against that plan. That doesn’t mean it’s not an option, just that it seems unlikely. That said, we can’t rule anything out. Whenever Nunez gets healthy — probably soon since he was taking grounders just last week — he figures to at least be on the call-up radar.

As always, the top minor league affiliate is chock full of random call-up options. Brandon Laird is on the 40-man roster and can play all four corner spots, but he can’t hit — .251/.289/.393 in 870 total plate appearances in Triple-A. Corban Joseph has zero outfield experience so he’s of no use in this situation despite being on the 40-man. Colin Curtis is a solid enough defensive player and can play all three outfield spots, but he’s never been much with the stick. Kevin Russo can play all over the field and make some contact, but otherwise isn’t any kind of upgrade. Neither he nor Curtis is on the 40-man roster as well. Not much to see here.

* * *

Of course, the Yankees always have the option of doing nothing and sticking with their current setup. Ibanez, Andruw Jones, and Jayson Nix could continue to take turns in left field while Wise gets nothing more than the occasional spot start. That’s  fine for two weeks or whatever, but I’d rather not see them roll with it for an extended period of time. It’s already been long enough as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, stuff is like this begging for a poll, so…

How should the Yankees replace Brett Gardner internally?
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Nova shuts down Braves as Yanks win fourth straight
Andre Ethier's contract and the Yankees
  • pollo

    Probably should replace Teix with Branyan.

    • Fernando

      Pollo Loco

      • Paul VuvuZuvella


  • woainidepigu

    Starting to miss the “depth” that Justin Maxwell provided in Spring Training.

    • Typical MIT Nerd

      Yup. So they could carry both Nunez and Chavez on top of Ibanez and Jones. Just horrid roster construction especially when Nunez had options.

      There was also this guy Bobby Abreu just sitting out there for the taking…

      • 28 this year

        well if Nunez wasn’t on the team at the beginning, we wouldn’t have a backup shortstop…

        • Ted Nelson

          Or 2B.

      • Ted Nelson

        Is Maxwell better than any of those guys? Literally the only one he has a better wOBA than is Chavez. I would carry both Jones and Ibanez over him in a heart-beat. And I would carry two IFs.

        Maxwell is hitting well in a tiny sample and it wouldn’t have been a problem to keep him. But it’s also not a big deal at all. There was an equal likelihood an IF got hurt as an OF. Would have been very difficult to plan ahead for a Gardner injury.

      • Steve (different one)

        You are arguing for 6 OFers and no backup SS or 2Bman, but the way they did it was “horrid roster construction”. Wow.

  • Leg-End

    Head says Dickerson, heart says Mustelier.

    • Jimmy


    • Ted Nelson

      Yeah, same here.

      Also wouldn’t mind Branyan. Pretty crazy that Cust may be the 2nd or 3rd string AAA DH given that he’s a career .359 wOBA MLB hitter who may have rediscovered his power stroke.

  • Travelbug83

    Anyone who thinks Mustelier would add anything defensively needs to watch some SWB games that have him start in left. I would rather see Ibanez out there than him… yes, really. He would be a great bat in the line-up but the last thing the Yankees need right now is another DH with mediocre fielding skills.

    • Beamish

      I voted Mustelier because I would just like to know what is really there but if, as you say, he is a butcher in LF worse than a 40-year-old Ibanez then I guess Dickerson is the only logical choice.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    I voted status quo. Yanke are winning and not in panic mode now. Current situation is acceptable. I don’t want to lose Dickerson when Gardy comes back in late July. If we have a major OF injury in August, we’ll enjoy the depth Dickerson brings then. Keep him where he is for insurance later.

    • Ted Nelson

      That’s a good point. One question that I don’t know the answer to is when all of these guys can opt out. I don’t know if Dickerson’s going anywhere, but might lose him before August if he can opt out.

      Even Cust is only one year removed from a .371 MLB wOBA in 2010 and only 33 years old… I have to think he can find a DH or maybe PH job somewhere with his hot start.

    • El Maestro

      The thing is that the current situation will wear Ibañez down sooner than later.

      • Paul VuvuZuvella

        Indeed, this concerns me but I don’t think there is a perfect solution.

      • Ted Nelson

        It’s certainly possible, but I don’t know if there’s a strong indication of that. Last season his worst offensive months were in April and June. He wasn’t good in August or September… but was that wear or the same issues as April and June? And he played 134 games in LF last season. In 2010 he has his 2nd best offensive month in September.

    • Midland TX

      I agree with Paul V and his reasoning. I like Dickerson but the incremental upgrade over Wise isn’t worth the risk of losing him later in the season IMO.

      For all the handwringing about the fragility of the aging lineup, let’s remember it’s the youngest position player who’s missed the most time this year.

  • Ted Nelson

    Pretty great to have this many options in the minors. I know there will be a flurry of comments about how they aren’t all HOFers (and they do have their fair share of flaws)… but that’s really impressive depth the front office has put together.

    Was a tough decision, but I went with Mustelier. Figured he has the most upside and now might be as good a time as any to get him a taste of MLB pitching. Would be fine with Dickerson, Branyan, or Cust, though, really.

    • Paul VuvuZuvella

      My guess is if he was an acceptable LF option, the move would already have happened. Hell, they brought Melky up to play CF as a 20 year old from AA when they were in an injury crunch years back.

      • Ted Nelson

        I don’t agree with that reasoning. Every player and every situation is different.

        Given how Melky’s Yankee career went, if you have to take a lesson from that one example (which I wouldn’t do) I would hope the lesson learned there is not to rush guys. Melky was also up for all of two seasons and got 19 PAs in MLB that season… so I’m not sure that was more than a necessity move at a premium defensive position.

        Mustlier has had under 300 PAs above A-ball. Gardner had over 850. Melky got over 700 before being called up for more than two series.

        • Ted Nelson

          *up for all of two series, not seasons.

          • Paul VuvuZuvella

            I know i only wrote a couple of sentences so didnt make my point effectively but I wasn’t really taking a lesson from that, just really saying that if they thought Mustellier could play a big league LF, he’d be up already. Zoilo Almonte would be a better lesson from the Melky experience if they just want to put an occasional glove in LF.

            • Ted Nelson

              The lesson thing was just a side point. I disagree with the main point that he would already be up.

              Mustelier has barely played above A-ball, and is not a total stud. He’s got warts and question marks, but he might hit enough to overcome them.

              There are also the circumstances. Gardner was already supposed to be back, for one thing. He’s had two false starts to rehab assignments, I think. Mustelier had barely been above A-ball at all when Wise originally went up (Melky had been in AA for 3 months and was a 1 week fill-in). Then they bumped him to AAA to see if he could handle that and after a hot start he had a little slump. I wouldn’t expect them to call-up an older bat-only guy in a slump. Now he’s pulling out of the slump, and Gardner has just had the setback a few days ago. Might be more of an option now. With options you can also give him a shot and send him back down without risking losing him like Dickerson/Branyan/Cust, which is an advantage is Gardner’s elbow checks out ok (then again, I don’t know when those three can opt out… maybe July 1).

  • vin

    The biggest thing in Dickerson’s favor (when compared with the other milb options) is that he and Wise are the only two that can play CF. As others have mentioned, I’d love to see Ronnier, but we don’t need another mediocre corner OFer.

    • Dan

      It doesn’t really matter if they can play CF because apparently Girardi is going to have Granderson play every inning of every game.

      • vin

        Yeah, no kidding.

      • Ted Nelson

        In three of his best four seasons (including 2011) Granderson has missed a combined 13 games or an average of 4.3 games per season… this isn’t particularly unusual for him when he’s healthy and productive. We’re only a third of the way through the season.

  • I Live In My Mom’s Basement

    Chris Dickerson is 30. If we are not going to use him, why are we keeping him?

    • Ted Nelson

      Depth. And because I believe that they already passed him through waivers or cut and re-signed him this season… so either no one else wants him or he wants to be here.

    • Steve (different one)

      Why not?

  • Joe

    Kevin Russo has been starting a lot at all 3 OF spots this year. He is fourth in the IL with 67 hits he does strike out a lot but he also adds speed as he has 11 SB this year can also play IF always liked him and feel this is his shot

    • Ted Nelson

      The hits total is a bit misleading, I think. He’s not actually having a good offensive season. About league average for the IL.

      It’s great to have that depth, but I would guess he’s behind all of the aforementioned in the pecking order.

      • blooper

        Plus his splits are terrible. Is killing lefties, useless against righties.

        • Joe

          The hits total is a bit misleading, I think. He’s not actually having a good offensive season.
          Please explain this

          • Ted Nelson

            The link is supposed to do that. Check out the wRC+, where 100 is league average.

            I basically have to explain the game of baseball to you in order to explain it.

            The hits relate to his BA, and even there he’s only hitting .282 because the hits have come in a lot of PAs. The hits only have only so much to do with his OBP and SLG and SB #s. Russo has gotten a bunch of singles in AAA, but his overall offensive production has been league average because he doesn’t walk much or steal many bases and he hits for almost no power. And he’s repeating the level for the 4th time at 28 years old, which doesn’t mean he’ll even get those singles against much, much better Ps in MLB.

            • Joe

              We are talking about a 25th man on the bench here not a guy who will be taking over for A-Rod and batting 4th. Russo to me fits the 25th man role: he plays almost every position granted hes a singles hitter name me a 25th man who was a power hitter? Saber Metrics are interesting and fun stats but I don’t feel they should be how you base a lable on a player remember the A’s were all into Saber Metrics how many World Series did it get them? you throw that out and see what player in the minors fits the role and is producing 70 hits in Early-mid June in AAA is impresive to me. He also has 14 Doubles which is second on the SWB roster so I don’t know why you are down on him to be a 25th man. And if you have ever watched a SWB game you wouldn’t want Mustelier on this team anytime soon with his defense ( not saying you like him telling people in general I watch all their games)

              • DM

                You actually watch these players play?!??! Don’t you understand that that’s a big no-no when it comes to assessing them?!

                You need Ted to “explain the game of baseball” to you.

                The premise that he could might be the most absurd notion I’ve ever read on this board. This and maybe the idea that Pettitte could take the Robertson role and pitch the 8th inning, back-to-back-to-back days if needed, if he couldn’t stay in the rotation (another Ted special).

                • Ted Nelson

                  Right… so the guy who leads the team in hits is necessarily the best hitter on that team? And some random poster on here watching games necessarily makes them an authority on the players?


                  • Ted Nelson

                    Kevin Russo for MVP!

                  • Ted Nelson

                    If you don’t understand how someone can lead the league in hits and still be having an average offensive season… you don’t understand baseball.

                    Is that really even an issue here?

                    • Joe

                      Well if he is having an average season with 70 hits in mid June I would love to see him have a great season!

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Even if you just want to look at hits alone… he has 66 through 234 ABs… that’s a .282 BA. If his best skill is BA and he isn’t hitting .300… what sort of a season is he having? Forget any other stat. What sort of BA in MLB do you expect .282 from a 28 year old in AAA to translate to?

              • Ted Nelson

                Whatever roster spot we’re talking about, you should be trying to get the best player there are the best value. Do you really feel it’s a good idea to put inferior players on the roster over superior players?

                The A’s made the playoffs for several years on a shoestring budget. Every team uses sabermetrics at this point, though. Not just one.

                “I don’t know why you are down on him to be a 25th man.”

                Because there are better options, and I prefer to have better players on the roster rather than lesser players.

                “And if you have ever watched a SWB game you wouldn’t want Mustelier on this team anytime soon with his defense”

                Defense is about 1/2 the game. If he hits, you can live with mediocre or bad defense. Russo doesn’t hit.

                • Ted Nelson

                  Actually, Joe, I should just say that it has nothing to do with sabermetrics. Sabermetrics is just a way to quantify what happens on the field. Nothing more. If the stat doesn’t correspond with what actually happened on the field, it’s worthless.

                  It has to do with baseball. Taking walks, hitting for power, stealing bases, considering hits only in the context of the number of ABs… these are not sabermetrics things… they’re baseball things.

                • Joe

                  We already have mediocre defense with Jones and Ibanez who can hit that is why we are trying to get someone better on the roster for Defense! sounds like you don’t understand how a roster works. the 25th man isn’t always a great player this is known he is someone who has a role in this case it would be late inning defense now batting 3rd everyday. there may be better players in AAA then Russo but for the 25th spot I feel Russo is the best option he plays 2B,3B,LF,CF,RF and some SS this gives you 6 backup players in one. I don’t care if he hits he is there to spell someone in blowouts and be a late inning replacement with a spot start here and there. I don’t feel he would hurt. Mustelier hits yes but we already have hitters thats not the problem in LF.

                  • Joe

                    Not* batting 3rd

                  • Ted Nelson

                    You can’t swap guys in an out for their offense and defense. You’re taking the whole package.

                    A 25th man isn’t a great player because of scarcity. Not because teams want a worse player on their roster instead of a better player.

                    Who is Russo going to spell? He’s not as good as Chavez. He’s not as good as Nix. He’s not as good as Jones. He’s not as good as Ibanez. He’d rot on the bench. His sole purpose would be to stand on the field to rest other players in blow-outs? I can do that for them. At least Wise can play a good CF and pinch-run. Mustelier has a chance to be a well above average MLB hitter. Dickerson can play the same role as Wise, but is better. Branyan and Cust as above average MLB hitters. Russo can stand there. And the option you would take is Russo?

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    assuming gardner is out for the year, which at this point i am fully expecting, who are the trade candidates? i think victorino, would be a nice option, but i’m sure the phils will want way more than he is worth. what type of prospect(s) would he cost? I know this is assuming the phils will be sellers, but at this point, i think that will be the case. plus i doubt they will try to re sign him next year. maybe i am crazy.

    • Steve (different one)

      If Gardner is out for the year, the perfect (but expensive) candidate is Hunter Pence. He takes Swisher’s spot next year and gives the Yankees until 2014 to find an OFer internally.

  • Monterowasdinero

    Golson time!

    • Fernando

      Yes, Golson time. Oh wait, I thought you said MOLSON time!

      • Paul VuvuZuvella

        Olsen Twins in LF? I bet the two of them could cover a lot of ground out there.

      • MannyGeee

        No I thought he meant GILLER time.

  • Tim

    I would like to see Dickerson up so that Granderson can have a day or two off as well as the benefits to Ibanez. Grandy looks a little tired at times and could probably use a day off. He used to get that on occasion when Gardner was around and with Dickerson they could start him in center while playing Ibanez in left for a day. Plus Dickerson gives them a real player to use as a regular alternative in LF and not overextend Ibanez as much. This is what he is in the system for and at this point there isn’t a guarantee when Gardner will be back. It could be 6 weeks of playing time that will help everyone throughout the rest of the season getting a little more rest with a quality replacement. Why save him for something that may never come (an injury in August or Sept)?

  • Nick

    Went for Branyan. Can’t see Dickerson or Mustelier being a worthwhile offensive upgrade and Nunez should be working on his infield defense. Would love to have Branyan’s bat in the line-up atm and I don’t think playing Raul (or Andruw) in left regularly is that much of a concern. Wouldn’t want the arrangement to go on for too long tho if Gardy is out long term.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    give Mustelier a chance!

  • tipsie

    Dickerson: need to stop pushing our luck with Ibanez, and to give him more time as DH; Dickerson can rest Granderson on occasion, which I believe is important (Curtis hasn’t had any rest at all this year)

    If they maintain status quo, I’d give Jones some starts in LF (even against RHP), but for some reason, Girardi hasn’t done that very much lately

    • Ted Nelson

      There’s some speculation out there that Jones’ knee might be hurting.

      After he said he was going to work harder this off-season to be ready for a larger role, I could see the knee being aggravated. A shame if he worked harder to get into better shape only to have the opposite happen.

  • DM

    If it’s being suggested that you drop Wise from the roster for a 1st baseman, I wouldn’t do that. You don’t thin a depleted OF further. And the raking at AAA of ex-big leaguers doesn’t mean much to me. Wise was raking in AAA too. And RM doesn’t have much of a glove at any position; we do know something of his defense from reports.

    Dickerson is the safe move if you’re going to make one; but I would’ve played Nunez in the OF in ST and beyond. He adds a dimension to the offense that no one else except Gardner brings.

  • Will

    How about pulling a Detroit Tigers and skipping Zolio Almonte through AAA.

  • RI$P FTW

    Everyone says Mo is an amazing OF. Let him play.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’ll be a hoppy good time.

    • Ana


  • RJ34

    The need someone who can play CF. Granderson is going to need a day off and there is no one on the team now that I would want to see out there.

  • pat
    • pat

      Not the right, link. Whoops.

  • yoo-boo

    If Gardner’s elbow is a bad news then Yanks transfer him to 60 day DL. Dickerson will take his spot as well as Musteiler takes Wise’s spot. To complete the 25 man squad, Phelps should be optioned to AAA.

    If Gardner has a shot to return within a month then Yanks call up Melky Mesa from AA to replace Wise. He has everything but he has a serious hole in his bat. Give him a trail until Gardner returns.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      They can put Gardner on the 60-day DL retroactively right now anyway. He’s been on the shelf for 55 days already.

      • yoo-boo

        Just curious.. Do we have ways on how to use 60 day DL?

        1. Retroactive 60 Day DL could mean we merely open a spot for about a week.

        2. 60 Day DL kicks in on the day Gardner becomes eligible for the DL. That means we have an opening spot for at least 2 months.

        I prefer #2 method and I don’t mean for the player with “out of year” tag.

        • Need Pitching

          once place on the 60-day DL, he stays there until reactivated. It would be done retroactively so that he is eligible to be activated as soon as he is ready. The 40-man roster spot would be free until Gardner is activated.

  • Jonathan

    I voted Dickerson for one simple reason…we have GOT to give Granderson some rest and I think this is the best way to do it without Gardner. If we had someone to rest him I’d go Branyan but Chavez has done a pretty good job DHing or playing 3B against righties with Ibanez in the OF. I just don’t know enough about Mustelier. Branyan would probably be the most productive player in a vacuum but he’d leave us without a pinch runner, defensive replacement for Ibanez or anyone to rest Granderson. The possible upgrade over Chavez as the lefty DH isn’t enough to throw away all those reasons. If you bring up Branyan and Granderson gets hurt in the 1st or 2nd inning or is really sick or for whatever reason can’t play…who honestly plays CF? Andruw?

  • Rhys

    I think the last thing the bombs need is another hitter. They lead the MLB in homeruns so why do you need another hitter? Chris Dickerson I think can produce in all ways and still have the mental toughness to stay in the game in the correct way. Rather than Nunez who doesn’t really understand the mental toughness of the game. Chris Dickerson is my number one right now.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      And what exactly do you know about the “mental toughness of the game?”

      • yoo-boo

        error-prone issue free, I presume. However, OF and IF errors cost differently for sure.

      • JohnnyC

        The salient points about the mental toughness of the game are: 1. it’s mental and 2. it’s tough.

      • MannyGeee

        his head is not tough enough to hold his helmet down on the basepaths

    • Mick Foley


      • Gonzo


    • Steve (different one)

      If they don’t need offense from this spot, why replace Wise? Not enough cliches? He did save that perfect game, that showed some mental fortitude.

  • Steve (different one)

    This is the issue: Dickerson is on a one-time-use-only arrangement. Therefore, it is wise to wait until you get all the medical information from Gardner before you make a move. If they replace Wise with Dickerson and Gardner comes back in 2 weeks, you’ve killed not one, but two, pieces of OF depth. And for what? A marginal upgrade at best.

    Wait for the info. If its bad, make the move then.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      True. You also can bump into a tree, lightly, and someone like DeWayne Wise or Chris Dickerson will come tumbling down. There’s a reason why they’re called “journeymen.”

    • Kosmo

      Didn´t Girardi just state the other day Gardner is out at least until after the All-Star game ?

      • Steve (different one)

        Do you agree that if he is out for the season vs if he could back the day after the all-star break you would plan differently?

        Then why not wait the extra few days?

        Chris Dickerson is a small upgrade at best, so what is the rush?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Went with Dickerson. Feels like the best balance of everything you’d want in a fill-in.

    Amazing how no one suggested Soler yet. We’re getting soft up in here.

  • Kosmo

    Mustelier all the way. Girardi is aware of his bat speed and he continues to rake at AAA. I can´t testify about his D but he`s been batting 3rd for Scranton over the last week or so and handled it well. He´s clearly the best hitter they now have at Scranton. He can play the corner OF positions and can adequately fill in at 3rd and 2nd if needed.
    Dickerson is an OK option. I´m not sure why he isn´t up and Wise DFA´d.

    • Kosmo

      as it turns out he can also play CF.

      • yoo-boo

        He has been around so he can be in the lineup everyday. It does not mean he can patrol in CF. Evaluating his defense is difficult right now. I hope he is decent enough to handle LF with Yanks.

    • MannyGeee

      you know who else was the best ever at Scranton in the recent past? Kei Igawa and Jorge Vazquez.

      jus sayin

  • Jon

    Has to be Dickerson (assuming Mustelier really is below average with the glove), for all the reasons already mentioned. As part of a platoon in LF he offers a nice upgrade defensively, and would probably not be much of a drop off offensively from Chavez

  • Fernando

    I voted to stick with Wise for now, until the team knows what the prognosis is for Gardner.

    If Gardner is out for the season, I would call up Dickerson. You need someone to cover in CF for Grandy and you really need another speed option (which has been missing with subtractions of Gardner & Nunez). I would also drop Wise and replace him with Mustelier to see what he can do.

    If Gardner is only out until the ASB, either keep Wise or bring up Mesa. Again, someone that can play some CF to cover Grandy and provide some speed.

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    How does Branyan replace Gardner in any respect?

    I thought the theme of the headline was who to replace Gardner in left so you can have Raul concentrate on being the LHDH. Branyan just gums up the works further.

    • Ted Nelson

      He replaces him on the roster.

      I don’t think that there are diminishing returns to offense the way so many people suggest. You don’t have to replace Gardner with a similar player. Ibanez is a bad fielder, but you can win with him and Jones in LF.

    • DM

      You’re right. After trashing Ibanez and his glove all season, speculating why Jones doesn’t look any better in the field than last year, you drop the best defensive replacement/pinch runner (who is the only other legit CF) from the roster for a 1st baseman (which is already covered like a rug with Tex/Swish/Chavez)?

      I think those that support that option just have an ongoing Russell the Muscle man crush. As though adding another feast or famine, HR/K guy will help plug the small ball hole they’re missing without Gardner or Nunez.

    • Deep Thoughts


  • GN

    Mike-Just how sour do you think the Phillies are on Domonic Brown? I know he has struggled, but might be worth seeing if he could resurrect his top prospect status here.

    Do you think Nunez and Warren could land him? They could use Nunez at 2B as soon a he is healthy. They really need help in the infield.

    • Kosmo

      Brown is currently hitting a lackluster .269 at AAA. IMHO he´s not worth Warren and Nunez. It looks like Warren has turned his season around .

      • Ted Nelson

        Dom Brown is turning his season around, too. He’s been white hot lately.

        • Kosmo

          4 for his last 22 isn´t exactly “white hot“. He had a good little run now he´s struggling again.

          • Ted Nelson

            That’s a totally arbitrary cut off. Go a few games back or a few games forward and he’s white hot. He’s 3 of his last 9 with a double! He was white hot, he struggled, he’s white hot again! Fun with tiny samples of a few PAs!

            You really don’t think Brown has potential?

    • yoo-boo

      Nunez and Warren for Brown? I go for it. He has good eyes at plate with power and speed. Consistency is his problem right now but with Kevin Long’s magic, he could become a stud player or even better than Cano.

      Honestly, I don’t think Phillies give up on Brown yet since he is only 23 years old and Phillies have habits to keep “old” youngsters around with good balance in FA signings.

      • Kosmo

        Brown is 24 and he´s not on the parent club because the Phillies at this time prefer Juan Pierre in LF.

        • yoo-boo

          He wont be FA until 2017. Pierre is not a long term answer.

          By “old” youngster, it means 25-26 years old.

  • http://riveraveblues austinmac

    Dickerson,at 30,is one of the young AAA guys. Yippee.

    • Ted Nelson

      No, he’s an AAAA depth piece. Is that really tough for you to grasp?

      • KL

        Given his IQ, it is.

  • Fernando

    If the trade market is the choice, I would like Gerardo Parra from the D’backs. Not much power, but he can hit for average, has some decent speed won the Gold Glove last year playing LF, has a cannon for an arm and can cover in CF (as played there while Chris Young was hurt). He would provide a cheap option for any loss of Swisher in 2013. Would have been a good guy to ask for when D’backs wanted Cervelli.

    • Kosmo

      OK why would the D-Backs trade Parra ? As far as I know D-backs didn´t want Cervelli they wanted Romine. Who do the Yanks give up in such a trade ?

      • Fernando

        Ah yes, it was Romine and not Cervelli. My bad on that one.

        Not sure who the Yankees give up for Parra, was just throwing out a name that could make sense based on the team’s needs. Of course, they would need to find a match with Arizona, but Cashman and Towers do have a good relationship and Towers knows the Yankees farm system.

        • Kosmo

          My point being Parra is an important piece to the D-Backs and they are a good scrappy team and could very well make the playoffs for the 2nd straight year why would the D-backs make an unnecessary trade because NY needs a LF.

          • KL

            Yankee fans assume that every teams in baseball merely exists to provide players for the Yankees. Except the Sox.

  • Travelbug83

    After not having played yesterday Dickerson is not in the SWB line-up for today’s game. Happy speculating!

    • Travelbug83

      To reply to my own comment.. he’s out with “a little bit of a quad issue”, whatever that means. Could be nothing, could result in more significant downtime.

  • MannyGeee

    Ronnie Mustelier = Aaron Small 2012. Lightening in a bottle!!! Lets make that happen

  • bg90027

    Why do people assume Ibanez is going to wear down as the platoon leftfielder? He played 144 games in the NL last year presumably all in the OF. His ability to play the OF in more than short stints (albeit not well) was why he was signed rather than other lefty DH options. I’m much more worried that Granderson will wear down given that Giradi is giving him no rest with Gardner out. Wise is the only one other than Granderson on the roster who can play CF. Thus, it would be foolish to replace him with someone who can’t play CF. That narrows the options to Dickerson and Melky Mesa. I simply don’t think its worth the hit to organizational depth to replace Wise with either of those two. Let Ibanez and Jones play left. Play Jones against some righties if Ibanez needs a little more rest and continue to use Wise as a late inning defensive replacement along with an occasional spot start in CF to rest Granderson now that we know Gardner isn’t coming back soon.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Trade DeWayne Wise for Shin-Soo Choo.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I’d stick with Wise. He doesn’t hit much but he’s an above average defender that can play anywhere in the outfield. As I said recently in another thread I’d love to see Branyan hitting some upper deck dinger in the Stadium but I’d stick with Wise until we have more information when/if Gardner will come back this season.
    Would be dumb to DFA Wise just to find out that Gardner will miss the rest of the season and all of a sudden we’d only have 1 true CF in Granderson.

    • Ted Nelson

      Still have Dickerson if they DFA Wise.

  • OldYanksFan

    Actually, we really need to first know if Gritner is coming back.
    We can stand pat for another month if they feel Gritner will be back by mid July. If he is out for the year, none of the options mentioned here might be good enough if we are trying to put together a PS rooster.

    I think we wait for news on Gardner before doing anything.