Roster Moves: Warren, Igarashi, Pettitte


As expected, the Yankees have called up RHP Adam Warren and RHP Ryota Igarashi from Triple-A. They’re taking the place of LHP CC Sabathia (left adductor strain) and LHP Andy Pettitte (fracture left ankle), both of whom were placed on the DL. Pettitte was placed on the 60-day DL to clear a 40-man roster spot for Warren, so the earliest he can return is August 27th. Safe to say we won’t see him again until the rosters expand in September.

  • RetroRob

    As expected with Pettitte. He can probably start pitching earlier, maybe mid-August, but he’ll need at least a couple weeks again to build up his arm before being activated.

    Hopefully he can be of help down the September drive and back in top form come October.

    • A.D.

      Yeah figure with Pettitte maybe best case scenario it was late August, so maybe it could have been a 50 day DL stint, but realistically unlikely, and easier this way.

    • yooboo

      Once Pettitte can put some weight on his left ankle, he can start throwing program on flat ground.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    We are going to have one pissed-off Texan on the mound for the stretch run.

    Welcome to the show, Adam. Make us proud tomorrow.

  • JAG

    It’s really disappointing that both Pettitte and Rivera were felled by what amount to freak injuries. It’s not like anyone could have anticipated that Pettitte would fracture his ankle getting hit by a grounder.

    Both guys were defying age and then this. Sad.

    • Pat D

      If you choose to believe in the baseball gods, you might theorize it is their attempt at telling those two it’s time to retire.

      But players will ignore this stuff. Look at Jamie Moyer. That injury was surely meant to say “Look, we can’t have you hanging around at age 50.” But he flipped them off in response.

      • mustang

        Maybe the baseball Gods are setting up for both these guys to comeback just in time for the playoffs. To, as they have in the past, bless Yankland with a movie type ending.

        I have seen enough since 1996 to believe in this even when reality says not too.

        • mustang

          Pat D like your comments, but if I remember correctly you were the same guy who didn’t give Andy much of chance to comeback at 40 let alone be as effective as he was.

          Dude, have a little faith and just let the Yankee mystique go to work.

          • Pat D

            Hmm. Don’t remember making any comments regarding Pettitte’s comeback, to be honest. I could have been pessimistic, though, ’tis certainly possible.

          • Pat D

            Also, “faith” is not one of my strong points.

            I do have too many memories of seeing great players go out with whimpers, and that’s what was likely in my mind. For me primarily, it’s watching Dave Winfield with the Indians in 1995. Completely done, hit his only two home runs in a game against the Yankees that was televised and I somehow missed. But then watching him on the bench as an inactive player during the World Series was just frustrating. Especially when during one game the announcers were talking about an Indians player, I don’t remember who, being hurt but that they didn’t intend to deactivate him and activate Winfield. Later in the game the Indians mascot fell and hurt himself somehow, and one of the announcers made a joke about Winfield still not being activated after even that. That hurt.

            It’s like all those clips I see of Willie Mays in a Mets uniform, particularly the one where he’s arguing the play at the plate in the 1973 World Series. It looks so wrong, and it looks so depressing.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Yeah. Had not thought of it that way until now.

      • Fin

        Yep. WHile seemingly not age related injuries, and freak accidents they could very well be age related. Andy’s bones are more brittle and maybe the ball just bounces of a younger Petite leaving a bruise, this time it was fractured. MO has been shagging balls in center field for his whole career, is it coincedence that he blew his knee out at this age, possibly or its just that his ligaments arent as strong/springy as they once were. I am now 43 and stopped playing ball a couple years ago, as I started getting little injuries fairly frequently and had real concerns of a more serious injury, that I couldnt afford, as I have to work. THere is no way to know if its age related or not, but it cant be a suprise that a 42 yr and 40 yr old pitcher are on the DL.

  • yooboo

    If Warren and ones are struggling then Pettitte will be there before Sept 1st.

    Is Garcia a lock for 5th starter? I am pretty sure the hotter of 2 additions will remain in the rotation until Pettitte returns.

    Please give us a new good problem, Warren.