Soriano unavailable due to blister, should be good for tomorrow


Rafael Soriano was unavailable tonight due to a blister on his right index finger, but it isn’t anything serious and he should be available tomorrow. The YES cameras showed him standing around in the bullpen in the sixth inning and he told Joe Girardi he could pitch if needed, but they held him back. Soriano had pitched in each of the last two games so the night off was probably a blessing in disguise.

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  • forensic

    The bullpen tomorrow could just be very rusty Garcia and Phelps with maybe Soriano. CC needs to eat a big number of innings tomorrow, like 9 or so would do.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Well, he can certainly eat. Wakka wakka wakka.

  • yooboo

    Phelps has yet to pitch for a week. Joke on Girardi. Once Robertson is off the DL, Phelps should option to AAA.

    Did I miss something? Logan is not credited for a save?

    • Havok9120

      What has Phelps done that tells you he’d get significantly better results than the bullpen has been getting without him pitching more?

      I mean, I like the guy and want him to pitch, but he’s not some kind of relief ace languishing in misuse.

      • yooboo

        Against Rays, Sabby finished 7 innings with trailing 5-1. Phelps should mop up this 2 innings insead of lefty/righty match up.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          It’s too bad the Yankees lost tonight. Oh, wait….

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Agreed. Phelps will get his time. The team won. The bullpen held the lead. There’s nothing to see here.

        • yooboo

          Disagreed. Eppley and Rapada were one of the worst relievers when they began for frequently appearance series.

          Phelps is not the last option for bullpen. Garcia is.

          • Havok9120

            But he isn’t markedly better than the other options (except Garcia) either. That’s my only point. Heck, its arguable that he’s worse than following the match ups when you have the arms, especially in a close game like tonight’s.

          • The Guns of Navarone

            I agree with you; if for nothing more than the fact that the Yankees are allowing TWO spots in an already short bullpen to be wasted. Not one. Two.

            Phelps and Garcia don’t pitch. If they don’t pitch, they’re just taking up space and taking up a spot that could be used for more effective everyday relievers.

            Don’t ask me who it should be. My answer is anyone who would pitch… something Phelps and Garcia don’t do.

            Either pitch Phelps (Garcia seems to be stuck here) or send him down and bring up someone who will pitch. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

    • yooboo

      never mind..

    • JCK

      If the tying run is never on deck, you have to pitch at least an inning to qualify for a SV. So empty bases + 3 run lead + 2/3rd inning = no save.

      That is, if I am reading the rules right.

      • yooboo

        yes.. I did not watch the game and assumed Logan started this inning.

    • pistol pete

      Not a save situation, a three run lead is only a save situation if you start and obviously complete the inning. A 2 out 3 run situation does not constitute a save situation.

  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral


  • pistol pete

    Guaranty he’ll be out a few days. The Yanks are cautious with injuries especially on fingers of pitchers. We’re on a roll, the big guy goes next, give Sori a few days.