Sorting out the Sabathia & Pettitte-less rotation

Yanks win game, lose Pettitte in sweep of Tribe
6/28-7/1 Series Preview: Chicago White Sox
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In the span of about five hours yesterday, the Yankees lost their two best starting pitchers to injury. First CC Sabathia was placed on the DL with a left adductor strain, then Andy Pettitte was struck by a batted ball and suffered a fractured left ankle. Brian Cashman said Sabathia could have pitched through his injury if this was the stretch drive or postseason, but they decided to play it safe. Obviously they didn’t have the same choice with Pettitte.

“CC is due back right after the (All-Star break),” said Cashman after yesterday’s game. “Andy, you’re talking about a minimum of six weeks of healing, and as a starter you have to get him going again, so I’ll throw two months in there in Andy’s case. We’ll just have to figure it out and see what happens. I would prefer not to go outside. Obviously if we do go outside, we’ve done that before. This is part of the process. You have to have alternatives. This gives opportunities for people to step up. Just like some guys in the bullpen have allowed us to step up and withstand some injuries — that’s what Boone Logan, Clay Rapada, and [Cody Eppley] have done — we’re going to have to ask for some other guys to do that for the rotation, as well. Let’s play it out and see where it takes us.”

The plan right now calls for Adam Warren to start in Sabathia’s place on Friday — he started for Triple-A Empire State on Sunday and lines up perfectly for tomorrow — and for Freddy Garcia to take Pettitte’s place on Monday. Ryota Igarashi is coming up from Triple-A to take Garcia’s spot in the bullpen, leaving the team without a true long reliever for the time being. In the short-term, the rotation shakes out like this…

  • Thursday, 6/28 vs. White Sox: Ivan Nova
  • Friday, 6/29 vs. White Sox: Warren
  • Saturday, 6/30 vs. White Sox: Hiroki Kuroda
  • Sunday, 7/1 vs. White Sox: Phil Hughes
  • Monday, 7/2 @ Rays: Garcia
  • Tuesday, 7/3 @ Rays: Nova
  • Wednesday, 7/4 @ Rays: Warren
  • Thursday, 7/5: scheduled day off
  • Friday, 7/6 @ Red Sox: Kuroda
  • Saturday, 7/7 @ Red Sox (doubleheader): Hughes and Garcia*
  • Sunday, 7/8 @ Red Sox: Nova

* Garcia will be on regular rest for the July 7th doubleheader thanks to that scheduled day off.

That takes the Yankees right to the All-Star break, after which Sabathia is scheduled to return. Assuming all goes well with CC, he’ll take either Garcia’s or Warren’s spot depending on how each guy performs in their two-start audition. If both guys are performing poorly, the Yankees will also have the option of bringing David Phelps back, who will be five starts into his minor league stint by then and presumably able to throw 95+ pitches. There’s always D.J. Mitchell as well, but he could wind up taking Igarashi’s spot sooner rather than later if the braintrust feels a long man is needed. Given Garcia’s short leash due to his time in the pen and the general unpredictability associated with a young guy like Warren, having a long man would probably be a pretty good idea.

The Yankees don’t rush into panic moves, at least not under Cashman in recent years. They have enough arms to get them to the All-Star break, then they can re-evaluate things once Sabathia returns. If neither Garcia, Warren, Phelps, or Mitchell distinguishes themselves in the rotation, they’ll still have plenty of time to explore the trade market. They could go big (Cole Hamels, Matt Garza or Zack Greinke), go medium (Ryan Dempster or Wandy Dempster), or go small (Jeremy Guthrie or Francisco Liriano). I suppose it depends on Pettitte’s rehab and how Hughes is holding up because frankly, we have reason to doubt his ability to remain effective over the course of a full season.

The Bombers have the makings of a really strong rotation on the DL with Sabathia and Pettitte joining Michael Pineda, so their big league staff has been compromised. The starters have been carrying the team for the last six weeks or so and now the offense is going to have to return the favor a bit, simply because there is no reasonable way to expect anyone to replace the two guys the Yankees lost yesterday. The good news is that they’re in a better position to absorb these losses than at any point in the last like, ten years really. For a while there were no internal options — hence Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon and Sidney Ponson– now there’s several. The Yankees will cycle through them and tread water for a few weeks, at least until Sabathia gets healthy and maybe until the trade deadline.

Aside: Boy, did Manny Banuelos pick a good time to get hurt or what? Same with Dellin Betances. He’s supposed to be getting called up in this situation, not demoted down to Double-A. What a let down.

Yanks win game, lose Pettitte in sweep of Tribe
6/28-7/1 Series Preview: Chicago White Sox
  • Jorge Brosada

    Seeing Banuelos right now would have been ideal IMO… damn shame…

    • Rush Stern- megarobothead

      He aint no more ready to pitch in the bigs, than your wife is to take my 14 inch flaming meatwad of hope

      • Billy

        ^Rush^ … what a ahole comment. Obviously but once he came back from the back injury he looked great.

      • Jimmy McNulty


  • JonS

    How much longer will Banuelos be on the DL?

  • Jim Is Bored

    As CC will be back after 2-3 starts, I have faith in our offense to pick up whichever pitcher takes that 5 slot for a few games.

    And I’m sure one of Freddy/Mitchell/Phelps/Warren can man the trenches until Pettitte returns.

    It’s the Yankees. They’ll find a way.

  • DERP

    It’s ridiculous how little Freddy Garcia has worked lately. He only has pitched five times since May 21.

    He hasn’t issued a walk since the May 21 appearance, so that’s pretty good.

  • Rich

    I agree with you on Hughes. He is like Jekyl and Hyde. I would go and make a deal with the Cubs for Garza and DeJesus. If they could work out the $ it makes sense. I would include some useless salary (a player)and two fringe players. As for starting depth, with CC only gone for two starts it is not that bad. In the end we are looking for a 5th starter til Pettitte gets back and provide insurance for the outfield for this season and possibly next (if Swish leaves).

    • 28 this year

      yea because the Cubs would totally trade a solid number 2 for useless salary and two fringe players. Theo isn’t an idiot and another team would easily beat that package. This doesn’t even cover including Dejesus

      • Rich

        It is a starting point. Theo has already informed the world he will sell. Garza is expensive so not many will go after him.

    • gc

      Hughes has been far more Jekyll than Hyde lately. He’s allowed two runs or less in seven of his last nine starts. That doesn’t mean he’s automatically going to keep that up for the rest of the season, but I think it’s more than enough to convince the Yankees that there really is no need to push any panic buttons and make unnecessary trades just yet.

      • Rich

        You have clearly pointed out he has trade value now. What will we get tomorrow? No one knows.

    • BK2ATL

      Not gonna happen. Cubs are looking to rebuild their farm system, not gift the Yankees a solid AL East starter. Theo would have his secretary tell you NO, much less even take your call.

      And before someone chimes in on the obligatory Coal Hamels trade offer, just no.

      Every offer for any quality SP or RF will now BEGIN with Banuelos, Sanchez and/or Williams, and won’t come down much from there. Still wanna deal?

  • Ro

    As I said yesterday, Banuelos being injured is probably the thing that pisses me off the most in this whole situation. Pettitte being injured is a freak thing and frankly, he’ll be fine and so will the team. I read Ian O’ Connors piece on ESPN and what a freaking duffus. CC didn’t even really need to go on the DL and the team is essentially giving him TWO days off, which is what it really is considering how pitchers work. Plus it’s that time of year when you blink and it’s the All Star break, you blink again and its the end of July. The month and the part of the schedule that probably concerns me most is the month of August. But come Sept, Pettitte, Joba, Ardsma, Gardner, and maybe even Feliciano (for like two weeks) will be back. Plus expanded rosters and the young guys will all be around. The Yanks winning a lot of games now gives them a nice safety net. If they can bag another 8 wins out of the next 12 up to the All Star break, they’ll be in GREAT shape coming out of the gate after the AS game. Strangely, I’m not freaking out at all and the front office shouldn’t either. If they want to give Liriano a shot and all they have to give up is a Brett Marshall for him, I say do it. Outside of that, they are definitely not in on Hamels — Cashman is too smart to make a deal like that and waste talent for a 2 month player. The same for Grienke. Garza concerns me, because there could be a shot the Yanks can land him and I’m not in favor of it. Who else? Wandy? I don’t know about that either. Here’s hoping to catching lighting in a bottle with Warren. Hey, sometimes these marginal prospects can surprise us. The kid has the stuff so let’s see it!!

    • Ro

      ..and while there is no way to forecast this, I’ve personally had doubts about Pettittes longevity this season. I wasn’t all that sure he would hold up down the stretch. He’s given every reason to believe he would have been effective and stayed healthy, but conventional wisdom would suggest an over 40 pitcher would tire out at some point even if for a few starts. A few starts is 3-4 weeks anyway. The point is, if put in perspective, I don’t think we’re really losing Andy for a long period of time, plus he’ll be pretty fresh for the final weeks of the season.

      • Ro

        ..and and and..again..fucking Banuelos. That should have been the narrative here. Old horse with much wisdom goes down, passes torch to hugely talented young apprentice and Banuelos comes out and goes something like 6-1 with a sub 3.00 ERA while striking out 55 over the month of July and August. Blaa..I wanted to read that story somewhere.

  • Luisergi

    I’d go big (or try to) on the trade market; Hamels > Greinke >> Garza…

    Without including Williams i don’t think they can get any of those though. I would trade him by the way, if there was some certainty
    of signing Hamels or Greinke to an extention… but that’s just me, and it is not the yankees have been doing things lately.

    So yeah, i think it will time for Freddy, Adam, David, DJ and all those guys to shine.

    • CountryClub

      If I were the Yanks, Sanchez would be the one I wouldn’t trade. He has a legit bat and, unlike Montero, most scouts think he’ll stay at catcher. I wouldn’t want to give up Williams either. But he’d go before Sanchez.

      • Luisergi

        Not sure about that, not saying the yankees have catchers to spare, but they do have more “quality” prospects at C than OFers, or at least that’s what i’ve reading.

        I’d definetly trade Sanchez before Williams.

        • CountryClub

          It’s easier to find a speedy OFer with limited power than a catcher with a legit bat. But like I said, I wouldnt want to trade either of them.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      If Banuelos gets healthy I don’t see how the Phillies or Brewers can really ask for that much in a rental for Hamels or Greinke.

  • Andrew

    Mike, do you know what the latest is on Banuelos? How much longer will he be on the DL?

  • joek

    U think we could get aj Burnett back from Pittsburgh? Man could we use him now!!

    • Kosmo

      Burnett would not be the Pittsburgh Burnett but a sorry ass reflection of what he was in 2010-11.

  • Kosmo

    everyone proposes trading for one of Garza, Wandy, Liriano, Guthrie, Lannan, Greinke etc. I would like to have a consensus of opinion on what it would cost to say land Garza as well as the rest.
    For Garza the cost would be at least Banuelos,Marshall,Joseph and Cervelli maybe one other player. Having looked at it somewhat I think Guthrie or Liriano would be the best bets in terms of player quality given up in return.
    But I´m also confident that Garcia,Phelps and Warren can do the job.

    Pettitte is gone until mid-september earliest. He´ll be in a cast of some sort for at least 6 weeks and then he´ll have to build strength back up in his leg and it´s I believe his left leg so that´s the leg he lands on. He´ll have a noticable ache where the fibia was fractured for along time. So we´re looking at over 2 months at least.

    • Ro

      I agree, to an extent. I’d say week of Monday, Sept 10th is a safe landing spot for Pettitte, but we’ll see.

      If I had to choose two from that list, I’d go with Guthrie or Lirano. Neither will cost much in terms of players/talent returned. Both could probably be acquired for 1 guy in a swap. A Cervelli (which probably works for the Twins) and a swap of Lirano. There are pieces that can be moved for these two and it would be intelligent on the part of both teams. As for the others, Garza, Grienke, and Hamels, no thanks. This is not a 1 year wonder team that needs to forefit very talented young players for rental players, regardless of how good they are. And I’m alone in this camp, but I think Hamels is like a ponzi scheme all in himself and I think someone if going to massively overpay for him both via trade or free agency and regret it big time. I’m indifferent about Wandy. Fine, if he doesn’t cost much, but I’m not really feeling that situation.

      • Kosmo

        Garza is under contract thru the 2013 season so to some extent he´s the more “desirable“ of the pitchers you mentioned. Not so big on Wandy as I once was.

        • Ro

          I hear you on that, but looking forward to next season, they’ll have CC, Hughes, Nova under contract to start. The way things are looking with Kuroda, provide he stays healthy, I think we can almost certainly pencil him for another year at this point. He looks good and he is the Yanks type of pitcher. I guess the offseaon will interesting as to what Pettitte wants to do. So to fill that 5th spot you have maybe Pettitte, possible and most likely Pineda (call it May, 2013) and maybe even Banuelos, pending health. I’m not saying Garza is a bad option, because it doesn’t affect their 2014 bottom line, which seems to be the most important thing. It’s just you have an over zealous frat boy who is absolutely desperate for talent and to think he wouldn’t ask for anything less than Banuelos, Williams, Austin or Sanchez would be a lie. I’ve never thought highly of this Epstein joker. I don’t think he is a good GM and I wouldn’t be surprised if he botches this thing and winds up holding onto Garza.

  • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

    I know wins are a bad way to evaluate a pitcher, but I was thinking about something. Right now Pettitte was winning 1/3 of his games. I didn’t bother to look at what happened to the other three games he didn’t win or lose, but let’s say the Yanks won 2 of them, meaning the Yankees won 50% of the games he started. Hell, let’s call it 60%, just for the benefit of the doubt.

    He’s going to miss at least 2 months, but let’s call it 10 weeks. 70 days, that’s 14 starts he will miss that he would’ve won about 8. Now, if you replace him with a guy like Warren who isn’t nearly as effective, and the Yanks win like 30% of his games over that period of time. That’s 4 additional losses without Pettitte, in what in my mind is probably a worst case scenario. 4 wins isn’t the end of the world.

    That gives back most of our AL East lead to the Orioles who, let’s face it, aren’t going to be where they are in 2 months anyway. There is no need to lose any large pieces of the farm to go make a big deal just so we can try and scrape a couple extra wins out.

    • Kosmo

      Yanks are 6-3 in games Andy has started. No can say when Pettitte comes back he´ll be equally effective.

      • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

        The kind of broken ankle that Andy has won’t require surgery. It’s not like he did something to his elbow or shoulder. There’s no reason to believe that the Andy that returns will be demonstrably worse than the one that left.

        • Kosmo

          my point being he has to land on the left foot and it could be uncomfortable and he could try to compensate. It´s a fracture above the ankle he´s not suddenly 100% because he did the rehab. It´s still a serious injury.

          • gc

            Am I missing something? Didn’t he injure the foot that he pushes off of? (either foot is still going to cause potential issues down the road, especially so soon after recovery, but just sayin…)

          • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

            He broke his fibula, my non-medically trained understanding is it’s not a weight bearing bone.

            Anecdotally, I had a major tibula/fibula break last year. They surgically repaired my tibula. The fibula break they left alone, even though they were already doing surgery, because the surgeon said it wasn’t worth fixing because it would heal fine on it’s own without intervention. I’m certainly no professional athlete and even I can say that the break they didn’t fix was totally fine way before anything else was.

            • Kosmo

              It bears some weight and you can definitely feel it. You were in a cast no doubt ? and for how long ? You don´t have to repair a fibula fracture but you do have to place it in a cast of some sort and stay off it with the use of crutches to ambulate.

    • Ro

      That’s pretty sound rational you’ve got. I agree. It’s plus or minus 3 win/loss situation without Pettitte. I suppose who mitigates that lose best, maybe save us a win? Is that a Warren or Phelps or Liriano or Guthrie.

      • jjyank

        There’s no factoring in the offense here though. Maybe Warren blows up and gives up 7 runs but the Yankees score 10? The Yankees record when Pettitte started literally means nothing about what the record will be for any other pitcher in the future.

        • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost

          I think the point is that the difference in the team’s performance over that period of time isn’t going to be so great that it’s worth dramatically altering the makeup of the farm to mitigate that difference.

          • jjyank

            Altering the makeup like a trade? I don’t want that either. I’m just saying It’s not a forgone conclusion how many wins CC and Pettitte’s replacement will get, right Suzyn?

  • jjyank

    Real bummer about Banuelos. This would be the perfect time to give him a cup of coffee’s worth of MLB starts to give him a taste of the big time.

    • Kosmo

      It is a disappointment but no one knows what we could have expected out of him this season, seeing that his 2011 season was not up to par and to take into account his control issues. If he had gotten off to a great start this season then got hurt then we could commiserate.

      • jjyank

        Well he did have a series of very good starts in between DL stints. Had he not gotten injured the second time and continued to pitch well, it would have been the perfect opportunity for him.

        • Kosmo

          2-3 starts ain´t much to hang your hat on.

          • jjyank

            I didn’t say it was a forgone conclusion. But Banuelos had 1 season where he lost his control and is our top prospect. It’s not like Betances stopped throwing balls for 3 starts. I don’t understand why you’re making this an issue. Do you not think that Banuelos has the ability to continue that 3 start run, and if he did, this would be a good opportunity to get a taste of the big leagues?

            Again, no idea what your issue is with that statement.

            • Kosmo

              your conjecturing and I really don´t take issue with what your saying only that you can´t project outcomes based on SSS. He didn´t have a “series“ of good starts like you claim. We all wish he was 9-3 at this time with a 2.68 ERA on the verge of being called up but he´s not and there is no clear sign, at least at this time, what to expect from Banuelos going forward.

              • jjyank

                We refer to a three game set as a “series” This is stupid semantics. You’re totally misrepresenting my point. had Banuelos not been injured, he would have had more than 3 starts. All I said was that it sucks Banuelos has been injured, because had he not been, he could have gotten a start or two. This is a really dumb argument.

  • Gonzo

    The Yanks have been seriously hit by the injury bug this year. If everyone can come back 100%, I can see a silver lining in all of this in the playoffs.

  • Nico

    I had no idea there were Dempster brothers in MLB!

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    I’m glad Cashman is taking the slow approach to this situation. There will be 11 games til the All Star break. If the Yanks can play decent with a 6-5 record or thereabouts,we’ll be fine.

    No need to sell the farm for our next savior. There is a farm system to work with our prospects. My disappointment is Phelps is not ready. I like his pitches and it would be a great experience. Also, Banuelos is missing a huge opportunity to progress.

    If we come out of this unscathed than I look for a big reason to have more hope for the playoffs ad beyond.

    I hope Andy hanks around during his rehab to mentor the rotation. It appears his presence is a big assistance.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Zero need to. Agreed. You first take a look at your available options and see if they can you through. There’s definite short and long term benefit to doing so. Bringing someone in from the outside should be the absolute last resort, not the first thing you think of. Tell that to the armchair panic GMs showing up for these threads, though.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    I think Adam Warren might be bored in AAA and will do well once he’s up.

    How nice would it be if Phelps, Warren and D.J. Mitchell all had positive major league performances at the end of the season to really boost their vale?

    • CountryClub

      Warren’s last 5 starts have been quite good. Pitched to a 2.1 ERA.

  • Brendan


    • Rooting for U.S. Steel

      Actually, I’d be interested in hearing from Mike (or anyone else) why Ortiz isn’t part of this discussion.

      I realize AAA ain’t the majors, but Ortiz is stretched out (at least six innings per game in nine of his last 10), has been effective (two earned runs or fewer in seven of the last 10, and giving up only three runs in two others) with his only true clunker coming on May 11 (5.2 IP, 6 ER).

      His control has been good, his WHIP has been good… what am I not seeing? If nothing else, he’d be an interesting choice to back up at least one of Garcia’s starts as a long man.

      • CountryClub

        Cashman said he was discussed, but Warren is the better option.

      • BK2ATL

        Sounds like Ortiz is just the typical AAA organizational filler for Cashman, more than a MLB option.

        There’s no future in it for Cashman, whereas Warren provides an opportunity to see what he can offer to the club in the coming years. As well as possibly building true trade value, kinda like Nova did a couple of years ago, Noesi did last year, and Phelps was doing earlier this year.

        Never know what you have until you throw them into the fire. I recall Warren going 6 quality innings vs. Boston in ST, against pretty much their A MLB lineup.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        He may very well still be if a spot start is needed. Exhaust your options before selling the farm.

      • Steve (different one)

        I would have loved to see the epic pants pissing had they called up Ortiz instead of Warren. This place would have shut down.

  • BK2ATL

    Every offer for any quality SP (Garza, Hamels, etc.) or RF will now BEGIN with Banuelos, Sanchez and/or Williams, and won’t come down much from there. Still wanna deal?

    All it takes is a quick glance at the last few trades for ace-caliber pitchers (Halladay, Lee, Jimenez, Latos, etc) to see what it took. Throwing scraps around and expecting prime rib is a fool’s dream.

    Our best bet is to just stand pat. Let Garcia, Warren and Phelps patch us together through the All Star break, when CC returns. Then you’ll have CC, Kuroda, Nova, Hughes, Garcia, or…the opening day SP rotation. Whichever of Warren or Phelps pitches effectively stays on until Pettitte gets back. Or offense, defense, and bullpen can carry us until we’re back to full strength.

    • Kosmo

      Weak performances out of Garcia and Warren will burn out a bullpen in a hurry. plan B is trade for a SP if plan A fails come the trade deadline.

      • BK2ATL

        Plan B would be Phelps/Mitchell. Plan C would be some scrap heap starter. Plan D would be going all in on a Garza or Hamels. Likelihood of Plan D would be miniscule.

        So let’s hear what you think it will take to get a Garza or Hamels.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Hell, Plan C would probably be Ramon Ortiz. You’re not getting to selling the farm until Plan E.

          It’s like we’ve never seen the franchise face adversity int he middle of the season.

        • Kosmo

          I have zero interest in trading for Hamels i would prefer if necessary to go after a scrap heap SP such as Liriano or Guthrie or even someone like Randy Wolf. Garza I like but I would be unwilling to give up the farm for him. I mentioned above what I´d give up for Garza, a more or less a take it or leave it approach if i were playing at GM. Let some other team cash in their prospects for Garza.
          I feel NY is OK with Garcia,Phelps and Warren at this time but NY might be forced to make a splash come the TD. Really NY has to plug one SP spot for maybe 14 starts and I´m sure they can cobble together these starts with G&P&W.

  • Cuso

    Whoa, whoa, whoa.

    Garcia is going to start one of the double-header games at Fenway?!

    Isn’t that how he found himself in this mess? I would not allow him to start there. I know that he’s “found his whatever” and his arm is “moving faster” but do not, do not, DO NOT give Garcia a Fenway start. Especially in a DH. He will either single-handedly cripple the bullpen or be forced to take his lumps and give up 20 runs.

    • CountryClub

      Only other choice would be to bring another pitcher up from AAA for that game and they’re not doing that.

    • Will (the other one)

      With all due respect – who cares?

      The only reason Garcia is making any starts at all is that the team finds itself in an emergency situation. We know the results aren’t going to be perfect, and certainly nobody is concerned about bruising Freddy’s ego or confidence for purposes of future development. So if the worst happens at Fenway and he has to take a few lumps, so be it. It’s definitely not the end of the world, and quite frankly, I think we’re all prepared for it at some point in this process.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It’s not we’re on a 162-game schedule or anything.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It’s not like we’re on a 162-game schedule or anything.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Last time Freddy Garcia started, half the bullpen literally wound up in a wheelchair for the rest of their life. Sad, but that’s actually what happened to Edwar Ramirez.

  • stuckey

    Simulated result of Sabathia and Pettitte missing a combined 11 starts.

    2.5 wins over the remainder of the season. 95.9 – 93.5.

  • your mom

    I’m not looking forward to the Boston double header. Hughes and Garcia in Fenway scares the crap outta me.

  • stuckey

    Man the hell up, fellas.

  • Fernando

    Patience. Go with Garcia & Warren, then bring up Mitchell since you need a long man instead of Igarishi.

    For those dreaming on Hamels, I think he’ll be a Dodger. He’s a Southern Californian and I expect the Dodgers to break the bank for him. They’re already going crazy using all that new TV money by signing Ethier and now they signed the Cuban kid (Puig) for $42 million. If they gave that much to an unproven, Hamels will end up the highest paid pitcher. Any they’ll have to pay Kershaw soon.

    • BK2ATL

      And Phelps is building his arm back up as well. We have in-house options.

      Hamels will either be a Phillie or a Dodger. He really prefers to stay in Philly, but the Dodgers have the bank and room to make it work. And yes he is from out there in southern Cali. They extended Kemp and Ethier. They will extend Kershaw. They will sign Hamels. That will solidify them as perennial NL West and WS contenders for the majority of the rest of this decade.

  • Dewayne is wise

    Just pull the string on Hamels.
    Banualos and mitchell should do it or throw in nunez. Sign Cole you now have two of the best lefties
    In the game to anchor your staff for the nexy five years. The end result is losing granderson because of hals buget.
    Gardner to CF until Williams is ready. Sign a cheap RFer in the off season. So
    + Hamels
    – Grandy,swisher,banualos,mitchell and nunez this is a win win.


    i know prices are expensive trade wise when aquiring a pitcher at the deadline, but in reality, we don’t move are guys in the farm up and down enough for that to totally matter.. Were always picking guys off the scrap heap and giving them spots at TRIPLE AAA, more so then giving our own guys shots…Everyone was so against giving up Betances and Banuelos, and now, they probably woulden’t get u nearly as much in trade value, and look at Johan Santana. We could of had him for Hughes and Joba, and even though Johan has been hurt often, hes pitched pretty good when healthy, and Hughes has been a roller coaster, and Joba has had his moments but nothing to sceam, “keep me”.. I’d investiage trading for a Liriano at least…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      This peaked at the first sentence fragment.

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    Wonder what ol’ Jim Kaat thinks of Pettitte and CC’s fielding position after releasing the ball? How many times has CC reached with his bare pitching hand to try to snag a grounder? In the old days-being in position to field after delivery used to be a big deal.

    /old school

  • Now Batting

    There’s lots of posts here about people saying they wouldn’t trade Banuelos/Williams/Sanchez for a Garza or even Hamels rental. You think Theo or Amaro would even consider trading established starting pitching for low A guys or a hurt AAA-er?

  • LiterallyFigurative

    How about we let Warren and Garcia pitch a few times before we lose our minds, M’kay?

  • Tom

    Garza is this year’s John Danks. He gets mentioned more and more and his skill level magically goes up and up

    The “ALEast battle tested” narrative needs to end…. he had a 3.86 ERA with TB, which sounds nice until you look behind that (and consider that the Trop is a really good place to pitch):
    – Road ERA with TB: 4.23-4.83 (in 3 years)
    – FIP and xFIP (overall with TB): 4.14-4.42

    He’s made some improvements with Chicago, but I’m not convinced they transfer back to the American League (yes there has been analysis of pitch mix, but I think that might be more correlation than causation).

    I wonder if pitching in NY his ERA jumps to the 4-4.50 range rather easily. Certainly fine for that division and a good rotation arm, but not necessarily a frontline guy.