Thursday Night Open Thread

Yankees activate David Robertson, option David Phelps
Gumbs' big night not enough in Charleston loss

Off days are always better on the heels of a six game winning streak. Everyone’s feeling great about the Yankees, the weather outside is wonderful, and dudes are taking the ol’ water-propelled jetpack out for a flight over McCovey Cove. Pretty much a normal Thursday, no?

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. Game Two of the NBA Finals starts a little later tonight (9pm ET on ABC), plus MLB Network will carry a game as well (teams depend on where you live). Talk about whatever you like here, have at it.

Yankees activate David Robertson, option David Phelps
Gumbs' big night not enough in Charleston loss
  • jjyank

    That video was awesome.

    In other news, one of my new coworkers should be this today, and it made me think of Tom Riddle/The Plouffenator (sorry, the only handle still sticks in my head).

    • jjyank

      *should be = showed me. Yay proof reading.

  • Jacob

    Not having a Yankee game to watch on your birthday blows! But at least Matt Cain threw a perfect game on it, that always works.

    • Havok9120

      My birthday is in December. Suck it up.


  • forensic

    Here’s hoping no pitchers in the Yankee organization next year choose to or are allowed to participate…

    • jjyank

      Oh for the love of Mo! Thankfully, it seems that the Yankees have a minimal presence on those teams, if any. I could be wrong, but that’s what I remember anyway.

    • Mike Axisa

      Has a Yankee ever pitched in the WBC? I can’t remember any every doing so.

      • Nightwing

        In 2006, Al Leiter signed a minor league deal with the Yanks. However, he retired right after the WBC. Probably doesn’t count.
        In 2009, Damaso Marte pitched 2 games for the DR.

        • Kramerica Industries

          And fucked up his shoulder, sucked in April, and was out until September rolled around.

          Oh, and I don’t think he’s pitched since 2009.

          • Brian S.

            Which injured LOOGY are we going to sign this offseason? We need at least one.

            • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

              *slightly raises elbow*

            • Steve (different one)

              Was there one this offseason?

    • Scott Proctor

      I’m so gonna come out of retirement and participate.

      • Havok9120

        I laughed.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Thank you, Mets, for making the AL East a bit easier for us.

    • jjyank

      As my cousin and I discussed via facebook status comments today, the Mets are now our friends. They rolled over and let us sweep them, and then they swept the Rays. Absolutely perfect.

  • Phil

    So how about that Vidal Nuno? Back when he was domimating low A, I still thought he would only be organizational depth. But now that he is dominating his peers at AA, I can’t help but think he might have a major league future

  • Raza

    The Suits season premiere is tonight. Can’t wait for that.

    • 28 this year

      I can’t wait either. That show is amazing. Great actors, very good script. They play off each other well. Really entertaining

      • Jimmy McNulty

        Lawyer shows are terrible and unrealistic.

  • DERP

    Very important question.

    Will there be a chat tomorrow? I don’t what I will do with myself at work tomorrow if there isn’t.

    • Mike Axisa

      Not sure what the chat situation is right now. I’m taking a train down to DC in the morning, I might chat during that if the wifi is any good. Not sure yet.

      • DERP


      • Monterowasdinero

        Wifi stinks on Amtrak.

        • Mike Axisa

          Nah, hot spot off my phone. Just depends on the cell reception during the ride.

          • Monterowasdinero

            That isn’t great either. Hope it works out. I will be at friday and sunday’s games. I’m quite a bit older than you Mike but m y son is quite a bit younger. :-)

  • DERP

    The Pirates really suck.

  • DERP

    Here is a little blurb on draft pick Jimmy Reed:

    He will pitch in the Cape Cod League and be a summer follow.

  • Kevin G.

    I don’t think Ivan Nova’s Twitter is run by a PR guy…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Please tell us more.

      • Kevin G.

        He appears to be a fan of LeBron James

        • Robinson Tilapia

          That makes two of us.

          • Kevin G.

            And by the look of things the only two, lol

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Maybe where you live. :)

  • Brian S.

    Trade for Will Venable right meow.

  • deadrody

    Hey, so how about the Melkster out in San Fran, eh ? I’m shocked I haven’t seen anything on here about it, at least in a mailbag segment.

    Dude is CRUSHING it out on the bay there, leading the NL in batting, hits, and triples. Heck, until I saw him in the box score last night, I hadn’t even thought of Melky. I knew he was having a solid season at one point last year, but I did not realize he finished the year with an OPS over .800 and 200 hits. Impressive.

    But at least we have, uh, Boone Logan! Atlanta didn’t make out much better. Melky was ABYSMAL for them and was released and Arodys Vizcaino just had TJ surgery. At least they turned Mike Dunn (and others) into Dan Uggla, who is having a solid year for them.

    • jjyank

      I’m glad for Melky, I always liked him. That being said, I still think he’s playing over his head and someone else needs to pay him next off season.

      For a second there I though you were one of the guys who was going to blast the Yankees for trading Melky, until I saw that you also acknowledged that he absolutely terrible for the Braves, therefore he no longer counts for that trade. I think Boone Logan has easily become the most useful piece in that trade, and how fucking crazy is that? I know, I know, You Can’t Predict Baseball, Suzyn, but who thought Boone Logan of all people would be the most useful?

    • Brian S.

      People comment about him all the time on here.

    • Kevin G.

      Trade doesn;t even matter. Melky probably would have been gone by now anyway

  • Brian S.

    What happened to Gavin Floyd and John Danks this season? Yikes. Imagine how good the White Sox could be if they pitched like they have the last few years.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Remember when the Yanks were doomed if they didn’t trade for one of them?

    • Tom

      Danks was over-rated. His peripheral stats weren’t all that great (good, but not great), but with all the trade talk perception of him ratcheted up ridiculously.

      The guy has a career FIP of 4.17… not exactly even a #2 or 3 for many staffs. He was a bit better the last 2 years, but still overrated. Floyd at least has better #’s this year (beyond the ERA) and similar career #’s to Danks.

      Garza is going to be this year’s Danks…. as his name gets floated around more and more, the legend will grow.

      • Steve

        Mikes head just exploded. He was the savior of the off-season

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Finally got the nerve to turn on the Heat game. Yes, I turn into Greg during the NBA Playoffs.

    • jjyank

      Or maybe you’re Greg and you turn into Robinson Tilapia during Yankee games?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’m fairly positive I’m not Greg, but I do turn into Robinson Tilapia during Yankee games, unless you all think I answer to this name on the street.

        Example: Up by 17, and I just know the Thunder will make more than one run here. I don’t calm down until there’s about 3:00 left in the game.

  • CS Yankee

    My youngest son is going to hockey camp in Canada this summer and plan on picking him up and catching in a Jays/Yankees game as well as a game in the Tigers series just prior to that.

    Could use some insight on;
    1) Is the hotel in RC worth the premium?
    2) best seats for the bucks are..?
    3) Best food & pub is…?

    #2 & 3 for Detroit as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    • j6takish

      At Comerica, probably the best value you can get are standing room only. They are dirt cheap and you can literally stand just about anywhere, including in front of the wall in the field level section right on the 1st base line. You do have to get their early and be pretty territorial about space though. As far as actual seats, check out the 2nd and 3rd decks behind home plate. Usually only like 35 bucks for good seats. Avoid the outfield, you’re so far back from the action. For food, Anywhere in Greektown is good if you’re not familiar with the area. Detroit gets sketchy literally as soon as you venture out of the Greektown area

      • CS Yankee


    • Ralph

      never been to the hotel in the rogers centre… but the last few hotels I’ve been to is around 100~150 per night.. more than that is major overpaid.

      best seats… the ones around home plate at 500 level has a pretty good view, seeing the score board and the jumbotron.

      food… a lot of nice eatery, just depends on your taste. You could go check on toronto star’s website or something, and the worst you can do is walk around a bit and there should be a pub to the south west of rogers centre

  • pat

    James Harden, I’m losing respect for you per flop.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    See? When the other team starts sinking threes like no one’s business, I start hiding underneath the table in preparation for impending doom.

  • Bill

    Lets trade for garza and instead of giving up a ton of prospects offer to take on Alfonso Soriano and his contract too. Who knows how long jones and Ibanez will hold up with Gardner out another month and you can never have enough pitching.

    • MannyGeee

      George, is that you?


  • first name only male – Retire 21

    I’m watching the game. Am I the only one that feels that the officiating has been very one sided?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I think I need new pants after those last few minutes of the game.

    • Havok9120

      Silly NBA fans.