Warren tattooed as ChiSox hammer Yanks

Cust & Branyan homer in Triple-A win
Olney: Yankees not interested in Jim Thome

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The Yankees hadn’t gotten their asses handed to them in quite some time, but the White Sox were nice enough to take care of that on Friday. Just shake it off and come back tomorrow, what else can you do? Let’s quickly recap…

  • Early Runs: I was hoping the Yankees would score some runs early to make life easier on Adam Warren, and they did oblige. Curtis Granderson hit a two-run homer three pitches into Jose Quintana’s game and Andruw Jones followed up with a two-run double a few batters later. Four runs in the first is a pretty good recipe for a win … assuming the rookie starter doesn’t give it all back half-an-inning later.
  • Debut: Warren was terrible in his big league debut, allowing ten of the 17 men he faced to reach base before leaving with six runs on his docket. The ChiSox batters looked incredibly comfortable in the box and not fooled at all, to the point where I wonder if he was tipping his pitches. I’m usually a forgiving guy, especially when talking about someone’s debut, but there’s no way the Yankees can let Warren start against the Rays next week.
  • Death by Bullpen: David Phelps took over for Warren and allowed two runs in his 3.1 innings, the second not until he was over 60 pitches and visibly gassed. I have to think he’ll start in five days, they’d be foolish not to let him. Cory Wade’s been having a real hard time of late, but give him some love for throwing 58 pitches to spare the bullpen in the late innings. Fifth outfielder Dewayne Wise chipped in two outs, the first position player to pitch since Nick Swisher in April 2009.
  • Leftovers: The Yankees tied the game for about a minute in the fourth thanks to Jayson Nix’s two-run double, but it was all downhill from here … every starter had at least one hit, including a pair for Swisher and Andruw … I have to think Wade will hit the DL with something tomorrow, allowing them to bring back Ryota Igarashi for a fresh arm. Warren could be optioned down as well. Maybe D.J. Mitchell will come up for long relief, but he threw 103 pitches on Tuesday.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. Everyone non-Yankees team in the division won (or will win in the Red Sox’s case), so the lead in the division is down to four in the loss column (six up on the Rays and Sox). Hiroki Kuroda gets the ball on Saturday afternoon in an attempt to help salvage this series, squaring off against Jake Peavy. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch that one.

Cust & Branyan homer in Triple-A win
Olney: Yankees not interested in Jim Thome
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Let me guess……don’t even bother reading the Game Thread.

    What can I say……Warren got the absolute shit beat out of him, and Cory….geez, I don’t know what’s going on there, but please fix whatever needs to be fixed there. The soft underbelly showed tonight, and it got kicked straight in the gut.

    At least the “I KNEWZ TEY SHOULDA KEPT TEH QUINTANA” meme probably gained zero momentum.

    Phelps has to get the start in five days. Maaaaaaaybe you keep Warren around and see if he looks better in a relief appearance, but I’d wager he goes back down for a fresher arm….whatever that looks like tomorrow.

    • mustang

      Well at least some people got there “youth movement”.

      I was hoping for better, but it’s a lot to ask of a kid that has close to a 4 era in AAA.
      Still its only one start nerves and all can’t be too hard on the kid.

      • forensic

        One Major League debut is now considered a ‘youth movement’?

      • Ed

        Fun fact – Wang had a 4.24 ERA in AAA before making his MLB debut. I realized then not to write someone off if their AAA ERA isn’t impressive.

        • Robinson Tilapia


        • TomH

          Wang may also have been the exception that proves the rule. Warren was also giving up a lot of hits/inning. The Wang example proves nothing.

          • viridiana

            How quickly people forget.

            Both Pettite and Rivera were absolutely crushed in starts they made early in their first season. Banihshment of Warren would be a mistake. Not saying this kid is anything close to Andy or Mo but he’ll be a big league pitcher and they have to get him back on a big league mound.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              John and Suzyn made reference to David Wells giving up 14 runs in his first start. I don’t remember that. I’ll assume they didn’t make it up. He did pretty well for himself.

              Not that I’m saying Adam Warren will go on to a great career, but this is just a silly tangent. It’s his first ever fucking start. It’s like losing your virginity. I’m sure we could interview someone who shall remain nameless who would not probably give me a great review.

              • Adam Parker

                John and Suzyn said David Cone, not David Wells.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Actually, Game Thread wasn’t so bad. Didn’t read like the Shakespearean tragedy I thought it would be. Credit to those of you who stuck through it. I actually chose family time tonight.

    Highlights were Greg’s suicidal ideation and a completely unnoticed stuart post at the end.

    Kuroda stomps a mudhole in this bitch tomorrow.

    • Greg

      Basically after I said that, I went driving and didnt watch the rest of the game. I wasn’t going to watch the game originally but I saw the Yankees scored 4 runs and I thought, “hey we might have something here” but…

      Oh by the way if jjyank sees this, thank you for revealing that bit about yourself.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Smart move, honestly. You don’t have to sit through it if you’re not enjoying it. I think I was listening when it went from 4-1 to 4-4, then saw it go from 7-6 to 10-6. That was about it. We’ll all be back tomorrow.

        On the bright side, I’m all caught up for the season premiere of “Breaking Bad.”

        I’ll have to go back and read what sordid secrets jjyank revealed.

  • Gonzo

    I missed the game. The knock on Warren was his straight fastball, right? Was that the case tonight?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The bits and pieces I listened to on the radio kept on referencing how straight his fastball was and how much better he was faring with his secondary pitches. It was almost John/Suzyn-speak for “we don’t think this guy belongs here.”

    • Brian S.

      Fastball was straight and he left it up.

    • DM

      Poor command tonight — and he doesn’t have the stuff to get away with that. He looks like a smaller, poor man’s version of Phil Hughes.

  • Knoxvillain

    I loved Wade last year, but I expect him to be DFA’d or optioned if he has any left for Aardsma, Joba (maybe Wise?) or whomever else is ready to be called up.

    He’s just fucking sucked lately.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I think there’s enough goodwill from last year for him to either get optioned (if he has them left) or DLed in order to fix things.

      Aardsma’s reinjured and Joba is wishful thinking. I’m not seeing anyone who’s going to make you feel any better than trying to fix what’s wrong with Wade will.

      • Brian S.

        I’d DL him this instant and call up another arm for tomorrow. Warren is already being sent down for DJ Mitchell because of how much the bullpen has worked. Wade can’t be used for a few days and he sucks so why not let him heal up until after the All-Star Break? Call up Whitley or Whelan.

      • Knoxvillain

        The Aardsma injury kinda sucks, but I’m still hoping for Joba to come back. He looked great last year before his injury. Forgot about Feliciano, maybe by some miracle he can stay healthy. That’d be nice but not realistic.

  • Brian S.

    That second run Phelps gave up shouldn’t have happened. He struck out Dunn but the umpire didn’t call it.

    • Tcmiller30

      Should Dunn have told the umpire that it was a strike? if he knew the ump missed the call he has to tell him or it’s cheating!

      People hating on Wise’d

  • stuart a

    warren is going down end the story.

    the yanks gave 3 outs in the first 5 innings. the cano baserunning beauty. jeter swinging at ball 4 on the ground and stewart getting thrown out at 2nd. they gave away 3 outs in the first 15.

    arod has less rbi’s the saltalamachia and lucas duda and the 205 hitting Ike Davis.

    the yanks should have scored double figures today.

    tell binder boy lucky d rob did not throw too many pitches last night……..

    cano is a dope, he has no plate discipline, no idea how to run the bases. just pure talent on the hitting front, far from a complete player. arod and tex basically are very overrated and there productions suck..

    Arod might get 75 rbi’s but hey do not move him down in the order you do not want to insult that loser…….

    • Knoxvillain

      Cano is far from a complete hitter? You can make an argument for him being the 2nd best hitter in baseball the past two years.

      Stuart, you get dumber after every post.

      • Knoxvillain

        Whoops, you said complete player. Sorry. Not to mention he’s on a pace for the most walks in his career if I recall correctly.

      • Brian S.

        Cano is second to Trout in AL fWAR but he sucks he doesn’t walk every plate appearance.

    • genitals

      cano is the best second baseman in baseball

    • Ted Nelson

      Din’t watch much baseball, do you?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It’s not even fun to needle him. Just ignore. Stuart is probably the most useless commenter on here.

        • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

          Second most useless

  • stuart a

    arod got another bloop crappy double today, he hits like a light hitting shortstop…

    his lack of power and production is killing this team…..

    he simply SUCKS.

    • Brian S.

      Sign me up for the ‘light hitting shortstop’ with an OPS over .800. Also suck my balls.

      • Knoxvillain

        Stuart is old and senile and forgets that A-Rod is 36, not 26.

  • PJ

    Highlight of the game: Dwayne Wise looking poised out there. Really seemed to own the mound. Showing confidence in his secondary pitch.

  • stuart a

    Murphy on the Mets has more RBI’s then alex the great. that is scary bad…

    only arod groupies think his performance this season has been any good.

    the guy has less then 24 extra base hits a week from the all star game…

    if arods big stat is obp, hit him 2nd… he cannot drive in anyone.

    cano might have been great last year but he has not been so this year….

    • Knoxvillain

      Cano has been better this year than last year so far.

      Please, continue.

    • Cameron Diaz


      Please stop this. I’ve told you a thousand times that Alex had nothing to do with me leaving you. Please accept that and move on.

  • stuart a

    knoxvillian, if you want to use arods age as an excuse maybe he should give the yanks a refund also.


    arod sucks, bottom line. I wish that was not the case but he hits like a weak hitting shortstop….

    • Knoxvillain

      I’m not using his age as an excuse. Most people- normal people- can agree that he’s been better than expected. What’s wrong with a number four hitter finishing the year at .270/28/85? Nothing. You’re just a rah-tard.

    • Knoxvillain

      I’m not using his age as an excuse. Most people- normal people- can agree that he’s been better than expected. What’s wrong with a number four hitter finishing the year at .270/28/85? Nothing. You’re just a little special.

      • Steve

        RBIs are worthless but a number 4 hitter for the Yankees, nevermind one who is the highest paid player in baseball, finishing the season with 85 RBIs would be a fucking disaster.

    • forensic

      Is it really that difficult to use the reply button?

  • stuart a

    nobodies have more rbis and higher slugging %’s then the great arod.

    the only fools that think he is having a decent year are sabermetric fools that have no eyes and no clue….

    watch a game.. no one is scared of him and he drives no one in and peppers the ball all around the infield like a 180 pound shortstop.

    • Bunt Gardner

      I’m only happy when it rains
      I feel good when things are going wrong
      I only listen to the sad, sad songs
      I’m only happy when it rains

      • Robinson Tilapia


        Shirley Manson. *swoon*

    • eephus_pitch

      Ahh, finally! The “you don’t actually watch the games” argument.
      It’s like debating John Kruk.
      ‘sup Krukie?

  • stuart a

    the approval level for a 4th place hitter on the yanks is 85 rbi’s!!!!!

    this is the yankees not the Mariners.. *85 rbi’s is not acceptable for arod….

    if that is all he can do hit him 7th…..

    • Knoxvillain

      Granderson and Tex hitting a combined 80 home runs probably has a lot to do with it.

    • Ted Nelson

      Do you have any idea what RBIs measure?

  • Knoxvillain

    I don’t know if anyone goes on the YES Network message boards, but Stuart reminds me of THEGOOSE. He used to be there a few years ago and then disappeared.

  • stuart a

    so 270/28/and 85 is your hope for Arod….

    what a joke…..

    that is nick swisher or hunter pence type #’s. …. that is a dime a dozen player….also arod is not on pace for those Ruthian hopes….

    the good news is we only have 5 more years after this 1 watching arod do his magic… can’t wait. I am sure the yankees fans will accept that for another 5 years at $25 mill per…

    • Knoxvillain

      Use the damn reply button. He is on pace for 28 home runs and 75 RBIs. That’s perfectly fine for A-Rod I think. I know you think unless he hits .360/55/150 he is a waste, but whatever.

    • Bunt Gardner

      They will accept it because there’s nothing you or the fans can do about the remained of his contract.

  • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat)

    A-Rod gave up all 14 runs and made all 27 outs.

    • Bunt Gardner

      He also broke up the Beatles.

    • stuart a

      classic moron comment.. if the guy had 15 more rbi’s for the season they would have a few more wins einstein.

      so last night the yanks ineptitude offensively would not affected the game??

      Warren stunk true. If Wade did not suck also they had a chance….

      scoring runs all the time is a good thing Bill James.

      • Knoxvillain

        They don’t need a few more wins right now. They’re in first place and right now, they’re the best team in baseball.

        If Cano had five more home runs, or Sabathia had two more wins, they’d probably have a better record, too.

      • Brian S.


      • eephus_pitch

        The problem last night was not their run-scoring ability. They scored 7 runs.

  • jim p

    Wasn’t Wade used fairly heavily, especially in the Girardi era, in the period right he started messing up? I bet a rest gets a little more life on the fastball and better control. Maybe the shortest-term DL wouldn’t be bad for him?

    By my count 21 times in April and May, been in 32 games total. That seems like a fair amount to me.

  • rogue

    Arod’s ISO of .177 would place him at 4th in MLB among SS. ;)

    His 2012 WAR is 1.6 (4.2 in 2011) and his current value is $7.2mil.

    NOTE: Arod played in 99 games in 2011 and 73 this year.

    Arod’s slash is LOWER than last season. 2012 was supposed to be his healthy year. I don’t think the Yankees had this in mind when they gave him that ridiculous contract.

    2011: .276/.362/.461
    2012: .269/.359/.452

    Alex is 120 HR from tying Bonds. ZIPS has him at 25 HRs this year. I don’t think he can hit 20+ in each of the next 5 years.

    • Need Pitching

      I don’t think the Yankees (Hank) had anything in mind when they signed him to his new contract. That contract was mindless from day 1.

    • stuart a

      Shortstops suck now… not exactly; nomar, tejada, a young Jeter etc..

      Arods performance is horrible. the stats show it and our eyes see it. they work around guys like Grandy to pitch to arod. they do not respect him any more and he is not hitting enough balls hard not even close…

      • Need Pitching

        yeah, they have drug testing now

        • Brian S.

          Drugs are cool.

      • Evan3457

        Uh, yeah, nomar and tejada aren’t playing in the big leagues anymore.

  • rogue

    Jeter’s performance hasn’t been stellar in 2012 either.


    March/April: 1.012
    May: .692
    June: .606

    He can still mash southpaws…
    Lefties: .388/.418/.565
    Righties: .273/.328/.351

    He’s struggling at the Stadium:
    Home: .266/.317/.370
    Away: .340/.385/.444

    His 2012 BB% (6.7) is the second lowest of his career.

    His UZR/150 is laughable: -23.0

    • Brian S.

      Jeter needs to DH next season.

      • forensic

        There’s something ironic (and sad) about wanting to DH a guy who can barely hit enough at one of the worst hitting positions in baseball to overcome his other deficiencies there.

        • Brian S.

          SS and CF defense should be huge priorities this winter. Move Granderson to right and Jeter to DH.

          • forensic

            They already have someone who would be terrific defensively in CF on the roster, if he would ever figure out how to get healthy again this year.

            Not that it matters though since they would never make that change in deference to Granderson’s more veteran-ness.

    • Need Pitching

      sucks when formerly elite players get old

  • Alex Rodriguez

    I banged stuart a’s daughter.

    • Pat D

      O rly?

      I thought you banged stuart a and then never called him again.

      • FIPster Doofus

        It never got to that point. A-Rod took him out for a nice seafood dinner and never called him again.

  • Pat D

    I’m going to classify tomorrow as a must-win.

    As in they must win so I don’t have to see another stuart a dominated game recap thread. Also so they don’t have a 3 game losing streak and maybe split this series.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      As in they must win so I don’t have to see another stuart a dominated game recap thread.

      I stopped reading stuart a’s posts a long time ago.

      Reading them damaged my psyche by realizing the level of stupidity that exists out there.

      While it’s not always possible to avoid dealing with dumbasses (like in our jobs), reading and responding to epically stupid comments is something we all can avoid.

  • Kosmo

    Yanks can´t depend on Aardsma for the time being and Wade looks gassed. Ynaks will have to hit the trade market for relief pitching. Balfour?

    Warren harkens back to the days of Matt Desalvo. To bad Phelps took the loss . If Warren gave NY 5 innings of 3 run ball different outcome. Get em next time.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Why do they have to hit the market for relievers? Their bullpen is fantastic with or without Aardsma – who, IMO, is being grossly overrated around these parts. He’s a mediocre pitcher who had one really good season (2009) while pitching most of his innings at Safeco.

      • Kosmo

        without Wade at his best you´re going to depend on the likes of Eppley and Rapada .You can´t be serious.
        I´m not a big fan of Aardsma but he could if healthy fit nicely into 7th inning role or occasionally close out a game.
        Joba won´t be around for awhile.
        Loss of Pettitte could mean less innings per start from whoever replaces him, more innings would have to be absorbed from the pen.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It could be that Warren winds up looking like Mighty Matt. Sure.

    • Ted Nelson

      Could trade for someone if the right deal is out there. At the same time, guys like Phelps, Mitchell, Ortiz, Cedeno, even Warren may be just as good as trade reinforcements. Aardsma could be back aroun te deadline. There’s still a month before the trade deadline to see how things shake out. Getting a 4th or 5th reliever isn’t the most pressing priority to me?


    This is exactly why Girardi should of started Robertsn in the 9th the day before with a clean slate, knowing damn well, that Warren who haden’t pitch that well in the minors could be bombed the next day.. It really shoulden’t even of been a hard decison.. ALso, people are crazy to think we don’t need to make a trade for a starter, because as of now, almost all our farm players who could be called up aren’t doing that well even in the minors.. Our system has taken a real hit this yr with Injuries and bad play.. All this so called catching depth, and yet we go Russ Martin and Chris Stewart as our catchers, and Sanchez is still a ways off, and Jr Murphy is still in High A ball, and Romine is injured..lol

    Were relying on to many guys who have been terrible for other teams and have done Fluky well for us, but at anytime the terrible play can come back, ala CoreyWade all ready.. How long untill Rapada and Epply start getting lambasted? The yanks should make a move shortly, before itis th truly shows how desprete we are, and teams take just that much more advantage of us..

    As far as Aardsma, i don’t know why people are so excited about him, hes not anything special.. Joba is the only guy i see really helping when he comes back and maybe feliciano..

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You’re like one of those social media aggregating apps that compiles everything from Twitter, FB, etc., except for troll talking points.

    • Ted Nelson

      Yet despite your arguments about how terrible they are, the Yankees enjoy a 4 game lead in what most consider the best division in baseball.

      • Kosmo

        that comment doesn´t really address the bullpen. It´s been very good up until now but it looks like it sprung a leak or two.
        Aardsma is ailing again and being back at the deadline is a wee bit optimistic at this time. The deadline is 4 weeks away.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    the loss sucks even more because the Yanks scored 7 runs. You have to win the game when you score that many runs.

    Mike already said it: Warren was terrible. You just can’t pitch much worse than he did yesterday. Okay, Betances likely would prove me wrong ;)

    • Rick in Philly

      Betances would have thrown a no-hitter…with 13 walks, three hit batters, and he would’ve hit Hawk in the TV booth.

      • Andy Hawkins

        ….and what’s wrong with that?

  • CP

    Warren tattooed as ChiSox hammer Yanks

    Perhaps he’d pitch better if he waited until after the game to get his new ink.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Especially if the tattoo read “Warren winz 1st start.”

  • paul a

    So much for our young arms, its apparent they aren’t ready yet. Its time for Cash to start serious inquiries about getting a veteran arm like Rick Dempster or Garza. I like Garza better but I think Dempster would be cheaper.

    • Bunt Gardner

      Yes, because we all know those two have never thrown an occasional clunker.