Yanks can’t finish off Tigers, lose on a walk-off

DePaula debuts in the DSL
Report: Soriano will remain closer when Robertson returns

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Sometimes, teams just find a way to lose. The Yankees did just that on Saturday night, failing to capitalize on the numerous chances they were given by the Tigers’ bullpen. I mean … Detroit’s relievers did everything but put a bow on it. It was right there for the taking. Anyway, let’s recap…

  • No Help: Did you know that Hiroki Kuroda came into this game 116th out of 120 qualified starters in run support? They Yankees have now scored two runs or less while Kuroda was on mound is seven of his last eight starts, which is just hard to believe. He pitched very well on Saturday, allowing just two runs — one on a monster homer by Miguel Cabrera, which I wouldn’t hold against any pitcher — in seven innings while throwing just 86 pitches. The 39-minute rain delay in the first inning likely contributed to his early exit.
  • Rally To Tie: Raul Ibanez plated the Yankees’ first round with a ground out, but the (first) tying run crossed the plate when Nick Swisher singled in Mark Teixeira with two outs in the eighth. Jim Leyland did New York a favor by putting Octavio Dotel in the game with five straight left-handed batters due up. It was a pretty big hit by Swisher.
  • Give It Back: Cory Wade served up a walk-off homer in Anaheim and a potential game winning homer on Saturday in Detroit. Cabrera hit it with two outs and the bases empty, and I wonder why he was thrown anything remotely close to the plate. Can’t let him beat you in that spot, take your chances with Boone Logan against Fielder.
  • Rally To Tie (Part II): Jose Valverde wanted the Yankees to win. I don’t have any other explanation. He hit Russell Martin, walked Derek Jeter, hit Alex Rodriguez, and then walked Teixeira to force in the tying run. Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano frustratingly popped up in between, but Tex took what was given to him, and that was four balls. The double steal with one out and A-Rod at the plate was just brilliant, well-timed with a slow pitcher on the mound and a right-handed batter in the box. Pinch-runner Dewayne Wise said after the game he went on his own, so major props to him.
  • Game Over: Once the game goes into the bottom of the ninth tied, I have a hard time expected the road team to win regardless of who it is. The Yankees didn’t disappoint, as David Phelps created a mess Logan couldn’t escape. I question the decision to take Wade out after just 13 pitches, but what can you do. I know he has a shiny ERA, but the Yankees need a little more out of Phelps with the bullpen short due to injury. Brennan Boesch and Jhonny Peralta are hugging the Mendoza Line, you gotta get ahead on those guys and keep them off base. Anyway, former Yankees farmhand Omir Santos’ bases loaded sacrifice fly ended it with one out in the ninth. The game was over as soon as Logan was ordered to intentionally load the bases as far as I’m concerned.
  • Leftovers: Joe Girardi and Kevin Long were ejected in the seventh for apparently complaining about the strike zone, but it didn’t happen until home plate ump Bob Davidson wandered over to the dugout … the Yankees stole five total bases (including two on that great double steal), a new season-high by a mile (previous high was two, done five times) … the Yanks were 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position and the at-bats by Granderson and Cano in the ninth were by far the worst … the DH spot had three hits (two by Eric Chavez, one by Andruw Jones) but everyone else in the lineup had no more than one … Don Kelly robbed Mark Teixeira of an opposite field solo homer in the fourth … give Leyland some credit, he used his best reliever (Joaquin Benoit) with the top of the order due up in the seventh, and he pitched them out of the jam without giving up a run. Hooray leveraging.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. The Yankees remain one game back of first place in the loss column (and two up on last place) in the ultra-competitive AL East. Five wins on a nine-game road trip is a success, but they’re going to have to go through Justin Verlander on Sunday afternoon to make it a six-win trip. Phil Hughes will be on the bump for the good guys.

DePaula debuts in the DSL
Report: Soriano will remain closer when Robertson returns
  • forensic

    I get it, play .500 on the road, blah, blah, blah. But I can’t bring myself to call a 5-3 (potentially 5-4) road trip a success when it takes playing the A’s to get them 3 of those wins and you potentially lose a series to the currently hapless Tigers.

  • forensic

    They left a runner in stranding position in every inning except the 4th and 5th. It’s amazing how frustratingly predictable they’ve all become now. Even the Ibanez AB in the 9th wasn’t very good, as he expanded the zone too. And A-Rod looked like he was begging to get hit by that pitch. He easily could’ve moved his arms in toward his body and avoid it, but didn’t.

    I’m at the point where I’m totally done with all the moving around positions and the lineup every damn day. Pick something and stick with it against everyone (with the lone exception of Ibanez/Jones). This clearly isn’t working and it’s insane that he keeps doing the same damn thing and suddenly expecting a different outcome for an extended period of time.

  • JimmyToucan

    The only thing that didn’t suck about this game was that we didn’t have to see that fat dancing jackwagon Valverde close out the game. OK there were a couple of not so sucky plays but that one takes the taco.

  • DT

    I think we need to start addressing Cano’s RISP failures. The Guy looks like a completely different hitter up there in those situations.

    • psk

      Somehow his .130 avg w/risp goes almost unnoticed. Coupled with ARod’s sub .180 avg w/risp and it is painful to watch. ARod deserves the criticism he gets as he looks horrible and people get on Jeter, Tex and Swisher all the time. Cano manages to stay under the radar when in fact he has been as bad if not worse than anyone.

      • DT

        Arod deserves the criticism, but at least he’s taking walks (he has like a .340 OBP with RISP) and moving the chain along. Cano is far worse. His OBP is below .300 and has a staggering .476 OPS with just one double and 1 HR.

        • DT

          I mean you saw it in this game. Arod goes up with RISP he works the count but right now something isn’t right so he misses some pitches he would crush in his prime. The results aren’t there but the AB’s aren’t terrible. But Cano comes up he starts hacking away no matter where the pitches are.

          • Kramerica Industries

            something isn’t right


            He’s old. His bat speed is nothing like it used to be, unfortunately, so he’s more susceptible to pitches he used to hammer all over the ballyard. Alas.

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    I’m guessing A-Rod sits entirely tomorrow vs. Verlander so he gets two days off. Chavez at 3B, Wise in LF and Raul at DH.

    • forensic

      While it doesn’t look like A-Rod could hit my fastball right now, much less Verlander’s, I find it hard to bench him when there are several other guys in the lineup with worse numbers against Verlander (Tex, Cano, Chavez, Ibanez). Wise does have surprisingly good numbers, but I would still expect him to K 3 times.

      • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

        I’d bet a week’s salary that I’m going to be right.

        • Tim Davis

          *clears throat*

          Derek Jeter SS
          Curtis Granderson CF
          Alex Rodriguez DH
          Robinson Cano 2B
          Mark Teixeira 1B
          Raul Ibanez LF
          Nick Swisher RF
          Eric Chavez 3B
          Russell Martin C

          You did have Chavez at third though.

          • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

            I owe you straight cash, homey.

            (Thought the 9th inning HBP would’ve been extra incentive to sit him an extra day – I was wrong.)

            …although I will say that it seems that this game must be really important to Joe. Seemed like an ideal spot to sit him.

            • Tim Davis

              Yea it did seem like an ideal spot to rest him. Joe definitely wants to win this game. He wants to end the road trip on a high note by going 6 and 3.

  • Johnnyd

    Valverde was terrible tonight and the Yankess just couldn’t capitalize. There is almost nothing more frustrating than to watch opportunity after opportunity go by with the Yankees. Oh how nice might Montero look right now in that line-up.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Considering his numbers with RISP, he’d fit right in.

      • mustang


        On June 3, 2012 the Seattle Mariners with Montero/Noesi are 24-31 and 8 games back.

        On June 3, 2011 the Seattle Mariners with Pineda were 30-27 and 1.5 games back.

        I know it’s not that simple, but in the end it really is.

        • Kosmo

          An entirely meaningless stat. Far from being bottom-line.

          • mustang

            I’m sorry so they trade for Montero to do worse?

            And in the game of baseball wins and loses is the bottom-line.

            They trade for him to bring offense they are 10th in Runs/27th in Batting Avg. /28th in on base/25th in Slugging and its not like he is the black sheep in the group.

        • Smart Guy

          this has to be the stupidest post Ive read here

          • mustang


            Read above.

            In the end they trade for the guy to hit they place him in the clean up spot and he is not hitting to his projections so isn’t he at least to some point contributing to the problem they hoped he would solve.

            • Tim Davis

              And the Yankees traded for a starter who is injured and might not be the same when he returns.

              • mustang

                True, but he might be so unless you have a crystal ball that’s neither here or there.

                • Tim Davis

                  Lol do you honestly believe Pineda is going to come back the same exact way he was before he got injured. This is a kid that has a violent delivery and now he rehab from a shoulder injury. I’m hope he does return to normal but I’d rather lower my expectations.

                  • mustang

                    Then you keep them lower. Rather go with the history following this kind of medical procedure and the chances of a pitcher coming back.

                    Just wondering did you like the Johan Santana no hitter :)

        • RBC

          What do those stats have to do with anything?

          • mustang

            With the trade worse without trade better.

            Read below and above enjoy.

    • forensic

      I was against the trade, and would love to have him in the lineup for the next 6 years, but it’s not like he’s tearing the cover off the ball this year (though I do think he’d be hitting much better if he was in NY due to his large home-road split). He also has a large C-DH split, so I wonder how that would affect things given Girardi’s love for having catchers who hit like pitchers in the lineup.

    • pat

      Yup, a flat out awful .294 OBP would do wonders for this team.

    • DT

      Montero is a below average hitter right now…just what we need

      • Kosmo

        Montero as a catcher has a .333 Ave, .375 OBP, .955 OPS, 2 outs RISP he´s batting .240, so-so but still better than most of NY lineup. He crushes LHP at a near .400 clip ,RHP not so well at .190.
        He has almost as many RBI at the catcher position than Stewart and Martin combined in about half the playing time.
        His numbers indicate he´s more comfortable catching than DHing.

        • mustang

          “His numbers indicate he´s more comfortable catching than DHing”

          Problem with is that he actually has to catch.

          • Kosmo

            Do you hear anyone within the Seattle Org. complaining about his catching ?
            Just sour grape Yankee fans.

            • mustang

              He has been horrible, but put him out there everyday and things might get ugly that’s why Seattle hasn’t.

              No sour grapes here like it or not Montero has YET to bring what Seattle trade for him for.

              • Kevin Winters

                And what has Martin brought besides being a black hole in the line-up. I love how he constantly tries to swing for the fences.

                • mustang

                  Montero RISP is .208/. 274/. 340/. 614

                  Martin RISP is .185/. 333/. 296/. 629

                  Yes the difference is overwhelming! Like Mike said Montero would fit right in.

                  • Kosmo

                    What we´re talking about is an inexperienced rookie catcher who is still getting his feet wet and a seasoned veteran. Who do actually think will finish the season with better numbers ??
                    2 months into the season and your putting the nails on a 22 year olds coffin. Shortsighted to say the least.

                    • mustang

                      “No sour grapes here like it or not Montero has YET to bring what Seattle trade for him for.”

                      Just in case you missed the word “YET”.

                      I’m not putting the nails on anyone coffin I’m just calling it the way it is rather then seeing it through those Montero rose-colored glasses some many here like so much.

                      If Montero lives up to the hype I will be the first to point it out.

                      Shhhhh!!! I will tell you a secret there is a chance however small that Martin might actually find himself like you said only 2 months into the season lets not be shortsighted.

                    • Tim Davis

                      No way in hell Martin finds himself. This is what he is at this point. He started last yr hot and then cooled off tremendously.

              • Kosmo

                Montero has not been horrible. He´s been a little up and down but not horrible. Certainly not on Martin`s level of mediocrity.

                • mustang

                  Batting wise I agree, but fielding wise your comparing an everyday catcher with a part-time C/DH. Come on even the most hard core Montero fan has to see the pitfalls of him catching everyday with the evidence we have so far.

              • mustang

                Sorry meant “He hasn’t been horrible….”

        • DT

          Well you can say for sue since it’s a small sample size. Montero has had 186 innings at catcher, which comes out to like less than 100 ABs offensively.

    • mustang

      “Oh how nice might Montero look right now in that line-up.”


      • Kevin Winters

        Don’t see what’s so funny I’d rather have Jesus than Martin.

        • mustang

          As your everyday catcher?

          Ok good luck with that.

          • Tim Davis

            Or as the back-up. Martin brings nothing to the table.

            • mustang

              If you’re saying Montero as a back-up catcher/DH then I think they wouldn’t of sign Raul Ibanez so they lose that production and flexibility (even with the bad fielding).

              Could you see a line-up with Montero DHing and Martin catching? 3rd catcher? That’s actually worse.

  • stuart a

    detroit threw 60 more pitches.

    arod the old man needs a day off!!!this team cannot get a big hit…cano and arod with 41 rbis total….

    the jeter bunt in the 8th, so 2nd and 3rd 1 out.. big mistake… tie run could have scored from 2nd if jeter got a single….

    grandy strikes out a ton….a miracle occurred when swisher got a hit.. the guy is hitting under 240. throw him a off speed pitch in the dirt lefty, he will swing and miss 80% of the time

    • RBC

      A-Rod is really starting to look like a 37 year old.

      I can’t fault Jeter for that bunt… it was a good sacrifice and we should’ve been able to capitalize given the people next on the lineup.

      Granderson DESPERATELY needs a day off, but I understand why we can’t give him one yet. Give him credit for being such a trooper.

      • forensic

        Was Thursday not a day off for Granderson?

  • OldYanksFan

    A brutally pathetic game.
    Robbie comes to bat with the sacs juiced and one out. Valverde had just thrown 5 straight balls, none near a strike. So what does he do? Swing at a pitch in on his hands and pops it up. He could have just stood there and he would have been given a walk.

    So fucking lame.
    I don’t how so much talent can play so poorly.

    • RBC

      I’m starting to wonder did Kevin Long change anything with Cano’s hitting ’cause this is bad.

      • Kevin Winters

        Well Long did come out a yr ago and said he thinks Cano can hit 40 HRs. Maybe with the line-up declining they felt he needs to pick up the slack for the other players.

  • Kevin

    That’s the one thing I hate about Valverde..and it’s not just with the Yanks.
    He plays with fire in virtually all of his saves..and has only gotten burned once or twice.

    • forensic

      There’s only one thing you hate about Valverde???

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I only hate one thing about him: Breathing.

  • Ramondo

    This team, specifically Cano and A-Rod, makes me sick!! I have no confidence in anyone on this team so chalk me up for a 1 in the Monday Confidence poll. Hughes vs. Verlander is a guarantee loss!! Hughes is horrible and I am so sick of him!!! Of course, he has something on Girardi like Mitre did so Girardi will keep sending him out there…IDIOT!!

    • Bavarian Yankee

      so who you want to see on the mound instead of Hughes?

      Garcia? Phelps? Betances?

      • Kosmo

        Warren Spahn

        • toad


    • Robinson Tilapia

      Bye, Ramondo.

      • Ramondo

        I’m going to man up and admit I was WRONG and I love that I was wrong BUT lets see him do it again!!

    • Esteban

      Lots of really good predictions in this comment.

  • Pat D

    Glad to see it only took one day for gloom-bagging to return. Now I have my expectations for the rest of the year. Ooh, boy, series against the Rays and Mets coming up. Can’t wait to see what happens after potential losses there.

    In serious matters, is Bob Davidson just a complete and total asshole?

    • Kevin Winters

      Yes…yes he is

    • Delaware – Ralph

      Seriously – it’s a joke at this point. It’s infuriating to watch the way he and a select few other umpires operate.

      Girardi was at an 11 on the angry scale though and rightfully so…

  • Bavarian Yankee

    wow, this was a game you seriously can’t lose in any way but the Yankees make it happen. RISPfail deluxe once again. Seems like Cano pops it up EVERY time he’s batting with RISP. Frustrating.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    This game reminds me of the playoffs last year. Detroit wants to give it away and we just won’t take it. Cano seems to have forgotten how to hit the other way. He seems to be swinging for the fences every at bat. Rodriguez is not even a shadow of what he was 4 years ago. I could not answer yesterday’s critics about Soler due to internet problems. I have not seen him play. I based my opinion on pure speculation. All I can say is that if he was on the Cuban National team at 19 he must be a special product.

    • Rek4gehrig

      It’s that darn hr derby win. Cano,s swing is all messed up

      • Tim Davis

        That did cross my mind earlier in the season.

      • RBC

        It doesn’t have to do with the HR derby ’cause Cano’s swing would’ve been messed up right after the competition, not a year later.

  • Mainer

    Glad to see Joe show some fire on the field and hopefully, he took that same aggression. in the clubhouse with this offense that was the cause of another winnable ball game

    Oh well, as poorly as these guys have played they sit 1.5 games out. Thank you AL East

    • RBC

      He can rip his offense a new arse hole, but how can it be really effective when you have guys who are sitting on multimillion dollar contracts and are totally unmovable? Teix and A-Rod aren’t going anywhere even if we wanted them to go. Its not like the Yanks of the 90s when they had an incentive to do well because they were easily movable.