2012 Draft: Negotiations between Yankees and Hensley are complete


Via K. Levine-Flandrup, contract talks between the Yankees and first round pick Ty Hensley are complete. Now they’re just waiting on Hensley to decide whether he wants to turn pro for millions of dollars or follow through on his commitment to Ole Miss. The deadline to sign draft picks is 5pm ET this Friday.

Hensley, the 30th overall selection, is slotted for $1.6M but the Yankees can afford to pay him up to $1,815,910 without surrendering a pick in next year’s draft. That would represent the fifth largest bonus New York has ever given to a drafted player. Hensley has reportedly taken his physical already, which must be completed before the deadline. He said he hoped to sign quickly soon after the draft, but I’m guessing his agent/advisor got a hold of him and told him to wait it out. You can see all of the team’s picks at Baseball America and keep tabs on the draft pool situation with our Draft Pool page.

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  1. David Brown says:

    I really think his heart is set on Ole Miss, and my gut says he is not signing.

    • @ggooglyboogly says:

      I agree with you, shame it went from “I’m so blessed to be a Yankee” , “I want to sign quickly”, and “I want to be in the majors by age 21″ to, i want to be a rebel…..or whatever ole miss calls themselves

      • Rainbow Connection (futurely Dummies Playing with Balls and/or RI$P FTW) says:

        thats what everyone says when they get drafted. maybe not the reach majors by 21 thing, but still, the rest of that is pretty standard cliche. its naive to place any importance or significance on it.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          I don’t know about that. He was very enthusiastic. He said nothing about Ole Miss at the time that I recall–a lot of guys do–and he literally said he would sign quickly. A lot of guys say that they are excited to be picked, but not necessarily that they’re ready to sign quickly.

          Inthink that he wants to sign, but Boras wants to leverage Ole Miss.

  2. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

    Sign the contract or a pox upon your houses!

  3. Mike Myers says:

    I bet he signs. why else would he have bothered with the physical?

    • jjyank says:

      Yeah maybe. I don’t really know how these things go down, but if his heart was set on Ole Miss, why bother going to Tampa for a physical and dragging on negotiations? His agent probably can do the same math as we can about the max the Yankees can realistically offer. I really hope they get this kid.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Technicality… Got to have it done by a certain date, and it’s not like HE has to pay the deductible for the physical… Its a sign of good faith to just get it done quick while you do the decision making process…

    • MannyGeee says:

      Technicality… Got to have it done by a certain date, and it’s not like HE has to pay the deductible for the physical… Its a sign of good faith to just get it done quick while you do the decision making process…

  4. Darren says:

    Bam Bam.

  5. Robinson Tilapia says:

    That 1.8 million will pay for his college, his kids’ college, and his grandkids’ college even if he’s a bust. Sign on the dotted line.

    • Tom T says:

      Apparently Robinson Tilapia does not know how much college costs these days.

      • jjyank says:

        Why? Even a top school is roughly $200,000 in tuition. $1.8 mil covers a lot of tuitions. Maybe like $215,000 when you factor in books, spending money, etc. Still.

        • neo says:

          I agree with Tom, it won’t pay for his college and his kids college and on… but on a different tack…

          no clue if this is in the Hensley deal since details aren’t released, but other HS deals have scholarship money included and that doesn’t count in the slot.

          So, the offer to Hensley could be for the Max, plus $200K to cover four years of college if he doesn’t make it as a ball player.

          • jjyank says:

            I’m not really getting the “1.8 mil doesn’t pay for college” thing. That pays for a at least a few of even the most expensive tuitions in the country. Unless he blows it all before then, which is certainly possible.

            The point is, take the money. Athletes can suffer career ending injuries in the blink of an eye. Take the $1.8 mil now, you can always go back to college later, but you won’t always be able to make $1.8 mil playing a sport.

            • Now Batting says:

              I’m willing to bet Tom was joking.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                Probably, but I don’t necessarily agree with his point either. It’s not worth getting crazy over.

            • G says:

              NYU costs at most $60k a year and it’s among the most expensive in the country. So at $240k per 4 years, it covers just under 8 rounds of college.

              Not sure how that wouldn’t cover things.

      • Brian Cashman is watching says:

        All high school draft picks get college tuition as part of the draft deal, and it doesn’t hurt the draft pool. Ty is set to pay for an education as far as I know.

      • yooboo says:

        I am no college dude but a scholarship for college could be good for up to free. He basically pays a little or nil for 3 years and has a shot to make at least 3m.

        1.8m minus tax and spending tuition, housing, women and etc could end up a mere 600k in pocket.

    • jjyank says:

      That’s what I think. Take the money before you blow your arm out. I know the experience won’t be quite the same, but you can always go back to college later. But you may not be able to pitch at a high level later.

    • RetroRob says:

      If I remember correctly, the Yankees can agree to pay for his college education separate from the contract, so he can keep the $1.8 million and get another few hundred thousand on top of it.

    • john renz says:


  6. kenthadley says:

    I think these questions have come up but 1) if he doesn’t sign, do we get another pick next year and 2) if he doesn’t sign can we use the money to quickly sign some of the other picks?

    • jjyank says:

      I could be wrong, but I think:

      1. Yes, we do. That only happens if the pick is a Comp pick for missing out on the prior year’s pick, which we did not (Bichette).

      2. No, I believe you lose the slot money for that pick if you don’t sign him.

    • Greg says:

      I think we do because if I recall, we drafted DBJ with a comp pick we got because we didn’t sign Gerrit Cole.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      They get another pick, and now they get another if tht guy doesn’t sign as well I believe.

      Can use the overage money, though I guess it would be less overage without the $1.6. Could probably get someone to sign with that overage $ + $100k + college scholarship.

  7. YankeeGrunt says:

    That assumes the offer is $1.8. If they have agreements in place with Dawe or Lail (or anyone else) for more than $100K it might cut into that figure somewhat.

  8. neo says:

    Sorry if this shows up multiple times, having problems posting it for some reason…

    Here is my understanding on dollars available for the other HS guys… If I understand the pool correctly and my math is right, the Yankees will have $235,910 for one of those other guys. I get that from $100,000 available to anyone over round 10, the $6,300 current over-slot available, and if Hensley doesn’t sign, the overall pool is $2,592,200 so they have 5% of that which is $129,610.

    Is $235,910 enough for one of those other guys? No clue. But I’m sure the front office is still working through possibilities if Hensley doesn’t sign.

  9. Will (the other one) says:

    Somebody needs to tell this kid that it’s a lot easier to bang those chicks you meet on Saturday afternoons in the Grove when you’ve got a million dollars in your bank account.

  10. Countryclub says:

    He’s mentioned in a couple of interviews that he was thought of as a top 10 pick and I think he wants to be paid like one. As we know, and his agent should too, the yanks can only spend so much. the offer can’t get any bigger, so just make up your mind.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Believe his agent is one Scott Boras, who I doubt cares if the Yankees have to lose a pick to sign his kid. Not to say that will happen, but I’d guess it’s what Boras wants. Can’t fault him for using the whole allowable period.

    • john r says:

      If Hensley does not sign it is the yankees fault.They should of saved more money in the first ten rounds and gave it to hensley.Most of these players will never make it so you got to get it right with the first pick.Is this another Cashman blunder!!

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Or because most guys don’t make it you spread the risk around. Saying most guys don’t make it so put all your eggs in one guy’s basket is totally illogical. Especially when you get the pick back next year. It’s not like they didn’t know Hensley’s demands before signing those guys.

        The $1.8 mill they have to offer is a huge bonus. Boras is probably trying to use the same Cole fallacy (dude was the exception) to scare the Yankees into sacrificing a 2013 1st rounder. Doubt they’re that dumb.

  11. dave M says:

    I hate when ppl say “oh can go to college any time”..yeah thats true but to go into college as an 18 year old fresman living on campus is an amazing experience..add to it he gets to be a part of a D-1 teams..doesnt get much better than that..its not just going to college, its the experience you get with it.

    • jjyank says:

      Well yeah, but I bet having over a million bucks in your account and playing pro ball is pretty cool too. If he blows his arm out in the minors, he can still go to school and live on campus at a young age…but if he makes it to the majors, even the MLB minimum is significantly more than most people make. Plus, you know, playing in the majors is pretty cool.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      And would you trade that experience for ~$1.8M? Tough decision.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        I had a phenomenal time in college, best years of my life. I’d trade them for $1.8M in a heartbeat.

        • Paul VuvuZuvella says:

          Yeah, in hindsight it is in fact a no-brainer. For a kid like this, he’s not thinking he’s going to blow out his elbow, he’s thinking he’ll go enjoy the college experience for 3 or 4 years and the money will be there later. For him, probably a very tough decision.

        • Rainbow Connection (futurely Dummies Playing with Balls and/or RI$P FTW) says:

          even if you knew there was a decent chance you’d get that $1.8M (or more) anyway in 3 years? maybe you would, thats your call, but its certainly not a slam dunk, and i could understand the other side of the argument.

          • jjyank says:

            Agreed that it’s not a slam dunk, especially for an 18 year old kid, but there is also a very decent change there is no money for him 3 years later.

          • YankeeGrunt says:

            You don’t think there is any similarity between the college experience and playing minor league ball with a bunch of kids of a similar age? And if three or four years from now, when college attendees are getting ready to graduate, you’re hopefully playing in NYC with everything that entails. I loved college, but without a guarantee you’ll be healthy enough for that kind of $ you almost have to take it, unless your family is independently wealthy.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            I’m not Ty Hensley, but I’d never roll the dice on 1.8 million. Take that shit.

    • Bo Knows says:

      Maybe but the experience of receiving more money than you’ve ever thought you’d see at one time to do something you love, has got to be an experience sweeter than anything in the world. Also, it’s not like he’s gonna be in some kind of isolation bubble, he’ll still get to meet many interesting people from all over the world, and in his off time can still do what any normal student would do, except he doesn’t have to worry about classes.

  12. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    I’d be Uberbummed if he doesn’t sign. Uberbummed.

  13. Brian S. says:

    I’ll be pissed if we get Gerrit Cole’d again

  14. yooboo says:

    whether or not Hensley is worth 2 first round picks.

    ++++ Go For It ++++
    Yanks currently own the best record and on pace for another postseason. That means Yanks could sit on the bottom of the next year’s first round.

    For the bottom portion of the 1st round, it is still a rare for a team to grab a top end starter. Cole came from the bottom to top in the 1st round (3 years). Hensley has a goal that he could be ready by 21 years which is 3 years from today. After Hensley, Yanks may unlikely find a top end starter from high school, only from college.

    Swisher is likely let go after this season so a number of high round picks remain same if Hensley being overpaid.

    —-Pass on Hensley and prepare for 3 picks prior to 2nd round next year.—–

    I liken Hensley to Jameson Tallon but Tallon throws much harder. What I dont like about Tallon in a short stint is his aggressiveness. Despite he throws 98 mph, his fastball is basically visibly and given away pitch when it is 2-0 count. It may be a reason why he has struggled a little bit in A+ level. Not that he is a bad prospect but it shows he needs more seasonings to mature. If Hensley suffers the similar then he wont be ready by 21 years old, in my opinion (of course).

    3 picks wont be in top 20, unfortunately. How will Yanks conduct those picks is up in the air because which college players will have a promising ticket to MLB by year 2? It could be a signing 3 high schoolers causes draft pool vanishing quickly. 3 senior college players’ ceiling is 4A level. ETC…

    How many former Yankees’ first round picks actually have a long career with Yankees? Hughes and Chamberlain are only longest ones after Jeter.


    I think Yanks should willingly give up next year’s 1st round pick to ensure Hensley. I am fine with Hensley’s worst case like 4 years in the minor because when he becomes 21 years old, it is beyond 2014 budget. That means Yanks can sign veterans to protect Hensley when he is ready.

    Give him 2-2.5m and order for the Hudson Valley beer.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Can’t agree with that. Hensley was projected to go right around where he went. Guys like him will be available next year and the one after. Not worth losing a pick out of inpatience, IMO

      • Bernard says:

        I have to agree with Ted. There will be more good players to select from next year. No reason to panic over this guy [Hensley]. Besides, he’s not that good. And just because he says he wants to be playing in the Majors by age 21 doesn’t mean that he will be. That’s very unlikely. That’s a year and a half from now. Give me a break. It’s a great line [if you're looking for a big contract], but I’m not buying into it.

  15. gerlando says:

    I cant wait for Hensley to go to college, and in a few years he is the number 1 pick. I still havent gotten over gerrit cole.

  16. yooboo says:

    Perhaps no one knows but What was Yankees’ original plan for that pick before Hensley falling onto the pick?

    • Ted Nelson says:

      They were linked to a bunch of guys, but I don’t think Hensley fell particularly far. Don’t think it was shocking that he was there.

  17. yooboo says:

    Phelpsy is our strikeout king now. We don’t need Hensley-sy.

  18. yooboo says:

    Any chance of not signing and going to Ole Miss?

    Yes there is that chance or I would have been on my way to Tampa a week ago. My hold up is making sure when the dust had settled, and all things considered the decision made was the one that was best for me.

    From June 28 episode. Boo…

  19. Steve says:

    Ty, $1.8 million AND I’m sure you can make the Yankees pay college tuition if things don’t work out. Easy decision.

  20. RetroRob says:

    My guess is he signs since he’s had such a strong interest from the start and he’s gone through all the negotiations and the physical. I suppose it’s possible he really is torn, and after the emotion of his being drafted by the Yankees he started thinking about college again. It’s also possible his agent is still trying to squeeze a couple more dollars out. We can’t assume the Yankees have offered the full $1.8 million. Maybe they’re at $1.65 and Hensley is now going to say he’s debating signing or college and plans to come back one more time by Friday. We’ll know in a few days.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      His agent is Boras, I believe. So he’s definitely trying to squeeze money out.

      I hope the Yankees didn’t offer the max, at least not up front. Try to save some money for post 10th rounders. Boras probably makes them spend it, though.

  21. RetroRob says:

    So if Hensely doesn’t sign, then the Yankees will get an supplemental pick next year, correct? Yet will they be given more money to sign the supplemental pick?

    • yooboo says:

      To set the draft pool for each team, MLB merely adds a team’s picks(slot money recommendation) in the first 10 rounds. That is what I have understood.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:

      I think the pick would be one after where they picked this year, so the slot money should be essentially the same regardless.

  22. mayorkoch says:

    This one is crazy. $1.8mm or $1.6mm is quite a sum to risk – for position players some and for pitchers a lot. If you really want to play MLB and make the most money you sign quickly and hope to get to majors and free agency as soon as possible – in your prime years. Delaying by going to college for 3 years lessens the chance this will happen. A year of free agency is worth tons more than whatever incremental money they are arguing over here.

    Also someone made the comment about how good the experience is at college for these guys. For all intensive purposes D1 players are professionals – year round, daily training with huge time committments. And with coaches whose goals/objectives may not be aligned. Sure the girls may come easier, when you have the time, but their experience in college is not the like us normal folks.

    If you really want to play MLB you sign right away. Any other decision is exceedingly risky.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Not necessarily. Advanced college Ps can fly through the minors. Look at Bauer in Arizona: guy was drafted last season and is in MLB a year later.

  23. The Moral Majority is Neither says:

    If he doesn’t take the offer then so be it. You give up next years’s 1st rounder then you’ll have to do that every other year because you’ve made it known that you are weak.

  24. Bob Michaels says:

    Outlook for jobs for most college students is anemic.You have to choose a profession or have some assets to form yor own business. If you have any talent as a Professional baseball player and reach the majors you can make millions, it`s a no brainer, but if you are an ASS go to College and learn how to be a bigger ASS.

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