2012 Draft: Yankees sign 26th rounder Charlie Haslup, 36th rounder Dalton Smith

Yankees sign Kosuke Fukudome to minor league deal
Game 86: Back in the swing of things

Via Kendall Rogers, the Yankees have signed 26th round pick Charlie Haslup. No word on his bonus. A big — listed at 6-foot-4  and 200 lbs. — right-hander out of Maryland, Haslup misses bats with a low-90s fastball and a mid-80s slider. He’s an intriguing relief prospect, pretty much all you can ask for this late in the draft.

In other news, the Yankees have also signed 36th rounder Dalton Smith according to K. Levine-Flandrup. No word on his bonus either. Smith is a high school catcher out of California that offers some power and athleticism behind the plate. The Yankees had a little more than $615k worth of draft pool money leftover and I’m sure some of it went to these two. There is no indication that they signed either OF Vincent Jackson (23rd round) or OF Ty Moore (25th round) prior to the 5pm ET deadline. You can keep track of the team’s draft picks at Baseball America.

Yankees sign Kosuke Fukudome to minor league deal
Game 86: Back in the swing of things
  • Anon

    Kind of surprised Appel didnt sign even though it went down to the wire

    • AP

      Yeah, personally I think it was a bad decision. The Pirates offered every last dollar they could without losing next year’s pick. If money is the only issue, then the risk outweighs the reward if he gets drafted higher next year.

  • Greg

    Appel is on track to graduate next year from Stanford. Got to figure he’s smart and his parents are smart. Advised by Boras, who we all may hate, but is certainly smart. You have to figure that they have an intelligent reason for why they turned down $3.8M.

    • Larch

      It’s about boras’ future clients, not Apppel. Appel may get a few extra million, but he will be one year older when he reaches FA. While on the other hand Boras will get to say that he turned down the offer in future cases. Best interests of agent =/= best interest of client.

      • yooboo

        19 years old or older gets the same rule regarding eligible FA.

        No MLB contract is allowed. I dont see any benefit from Appel’s standpoint.

        • Larch


      • Ted Nelson

        I don’t think so, Larch. Appel’s decision makes a good amount of sense. It’s a risk, but not a bad one.

  • JonS

    Had he not been a greedy bastard, he could have had $6m as the #1 pick.

    • yooboo

      I dont know. the slot recommendation and team’s draft pool were already announced before the draft kicked in.

      Shut up or demand big contract would not affect anything. Appel was just whining about not being number one pick and wanted that number one money as 8th overall selection, true or false.

      • G

        The Astros would’ve taken him first overall if he hadn’t tried to ask for more money. When he wouldn’t take $6M, they moved on.

    • crawdaddie

      I don’t like to wish bad health on anybody, but one of these guys is going to get hurt and lose a bunch of money due to their greed.

  • Steve (different one)

    I thought the deadline was 5 pm central time?