2012 Draft: Yankees sign 24th rounder Jose Mesa Jr.


Twenty-fourth round pick Jose Mesa Jr. has officially signed with the Yankees according to his Twitter feed. The team still has $615,910 worth of draft pool space to work with after signing first rounder Ty Hensley to below slot deal last night, and I suspect Mesa will get some of it.

A high school right-hander out of Florida, Mesa is the son of the long-time big league closer. He’s already maxed out physically — listed at 6-foot-4 and 225 lbs. — and lives off a power fastball that he can cut in on lefties and bore in on righties. The bloodlines are a plus as well. You can see all of the team’s picks at Baseball America and keep tabs on the draft pool situation with our Draft Pool page. The deadline to sign picks is 5pm ET today.

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  1. kenthadley says:

    If this was last year’s draft rules, what round would he be picked in?

  2. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Supposedly signed 26th-rounder,Charlie Haslup today too.


  3. I wouldn’t call any kid who just graduated high school “maxed out physically.” Even if he’s 225 pounds, I’m sure he’s not a rock solid 225 pounds. His body size may be maxed out (but not really because people often grow in height after high school), but I’m sure he could stand to gain some muscle. Also, I think it’s clear that he still has quite a bit of projection, even as far as power and velocity goes, despite not being skinny.

    • eligh says:

      I beleive he is maxed out, if he is 6’4, 225 out of high school that sounds a little suspicious……and considering he is from the dominican republic perhaps his birth certificates should be doubled checked. That height and weight sounds like someone who is 22years old. SO YES he is maxed out!

      • Johnston says:

        He is not maxed out and has trimmed down to 215…..will grow some more and is a very “young” 19. Also resides in South Florida and has been in several US cities for most his life, so no DR birth certificate issue. I know…..I coached him daily.

        • joe says:

          Johnston—If you (REALLY) coached him daily then you should know that he came from DR his senior year of high school. So for you to say hes lived in several US cities is suspicious. Perhaps your his PR from DR….lol

          • Johnston says:

            If you REALLY knew what you were talking about, you would know he played at Flanagan HS his whole HS caree (where i coach)r as did his older brother. His father resides in DR, not him. Do some research jacky.

            • joe says:

              My name is Joe Martinez not Jacky. I did my research and Iwas correct, there are no coaches at Flanagan HS named Johnston so who are you really? Also you say hes a “young 19 year old” when in fact he was 19 before he began his senior year therefore on the day of the draft he was a month shy of his 20th birthday which makes him an old 19 year old. As per Jose Mesa Jr himself he is born and raised in Dominnican Republic and came to the US for his last year of HS for the opportunitiesand to learn English, which he did via ESL classes. So what are you really talking about? Now honesthe scouts comments and evaluations of Mesa today is that he is not ready which is why the Yankees have yet to sign him. But you should know that if you worked with him daily. If Mesa works on his mechanics perhaps the team will invest miney on him and sign him from the DR rookie ball farm system, but its not loiking to good if they haven’t done so in 18 months.

              • Johnston says:


                You are incorrect…..again. If this is how you do research……
                Mesa is NOT playing in DR. He was in “Extended Spring Training” in Tampa ALL summer as he had elbow issues….elbow issues that led to TJ not too long ago. Elbow wasnt as bad as expected so prognosis is good. Also, he signed with Yanks and got a six-figure signing bonus (barely).
                Where do you guys get your info?! Ordinarily I ignore this type stuff and let the internet detectives do their thing, but since you were inaccurate about someone with whom I have a personal relationship and coached, I thought I would do you a favor and 1) correct you and 2) motivate you to search for other information sources since you have been wrong on all accounts here. Now I am catching a flight to FLL to coach at Flanagan the next two days…..stop by if you like. I will buy you a coffee.

  4. DERP says:

    Jim Callis ?@jimcallisBA

    ?#Yankees? signed 24th-rder Jose Mesa Jr. & 26th-rder Charlie Haslup. Both big RHP w/promising arm strength. Yanks probably done now ?#mlbdraft

    Can’t imagine these two would blow the rest of the budget.

  5. DERP says:

    Kendall Rogers ?@KendallRogersPG

    Per his father, ?#UCLA? signee and ?#Yankees? 25th-rdr Ty Moore officially will join the ?#Bruins?. Big-time OF, very, very good get. ?#MLBDraft

  6. DERP says:

    K. Levine-Flandrup ?@YankeesDraft

    ?#Yankees? still actively trying with both Ty Moore & Vincent Jackson, but not likely to land either. ?#mlbdraft

  7. AP says:

    Yanks just signed 36th rounder Dalton Smith, too

      • Danny says:

        Swing ain’t pretty either. Not sure what he does well, doesn’t really look like a ball player. Interesting sign …

        • Ted Nelson says:

          17 year old C (drafted there anyway) with power, not sure if you can expect more that late in the draft.

      • AP says:

        Yeah, I don’t see him staying at 3B with those mechanics. From the 1B angle it didn’t look like he had much on the throws, either. RH swing also looked awkward, but LH swing looked pretty solid.

      • Carl LaFong says:

        Like he’s throwing a javelin rather than a baseball. Needs to really develop his throwing arm more & his balance. Like Moose Skowron, he wouldn’t be hurt by taking some ballet or dance lessons. You could see him playing 3b somewhere down the road, but I question whether he’s got the arm to remain behind the plate.

        He’s a switch-hitter so BIG plus there. He has some power, & he’s really young so he’s going to get stronger & better. He’s got a hitch on both sides w/his hands which can be fixed, but I really like that he doesn’t have a lot of movement w/his legs. He takes a very short stride & loads up. You could see him becoming the kind of hitter that virtually doesn’t stride at all somewhere down the road. If he’s in the minor leagues for six full years, he’s still only 23 when he comes out. Nice pick at this stage of the draft.

      • Strat says:

        Nothing looks smooth. Very robotic and mechanical somehow, both in the field and at the plate.

    • yooboo says:

      He swings lefty better. Abandon that right side.

  8. Smart Guy says:

    Yessssssssssssssssss finally, icame every day to see this, Its Mesita time!!!

  9. Smart Guy says:

    RIP Mesa, your son will do you proud then be traded for a rental OF that leaves at the end of the year just when hes about to hit the bigs

  10. yooboo says:

    There is a concern about Mesa Jr’s mechanic. He has similar mechanic as his father. I hope he changes his mechanic to remain as a starter.

    • pat says:

      His dad was a big leaguer for 19 years. I wouldn’t mind that.

      • SDM says:

        ignore him, he tends to talk out his ass

      • yooboo says:

        Don’t know what is SHD’s problem.

        Anyway, I would like to see Mesa Jr start every 5th game in MLB. 10 or 20 years it does not matter.

        We lost Clippard and Garcia to Nationals as stud relievers. I don’t want to see that happen to Mesa Jr.

        One scouting report suggests that his mechanic is the same as his father. However, his curve and slider are underdeveloped so I hope a mechanic change that helps him throw better breaking ball will improve the chance of him being a starter for 10 years in MLB.

    • Carl LaFong says:

      His mechanic is just fine; fixed my ride w/no problems.

    • Carl LaFong says:

      His mechanic’s fine; fixed my ride w/no problems.

  11. DERP says:

    Jimmy Reed going back to school.

  12. chrisginn says:

    for teams under the signing cap, do they get to use the tax money they receive for next years draft or do they just get the money?

    anyway i hope the yanks don’t have any money left-over – i’m hoping for jackson.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      My understanding is that they don’t roll over any to next year. They get to save the money in the sense of not spending it, but that’s it.

      • chrisginn says:

        it would have been a bit funny if that scenario played out and the yanks were one of the teams to receive tax money and were allowed to roll it over to next year’s draft pool. oh well.

        thanks for the response.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          I think it was Boras who was pretty outspoken about wanting to role the money forward.

          Could have made sense to let a team role over up to x% or $x.

  13. RetroRob says:

    Be great if they can add in one more big name in before 5:00.

    Beyond the Yankees, curious what happens with Mark Appel. There is strong incentive for Appel not to sign. This is not a case of him heading off to college and waiting another three years. He can re-enter next year and based on next year’s projected class, he will be the best arm out there. A team drafting him higher will have a lot more money to work with. It could easily be worth another $4 million to wait until next year. If it was the Yankees with this pick, it would make great sense to blow past the guidelines and sacrifice next year’s pick.

    • YankeeGrunt says:

      I strongly disagree. That is very speculative both with the possibility of injury and inconsistency, and he has effectively zero leverage as a senior; a team that wanted to could give him a take it or leave it offer and he’d have to wait awhile to sign with an Indy League team, so you’re talking about losing significant development time.

      This reeks of Boras trying to set a precedent.

      • RetroRob says:

        Boras has never cared about development time. He cares about the money. That’s why this is an interesting case. You are correct that leverage is lost, but a team drafting Appel is not going screw him because his agent is Boras. The point is the team will be able to give Appel far more money than the Pirates can, which makes it worth the wait.

        Sure, a team can just pass on Appel and have him drop, but eventually he’ll drop far enough and a team like the Yankees (or think Theo and the Cubs, or the new Dodgers management) will take him, blow out their budget to get a #1 pick, and Appel will get far more money, millions more, than he’ll get from the Pirates.

        There is always an injury risk. Boras clients always push the edge.

        Well, it’s 5:00 now. For all I know, Appel is now a member of the Pirates.

        • Voice of Reason says:

          Boras is hardly unique among agents in being “about the money,” but I think it’s less about money for Mark Appel be it today or next year than money in the long term for Boras clients as a whole. This shows that even though going back to school is even riskier than before – perhaps far moreso – he won’t hesitate to go that route and his clients won’t hesitate to listen to him, so don’t think you can call his bluff (or whatever poker analogy is appropriate in this instance).

          • YankeeGrunt says:

            This is still a feeling out with the new CBA. These kids and their parents aren’t stupid. I doubt it escaped anyone’s notice that Boras’s client probably fell in part because of his relationship to Boras. If Appel suffers an injury or falls because he is inconsistent or a team plays hardball with him, Boras will struggle to find kids to advise. That isn’t to say he won’t have clients coming up on FA, but the absolute worst case scenario for these kids is to gamble wrongly and end up with little or nothing. Unless Appel’s family is affluent or he has good post-graduation prospects because of a Stanford education he is taking a big risk, and that risk will be attributed to Boras.

            • AP says:

              Boras still has a lot more success stories on his resume than failures, both with ML free agents and draftees. This will have zero affect on him retaining new clients.

            • Voice of Reason says:

              Appel’s dad is an attorney at Chevron, and apparently a few of his other relatives have been big wheels in the Houston area so yeah, his family as a whole is probably quite wealthy. He’ll be fine. Boras will be more than fine. I doubt he’s going to cease to be in demand in the event Appel sucks or blows out his arm, let alone because Appel went back to school knowing that that’s a possibility. And even if that did happen, how much is he really losing? Ending up with “little or nothing” is virtually inconceivable.

              And like you said, they’re not stupid (though I’m sure they are sometimes) but I’d guess that much of the agenting craft involves convincing your clients that they want what you want. Still, agents represent players, and some Boras clients went early and/or signed for slot. If he wanted to sign with the Pirates for what they could offer, he would have done it. Mark Appel signed with Boras because he wanted to play hardball, and he’s apparently the most willing to do so.

              • YankeeGrunt says:

                I think the wealth is probably the more important factor (Cole was similarly affluent). It is very easy to envision a scenario where his bonus offer gets halved or worse, be it TJS or mere regression/poor performance. He wasn’t the runaway best player in the draft, he had his doubters. A potentially lingering injury, like a bum shoulder, could hurt his bonus more than that. At the end of the day probably the most he could reasonably get is $5 to $6, in that he’ll be a senior. He’s pushing back free agency probably a year for an extra million if he’s lucky? Just seems like a bad decision on a number of levels.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              Disagree. Boras has a track record a mile long and this was a unique case where it makes a lot of sense to take the risk for a pretty good shot at significantly more money in one year. Boras is just an advisor, the decision was ultimately Appel’s.

        • yooboo says:

          Hard to believe what happen to Appel. He was projected to be number one and then dropped to 8th. What makes him think he would be drafted earlier than 8th next year? Curiosity.

          I guess next year scouts will pay attention on his durability issue to ensure his value. If he falls into Yankees’ spot I want his durability check out.

  14. Reggie C. says:

    Does anyone have details of any last minute signings done by the Yanks? Apparently the Mets failed to sign their second rounder.

  15. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Joey Table II. Bienvenudos.

  16. Fernando says:

    Nats sign Giolito for above slot and will pay a tax, but not lose draft pick.

    Orioles sign Gausman for slighty above slot. No penalties.

    Pirates fail to sign Appel.

  17. mj says:

    does anyone know who else the yanks have signed?

    • Fernando says:

      So far only have seen the following reported for Yankee signings.
      Mesa, Haslup and Dalton Smith.

      Moore and Reed going to college.

  18. supreme says:

    Is Jose mesa Officially signed in so where is he there is no info on Yankees.com they have him listed as unsigned.

    • joe says:

      Supreme your a smart guy, your correct there is no write ups on Mesa because the Yankees haven’t signed him yet. He is in the DR Rookie League this is a farm system where ball players continue to play, train, and continue to improve in hopes of one day they get signed.

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