A-Rod injured in loss to Mariners


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The Yankees lost to Felix Hernandez and the Mariners but that’s not the biggest story of Tuesday night. Alex Rodriguez suffered a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metacarpal in his left hand on a hit-by-pitch and is headed to the DL. The team won’t have an exact timetable for his return until he sees the doctors in New York. This is obviously very bad, but injuries are part of the game and the Yankees are just going to have to roll with it. Let’s recap the game…

  • Sweaty One: Freddy Garcia pitched pretty darn well even though he got saddled with a loss. He surrendered a solo homer in the first and two runs in the third on a broken bat bloop and a sacrifice fly, but he settled down in a major way after that. Garcia retired the last 15 men he faced and struck out a season-high eight while walking zero. It’s a shame this effort went to waste, because Freddy was pretty darn good. Frankly he should have been against that lineup in that ballpark.
  • Two Runs: Curtis Granderson gave the Yankees a quick and short-lived lead with a solo homer in the first inning, but it wasn’t until the eighth inning that they scored again on Mark Teixeira‘s sacrifice fly. They may have gotten more had Raul Ibanez not been left in to face rookie southpaw Lucas Luetge with two men and two outs. He predictably struck out to end the inning. The choice was the Ibanez-Luetge matchup or Andruw Jones vs. Brandon League. We’re not splitting atoms here, the preference is clearly Andruw-League. Unfortunately Joe Girardi disagreed.
  • Overmanaged: Girardi would not rest until his fingerprints were all over this game. After the Ibanez fiasco he pulled Garcia with one out in the bottom of the eighth even though he had a manageable pitch count (89) and had retired the last 15 men he faced . That was so he could get the left-on-left matchup against Dustin Ackley, but it snowballed into a four-reliever, 34-pitch, one-run rally. That eighth inning was Girardi at his absolute worst.
  • Leftovers: Robinson Cano has slowly gotten back into “swing at all the pitches!!!” mode in the last few games, which stinks. He went 1-for-4 and clanked into a first inning double play before popping up to third with men on the corners in the fourth … Felix hit three of the last five batters he faced and then Luetge nearly hit Ibanez in the head, so these Mariners guys were dangerously wild late … Granderson’s homer was the first Hernandez had allowed in eight starts … the 5-9 hitters went a combined 1-for-16 (an Ichiro Suzuki double) with two walks (one by Tex, one by Chris Stewart).

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the nerd score, and ESPN the updated standings. The Orioles lost but the Rays and Red Sox won, so New York’s lead in the division remains seven games over Baltimore and at least eight games over everyone else. The Yankees will play their final West Coast game of the season on Wednesday afternoon when Ivan Nova gets the ball against Hisashi Iwakuma.

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  1. Charles says:

    So who gets one in the ribs tomorrow? My money is on Ackley.

  2. Kramerica Industries says:

    Fuck off Felix.

    There’s a phrase I never thought I’d have the venom to write.

  3. Wow, just got home and read the news on A-Rod…that fucking sucks.

  4. Len S. says:

    Girardi seems to like to matchup with his pitchers but not his hitters. I don’t get it.

    • sangreal says:

      He actually said he might’ve let Jones hit if they weren’t losing. Apparently 1 run is insurmountable, which also explains why Chad Qualls was allowed to pitch

  5. Mike Stanley says:

    There’s now and Icihro tag. Still weird.

  6. Dino Velvet says:

    Yankee pitcher have to protect the batters.

    3 batters were hit tonight and Ibanez was knocked to the dirt.

    They’ll keep doing it as long as they don’t pay a price.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too) says:

      I’m pretty sure they’ll keep unintentionally hitting batters regardless of what price is to pay.

  7. Smallz says:

    Bring up Brandon Laird? Hope he can wont kill against LHP?

  8. Anthony says:

    This just about sums up tonight: http://i.imgur.com/QIXSp.gif

  9. just to try to brighten up everybody’s night a bit


    Seriously though, what do we do about A-Rod, there’s still time before deadline to try to get someone, but who is available, decent, and cheap (both money and prospect wise)

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      After hearing about some of the horrifying shock videos that exist on the internet a few weeks ago, I have a hard time finding humour in that.

      I mean, a Washington-based aerospace engineer, which implies a very intelligent person, being a deranged bestial lover and letting one instance go horribly wrong, leading to his death? That’s spooky, spooky shit.

      Alright, time to step down from my little soap box.

  10. ropeadope says:


    copy and paste if not hyperlinked. Not sure how to do it.

    /what comes around goes around?

  11. BGrider85 says:

    Fuck Felix. Hope he gets the same exact thing that happened to Juan Nicasio.

  12. Anthony says:

    I was wondering about bringing Rapada in. Usually I am a fan of letting the SP stay in so long as he’s in control and has a decent pitch count. It seems like some would have preferred Garcia to stay in tonight. But Rapada usually gets the job done. Thoughts?

  13. CUYanks says:

    Well forget Hanley– he’s going to the Dodgers.

    • The Troll says:

      Yeah, Mike Axisa, thanks a lot for crushing THAT dream ! ! ! !

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      It appears Miami didn’t get much for him. Judging by Eovaldi’s numbers through the minors and with the Dodgers, he doesn’t seem as if he’ll be anything more than a back-end starter.

      • MannyGeee says:

        Miam got NOTHING for him AND Chote. If A-Rod had gotten hit on MOnday by Colon, we might have been reading about the Yankees acquiring Hanley for like DJ Mitchell and Danny Farquar…

        Funny how try as you might, Suzyn….. you can’t predict baseball.

      • Steve (different one) says:

        That’s because he’s not very good anymore and makes a lot of money.

  14. BigBlueAL says:

    Definitely not one of the best west coast trips ever.

  15. Finally saw highlights of the game…what in the fuck was Ibanez doing up against a lefty specialist with the bases loaded in the 8th down 1 run. That is literally the perfect situation to put Jones in to succeed.

  16. Kosmo says:

    Brandon Laird:
    vs. LHP .296 ave slg. .504
    vs. RHP .227 ave slg. .362

    he could make a decent platoon partner with Chavez.

    Outside of a few good utility infielders the only 3B reported to be available are Arasmis Ramirez and Headley. IMO long shots for NY. Headley would be great. Ramirez still can rake.

  17. Jeff B says:

    Definitely a terrible waste of a great pitching performance. Giradi’s bullpen manuvering was the biggest crock of you know what I’ve seen since…the Oakland series.

    When will this damn road trip end?

  18. Charles says:

    I still don’t understand why Jones didn’t pinch hit for Ibanez in the 8th, thats the exact reason he is on the roster…

    .182 .206 .273 – Ibanez in 2012 against lefties

    .233 .279 .495 – Andruw Jones in 2012 against lefties

    Granted Jones isn’t that better, but based off past experiences, it’s obvious the choice that should have been made.

  19. Tanya Harding says:

    3 batters hit, one had to dodge a beanball…. That wasn’t a fucking rookie out there that didn’t know what he was doing.

    Any of you bleeding heart apologists out there can kiss my taint.

    For a modest sum I’d be happy to bust a Kings ass…..hell I’d do it for free.

  20. Jersey Joe says:

    For the time being, should Ichiro bat near the top of the lineup and push Grandy to the middle of the order?

    • Kosmo says:

      I was considering that too. Ichiro bats 2nd , Granderson 5th or 6th.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Got to put Ichiro (who has been the only constant hitter in his time with the team*) up to the top of the order at leat today until Swish is back in play…

      * SSS Alert, I know… but I am only 1/2 kidding

  21. Purenyyankee says:

    Nova BETTER break some ribs tonight. Rot in Seattle Hernandez!

  22. TopChuckie says:

    If Hernandez’s plunks were not intentional you still hit one or two of their guys just to let them know, “Hey, if you don’t have your control tonight, then you don’t get to even try to come inside on us. We’re not up here to risk our lives/seasons while you try to find your groove. If you have the ability to throw inside with control, have at it. If you can’t come inside without hitting us, then you don’t get to do it at all, and you sure as hell don’t get to keep trying and failing.”

    • MannyGeee says:

      how small are you writing on that baseball to get that ENTIRE message on it? you’re gonna have to use one of those fine tip Sharpies to get all that on it.

      prob. be more effective to just send a pre-game email and then beat their asses on the field. Jus Sayin

  23. Jersey Joe says:

    I think Russo is the best option to platoon with Chavez. I’m not confident in Laird’s defense or OBP, and I don’t think CoJo needs to be rushed up, especially considering he bats lefty. Similarly, I think Ronnie should get a bit more seasoning in AAA.

  24. Peter North says:

    Adam Warren for Chipper Jones!

  25. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Fuck if only this happened yesterday, when Hanley was still available. Did anyone see that trade with the Dodgers? Yankees could have easily offered more

  26. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

    How the heck did the Dodgers get Hanley without having to give up Zach Lee?

    What would have been the equivalent to that deal from the Yankees, Nova and Warren?

    • Bavarian Yankee says:

      this seems to be a steal for the Dodgers. Sure, Hanley hasn’t been super awesome lately but I think a change of scenery will help him. Hard to believe that there’s no team that offered a better package than the Dodgers, I mean it seems like the Yankees could’ve easily gotten him for Banuelos straight up.

    • MannyGeee says:

      try Warren and Phelps

    • Steve (different one) says:

      Because it’s not 2008 and Hanley Ramirez just isnt that good anymore.

  27. Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost says:

    Hanley likely wouldn’t have been a fit. He’s signed through ’14 for like $15mm/year. Definitely would be nice to have, but having him there would’ve cost someone more essential if they are serious about the $189mm number.

    • blake says:

      AAV on Hanley’s deal is all that matters to the Yankees and it’s 11.6 million.

      Probably need to at least find out what the Padres want for Headley.

  28. mt says:

    I cannot bring myself to understand why Giradi left Ibanez in to bat against a lefty when Jones was available (yes, I know League or another righty would have come in to face Jones). Ibanez OPS againt lefties was .465 and Jones OPS against righties is
    .863. Admittedly not huge sample sizes but everyone alos knows Ibanez does not do well against lefties.

    But on pitching side, Garcia was cruising; Ackley and Saunders actually do slightly better aginst same-side lefties, etc. but then he goes crazy, including Qualls, rather than Eppley, to face Montero in a one run game.

    in Joe Girardi, the “slow to react” batting pinch-hit decision maker is combined with a mix-and match pitching platoon split maniac (although platoon splits did not even support putting Rapada in, actually).

    • JohnC says:

      Jones could just as easily struck out as Ibanez. He’s been doing it an awful lot lately.

      • mt says:

        And I would not have liked it if Jones struck out but I still say you make best attempt at success and go with Jones – it is not like Ibanez has been that great recently. If Jones strikes out, so be it.

        It is ust like Eppley could have walked Montero like Qualls did but I would have said we tired our better shot at success.

        (Also, strangely enough a lot of those Jones strikeouts came against lefties and I am pretty sure Wedge would have put in a righty like League to face Jones.)

  29. Bavarian Yankee says:

    losing A-Rod sucks big time. I think Cashman HAS TO trade for a 3B asap, there’s no way we can just stick with Chavez/Nix for several weeks.

    • Bavarian Yankee says:

      I’ve thought about this: how about trading for Chase Headley? He plays 3rd as long as A-Rod is out and next year he’s Swisher’s replacement in right. This trade would solve 2 problems.

      • Kosmo says:

        it´s not a bad idea. I think if NY did trade for Headley he would be the 3B next year with Arod being the fulltime DH.

  30. Eddard says:

    We’re in big trouble. We’re not only 1-5 on our west coast trip against the 3rd and 4th place teams in the west division, but now we’ve lost our cleanup hitter for 6-8 weeks. We’re looking at early-mid September at best for Alex’s return. This is not good at all. Now Cashman will have to use the farm and trade for another infielder unless he thinks Eduardo can fill in, yeah right. Our only relief is that the rest of the division is scuffling just as much as we are.

    • MannyGeee says:

      settle down Beavis….

      1. Oakland was what it was
      2. The lost last night against Felix Hernandez, which zinda sorta happens
      3. Alex has not exactly been Prince Fielder out there this season. avg is where it should be, but power is way down…
      4. the Yankees will not trade ‘the farm’ for a 3B, they will do what they always do: trade for a UTL infielder who will not embarrass himself for 4-6 weeks as a plattoon with Chavez.

      until Chavez gets hurt… then we’re fucked

      • Eddard says:

        And that’s the thing, Chavez is one fall away from a season ending injury. I do think the addition of Ichiro will help mitigate the loss of Alex. We lost a HOFer but gained a HOFer. Once Swisher comes back we’ll still have a decent lineup and defense with Ichiro in left.

        • Jim Is Bored says:

          HOF status is irrelevant right now, I don’t know why people keep getting so excited about Ichiro being a future hall of famer.

          Their HOF status is irrelevant to this season’s performance.

  31. MannyGeee says:

    Off topic, but holy Doyers!

    They got Hanley, Chote, and looks like they ‘could’ get Dempster this week. but the surprising part is… all without giving up Zach Lee.

    Thats just nuts

  32. pat says:

    I love how everyone rags on Arod all year but now that he’s hurt we’re in deep shit because we lost our cleanup hitter.

    • Chad Gaudin the Friendly Ghost says:

      I was sort of thinking the same thing. All year it is certain variations of ‘A-Rod sucks’, yet now that he’s gone it’s armageddon in the Bronx. It’s certainly not a good thing, but he’s far more replaceable at this point than Cano, Granderson, CC, Kuroda, etc, etc etc.

  33. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Not much time to comment.

    I think that, in the stretch-run, it’s not time to see, for example, what can CoJo do. I expect the Yankees to get some support for Chavez from outside the org. To me, it’s time to really upgrade that UTL spot, if it wasn’t already.

    The retribution talk on here is embarrassing.

  34. Kosmo says:

    Headley has a team friendly contract. He´s 28 with an OK upside. SWH. He doesn´t have as high a ceiling as someone like Hanley. He doesn`t hit for power although he does have some pop. Even though his splits indicate he hits better on the road still doesn´t hit for much power.
    My ? would be how would he perform away from San Diego a very different BB environment than playing for the NYY.
    What would be the cost ?

  35. Klemy says:

    I’m thinking the Headley acquisition gets discussed, but the price tag will be too high to agree to.

  36. forensic says:

    It’s not even just the Ibanez AB that Girardi should be thinking about with PH’ing Jones. If, by some miracle, Ibanez actually does reach base then you’re still stuck with Chavez facing a lefty, which is actually even worse than Ibanez. If you PH Jones for Ibanez, then you have the lefty out of there with the righty facing Jones and then if he, by some miracle, reaches base then you may have Chavez also being able to face the same righty instead of a lefty.

  37. mt says:

    Agreed – that was an additional potential benefit to getting the lefty out (Wedge putting League in)
    I don’t understand Girardi’s reasoning that he would have pinch-hit Jones for Ibanez if the Yankees were ahead – when you are behind, you need runs the most, don’t you?

  38. emcee says:

    I had this exact same injury in college, and only missed 3 weeks, so it might not be as long as some are supposing.

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