Injury Updates: A-Rod, Swisher, Joba

Thursday Night Open Thread
Dickerson homers twice in AAA win

Got some late-evening injury news for you, courtesy of Marc Carig and Erik Boland

  • Alex Rodriguez (hand) had a cast put on today and isn’t expected to miss any more than eight weeks. No word on the earliest possible return, but I suppose six weeks is a reasonable estimate. Either way, the Yankees expect to get him back before the end of the regular season.
  • Nick Swisher (hip) came through today’s workout fine but Brian Cashman said “he’s not a player for us tomorrow (against the Red Sox).” He didn’t rule out a return Saturday or Sunday but insisted the team will play it safe.
  • Joba Chamberlain (elbow, ankle) will throw a bullpen session for the big league coaching staff tomorrow and make another minor league rehab appearance — with Double-A Trenton or Triple-A Empire State — on Sunday. Cashman acknowledged that Joba is “getting closer” but wouldn’t say when exactly he’ll be activated.
Thursday Night Open Thread
Dickerson homers twice in AAA win
  • Kevin G.

    Inject ARod with some Joba testosterone

    • vin

      That’s not a bad idea, actually.

      • Bud Selig

        Joba Testosterone is a violation of MLB’s drug policy

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          Joba is a ridiculous freak of nature. After that ankle injury I was thinking that it would be around 50/50 if we’d ever see him pitch for the Yankees again. Now he’s only a few days from rejoining the team.

          He pitched several starts with a torn ligament in his arm, and STILL managed to throw fastballs over 90 mph.

          Dude is incredible.

  • Brian S.

    What the fuck. Let Swisher play tomorrow. We need to crush these assholes and he has sucked against lefties this year so bringing him back against Lester and Doubront would be a waste.

    • RetroRob

      Yeah, really. Swisher says he feels good while the Yankees say he won’t play until maybe Saturday or Sunday? I guess they may see something we can’t, but I was hoping Swisher would be back Friday. The Red Sox lineup now at full strength and the Yankees are without A-Rod, so Swish would be good.

    • Steve (different one)

      I agree, we can’t afford to be extra cautious with only a 10.5 game lead.

      • Paul VuvuZuvella


      • RetroRob

        It’s “only” 7.5 games. Oh, wait. The Orioles don’t count…no sarcasm.

        BTW to Brian, the fact that Swisher hasn’t hit as well this year against lefties doesn’t mean much. We’re talking less than 100 ABs. For his career he actually has a higher OPS vs. lefties and totally crushed them last year. He’ll normalize. With A-Rod out, Swisher’s RH’d bat will be more important and he has been coming on from that side.

  • Smart Guy

    i rather get swept by boston than rush swisher, the big picture is the post season not a meaningless 3 game vs boston

    • Brian S.

      Swisher sucks in the postseason so…

      • pat

        So does Arod. Never had a big hit in his life.

        • Rob G

          I guess you missed the 2009 post season?

        • B-Rando

          Are you serious? 2009 ALDS v Twins???

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Smart comment by Smart Guy. Agreed.

  • giantsyankees

    Do we know what day Aardsma will begin pitching again? Thought it was this week.

  • Now Batting

    Arod should roid up and take the 50 game ban while on the DL a la Freddy Galvis

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    When Ichiro gets his BC roll call, I’m expecting a bow. Following the Salute he’ll have to bring some personality, and he could really own the right field bow.

    Vin, t-shirt!

  • http://yes jim

    Cash says let’s be safe with Swisher. Fine, if he doesn’t play Sunday, why not be extra safe, put him on the 15 day DL.(Sunday is day ten, so, why not five more?) Let’s see someone from the minors. Be safe and give Mr Wizard a full 25 man roster.

  • 28 in 2012

    Joba should be frozen next to Ted William so humanity can benefit from cloning this freak one day. What a bad ass!