Kiley McDaniel scouts High-A Tampa

Dickerson homers twice in AAA win
Mailbag: Pence, Hart, Shoppach, Ross, Nets

Over at ESPN in an Insider-only blog post, former Yankees intern Kiley McDaniel penned a piece with scouting notes on several players with High-A Tampa. He wrote at length about OF Mason Williams — who he compared to Jacoby Ellsbury — and C Gary Sanchez, but also chimed in on OF Tyler Austin, RHP Jose Ramirez, RHP Mark Montgomery, and some other power arms on the staff. Pretty much the only negative thing he had to say was that Sanchez tends to struggle with fastballs in on his hands.

McDaniel praised scouting director Damon Oppenheimer for landing such quality prospects (Austin and the pitchers, specifically) with low-round draft picks, which is pretty neat. “Opposing clubs’ scouts covering this Tampa squad were simultaneously commending the Yankees for their deep staff and wondering why their teams didn’t draft these talents,” he wrote. Anyway, like I said go check it out. It gets RAB’s highest level of recommendation.

Dickerson homers twice in AAA win
Mailbag: Pence, Hart, Shoppach, Ross, Nets
  • Rich in NJ

    If only their ability to develop talent could become as good as Oppenheimer’s (and his scouts’) ability to identify it.

    • Ted Nelson

      This narrative needs to end. No team is going to bat 1.000 on developing prospects. A whole lot of it is on the player and not just the org anyway.

      The Yankees have a bunch of homegrown talent on their team, and a bunch of guys they traded homegrown talent for.

      • RetroRob

        True, but sadly it won’t end. Fans are always sure their teams are screwing up in some way, either on drafting or development, or both.

        Oppenheimer has been very important on both drafting and development going back years, in various positions. When Cano and Wang came up in 2005, the general consensus among talent evaluators was more negative than positive. Both exceeded expections by a great amount. Do the Yankees get credit for that, on both the minor and major league level? Brett Gardner was not considered a likely ML player when drafted, yet somehow he exceeded expectations on every level, and was one of the most valuable LFers in the game ’10-’11. Do the Yankees get credit for that? Austin Jackson and IPK were identified, drafted and developed by the Yankees and then exceeded expectations on the ML level. Both were traded for the lefty, hitting power OFer the Yankees wanted. That’s all fine, but they were still products of the Yankees. All of this will be ignored by those who want to feed the narrative.

        The focus from those will be that Joba and Hughes never became Cy Young-level pitchers, ignoring that they have been contributing major leaguers for years, still might improve, and both of their developments have been hurt by injuries. That of course will be conventiently ignored. Batting 1.000 is the only thing acceptable to fans. All else will be ignored.

  • MikedJones

    THE Kiley McDaniel???

    • Strat

      No… Kylie Minogue… Who do you think we’re talking?

      /Steve Somers’d

  • Wayne

    Is Jose Ramirez likely to get traded?