Nuno dominant again in Trenton win


In case you missed it earlier, OF Tyler Austin will not participate in the Futures Game this Sunday. It’s unclear if he’ll be replaced on the roster but if not, the Yankees won’t have a representative at the game and that would be lame. In other news, both Dante Bichette Jr. (Not So Hot) and Melky Mesa (Man Among Boys) were each featured in this week’s Prospect Hot Sheet.

Forgive me, but I’m taking the easy way out on a Friday…

  • Triple-A Empire State (win): 2B Corban Joseph (double, homer, walk), DH Ronnie Mustelier (single, double, homer), and RF Cole Garner (double and triple) were the stars on offense, though lots of guys chipped in. LHP Mike O’Connor allowed one run in five innings before the bullpen managed four hitless and scoreless innings with six strikeouts.
  • Double-A Trenton (win): Whole lotta offense, including two hits from 2B Jose Pirela (double and homer), three from 2B David Adams (two doubles and single), four from DH Zoilo Almonte (all single), two from RF Shane Brown (singles), and two from C Jeff Farnham (singles and homer). LHP Vidal Nuno was the big story, surrendering just one run in six innings in his latest gem. He allowed just three hits and one walk while striking out ten.
  • High-A Tampa (loss): CF Mason Williams had two knocks including a double while LF Ramon Flores and DH Slade Heathcott each singled. Slade drew another walk, his seventh in the last four games. 1B Kyle Roller and 2B Anderson Feliz both doubled. RHP Jose Ramirez struck out five and allowed one run in 3.2 innings before the bullpen melted down spectacularly.
  • Low-A Charleston (loss): Their only hits on the night were singles by 2B Ali Castillo, 3B Dante Bichette Jr., and C Francisco Arcia. That’s all the offense. LHP Matt Bashore allowed just two hits in six shutout innings before RHP Phil Wetherell chipped in two scoreless of his own. RHP Mariel Checo surrendered the walk-off dinger.
  • Short Season Staten Island (win): LF Taylor Dugas did leadoff hitters things, getting on-base three times (single and two walks). No one was able to drive him in though. CF Ravel Santana walked and struck out but both 3B Matt Duran and RF Exicardo Cayones each singled. DH Danny Lopez had two hits — including a triple — and drove in three. LHP Jeremy Bleich threw two scoreless frames in his latest rehab appearance, then RHP Andrew Benak relieved him with five scoreless.
  • Rookie GCL Yanks (loss): They had just two hits as a team, neither of which came from C Peter O’Brien, 1B Bubba Jones, 2B Jerison Lopez, RF Yeicok Calderon, or DH Ericson Leonora. RHP Graham Stoneburner allowed one unearned run in two rehab innings and RHP Jordan Cote followed by allowing one unearned run in 4.1 innings, striking out four against just one walk. He’s been very good in the early going.
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  • Danny

    Any idea where million-dollar bonus baby Greg Bird is ? According to his MILB page, he is not on the DL.

    • Brian S.


      • Danny

        Was looking for a serious response. I’m well aware that prospects take time to develop. Was looking to hear if he was injuries or if the Yanks were keeping him out to work on things.

    • Countryclub

      I believe he broke his knee cap.

  • Mr. Pink

    Nuno for 3rd LOOGY!

  • Dan L

    Was at the Thunder game tonight, Adam’s second double could have easily been a triple…he ripped it just down the third base line right into the corner, but must have thought it was foul. he waited 2-3 seconds before even taking off and still got into second standing up.

    • Dan L

      also, Nuno’s only run was the first batter of the game, Aaron Hicks on a Homer with 2 strikes.

  • Robert

    Agree Mike if there are no Yankees in the Futures Game i have no reason to watch.

  • Jd

    Who is better prospect Joseph or Adams? Either top 100 quality?

    • G

      Adams was certainly the better prospect, even top 100 status, before the injuries started. These days it’s unclear. No one would put Joseph on a top 100 prospects list, but I personally think he’s a good candidate to be the next in a line of sleeper prospects the Yankees turn into solid players. I doubt he’ll be anything on the level of Cano, but I think we could expect a slightly above average offensive player at a premium defensive position. Cano may be suited for a move to 3rd once A-Rod can’t take it any more, and Joseph is a great in house candidate to take over there. His defense isn’t stellar, at least not from what I’ve heard, but if he is average out there and can be a better than average hitter, that’s a fantastic turn out. I think he legitimately has that potential.

      Adams on the other hand will have to battle back. He’s certainly a potential major league talent, but the injuries have been a major setback. He’s hit well as of late though, so only time will tell if he can reclaim his previous top prospect status.

    • Mr. Pink

      Adams is too old to be considered a true prospect but he’s a good all around 2nd baseman. Joseph is great with the bat but from what I’ve read/heard he’s a butcher at 2nd and needs work offensively. Not top 100 guys but still good players who might have a chance at becoming productive big leaguers. For me Corbam Joseph is more intriguing only because I feel like he has more power than he’s shown.

      • G

        Essentially my feelings, although I like CoJo a bit more than the average person. It may be completely irrational, but it’s just how I feel. I haven’t anything so extreme as “he’s a butcher,” but I have heard that he needs some polish. Any idea about his speed? If he can’t handle 2nd he could be a good, cheap outfielder. I know there’s some disdain for corner OFs without a ton of power but with power in center field and at 2B, two spots normally lacking in power, I feel like we could sacrifice it to save money.

      • Brian S.

        Adams could still be considered a prospect because of how much time he lost in his development. 25 isn’t that old.


          Of course Adams is still a prospect.. Hes on our prospect lists as well.. why woulden’t he be? Hes 25, not 31or so…

          • viridiana

            Adams — before his injury at least — was the much better defender. Like CoJo, he had a 40 doubles season at AA so this tells me he could develop some pop as well. I probably prefer Adams — but that’s assuming he’s fully recovered. Both project as useful major leaguers — perhaps more.

  • sabes

    How’d we get Nuno from Cleveland?

    • Brian S.

      They released him and we signed him.

      • G

        Any idea why? Right now this is looking like Cleveland’s equivalent of us releasing Quintana.

        That’s impossible though, we all know only Cashman makes these mistakes. Some of the blame has to fall on A-Rod too, of course.

        • Steve (different one)

          The Yankees didn’t “release” Quintana. He had 6 years of minor league service, so he was eligible for FA unless the yanks added him to the 40 man. In hindsight, they should have, but he was also in A ball last year. That’s a big jump to a major league contract.

          Everyone wants perfection all the time, but it really wasn’t that crazy at the time.

        • Gonzo

          Let’s not jump the gun. Nuno is a year and a half older than Quintana in AA not the bigs. That said, I wouldn’t put my money on Quintana to keep up these ridiculous starts either.

          • Havok9120

            And even if he DOES….not adding him to the 40 man after 6 years and landing in A-ball still won’t be a mortal sin.

            • Gonzo


          • G

            Of course, I was exaggerating to make a comparison. It’s just that as of now releasing Nuno appears to be a mistake, although in the long run it’ll probably mean nothing. Same thing applies to Quintana, although its at a differen level. I don’t expect either to maintain their success.

  • BK2ATL

    Is there a write-up for this Nuno kid??? Shit’s past fluke stage now.

    • Gonzo

      Dice-K had a sub-3 ERA in a full season. I like Nuno’s performance, but it’s not past fluke stage.

      • Cliff

        Dice-K was not a fluke

        • Gonzo

          That season or the man?

      • BK2ATL

        More to my not-a-fluke thinking than ERA. You might want to look a bit deeper. He’s got the performance numbers that we’ve been expecting out of Banuelos.

        • Gonzo

          At 25 years old though… Like I said, I’m happy for him and hope he’s real, but I’m not expecting much.


      Shit was past fluke stage last yr in my opinion.. Both him and Quintana were guys i coulden’t wait to see what they had done.. In a way i’m glad that Quintana is having success this yr, because there is no chance we don’t bring Nuno along the right way and keep em for that matter, or use em i trade..

      • Ted Nelson

        Such an enlightened view on scouting, player development, and roster management.


          I’m not a scout.. I’m just sonmeone whos followed the yankees farm system daily for the past 10yrs, and before that, i kept up on it, just not as much..

          Why don’t u just respond to the post and right ur opinion, instead of try and be a wise ass? Is that to tough for you or something? Reading ur posts gives people nothig but reminders of what kinda wise ass u are.. Why don’t u just add to th conversations instead of be a miserable prick? I know about the yankees farm system, regardless of what u think.. I know that, regardless of what u think..

          COming from a guy who thinks our farm system has been good all yr long..LOL

  • Smart Guy

    am i the only one who comes searching to see what eladio moronta does in tampa?

    • Steve (different one)

      Yes, but that’s ok.

  • G

    Yes I realize there’s a difference between AA and the majors, just pointing out that it’s a potential mistake on their part.

    • Gonzo

      Oh, I didn’t read this first. I gotcha. Disregard my post above.

      • G

        Oops now I didn’t read yours first and responded…. Hahaha.

        This should’ve been a reply to myself… Reply fail.


    Heres a great read from a couple weeks ago outta the trentorian if some of u haven’t got a chance to read… Gives great info on Ronnier Mustellier who i’ve been dying to get info on as well as many others..

    This is actually a couple weeks old, but worth the read. Josh Norris of the Trentonian gives a quick rundown of the four full season clubs’ more interesting prospects. While there’s a few i would have liked to have seen a write-up on that weren’t included it’s well worth the read. Josh gives his take along with some various scouts thoughts. Here we go….

    “State of the System – Scranton
    This has been a down year for the Yankees’ farm system. There’s no way around it. Injuries, inconsistency and flat-out terrible performances have marred the seasons of Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Jose Campos, Slade Heathcott and a host of other, second-tier prospects.

    There have, however, been bright spots. Charleston teammates Tyler Austin and Gary Sanchez have torn through the South Atlantic League. Tampa closer Mark Montgomery has been lights-out. Trenton righty Brett Marshall has used his low-90s heat and dynamite change-up to limit the Eastern League to a .241 batting average. And Scranton has already sent D.J. Mitchell to New York for his first look at the sport’s pinnacle.

    With the organization’s two lower-level teams heading to their All-Star breaks, a time when the Yankees typically reward their best producers with promotions, it’s a prime time to assess the system.

    Instead of pontificating for 1,000 words, however, I’ll let scouts from around the league – some from inside the Yankees system, some from outside – tell you if the prospects you’ve heard so much about are the real deal or a lot of smoke and mirrors.

    In the case of a player who’s been with two levels this year, I’m going to group him with his current team, which is why Ronnier Mustelier and Chase Whitley are with Scranton and not Trenton.


    Prospect 1: Adam Warren, SP – 4-4, 4.12 ERA, 74 1/3 IP, 53 SO, 24 BBWarren’s always had an excellent fastball and excellent fastball command. The question has been what comes after the heat. He has a curveball, slider and a change-up, the best of which is the slider. If he can refine and harness his offspeed offerings, his future is bright.

    Scout’s view: “Warren threw good. I feel that he’s got to pitch more off of his secondary stuff. … He has a good enough fastball. He’s got to pitch more off his change-up and slider and not be afraid to throw those pitches earlier in the count and then be more selective with his fastball use. He’s got a chance to be a back of the rotation starter, maybe in the next three to four months.

    Scout’s View 2: “I think Adam Warren could fit in the rotation as a No. 5 starter-type guy. He’s disappointed a little, I think, in terms of his numbers, but every time I see him he throws well for me. He’s aggressive, he’s got four pitches – on some nights you see him and he’s got four average to solid-average major league pitches. … I think he’s got a legitimate chance to be a No. 5 starter in the big leagues.

    Prospect 2: Chase Whitley – 5-2, 3.57 ERA, 40 1/3 IP, 41 SO, 17 BB

    On merit, he’s probably the fastest mover Trenton’s ever had. He lasted just two appearances this season before getting bumped to Scranton, where he’s been ever since. He features a low-90s fastball, but it’s plus slider and change-up that do the most damage. He’s one of a ton of college relievers the Yankees have plucked in recent drafts.

    Scouts view: “I like him. I personally think he can help the Yankees in the big leagues. For me, he’d be the first one called up to pitch in the bullpen in New York. He’s got a good change-up, and it took me three days to figure out that it was a change-up and not a split-finger. It’s a change-up, but it acts like a split-finger. It’s an electric pitch; it’s really good.”

    Prospect 3: Ronnier Mustelier, UT – .331/.376/.532, 16 doubles, 11 home runs, 44 RBIs

    Yes, he’s older, but he’s in his first full season in professional baseball, so his developmental curve is going to be different. So far, his bat and ability to work the count have stood out. He feasts on fastballs, and is a little more susceptible on offspeed stuff. He’s most comfortable at third base, but his defense as a whole is nothing special.

    Scout’s View: “He’s a guy that, if he gets to the big leagues, he could play some kind of utility role. He can swing the bat. I won’t say he’s a sleeper guy, but he’s somebody who should be on your radar. He might be able to do some things in the big leagues.

    Prospect 4: Dellin Betances, SP — 3-5, 5.91 ERA, 67 IP, 61 SO, 58 BB

    This year has been an almost unmitigated disaster for Betances. He’s shown absolutely no control or command, and has significantly lowered his stock as a prospect. Most people I’ve spoken to around baseball believe he’s a reliever in the long run. If he doesn’t start finding the zone, however, his only taste of the big leagues might have already come and gone.

    Scout’s View: “Here’s what I think about Betances: I think he’s a seventh-inning or eighth-inning type of setup arm. I just, in the final analysis, think that’s where he’s going to end up. I just don’t think that the command and his his big body are going to be able to throw allow him to throw enough quality strikes as a starter. He’s got starter stuff. He’s got the change, he’s got the breaking ball, he throws hard, but I think in the final analysis he’s a setup guy.”

    Scout’s View: (talking about Betances and Banuelos): “Neither one of them performed particularly well for me. The stuff was good, but the command and control was not good. They really didn’t pitch that well. That was disappointing. They’re going to need a lot more time there. Maybe they need another year, but they’re going to have to throw the ball over the plate in a more consistent manner than what they were doing. The stuff was still there, which is good, but the command and control was not there.”


    By the way, did u notice Josh Norris said “this has been a awful season for the farm, theres no way around it”??? Also, i asked Mike yesterday in the chat what he would grade our farm at, at this point, and he said “awful” as well.. Thats for the people who wanted to argue diffrenty yesterday.. Like i said, the farm is turning it on lately, but there is no way around that its been a bad season to awful season for the farm as a whole to this point.. But getting much better..

    • Ted Nelson

      I cam dosagree with Norris and Axisa as easily as with you. They are just people.


        disgreeing is fine, but being a total dink about it, is totally diffrent.. Theres no problem debating why u think something, but ur one of those dudes ho tries and make people look stupid for there opinions, which is classless as can be…

  • Robert

    Promote Nuno to Scranton.


      Once they get sick of Nelson Figuroa and Jason Bulger, and Manny Delcarmen, maybe they’ll find a spot for a guy whos been flat out dominating since we signed em.. Untill then, we’ll get to enjoy watching guys like Figeroua taking the hill, and never having a chance to help the big club..lol

      I love Nuno!

      • kenthadley

        Ditto. Let’s not “Quintana” him. Most comments here indicate he isn’t much more than an org guy. But that was the feeling last year about Quintana. I don’t know the comparison of “stuff” but if Quintana is even a 4-5, as a lefty he would have been useful in the Bronx. So, maybe Nuno is too.

  • kenthadley

    Several teams are looking for left handed power. If we aren’t going to use Branyan, could we trade him for a prospect? Miami? Nats? Giants?

  • don

    What is Nuno’s velocity like. Does he really throw mid 90′s?

    • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Greg Corcoran

      No. He throws 88-90 with the fastball. He has solid secondary stuff though, and he controls it. He also mixes it up really well. Tony Franklin believes he can pitch in the major leagues, for what it’s worth (admittedly not much)