Sunday Night Open Thread


Three of my five or six all-time faves in one photo. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Pretty good Sunday, eh? Hot, definitely, but no real complaints as far as the Yankees are concerned. Old Timers’ Day was just swell, they managed a win to split the series with the White Sox, and they traded for Chad Qualls for some reason. Raul Ibanez chipped a tooth when he hit his head on the bench ducking away from a foul ball, but he’ll live. Not a bad day at all. Hard not to be pleased with a 5-2 homestand.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. ESPN is in Los Angeles for the Sunday Game, with the Mets (Dillon Gee) going up against the Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw). Feel free to talk about that game or anything else you want here. Have at it.

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  1. Rey22 says:

    The ball actually didn’t get him, he chipped his tooth against the bench while moving suddenly to get away from the ball. Sucks for him lol

  2. New Balance Cleats says:

    Here’s to hoping Qualls finds the 2011 Cory Wade fountain of youth and then moves on somewhere else in 2013.


  3. 28 this year says:

    The new rule of not being able to get draft pick compensation for guys you trade for mid season is going to reduce the price people are willing p pay for Hamels or Greinke. I don’t think the Yankees would go after either with any serious interest

    • Countryclub says:

      As cashman loves to say, there’s no reason to pay twice for someone that you can sign after the season (that’s if they’re even interested).

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        There’s always the risk they don’t reach free agency, though.

        So it’s a calculated gamble.

    • jjyank says:

      I also don’t think the Yankees have the pieces for that trade. Banuelos is on the DL, and the Phillies aren’t trading Hamels for a bunch of low A guys. Ditto the Brewers with Greinke. What is the trade package there anyway? My bet is the Yankees pass on both of those guys for many reasons. Don’t see it at all.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Agreed. Wait until free agency if you really want them. If they don’t make it, then it wasn’t meant to be. Worry more about the players on your team.

  4. Brian S. says:

    Any chance we have to put Ibanez on the 15 day DL?

  5. Brian S. says:

    Brandon League is fucking terrible. He almost cost the M’s the game last night and he fucked today’s game up too.

    • Greg says:

      I blame two other people.

      Jesus Montero. Bases loaded one out against Doubront and grounded into a DP.

      Eric Wedge. Should have taken out Vargas after a long at bat against Lillibridge. And its not a fallacy because I was asking for it before Pedroia hit the home run.

      • eephus_pitch says:

        Ahh, but you’re forgetting something:

        Pedroia > Cano.

      • mustang says:

        Agree and that’s the game.

        Jesus Montero 0 for 15 in his last 4 games ouch! And they still have him in the clean up spot?

        I guess when your 16.5 games back it really doesn’t matter.

        • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

          I think I would be a serviceable cleanup hitter for the Mariners.

          • Tom says:

            When you look at that lineup, cleanup makes sense

            Miguel Olivo is their #5 hitter. The bottom 5 in the line up were all hitting .239 or lower, 4 of the 5 were hitting under .210.

            At a .669OPS, Montero had the 3rd highest OPS in the lineup today! (yes I said 3rd HIGHEST)

        • Midland TX says:

          Just for kicks, check Montero’s splits when he’s catching vs. DHing. For whatever reason, maybe he’s more locked into the game, who knows, he just does better.

          And yes, Wedge is an old-school, gritty-hustle, go-by-your-gut manager. It’s only half a season but I cannot understand why he keeps trotting out Figgins, League, and Olivo. None of them is likely to be part of the team’s future. Those are some pretty costly veteran presents.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          They should give him one of those extra-heat-seeking tie-dye MRI’s on his shoulder, or else THEY’RE NOT DOING THEIR JOB.

    • Brian S. says:

      Also Jesus Montero sucks. He GIDP with the bases loaded against Matt Albers. I’m glad he’s not on the team this year.

  6. DERP says:

    Montero sucks right now. Not sure what his problem is.

  7. DERP says:

    Good to see the Orioles going back to sucking.

  8. adjusts batting gloves says:

    Montero is bored in the AL West.

    /old meme’d

    • jjyank says:

      You beat me to it by one minute :P But seriously. I was in favor of the trade, but I didn’t think Montero would be this bad. I feel bad for the kid.

  9. Kevin says:

    Montero and Noesi sucking are the baseball gods screw you to Jack Z.

    • Pat D says:

      I know people have said that everyone won in the NYY/ARZ/DET trade.

      Well, so far, everyone has lost this trade.

      • mustang says:

        I think in the end the Yankees will win this trade. I just think that people are asking too much of Montero. I mean clean up while trying to learn the catcher position (which he seems to lack the skill for) on a team like the Marines in park like Safeco and the pressure of being part of a spotlight trade that’s a lot.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          To the shock of those think I support everything the organization does, I actually more “came around” to the trade than “liked” it. I wouldn’t have made it.

          My hope is that, in the end, both teams come out winning. I’ve always thought Seattle stood a better chance with the trade but, honestly, I care about what players on the Yankees do, not what players on other teams do. I want Pineda to be a productive pitcher for this franchise, and for Campos to develop into a pitcher worthy of his potential.

    • Kramerica Industries says:


    • JMK says:

      Montero is still a really young guy. Let’s not forget this is his first year. The vast majority of players suck as rookies. I did expect him to be better though, that’s for sure.

      • mustang says:

        Agree and there is still another half season to go, but this has definitely stopped that Miguel Cabrera nonsense.

  10. DERP says:

    The Orioles optioned Brian Matusz to AAA today. He had so much promise. I am really surprised that he has been so bad.

    • Pat D says:

      Jim Bowden posted an article a few weeks ago about guys who were prospects that were done, in terms of not going to develop to what most thought they would be. Matusz was one of his choices. Can’t say he’s been wrong so far.

      • DERP says:

        He also mentioned Dexter Fowler, so I am not sure what to make of Bowden’s opinion.

        • JMK says:

          I don’t think Dexter Fowler does either.

        • Pat D says:

          Generally, I disagree with everything he says. However, he did just say it’s time for the NL to adopt the DH, since it will be easier to adopt it universally than get rid of it entirely, which will be impossible. So I do agree with him on that.

          I really expected Matusz to turn it around right after that article, but it hasn’t happened.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I would so buy low on him right now and try to get him right in AAA.

  11. Kramerica Industries says:

    Rays, without Longo and Joyce, only have one hitter in their lineup worth anything right now – Zobrist.

    7.5 margin, three at the Trop, and once this series is over, 12 of the 18 head-to-heads will be over*. At least, lets hope it’s not another sweep of the Yankees, since that would erase much of the work the Yankees have done to get separation from TB. Two of three (which I would hope is reasonable, if not likely) would make it 8.5. Works for me.

    *that’s odd, to me, since it seems the past couple years that the two teams always played more head-to-heads post-ASB, not pre-ASB.

    • Pat D says:

      Naturally they’ll have to face their 3 best pitchers, too. But they’ve had success against Shields and Price this year.

      That’s interesting that they will have played 12 against Tampa. Post-break, they’ll have 16 (16!) games against Toronto, and 12 against Boston, including all 9 home games. They’ll also have 10 against Baltimore.

      • Greg says:

        Matt Moore has been having an up and down year, so he’s not really one of their best

        • Pat D says:

          I made the mistake of thinking he pitched against them this year. But, no, still just that 11 K, 5 inning start from last year.

          Hellickson and Cobb have actually had good numbers against the Yankees, so maybe it’s good we won’t see them.

          I think that 2 out of 3 is an absolute key, because it can really put them away.

  12. Pat D says:

    So the Yankees have, technically, 4 All-Star selections this year.

    Trivia question: When was the last time that the Yankees have had FEWER than 3 All-Stars? (Hopefully no one cheats)

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      Wild guess – 1996.

      • Pat D says:

        Nope, they had exactly 3 that year — Boggs, Pettitte, Wetteland.

        You’re close, though.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          It can’t be earlier than ’94, can it?

          • Pat D says:

            Yes, it can.

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              My mistake. It had to have been between ’89 and ’93, unless people were clamoring for Dion James and Steve Farr.

              • Pat D says:

                It was 1993. Only Boggs and Jimmy Key.

                Another interesting point: Only 4 times have they had only 1 All-Star. One was 1972, when Bobby Murcer was elected to start. The other 3 times were, predictably, 1990-1992. Steve Sax was elected a starter in ’90, while Scott Sanderson and Roberto Kelly filled the requirements in ’91 and ’92, respectively.

                Every other team has had more only 1 All-Star years, including all of the expansion teams.

  13. Greg says:

    Joe Magrane can go to hell. “The Red Sox are back in it” THEY’RE 6.5 OUT! Get to 5 games out and under and we will say they are back in it.

    • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

      Joe Magrane’s the same guy who earlier today said Untuck was “not Yankeelike” or something like that.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        I don’t get the “untuck” controversy. How the Hell is that disrespectful to the uniform? He doesn’t untuck until the game is over, when it’s no longer required to wear the uniform. IF anything, I think that wearing your hat with a flat brim is more disrespectful to the uniform. It looks ridiculous.

      • eephus_pitch says:

        Pitcher celebrations are pretty annoying no matter who’s doing them, but the untuck is tame compared to most others. It’s nothing compared to Valverde’s histrionics or K-Rod’s pointing to Jesus bullshit. Even Joba’s a lot worse with his fist-pumps.

    • Kevin says:

      Boston still doesn’t have the pitching nor the bullpen. If they had been playing against a team that didn’t suck offense wise,the game wouldn’t have made it to extra innings.
      As for Magrane..he can take his anti-Yankee attitude and shove it.

    • Brian S. says:

      That four game set coming up is awfully huge. We need to take three.

      • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

        We’ll be fine if we split. They’re 6.5 back now, split at Fenway and really do the damage at YS.

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        Don’t *need* three. A split would keep the margin in tact, with four head-to-heads (more importantly, four Fenway head-to-heads) by the boards.

        I just hope the Yankees can actually win some home games against the Red Sox when the time comes. 13-14 at the new Stadium vs. Boston, and 3-10 since 8/9/2010. That’s horrendous.

        • Greg says:

          That’s a bit of a flawed stat because you are not counting half of the 2010 season and all of the ’09 season

          • Kramerica Industries says:

            1) I noted the full record dating back to 2009.

            2) As it pertains to 2012, it may well be meaningless, but on a relative scale measuring “meaning”, I think the last 13 games have a bit more than the first 14 (where the Yankees had a stellar 10-4 record). The Yankees were 2-7 last year vs. Boston, including a pair of sweeps. Winnable games? Yes, but that didn’t make them any less frustrating.

            Yankees generally do decent at Fenway. 4-5 in 2011 wasn’t bad at all, when you consider the circumstances. The home record was unjustifiable, however, and has been going back to the date I mentioned. Red Sox will win their fair share of games in New York, that’s totally expected – Boston is a perenially good team.

            10-3 is more than their fair share. When the time comes this month, it’s time to put the kibosh on Red Sox dominance in the Bronx.

        • Brian S. says:

          Well I’d like three because I’m still hoping they miss the playoffs. Then we can taunt Boston fans about how they have spent 700 million dollars the last four years and not have won a playoff game.

          • Greg says:

            Well we are probably going to win one because there is a doubleheader amongst this set and those are usually split.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      How is that much different than you saying much of the same thing in game threads following Yankee losses/Red Sox wins?

      Well, aside from the fact that Magrane is an ass-clown to all of America and being paid to be one, and you’re just a frustrated fan on a blog representing but a small fraction of Yankee fans in America/Canada.

      • Greg says:

        Because the Yankees won today. If the Yankees lost today and I saw that result from Seattle, I would be saying the exact same thing Magrane said.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Joe Magrane’s the same idiot who said the Yankees would finish in fourth when they were hovering around the .500 mark through 40 games. He shouldn’t even be showing his face on television after that.

  14. DERP says:

    jj did you lose power this weekend?

    • jjyank says:

      Me? Not for an extended period of time, but I had quite a few flickers. Are in the DC area too?

    • Zooboy says:

      I live just north of DC. Latest estimate for power return for my neighborhood: Friday, 11 pm. This sucks. Heading north to take shelter with family.

  15. Pat D says:

    This WalMart commercial I’m seeing on MLBN right now is probably the commercial I hate the most right now.

  16. OMG! Bagels! says:

    I missed OT coverage. Loved the pic of Mo up there. I didn’t know he’d be there…just hanging out…3 or 4 more years til he makes his first appearance…I’ll take it.

    I bet anyone who saw him there today was thrilled. Have to say I really liked the game yesterday and it wasn’t a save situation but damn I miss Enter Sandman.

  17. Monterowasdinero says:

    Montero will be back. Looking for a big second half. He has been overanxious at the plate. His risp-failure would have fit in nicely with the yanks but the M’s rarely have risp.

    It’s been a rough few days here in VA. Power out since Friday night and tore ACL playing softball on Thursday. Too old for competitive sports.

    Yanks 6 up with all our injuries and risp failure. We should win the division easily at this rate.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I don’t think anyone’s saying his career is over, just that it’s been rough going so far. They’re expecting a lot of contribution from a young kid. There is a shit mother ton of baseball to be played from him.

  18. DERP says:

    So Kemp, Stanton, Beltran, and Cargo for the HR derby. Good choices.

  19. Pat D says:

    Am I the only one not liking the final man vote this year?

    I don’t want to vote for any of the AL guys, and I could easily vote for 4 of the NL guys.

    Also, so far from what I can tell, Chris Sale is the only pitcher who won’t be able to play in the ASG due to the “Sunday before the game” rule. Fingers crossed for Hiroki?

    Wow, Jim Thome in a Baltimore uniform looks weird.

    • Pat D says:

      OK, now MLBN shows that a guy who pitches on Sunday before the ASG can pitch in the ASG, if he chooses, but can only pitch one inning or a certain number of pitches.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        I don’t think it matters anyway, since there’s 0% chance they’ll actually do it.

  20. Kramerica Industries says:

    I made this comment elsewhere, but I’m not editing it here:

    As long as the ASG is worth something, it should be treated as such. You can’t have fan balloting but attach World Series implications to the same thing – the practical essence of each are entirely different.

    Eschew the fan balloting, or eschew the World Series implications. I’m in favor of the latter more-so, because the idea of Jonathan Broxton (for instance) surrendering an AL lead that could result in the AL pennant winner having to go to an inferior NL venue doesn’t jive at all.

    I mean, at least we can all point and laugh at C.J. Wilson being the reason his team didn’t have home field last year. But that doesn’t happen too often. Make the game an exhibition and fun for the fans again and for league bragging rights – I don’t want to be rooting for the AL as if it were a Yankees playoff game. I want to be rooting for the AL since I am, and always have been, an AL baseball fan first and foremost.

    • Pat D says:

      I agree with you, but I’ve given up that hope as long as Selig is around.

      Quite frankly, I can’t see his successor changing it either, because Selig will likely convince whomever that is that the current format “works.”

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I don’t mind fan voting one bit. It should be who the fans want to see. I got over that years ago. The WS implication crap is about as bad a twist for baseball than this new WC system. Hate it. Wish both had never happened.

    • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

      If they want it to count, then managers have to be able to manage it like they would a regular game.

      Let Verlander go out there for 7 innings and then hand the ball off to Jim Johnson and Joe Nathan for example. Don’t force them to bring in a new pitcher every inning just so the fans can see them.

    • eephus_pitch says:

      If it’s going to have WS implications then the players themselves have to take it more seriously. None of this pitching one inning crap, or each starter only getting one at-bat. Win the game with your best players.
      That also means eliminating the idiotic rule that says every team gets an AS representative. If it’s going to mean something, then have it mean something for everyone involved.

    • jjyank says:

      Agreed entirely. I like the All Star Game as a fan based exhibition game, but the fact that it means anything about the playoffs is bat shit crazy, and I hate it.

  21. Ethan says:

    Was the “eh” intentional given that it’s canada day?

  22. SMK says:

    I saw Prometheus recently.

    Enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t put it in my Top 3 Sci Fi flicks of the last 20 years (too derivative). My top 3:

    3. Event Horizon

    2. Serenity

    1. The Matrix

    • Ethan says:

      Is it even in the conversation for top 5, top 10? AKA Is it worth seeing?

    • jjyank says:

      Didn’t see it, but would like to.

      +1 for the Matrix though, I freakin’ love that movie.

      • Pat D says:

        The sequels ruin the original.

        • jjyank says:

          Not for me. The sequels were bad, but the I can’t let those take away from the original, just like I don’t let Star Wars 1-3 take away from 4-6.

          • Greg says:

            I think the time differential between the Star Wars films have more to do with that.

            As for those three SW films only AOTC was really crap. PM was fresh and ROTS was perfectly dark.

            • jjyank says:

              Episode 1 was okay. 2 and 3 where shit because they got a whiney little bitch to play the guy who was supposed to grow up to be the most bad ass villain ever. Even episode one had that Jar Jar Binks bullshit.

              You’re right that the time difference has something to do with it. I’m just saying that sequels (or prequels) can’t ruin a movie for me.

              Just like Metal Gear Solid 4 being weird as hell can’t ruin the series for me.

            • Pat D says:

              I agree with this. The problems with Phantom Menace were Jake Lloyd and Natalie Portman, not Jar Jar. Attack of the Clones was pretty disappointing, borderline awful. Revenge of the Sith was at least a satisfying conclusion, and Ian McDiarmid was awesome as The Emperor in it.

              For the Matrix movies, I’ve always found the original to be overrated, but it’s still good. I can’t even watch the sequels anymore, and they do take away my enjoyment of the original. The Wachowskis seemed to think they could get completely self-indulgent and everyone would follow them. They learned their lessons pretty hard.

  23. mt says:

    Hopefully we can win at least one at TB (I hope for 2 but 1 may be more realistic given Garcia and Phelps are starting).

    I hope we split with Boston. I hate Joe McGrane too but I am sure he is also looking to fact that Bucholtz, Bailey, Ellsbury and Crawford returns will give them a boost – other than this weekend in Seattle, I still cannot believe how many runs Sox have scored when they have had like 15 starting outfielders. The bullpen has also really turned it around (Atchison and Miller have been great but I do like Aceves penchant for giving up runs in late inning tie games).

    We are only at halfway of season and even though Bosox have been “terrible” they are basically tied for second wild card, in easy striking distance of first wild card, and they still have 16 games with Yanks to create havoc as far as division – if they do well during those 16 games it will reverse a lot of our lead.

    They no longer have to worry as much about Orioles and Jays and Tampa has taken a step back which is a lot better than being in fifth, where they have been for a lot of first half.

    Also they may be more active in trading for starting pitching like Hamels and Greinke becuase they do have major league ready players that have played well so far this year (Middlebrooks, Nava) – I don’t think they will trade Middlebrooks since they traded Youklis but if they decided to trade him, that would be a tempting piece for Phillies or Brewers.

    • Greg says:

      The thing with the Rays is that their offense is awful. I think Garcia can handle himself against this lineup as well as Phelps.

      • Need Pitching says:

        I’d be more worried about the middle relief, Garcia and Phelps aren’t really stretched out enough to go deep into the game. I’m worried about innings 5-7.

  24. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    For our friend Riddle, who said he was considering reading Volume 1 of “The Complete Sherlock Holmes”:

    Dude, if you want Sherlock Holmes, get the leather-bound version of The Complete Sherlock Holmes from Barnes and Noble. All 60 short stories/novels all in one book. Leather-bound and gold-gilded pages. It’s awesome.

    Also, watch BBC’s “Sherlock”. It’s a 21st century adaptation of Holmes. I went into it not knowing not to expect and now it’s one of my favorite shows ever. Actually, it IS my favorite show ever. Just fantastic, much darker than the RDJ Holmes (but also very funny in its own way). The movies (each episode is an hour and a half long short movie) are also connected to the canon stories more explicitly, although they don’t play them completely straight. The show gets my highest level of recommendation, as do the original ACD stories.

    • Pat D says:

      My dad is a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast. He has an old edition of the complete stories, and he’s seen pretty much every adaptation, going back to the Basil Rathbone movies of the late ’30′s and early ’40′s. He watches “Sherlock,” really likes Cumberbatch, and he has liked the Downey movies as well.

      But for him, and for me, our favorite Holmes adaption is the Granada TV Series starring Jeremy Brett as Holmes. To me, he’s still the definitive on-screen Sherlock Holmes. If you have Netflix, that whole series is available streaming.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Jeremy Brett is definitely considered the to be the best Holmes adaptation. I’ve never seen him but I’ve heard so much good stuff I’ll have to check him out.

        Currently watching in pieces the Basil Rathbone “Hound of the Baskervilles” on youtube.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Oh, and of the three Holmes actors I’ve actually watched RDJ is the funniest, Basil is the most accurate, and Cumberbatch is my favorite.

        As for Watson, Jude Law is the most accurate and an excellent actor, but I have to say I prefer Martin Freeman. Nigel Bruce is a comic Watson and not really accurate at all.

        • Pat D says:

          For the Brett series, Watson was played first by David Burke and then by Edward Hardwicke. For some reason, both me and my dad preferred Hardwicke, who came second. But then after rewatching most of the series, we both changed our minds and preferred Burke’s portrayal.

          • Rocky Road Redemption says:

            While Jude Law does a great job, my biggest issue is not with him so much but of what they made him do at the end of the second movie. Holmes NEVER would have trusted Watson to apply his methods successfully on his own. And honestly, while Watson isn’t stupid he also isn’t smart enough to do what Holmes does.

            Martin Freeman’s portrayal is more accurate in some ways and less in others. Freeman, first of all, looks nothing like Watson, whereas Jude Law looks the part perfectly. And Jude Law has the “Strong” Watson down-the brave Watson who was a soldier and all of that. Freeman’s Watson reminds me of the Watson from “A Study in Scarlet”-more scarred from the war, and a person who is “revived”, in a sense, by his adventures with Holmes. I just prefer that very interesting portrayal.

            [I also like how the RDJ movies make out that Watson has a gambling problem. I remember this being hinted at in one of the stories because Watson’s cash box was locked in his drawer or something like that.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      “Sherlock” is just the absolute balls. What a stylish and intelligent show. Still haven’t seen the new season, but we own Season 1 on BR and it’s just awesome.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        I own both seasons. “The Hounds of Baskerville” is awesome, the way they meld the original book and the modern setting is just perfect, and “The Reichenbach Fall” is just CREEPY AS HELL. Moriarty is a frightening motherfucker.

        “A Scandal in Belgravia” is pretty good, but I’m still waiting for an adaptation of Irene Adler that DOESN’T portray her as attempting to seduce Holmes successfully. But despite that it’s still awesome. My favorite of season 2 is definitely “The Hounds of Baskerville”, and my favorite episode of all is “The Great Game”.

        There are also a ton of theories out there on how Sherlock faked his death (oh, don’t whine about spoilers, you knew he had to), and I have a lot of theories of my own. Very fun to speculate about.

        • Pat D says:

          …but I’m still waiting for an adaptation of Irene Adler that DOESN’T portray her as attempting to seduce Holmes successfully.

          You’ll definitely want to watch the Brett series then.

          • Rocky Road Redemption says:

            I’ll definitely do that.

            [Also, I made a typo "successfully", should be "sexually". While I think she was successful in some degree in "Sherlock" I don't think she was successful in the RDJ version. But I digress.]

  25. Brian S. says:

    Jeter since May 5 hitting .243/.303/.296

  26. Dewayne is Wise says:

    Five for hamel
    This is all they get
    Z almonte

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Granderson, Hughes, and Williams? Hmmm. Add in Cano and we have a deal.

      • Dewayne is Wise says:

        If we are trying for 189 we will not be able to sign grandy and cano. We have gardner as a Cfer

        • Need Pitching says:

          really not a good reason to overpay for a rental

          • Dewayne is Wise says:

            It would be a trade and sign deal for any of these.

            • Need Pitching says:

              Hamels won’t sign a below market rate extension, if he signs an extension at all. The players you give up are only giving you the rest of this year for Hamels. If they have to pay full price on Hamels, why not just wait for FA. If they could get him for a reasonable deal that doesn’t substantially hurt the current trade, then I could maybe see the Yankees interested. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

    • Need Pitching says:

      A and B hurt the current team too much, may as well just wait and sign him as a FA, I’m not sure either of those first 2 deals really upgrades their WS chances much, just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

      • Dewayne is Wise says:

        You are getting a lefty ace to match with Cc for a playoff run and more if signed.
        Add kuroda,hughes/nova and pettitte and no one beats us this year.

        • Need Pitching says:

          just like nobody beat Halladay, Hamels, Lee, Oswalt last year

          • Dewayne is Wise says:

            CC Hamels kuroda pettite in a 5 game series where we usally stumble

            • Need Pitching says:

              It would be great, but it guarantees nothing, and you’re giving up a ton to get it.

              • Dewayne is Wise says:

                Giving up grandy would hurt but his Ks are up bigtime this year yes he hits hrs but not for average and notnthe best defender in cf with weak arm.
                Hughes is a limited pitcher a 3 at best a 5 at worst may project better in the bullpen.
                Nunez is an electic bat and needs to play evertday at one position not long for this yankee team
                William could be special or notmits a crap shoot.
                Granderson and hughes give philly good options a Cfer and starter who may thrive in the NL

                • Need Pitching says:

                  or you could give up none of that and just sign him in the offseason. I’d imagine the Phillies would be interested in some/all of your suggestions. I just think it’s too big a price to pay for a player they could just sign in the offseason if they really wanted to.

    • bobtaco says:

      No thanks.

      None of those makes sense, especially since Hamels won’t sign a long term deal.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:


  27. Dewayne is Wise says:

    Remember we could have had santana for
    Joba and hughes but held on to them because they were cant miss.

    • Get Phelps Up (formerly Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat) says:

      if we got Santana, then in all likelihood we wouldn’t have had CC.

    • 28 this year says:

      That wouldn’t have made a difference since we wouldn’t have CC in that situation and CC>>>>>>>>>>>>Santana especially factoring in workload and injury situations. Plus, Hughes has had some positive value and you never know, this might be the Hughes we have for the next 1.5 years which is quite valuable. Plus, the packages you listed for Hamels are absolutely ridiculous. For Lee, we were offering Montero straight up and now you want a package of five guys for someone who could pull a Cliff Lee and leave in the offseason which Hamels would be free to do. There is no reason to give up THAT much for Hamels. The upgrade of Hamels over what we have is not worth the downgrade from Granderson to Wise/Dickerson plus all the other stuff you threw in. If we did that, we would be teh Phillies next year, as in, we woudl be a pile of poop

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Thanks for the stroll down memory lane there. In hindsight, I still wouldn’t have made the trade. Nothing that messes with 2009 would be worth it.

  28. Dewayne is DeDealin says:

    A PONY



    • Pat D says:

      Ruben Amaro: Throw in TommyBoy, 2 of your other best trolls, and the Ghost of Babe Ruth, and you’ve got a deal!

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