Thursday Night Open Thread


(Photo via NY Times)

The Yankees are off today, so this is a good time to pass along this NY Times story about Edwin Tavarez and Bryan Jimenez, a pair of Bronx high school students who also work as bat boys for the Yankees. When the team announced plans to build the New Stadium, they reached out to the community and its schools to fill future bat boy positions. Before you had to know a guy who knew a guy, stuff like that. It’s a fun and interesting read, plus the link includes a video that basically takes you through their day-to-day tasks. Make sure you check it out. (h/t BTF)

Once you’ve done that, use this as your open thread. The Mets are playing the Phillies tonight with a primo pitching matchup, R.A. Dickey vs. Cole Hamels. The Giants and Nationals (Cain vs. Detwiler) will be on MLB Network as well. You folks know what to do by now, so have at it.

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  1. Robinson Tilapia says:

    1. Why am I at work right now? Discuss.
    2. Serena Williams is a beast of a human being.

    • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

      Nothing better than being a kid watching breakfast at Wimbleton with guys like McEnroe, Borg, Connors, Becker, Lendl, etc.

      I think Serena has bigger shoulders and thighs than Ray Lewis.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        She was acing the living fuck out of this poor woman, ranked #2 in the world, this morning. It’s amazing to see them still show this much dominance after being around for this long. Just awesome.

        • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

          Most female tennis players are peak from ages 18-19 to 25-26 and then fall off a cliff but she’s almost 31 and like you said just physically dominates people. It’s really amazing especially considering tennis seems more like a hobby to her rather than something she’s completely committed to.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            It’d say her and Venus possesed a level of physical conditioning that you just had never seen in women’s tennis but, to be honest, Steffi Graf was fucking ripped as well….perhaps not as much, though.

            I don’t know some of the new names, because I only remember once every two years or so how much I actually DO love tennis, but this woman who is ranked #2 right now was just standing there wondering what the hell was going on every time Serena whizzed one by her.

            • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

              The only other woman who was that physically superior to her competition was Martina Navratilova when she was in her prime. She was smaller than Serena but her speed, strength and endurance were just off the charts.

            • Joey from Jersey says:

              She’s a man, baby . . .

      • RetroRob says:

        Totally. I’ll throw in Agassi and Edberg, one of my personal favorites who I got to see several times at the U.S. Open. Was more a fan of the serve-and-volley game than the power game, which began to take off with the introduction of the graphite and titanium rackets. It’s gone totally over to the power game, and as such the use of PEDs has increased, but unlike the major sports there’s been little drive to try and clean it up.


  2. Stratman9652 says:

    So, I would have no problem watching Prince Fielder in the HR Derby as long as he pimps every single one like he did against the Twins today. I mean I love Robbie’s picture perfect sweet swing, but is there anything cooler than watching Prince just murder a baseball?

  3. Greg says:

    Phillies are doing to R.A. what we did.

  4. OMG! Bagels! says:

    I wanted to get some tickets for the Boston game in August. I have out of town visitors so I was trying to look on StubHub to see what’s available (everyone is paying for their own tickets) so I could let everyone know what the price range was for which sections. I have a season package but only 2 seats and I need around 10 tickets for that particular weekend.

    So I look on StubHub to get an idea of what tickets are going for on that weekend. I looked at a few sections in the infield grandstand because everyone wanted to pay between $50 and $100.

    So I look at a few sections and most have tickets that range from $1000 to $50 IN THE SAME SECTION. Some are $75 and some are $250 or $365. Again, the same section. And it doesn’t seem to matter what row. There is no rhyme or reason. It’s all random.

    Now I’m obviously not paying $1000 for a seat I can get in the next row for $50, but the Yankees tie a lot of their decisions about ticket prices to Stub Hub. I spoke to a ticket rep last year who kept referencing Stub Hub as a data point for prices.

    Now I have $28 tickets in my package that I have sold for $5.00 for a mid-week day game. Not that unusual. There are very few games I sell for more than face value (Red Sox, Mets, usually some other games with a team that doesn’t normally visit). Based on my experience, ticket prices should be going down, not up.

    Does anyone know why some tickets are listed for $1000 next to seats that are $50? I hadn’t really noticed it before I started shopping for these tickets that I need. I’m wondering how this plays into the calculation about ticket prices or why anyone would list tickets for these prices (I’m assuming no one is paying that).

    • Bobby two knives says:

      My one and only experience with stub hub was this year. I won 6 tickets in a golf outing; they were in section 215, face value $110. Other tickets in the same row and all around it went from $75 – $150 each. I was just as confused as a seller as you are as a buyer. What I learned is that you can put the seats for sale at any price you want; but you have an option to lower the asking price for them to sell for lower (stub hub does the lowering, i believe) as the day of the game gets closer. About 12 days before the game, I offered them for $130 and a few hours later they sold for $130! Stub hub took their commission of 15% and I netted $663.
      So what I learned is that it’s all supply and demand. Price high early on and see what you can get if they sell early. I wouldn’t buy too early. My advice to you as a buyer…buy whatever is offered at face value, especially its for a high demand game or a game you really must see. hope this helps. PS. I’m turning the profit on the 6 tickets I won, into 2 premium seats in a future game.

    • Pasta Stumbling Sojo (formerly StanfordBen) says:

      StubHub has individual people selling tickets and sellers can list whatever price they want. The price discrepancy you’re seeing is probably between people who want to sell quickly (and offer low prices) and people who are willing to wait until demand goes up and supply goes down (so they offer higher prices). Those $250 tickets are unlikely to sell now when there are $50 tickets still available, but you might see that as the date of the game approaches, there are few tickets left and the only remaining ones are selling at $250+. And if the date approaches and those tickets don’t sell at the higher price, the sellers might reduce their listing price. (In fact, StubHub gives sellers an option to automatically do this, reducing price slowly as the date approaches to increase the likelihood of them being bought.)

      If you’re saying that in your experience your tickets rarely sell for much higher than face value, then those people who are selling for $250 might just be uninformed, and as the date approaches they’ll realize that they need to reduce their price closer to face value. Or if might be that these tickets do eventually sell for higher than face value and their $250+ listing is justified.

      I don’t think the listing price matters to the Yankees or anyone else. What matters is the price the tickets are actually sold for. As a StubHub seller, you have access to this information (you can see what other tickets in your section sold for), and presumably the Yankees have access to all this information also. I doubt the sales department looks at some idiot who listed his $50 tickets for $1000 but never sold them and conclude that they should set their ticket prices accordingly.

  5. Bwhahah says:

    So based on the article, you now need to know a guy who knew a guy inside not with in the organization but with in the high school. K…

  6. 28 this year says:

    Wow, I am big Reggie Jackson fan, even have an autographed ball but his comments are little over the top http://yankees.lhblogs.com/201.....l-of-fame/. I mean, saying no one with PEDs should be in the Hall is a little far fetched. One, because you’re not going to catch everyone and two, is he going to say that no one from his generation or any other generation didn’t do questionable things to get an edge? I dont approve of steroids adn prefer more measures to ensure PEDs aren’t in the game but I am not going to discount everything that happened. What do you guys think?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      What’s more detrimental to your team, PEDs, or being a massive primadonna?

      I love Reggie. I really do. He’s no one to talk here.

      I’d let them all in. I’d let Pete Rose in. That’s just me.

      • jjyank says:

        I’m with you on that. Especially the last part, the all time hits leader not being in is a damn crime. I’ve read Rose’s book and other accounts as well, the guy never bet on the team he was on or the team he was playing against. This wasn’t a Black Sox sort of thing. Rose loved the feeling he got when he gambled, and he loved being competitive. His favorite thing in the world was baseball, so why wouldn’t he want to gamble on that? Is he the best guy in the world? Hell no. Was what he did punishable by a lifetime ban from the game? Also, hell no. Ty Cobb killed a guy, and he’s in the fucking Hall. That line is stupid.

        As far as PEDs goes, I really hate that it happened. But at the same time, it was rampant, and so many players (that we know, and I’m sure many we that we don’t know) did it. Selig and the rest of MLB turned a blind eye to it all because it was drawing fans. If they really cared about it, they wouldn’t have been so slow to deal with it. Should they have taken PEDs? No. But I don’t think it should be this insane stigma. A-Rod was one of the best players (if not the best, in his prime) of his generation. As far as I know, there is no documented evidence that says that PEDs help you that much in baseball. You still need the hand-eye coordination, the bat speed, the instincts, the knowledge, and the work ethic to be great. Clemens is an ass, and he used PEDs, but his work out regimen was epic. How much of his success is PED related, and how much was his drive and work ethic? Nobody really knows.

        My 2 biggest problems with the PED stuff is that guys like Jeff Bagwell, who have never been linked to PEDs face that stigma because of the era they played in. My other problem is that other drugs and stimulants were used in the past as well. Amphetamines, and the like, were also widely used back in the “glory days”. Why are we stigmatizing one type of drug and not the rest?

        And as far as Pettitte goes, as far as I know, HGH is used to speed healing. It did not make him a better player, but it made him come back from the DL faster. Is that okay? No. But should that erase his performance otherwise? Also, no.

        Sorry I ranted a bit here, it just bothers me. You want heads to roll for the PED stuff? Fire Selig, I really hate that guy.

        • eephus_pitch says:

          Getting in trouble for PEDs is not the same thing as getting in trouble for betting on the game. Rose knew it would get him kicked out of baseball and he did it anyway. He agreed to a lifetime ban, then denied everything for 15 years. He only finally came clean to sell a book, and for one last shot at the Hall.
          Now he’s screwed, and it’s all his own fault.

          • jjyank says:

            That’s not the point. I’m not saying it wasn’t against the rules, I’m saying that rule is stupid. The all time hits leader is not in the Hall of Fame because he gambled. Like I said, Ty Cobb killed a guy and he’s in the Hall. Is that an okay distinction to you?

            • eephus_pitch says:

              I’m certainly not here to defend Ty Cobb. He was the scum of the Earth.
              But I don’t think the rule against gambling is stupid. I think it makes perfect sense that you can’t gamble on your own sport.
              I also think Rose only became the all-time hits leader by playing much longer than he should have. He hung around for the milestone, penciling himself into the lineup (as player-manager) just so he could pad his own stats. The year he broke the record Rose OPSed .713 with two homeruns… as a first baseman.
              The last 7 years of his career he averaged a .685 OPS as a first baseman/outfielder and hit 5 homeruns, total.
              He got the record, and no one can say he didn’t, but I don’t have to be overly impressed with the accomplishment.

    • Pat D says:

      He has a great take on saying other guys who aren’t HOF’ers in his opinion, and calling Jack Morris “dominant.”

      This is why former players shouldn’t be part of these HOF Veterans Committees.

      • MannyGeee says:

        Agreed. I have no faith in former players to put their egos aside.

        Just like those cock sucker 16-0 Dolphins sitting around drinking champaign when a team that’s 10-0 loses a game…

        • Pat D says:

          Hey! They have that right! They’re the greatest team of all time!!!

          (rolls eyes, plots ways to smack around Nick Buoniconti)

    • Cuso says:

      Reggie annoys me. But at the same time I feel bad for him.

      It’s painfully clear that he has a severe self-confidence problem and still desperately craves attention. Did the guy ever end up getting married or having a family?

      I’ve seen him on YES and MLB network constantly try to one-up others being interviewed.

      I ting it hard to believe he “speaks for other HOFers ”

      I really don’t even listen to what he says. It’s all self-serving or attention grabbing.

      • Monterowasdinero says:

        Massively insecure and severe narcissistic personality disorder. Can be a total jerk. I have seen his ego at work up close. He can be a super prick.

        • RetroRob says:

          Reggie makes A-Rod seem down to earth.

          He would have been a blast media wise if he played in today’s game.

    • RI$P FTW says:

      Didn’t he previously say A-Rod should be in the hall regardless of cheating? Maybe he’s just senile.
      Also, who gives a shit what some clod thinks?

  7. Dewayne is Wise says:

    Is romaine avalible to catch for us this year or will the back problems force the yankees to leave him at AAA so he gets everyday reps?

    • jjyank says:

      I don’t know, but it’s “Romine”. He’s not lettuce.

      Don’t meant to single you out, but I’ve seen this a lot lately. When healthy, he’s our best catching option in the high minors, we should be able to spell his name right.

      • MannyGeee says:

        He wants his name spelled right, tell him to change his tampon and get on the goddam field already.

        • jjyank says:

          I laughed, and I know you’re kidding, but seriously, so many people here have inserted an “a” into his name, and I don’t think it’s a meme.

          • MannyGeee says:

            Nah, I do it sme times too, but only because my iPad has no idea that lettuce, or any produce for that matter, will ever be a starting catcher for the Yankees…

    • JohnnyC says:

      I’ve never heard of lettuce having back problems or, for that matter, playing baseball.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I’d totally trade a head of romaine for Coal Hammmels.

  8. James says:

    This probably belonged in one of the two catcher posts from earlier, but never got around to it.

    Would John Jaso be available for something less than a king’s ransom? Granted he’s probably not very good defensively (19% CS I think, -9.9 fielding runs and bad fan scouting reports), but he’s pretty good with the stick. He’s hit .280/.378/.464 (135 wRC+) in Seattle. Plus he’s left-handed, so he’d form a good platoon with Martin, who can still hit lefties. He’s also got AL East experience, for what that’s worth. Would Seattle be inclined to move him with Montero on board for the forseeable future?

    If he’s too expensive (three years away from free agency), maybe Ryan Doumit is a better idea? He was signed to a one year $3M deal and the Twins are noncompetitive, so surely they’d want to get something in return for a glorified backup? He’s flexible too, could play outfield when Martin does start.

  9. Pat D says:

    I think we’ve done this before, but does anyone like any of the analysts on MLBN?

    Last night I turned it on and listened to Mitch Williams and John Smoltz spew out such nonsensical bullshit, I wanted to just rip out their throats.

    Williams said that the Pirates don’t have the psychology of a team that knows how to win yet over the course of 162 games. Which begs the question of how Williams’ ’93 Phillies team had that psychology, being that the Phillies had not been a winning team since 1986, and were not exactly stocked with veterans who had postseason experience.

    Smoltz took the cake, however. Amsinger asked him if the Twins might still be in it. So first of all, a stupid question is asked. Smoltz answered that they don’t have the pitching. But then Smoltz says, “If you believe in stats like run differential, which I don’t, the Twins are -81.” Isn’t that great? He cites a stat in which he has no “belief.” Just shut the fuck up then, John.

    MLBN could be so much better if they just had some decent analysts.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      Brian Kenny and Al Leiter are really good, everyone else is pretty bad. After one of the games against the White Sox, I remember Joe Magrane and Mitch Williams arguing about Untuck being “un Yankeelike” or something.

      • Pat D says:

        Kenny isn’t an analyst, he’s the host. He is better than their other hosts, though. Amsinger and Vasgersian (sp?) are blech.

        • Get Phelps Up says:

          That’s true, but I’ve noticed he also provided lots of analysis and such, kinda like Singleton when he does pbp. Sometimes Ken Rosenthal or Tom Verducci come in and I think they’re pretty good.

    • Cuso says:

      Joe Magrane is the absolute worst and don’t deserve jobs. Harold Reynolds is hilarious, in my opinion.

      I like Mitch because he’s funny when the others break his balls.

      I like Billy Ripken, Plesac, Larry Bowa & Leiter too. A lot of those guys are fun.

      Weekends are awful, however. It’s always Magrane an his axe to grind against the Yankees (see my post in Open Thread on May 20th).

      Most of the guys are pretty good, though.

      • Pat D says:

        Reynolds was decent enough on ESPN. On MLBN he always acts like a clown. Plesac annoys me with his shtick. He sounds like he’s trying to hard to be Stuart Scott or something with the voices and shit he does.

        I guess I never see Ripken or Bowa on, because I don’t have an opinion of them. Magrane is pretty awful though. A guy who called games for Tampa and that’s all it takes.

        • Kramerica Industries says:

          On the Magrane-related tangent, the Rays actually found a worse color guy to replace him when they hired Kevin freakin’ Kennedy, a west coast guy at that.

          By the 2010 season, or year #2, it was already clear he wanted out, since the only road games he did were a couple Boston/NY series, and when the Rays were on the west coast. And he was an absolutely awful analyst as well.

          I’m a relative MLBN novice, but it doesn’t shock me that Smoltz sucks ass, given how bad he is on TBS. Greg Amsinger’s voice chaps my hide. I don’t mind Vasgersian that much. Kinda wish Chris Rose was able to do more than he does, but I don’t know how much of that is his own choice.

          Unpopular opinion – if he hadn’t been a Red Sox douchebag all these years, I’d find Kevin Millar pretty freaking hilarious. But I can’t see him without thinking of “Cowboy up” and all other types of assorted bullshit.

          • MannyGeee says:

            Kevin Millar is the worst, but he’s there for shtick, not to provide real analysis. I guess he’s doing what thy want from him, so ill give him a pass. Chris rose is alright too, but again his. Job is straight man for Millars clown act.

            The rest of the MLBN crew can suck a dick though… They are horrendous.

            • Pat D says:

              Bring me the head of Kevin Millar. I want to eat cereal out of his empty skull!


              • RetroRob says:

                Mitch Williams and Joe Magrane and Kevin Millar all should be fired on the spot, in that order.

                I can tolerate the rest.

  10. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Really want to see Toronto comeback and beat the Royals. I want the Green Monstah display of AL East standings to show Yanks on Top and Sux on the Bottom… Go Jays!

  11. Cuso says:

    Crazy to think we’re going to Fenway for a 4-game set and there will be no Pedroia, no Youkilis, on Ellsbury, Crawford and probably no Middlebrooks.

    I’d have to think that we’d consider a 2-2 split a failure, right?

    • Pat D says:

      I’d rather have a 4-3 road trip than a 3-4 one, so I would say yes.

      Basically just don’t throw Ortiz anything good.

      • Mattchu12 says:

        As much whining as he’s been doing, he might take every pitch looking Manny-style just to piss off the team. It’s scary that I’m only mostly joking.

    • jjyank says:

      I missed the Middlebrooks thing, did he get hurt?

      But yeah, that is crazy. Also going into Fenway in July and they’re tied last place feels weird.

    • Brian S. says:

      I really hope we don’t have to face Middlebrooks. He has a 153 wRC+ at Fenway and a 90 wRC+ everywhere else.

      • MannyGeee says:

        He has not really hit since Youk got traded. And he’s been a butcher with a glove. If your biggest fear going into Fenway in July is Wil fucking Middlebrooks, then I think you can sleep a little better.

        Although I wish Phelps was going this weekend, because if there’s one thing tha better than ass pounding the Sox, it’s doing I with a rookie spot starter…

  12. Mattchu12 says:

    I’d still really like to see us swing deal for Chase Headley. I know the focus seems to be on starting pitching and behind the plate, but I’d love to get someone that can help A-Rod stay fresh down the stretch while being an insurance plan for Swisher.

    Wouldn’t hate seeing Huston Street come over either to fill the Wade role, though he probably won’t come cheap. Just wishful thinking.

    • JohnnyC says:

      ARod’s DH’ed 19 times already. That’s 25% of season. How much more rested can he be without actually retiring?

      • Mattchu12 says:

        Yeah, but instead of ZombieChavez and Nix getting those at-bats at third base, you get a guy who’d probably kill away from Petco and (more importantly) be around to replace Swisher if his price is too high.

    • Mike E says:

      Supposedly the asking price is ridiculous for Headley, but I’m 100% with you. He’s the guy for this team, an undervalued switch hitter who can player 3B or OF. I think the guy becomes a star behind Kevin Long and Yankee Stadium.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      I’d prefer Street to be honest or maybe Gregerson if he’s avalible. It would be nice to have a non D-Rob/Soriano pitcher who Girardi trusts to get both lefties and righties out. Also, Headly hasn’t played the OF since 09 so I’m not sure how easy it would be for him to step right into an OF role.

    • Cuso says:

      I know a lot of people are on this Headley bandwagon. Watch him play a few times before you buy into it.

      I have. I watch him at home and mostly on the road. Extremely unimpressed. The guy has zero pop. None. He’ll hit 4 home runs in 3 days and then nothing for three months. And he has plenty of opportunity to do so on the road if we blame Petco.

      Everyone was certain A-Gon was going to be incredible too. Headley is not half of what A-Gon is/was. And A-Gon never found his pop since coming over, either.

      This guy is the next in the long line of Mike Blowers, Ryan Minor, Kevin Kouzmanoff type.

  13. Monterowasdinero says:

    Watching the Nats/Giants. Throwback uniforms. Strange to see the NY emblems on the Giants’ uniforms.

  14. Kramerica Industries says:

    This never gets old.



  15. Brian S. says:

    So the only game out of the next four in which we have the pitching advantage is tomorrow right?

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      I’d say Sunday too because Lester has been pretty bad this year. I’d say Hughes and Morales is even and Garcia and Doubront is the only matchup that is kinda in Boston’s favor.

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      Hughes/Morales should be a toss up. Both could implode and it wouldn’t shock me.

      And Lester hasn’t been Lesterian this year. Depends on the Ivan Nova that shows up that night. I definitely think 3/4 is do-able, but a split is more likely.

      And a split isn’t too terrible, since Boston gains no ground but four head-to-heads go by the boards in the process – specifically, four Fenway games. Still, I want mayhem this weekend, so…go forth!

    • Monterowasdinero says:

      Means little. We won one game against Tampa. The Phelps-Price game.

  16. Monterowasdinero says:

    Justin Christian having a good game for the Giants. Former Yank like Melky. Giants enjoying our castaways.

  17. Greg says:

    Papelbon just blew a save against the Mets.

  18. swishers fauxhawk says:

    The return of Papelblownsave

  19. DERP says:

    Nice job by franchise player Steve Lombardozzi and future Yankee Bryce Harper to tie the game for the Nats.

  20. Greg says:

    Great tweet from Adam Rubin.

    Mets have handed Papelbon 2 losses in 2012. Only 1 other time has Papelbon lost 2+ times to same team in season. 3 Ls vs. Yanks in ’10

    Papelbom hates the NY teams

  21. Kevin says:

    A spilt will leave us in the same shape we went in but I won’t object to taking three out of four or just burying them.
    I do expect to see a lot of offense from each side in this one.

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